Nothing exists for nothing. Creation is not of itself made and nothing in it has nothing to do. Creation exists solely though an Intelligent Design formulated by the Creators to expand themselves within themselves according to rule. By the Design every aspect of Creation is by work of the Design and every aspect has a specific purpose.



Creation is entirely by the work of an Intelligent Design formulated by the Creators to expand themselves within themselve. There is ought in Creation not of the Design.

The basic elements of the Intelligent Design are ultimately simple yet infinitely powerful, comprising only a sphere, cube, and straight lines. The rules by which the elements are worked together are the key. The sphere stands for Intelligence, the lines stand for Energy, and the cube stands for Substance. The three reflect the attributes of the Holy Trinity. The attribute of the Father is Intelligence, the attribute of the Son is Energy, and the attribute of the Mother is Substance. Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is all there is. And thus you have it.  

The 'Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega' and the 'Cubit' are the two most fundamental working components of the Design.

The Cube and Sphere comprises the entirety of the fourteenth dimension, acting as the interface between the un-materialized inner form of the Creators in their fifteenth dimension as the Holy Trinity and above, and their materialized outer form in their thirteenth dimension and below as 'Creation'.

The Cube and Sphere projected one dimension down to the thirteenth dimension comprises the 'Cubit'.

The 'Cubit' is the basic genome of Creation. The Holy Trinity principles bedded into the Cube and Sphere are expressed outwardly as Creation by the 'Cubit'. By principle of the Cubit the whole of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed and continues to expand according to rule.

The Piscean Age has ended and the Age of Aquarius, also called 'The Age of Enlightenment' has begun. Waters from the pitcher of truth are starting to pour forth and Mankind will be undergoing a constant expansion of consciousness for the next two thousand years. The 'Great Book' is being opened at last.

The 'Great Book' is about Reality. Reality is the Creation you see with your one hundred and five higher senses beyond the veil, including a nine hundred trillion light year wide Universe which is still within its infancy.

Over the next two thousand years the greater truths of Reality will be gradually lowered into your consciousnesses as illuminations. By the end of the Age of Aquarius, you will have been raised enough in consciousness through the forty nine frequency levels of the fourth dimension that you will be able to permanently re-enter the fifth dimension where you belong.

The purpose of the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is not to feed you stimulating information or improve your knowledge about esoteric matters, but to expand your consciousness about the higher Reality around you. It has been given by grace to work hand in hand with your already expanding consciousness now undergoing in this transition from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius, plus the change into the new twenty five thousand year cycle, the end of the Galaxy's grand cycle of two hundred and fifty million years, and the escalation of Earth's own frequencies for it's own evolution into a radiant Protostarr two hundred and fifty thousand years from now.

The Revelatorium is about Reality. Reality is what is actually going on in the Universe at large and on Earth, reality is what you think is going on within your Mentallized Illusion. The Revelatorium is not channelled or out of a so called seer. It is entirely through the process called illumination.

Three types of inter-dimensional communications are at play. The first is Lanonandek which is by faith, whereby you are shown something or experience something in your consciousness by analogy and must figure out the correct interpretation on your own as an illumination. Much like the way parables teach you one thing by analogy involving another.

The second is Voronandeck, which is by actual presentations such as pictures, images, sounds, and includes sometimes even someone writing information on a blackboard across your third eye field of vision whether asleep or awake.

The third is by direct Melchizedek consciousness to consciousness attunement. The information you need to know is inducted directly into your consciousness when you need to know it or it's time for you to know. Christ Michael of Salvington, whom you knew as Jesus Christ two thousand years ago was in constant Melchizedek communication with his people upstairs the entire time he was on Earth. The Christ teachings he gave to his Disciples came straight through by Melchizedek attunement, often in real time as he was teaching it.

Since the late fifties, Christ Michael has been in communication with his people downstairs on Earth in the same way.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega has come by all three, including direct Melchizedek attunement with the fifth and seventh dimensions and from Christ Michael himself.

The Revelatorium is a fast start beginning for those of you now in the forefront, revealing the Intelligent Design by which all of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed, plus the Principles of Creation, plus the Cosmic Laws by which Creation is governed, plus the events as they actually happened, are happening, and will happen in Earth's past, present, and current affairs. It is to help insure that your consciousnesses expand in a positive, creative, and constructive manner attuned to the vibrations of Reality and not aligned to the frequencies of Earth's Mentallized Illusion during the changes through Aquarius.

The Revelatorium reveals the Intelligent Design in its entirety, including its origins. Also revealed are the origins of the Holy Trinity itself to whom the enterprise of the Intelligent Design belongs. In learning about their Intelligent Design, you learn about the Creators themselves, including for the first time ever the full nature of the Holy Trinity and how and why their Only Begotten was begot.

The Revelatorium also reveals in detail how the Design underscores many of the major aspects of Creation at both the local and Stellar levels. Particularly regards the present pickle on Planet Earth and your involvement in them.

Also shown is how the basic protocols of Creation were originally established by use of the design, and how Creation continues to expand in accordance with them.

Please note that the numerous geometric drawings in the Revelatorium are provided as teaching aids only to help you understand specific points which are made within each context by filling in the text thoughts pictorially. And are not provided as 'must learns'. You need only to relate the point made about the drawing within the text to the drawing itself to gain the aid presented.

Similarly, by convention a thick circle, cube, or line means the particular attribute associated with the object is in full attribution. A thin line means that the attribute is diminished. Note that in printed and E-book versions of the Revelatorium, some of the thin lines may not be as visible as they should and similarly a thin line or two may look bolder than it should.


Please Read

The Revelatorium is an absolute Christ Melchizedek teaching expressed within the frequencies of Reality. The Revelatorium is an introduction to Reality, revealing for the first time ever the absolute proof you have been waiting for that the Universe is not itself made, that God exists, that life exists abundantly on other planets, and that life exists after death. 

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is about Reality. Reality includes the nine hundred light year wide Universe everyone is privy to outside the boundaries of Earth.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega does not argue for an Intelligent Design of Creation. Nor does it attempt to smudge a number of theories into a conclusion. Nor does it hope for the best.

The Revelatorium  reveals in fact the actual Design itself by which all of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. The proof is in the reading.

Do not let the religious overtones throw you off. The Revelatorium is anything but a religious tomb. Each title instead reflects a universal aspect of the Intelligent Design, detailed in full within the respective Starrgram titled. The first paragraph of every Starrgram holds the key.

Whenever the Revelatorium appears in conflict with existing Earth texts, read the Revelatorium all the way through first before deciding which is to be believed.

Regardless of your current cosmological and ontological beliefs, you will find the Revelatorium impossible to gainsay.

Also please read the Revelatorium carefully. It is not frivolous information. The Revelatorium reveals itself through thousands upon thousand of new facts about Creation of which you are either in complete error or completely oblivious.

Everything in the Revelatorium is relevant. Nothing is not of the design. Nearly every sentence teaches you something new. The making of Eternity Is daily work.

Creation is ever expanding according to the original Intelligent Design formulated by the Creators to expand themselves. The process continues today. The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is about the Design.

As the tenets of Creation become increasingly revealed through the Starrgrams, so do the principles of the Design and visa versa.

From the very beginning, as you read through the Revelatorium Starrgram by Starrgram your understandings of the beatific elegance, simplicity, and completeness of the Design in all its scope and all its extrications grow exponentialy.

By the time you finish you will find yourself well beyond your outer consciousness veil of limited understanding and at last through the doorway into Reality.

You will find that some of your myriad unanswered questions about religion, science, and yourself will start finding answers.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is on the Christ table 'as is'. It is not intended to stir up a dialogue or controversy. Nor is it a doctrine or personal belief. Nor does it represent a new philosophy, religion, or group. Nor is it to be used as fodder for a church.