Starrgram 10: The Number of the Beast

The 'Beast' is not a creature that walks, it is a condition which persists. The condition relates to both your outer physical bodily embodiment and to your outer consciousness.

The condition of your outer bodily embodiment is quite specific. When you projected into Earth's third dimension frequencies, either as an Adamic, voluntary, or Casted Dragon, you projected into the animal matrixes of the Earth's time line situation which had been given the anomalous traits of self survival for the species, and took them on.

The primal forces which drive the animal world through their normal day to day expressions became incorporated into yours as that you call your lower emotions. Despite your many claims to the contrary, your condition stubbornly persists as most of you are still directly tied to the cubistic rulings which govern the lower plane animal kingdom.

Under normal circumstances of life in the fifth dimension, you begin each next incarnational journey by forming an outer projection with two consciousness matrixes comprising your incarnated projection.

The first is your inner or upper consciousness matrix surrounding your Soul Atom self which made the projection. Carried into the matrix are the experiences of your past, your astrophysical principle, responsibilities to bear and other such variables as they may be. Your inner matrix ties to the sixth and seventh dimensional factors through Intelligence. Your inner matrix is oriented to your Soul Atom Self which is oriented to the Inner Creation. In the figure below, your Soul Atom self is represented by the tiny cubit inside the very small cubit in the middle. (Fig. 12).

 Fig. 12 - Inner Consciousness Matrix

The second is your outer or lower consciousness matrix comprising the assorted outer conditions of your incarnation. Your outer matrix is oriented to the Outer Creation and carries the parameters for your material body and any such outer world influences you may have experienced or acquired, plus any lower frequencies incurred from previous incarnational actions and needing to be responsibly ironed out. (Fig. 13).

Fig. 13 - Outer Consciousness Matrix

In fifth dimensional incarnations and higher the third and fourth dimensional aspects are completely passive. In the small handful of Galactic Underworld incarnations which exist, the fifth, six, and seventh dimensional aspects are the main components of the inner consciousness matrix. The third and fourth dimensional components are the main aspects of the outer consciousness matrix.

The two matrixes as depicted above are not how your consciousnesses are matrixed per se, serving only to show the cubistic rules of dimensionality. In actuality your outer matrix would be very complex and very much larger than your Inner, having trillions upon trillions upon trillions upon trillions of cubistic members within the basic framework shown. The same is true whether you are an Ascendant or a Descendant Being.

In a properly construed higher dimensional Descendant projection your outer consciousness matrix will be well connected to your inner depending upon your Dispensation and the experience of your Soul Atom self making the projection. If you are an evolutionary Ascendant projection, your outer consciousness matrix will be at first only indirectly tied to your higher dimensional factors. At the beginning of each new incarnational projection cycle your two matrixes will usually not fit well together. (Fig. 14).

Fig. 14 - Arbitrary Depiction of the Outer Consciousness Matrix over the Inner

In the depiction, the so called veil over your higher factors is clearly implied. However, the purpose of your projection is to learn. As you learn, you work your way progressively through the disparities, slowly bringing your outer matrix into alignment with your inner through urgings from you inner Soul Atom self, plus such positive influences from your outer environment as may occur. If you are a voluntary or administrative Descending Being which has incurred conditions upon Earth, the same would apply as a process of re-harmonizing your outer with your inner as part of your current responsibility.

In any incarnation, once you have finished, as the last step of your incarnation your inner action will absorb your re-aligned outer action up as an adopted fruit. Namely the outer consciousness which you know as you.

Your higher Soul Atom self is then able to move on to your next level of evolutionary experience or expression greater made. In the higher dimensions, if an Ascendant Being, you always come into alignment at each step along the way. When temporarily in a lower dimensional time line situation such as on Earth, if your outer consciousness did not come into alignment, your inner action will absorb at least those frequencies which are positive to the Creators. Nothing positive is ever lost in Creation. You cannot be positive to Creation and not positive to the Creators. You cannot be positive to the Creators and not be positive to Creation.

When going into your next projection, your outer consciousness with your adopted fruit aspect, or with at least its absorbed positive frequencies will be carried along as part and parcel of your Soul Atom's next projection to be incorporated into your next inner matrix as an enhanced next starting point. (Fig. 15).

Fig. 15 - Arbitrary Implied Depiction of the Inner Consciousness Matrix with Gained Enhancement

As you are currently projected into Earth's current time line, the same principle applies whether you are originally a Descendant or an Ascendant Being. Generating proper positive frequencies within your outer consciousness expression is your current main responsibility to bear.

Within the Earth plane time line, animals are a different matter. Their higher Starr of David component is invisibly held as a fifth dimensional field on their behalf by the Life Carrier Celestials in Earth's fifth dimension as part of the third and fourth dimensional expression of the Planet. (Fig. 16).

Fig. 16 - Planetary Field of the Animal Kingdom

In the fifth dimension, flora and fauna exist in Morontia form to a full cubistic fifth dimensional extent. Their matrixes do not have a full sixth or seventh dimensional component however, nor a strengthened inner consciousness matrix.

The cubistic matrixes of Earth's third and fourth dimensional time line situational flora and fauna similarly do not have a six or seventh dimensional component nor a strengthened inner consciousness matrix. And only a very rudimentary fifth dimensional component, not shown. The difference between a lower creature and a Being, is that a Being has full Christ Co-Creative capability while a creature does not. In your current outer Earth time line situation, you are a Being with a temporary lower creature inhibition.

Time line situation creatures exist within the third and fourth dimensions only when and if necessary. Otherwise a planet will not have a lower dimensional time line situation. Earth has had a temporary time line situation for the ;ast billion years because of a cataclysm which occurred two and a half billion years ago. The cataclysm caused Earth's net frequency to drop from crystalline to dross. A billion years ago lower evolution matrixes were initiated on Earth to raise it's frequency back up from dross to crystalline. Now all but completed.

Creatures spend part of their time in the third dimension awake. The rest of their time is spent in the first four octaves of the astral planes, physically sleeping but perceptually awake for most of it. The original purpose of sleep. So do you, legacy of your animal bound inhibition. With the presence of the five outer senses all but shut down during sleep, the subtler presences of the fourth dimension become more readily apparent. Beings in the fifth dimension and higher do not sleep as there are no dimensional sub-octaves to experience.

When new born time line animals are forming within the womb or an egg, their matrixes develop by a combination of genetics, the Life Spirit Celestials in attendance, and the auspices of the Male/Female Soul Atom/Atum of the Planet who has accepted responsibility to host the lower time line type evolution.

When you unwisely started incarnating into Earth's lower dimensional time line structures three and a half million years ago, you inadvertently incurred the matrixing structures of the animal kingdom as part and parcel of your outer consciousness expression as it was Earth's animal kingdom matrixes into which you incarnated for your lesser experiences.

You not only ended up with a specific lower substance material component in your lower consciousness matrix from the gene pool of your parents and the material Substances of your mother, you also had the lower dimensional matrixing factors of the animal kingdom to deal with, gift of the planet. Worse, through it, you incurred a beast condition within both your lower outer bodily projection and lower outer consciousness self.

'Here is wisdom. Let him who hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is also the number of a Man. And that number is six, six score, and six'.

Six, six, six itself is not the problem. The problem is that through it, both your outer bodily manifestation and your outer consciousness aspects are still directly attuned to the bestial frequencies of the animal kingdom. The problem is on both your outer bodily projection side and on your outer consciousness matrix side.

On your outer bodily projection side the problem relates directly to your physical body composition. The outer bodily materialization of Earth's animal kingdom is carbon based. The number 666 relates specifically to the particular type of Carbon atom comprising the animal kingdom's main outer bodily constituent. The particular Carbon atom is Carbon - 12. Carbon - 12 is the most abundant form of carbon on Earth, accounting for nearly ninety nine percent of all known forms of Carbon.

Carbon - 12 is an isotope of Carbon having a two strand DNA structure comprised of 6 neutrons, six electrons, and six protons, i.e., 6-6-6. Animals have a heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. You have exactly the same kind of heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. As you are currently incarnated into Earth's physical realm under the exact same carbon-12 based atom rules as the animal kingdom, 6-6-6 is also the number of a Man.

Crystalline Carbon-7 which has a twelve strand DNA is where you need to be in order to evolve into the frequencies of the fifth dimension. Hence the problem, and jist of the current work you need to do within yourself to overcome the problem.

Your outer consciousness in your outer projection holds the key needed to that. On your consciousness side the particular 6-6-6 bestial component within your outer consciousness matrix which is still in and of itself attuned to the animal kingdom is specific, and it is through the lower triangle of your outer consciousness matrix.

The Outer Creation has seven dimensions. You have seven dimensions in your consciousness for being of the same order of rule. The frequencies of your seven dimensions in consciousness are also directly related to your Upper and Lower Triangle structure through the seven frequencies tied together. (Fig. 17).

Fig. 17 - Dimensional factors of the Upper and Lower Triangles

In fig. 17, the cubits at the one, five, and nine o'clock positions represent the dimensional factors related to your Upper Triangle in consciousness. The cubits at the three, seven, and eleven o'clock positions relate to your Lower Triangle in consciousness. Your Upper Triangle factors relate to the things of heaven, your lower Triangle factors relate to the things of the Earth.

Note that in fig. 17, the three cubits at the one, five, and nine o'clock positions all have full Energy attributions denoted by the thick blue lines. The three cubits at the three, seven, and eleven o'clock positions do not, denoted by the thin blue lines. Therein lies the essential difference between your Upper Triangle of consciousness and your Lower. Your Upper Triangle has full Christ Consciousness capability through the full Energy attributions represented by the thick blue lines, whereas your Lower Triangle does not.

Your outer consciousness ego is tied to your Lower Triangle in consciousness. In and of itself it is only reactive. It cannot be Christ expressive and must be properly attuned to your Inner higher Consciousness matrix by your deliberate Will, Desire, and Action to do so in order to be so.

Normally that would be the end of it. However, you are also currently incarnated within the disharmonies of an Earth plane projection instead of the harmonies of the fifth dimension. Meaning, you are subject to the materializing rules of the animal kingdom within your Earth plane material projections. Meaning, that the cubistic rules underscoring the physical manifestations of animals also underscores yours, and your upper and lower consciousness are severely separated.

Consequently, the fourth dimensional component of your outer consciousness matrix is currently directly polarized with the animal kingdom's lower triangle actions of the third and fourth dimensions and not properly to the fifth.

Fig. 16 clearly shows that the animal kingdom matrix has the same, three, seven, and eleven o'clock positional cubistic layout for the lower triangle as does yours in fig. 17. As each cubit has six cubistic sides around. There are three, making eighteen cubistic principles in all. The animal world lower triangle component has 6-6-6 cubistic principles.

By direct underlay of the three 6-6-6 lower triangle cubits of the animal kingdom matrix of fig. 16 under the three lower triangle 6-6-6 cubits in your lower outer consciousness matrix as per fig. 17, the 6-6-6 cubistic animalistic condition is imputed straight back up into your outer consciousness matrix by direct attunement through the underlay. Which is again why 6-6-6 is the number of the beast and also of a Man.

The basic 6-6-6 consciousness attunement produces an outright raw ID condition within your consciousness. When you allow the lower animal kingdom triangle component influence in your consciousness to become the dominant aspect of your outer consciousness expression, you are referred to as beast-like or bestial in temperament.

Once you start re-aligning with your inner Reality self through right thought in right direction, your body naturally starts producing hyper-dimensional Carbon-7 atoms. Carbon-7 has a twelve strand DNA structure, called crystalline. Crystalline material has the capacity to better hold the higher frequency vortexes of the fourth, fifth, and seventh dimensions. The new higher frequency Human form introduced during the Garden of Eden twenty five thousand years ago is capable of comprising all Carbon-7 atoms once transfigured.

Now, whenever you are born into a new Earth plane incarnation, through your Human body side a sufficient quantity of Carbon-7 is present to hold your basic higher dimensional substance vortex wrappings. This differentiates you in part from the animals, whose Substance is drawn up strictly from the planet, has no downward linking higher dimensional linkages, does not have significant higher dimensional vortexes, and has a very small Carbon-7 component sufficient enough only to allow animals to perceive the higher frequency auric frequencies through their pineal gland.

In your current incarnation, the more you mature spiritually, the more you lean towards re-alignment and the more Carbon-7 atoms you produce within your make up. As Carbon-7 atoms deteriorate very quickly back to Carbon-12, you can't rest on your laurels.

Your one hundred and five higher sense awareness's are mainly astral and work mainly through your Carbon-7 comportment. Once you retain sufficient Carbon-7 atoms for transfiguration the stage is set.

Because stress and other lesser conditions had originally been introduced into the animal matrixes by Luciferian administrative folly out of Orion seven hundred and fifty million years ago, the lower evolutionary matrixes additionally contain such abominable negative static generating self-contained survival responses as blind hate to outcome the fittest mating partner, blind fear to save the life of a frightened deer, and blind rage of a Mother defending her young.

Through the molecular inheritance of your material body substance, if you are not properly transfigured, and through your Lower Triangle tie to the lower triangle animal matrixes if you are not properly attuned, you will still be partially hard wired to these errant mindless forces driving the animal kingdom. Called their lower basic instincts, which you call your lower emotions.

Fear startles a timid doe to safety. By blind hate a rutting bull is propelled towards an opponent oblivious to the consequences. In unbridled rage a parent defends its young against all odds. Yet by love the nest is kept. Love is the one vibration which is universally the same for all life regardless of frequency and evolvement. Love is single most powerful force in all of Creation.

Vibrations of the bonds of Love implicitly occur as the interfusion between the Tiny Particles and Intelligent Breath of the Great Even Pool of Darkness, holding them together in causeless stoic co-existence. Which were originally brought forward into the outer frequencies of Love as part and parcel of the universal life force holding all of Creation together in accordance with the Original Intelligent Design forged within the unification of the Creators as part and parcel of their only begotten attribute 'Energy' associated with their One and Only Begotten 'Son/Daughter'.

Love is the primary frequency in the perpetuity of Life. The vibrations of  Love accompany the vibrations of Life, compliment of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. The two vibrations together are the universal nourishment which furnaces all living things to completion.

As the Intelligent Breath of the Great Even Pool of Darkness contains vibrations of Life and the Tiny Particles of Substance contain vibrations of Life, the Energy of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter also contains vibrations of the two combined as Light. There is ought in existence which is not alive. The rocks in your garden are part and parcel of the outer bodily projection of the Soul Atom/Atum comprising Planet Earth. Who are alive.

From the Heart and Center of Creation on down through the Starrs of David, Love is passed as vibrations of both the Upper and Lower Triangles. From the Upper Triangle, the emanating vibration is that which is 'recognized' in all frequencies of all dimensions as that called Love. From the Lower Triangle it is that which is 'felt' as Love in all frequencies of all dimensions.

In the materializations of the third and fourth dimensions it is also the attractive power known as Gravity which helps bind the third and fourth dimensions of the Outer Creation together into function and form.

In the mechanics of ordinary matter substance, opposite poles of a magnet attract and likes repel. Through the original properties of polarities invested in consciousness by Alpha and Omega when setting up their first frontiers of Creation in consciousness, like polarities attract and opposites repel. Two angry opponents will instantly pull magnetically together nose to nose in a heated debate. Two loving people will instantly pull magnetically together breast to breast in a loving embrace. The principle of a hug.

'Love thy enemy' serves you twice. Your enemy is kept at bay by the opposing polarities and your projected love pulsation towards them will help them greatly in translating their lower consciousness static about you from out of their outer consciousness matrix.

The love pulsations move out through your Christ center in your breastplate, which includes the thymus gland behind the breastplate. Which is why there also exists the Cancer astrophysical center. Which is also the frequency of the Universal Mother Principle. Which is why your breastplate is where you also feel truth. Christ didn't teach you to love your neighbour for nothing.

In animals, unchanging Love is an unchanging component of their Upper Triangle matrix, and is constantly present in the carrier frequencies from the Life Spirits for their existence. Because of the current situation, the same is true for you. Only you receive Love from three directions. You receive Love directly from the Planet, you receive Love from on high through your higher powered field connections to the higher dimensions, and you receive unconditional Love from your own Triune Soul Atom in residence within your pituitary.

At the present time on Earth there is also a fourth source. A unprecedented Love field currently holding Earth in stability is being projected by the fifth dimensional Heavenly Host sitting in orbit within the Oort Cloud outside the orbit of Pluto while Earth undergoes its higher powered frequency escalations. Universal Love is distinguished from carnal attraction which is the blind lust which leads animals to procreation.

By the automatic electromagnetic laws of consciousness, when you first polarized with the Planet three and a half million years ago you automatically reversed your polarity to the Creators. Which automatically shunted you out of your own fifth dimensional Garden of Eden into the frequencies of the third dimension where the polarity pulled you in.

Overall it is not hard to see how your beast condition still outcomes at its worst. Examples are those of you who have abrogated all higher consciousness sensitivities so as to act and react with others as automatically and uncaringly as do some of the rude beasts of nature.

Think of heartless despots over the ages, who have annihilated whole societies over a simple precept. The terrorists of today are a similar case in point, who, through fear of change think the whole world should act and think as they do.

See a rutting bull which grieves not over the damage it inflicts upon a competitor. See large corporations who choose profit over humanity. See individuals in the business world who would gloat rather than grieve over the hardships they might inflict upon others in the wake of their successes.

See it also in the effects of such as cocaine, which of all the toxicants most seriously degrades your sensitivity to your higher matrix realities. The polarization towards your body is so great it can even repel your upper consciousness matrix almost to the point of letting you fall straight down into your lower outer consciousness matrix un-buttressed.

If you are an abusive user, Cocaine is so self-serving, it can even degrade your consciousness all the way back to the level of your Id, the raw 'in and of itself' 6-6-6 Lower Triangle animal component influence upon your outer consciousness expression. If you are a severe cocaine intoxicant, you can kill on a moment's notice merely because someone owes you a paltry sum.

The world wide push by the negatives to introduce cocaine into everyday society is not for the money, it is to try and separate everyone from their Realities.

Marihuana also inhibits your higher consciousness stabilities even as it ironically enhances your sensitivity to your higher sense awareness's. If taken out of context however, without proper spiritual protocols present the door is left wide open to let negative static impositions in. Bringing with it the Mentallized Illusion. You then become incapable of distinguishing supposed illuminations from out of the Mentallized Illusion from true enlightenments from above. Your opportunity for proper re-alignment is diminished.

Nearly all self-serving drugs suffer incompatibility with your higher action to a degree. The same is true of all practices in which the spoils go to self. Hedonism is a very perilous mistress.

Similarly, Communism is a spiritual principle which went off the mark. The state was made the sole center of all public, political, and individual activities. Envision instead a society in which Christ is the center and Christ greater good the goal. Some such do exist. The Amish, Hutterite, Mennonites and similar cultures are cases in point. They unfortunately limit themselves by adhering to practices based on frozen interpretations of the past rather than on the expanding enlightenments of today.

Capitalism is another spiritual principle which has gone off the mark. Most Corporations today exist solely for selfish gain of the directors and shareholders. Individuals and things which may be adversely affected in the wake are considered but collateral damage. Envision instead Corporations which exists solely for what it can do for humanitarian and world wide relief in Christ-motivated good-will. Fortunately for all, such corporations are starting to come forward in increasing number.

Similarly, the Cosa Nostra went off the mark. The Cosa Nostra was originally set up as a fund raising source for Humanitarian work in the sixteenth century. Cosa Nostra means 'Our Thing'. It got pulled of track by succumb to the negative.

So did Howard Hughes, a third level Lanonandek Orion ambassador whose mandate was to secure funding for the Christ work to follow and now occurring. Who errantly went into armaments. Who suffered the consequences in form of a severely debilitated outer consciousness expression in his latter years from the Nplus static returned to him in the wake.

Similarly, the Masonic Order was a sanctioned group of adepts during Egyptian times, whose original responsibility was record keeping. In the seventeen hundreds the entire United States Constitution was established on Masonic principles through the adept standings of the founding Fathers.

In the early eighteen hundreds, though negative infiltration, the methodologies of the Masonics were high jacked by a mal-group calling themselves the Illuminati, taking them over as their own.

This has caused considerable confusion in a lot of you who now think the Founding Fathers of the United Sates of America were Illuminati. They were not. Theirs was a sanctioned action of the highest order. The United States of A'Miracle was the first totally enlightened society of its kind for the general public at large ever to exist within the lower outer material plains of Earth. Including even during Atlantis, whose higher actions only existed amongst the elite within its higher centers. Who were themselves only a minimal part of the overall outer world third dimensional population of Earth at the time which was still mainly Cro-Magnon.

See also, the beast at work in the practice of the soulless numberization of society by those who would control the destiny of others by thinking of efficiency as an achievement. The gains of self never come without loss to others.

The mark of the beast in the forehead speaks directly to your Pineal gland, the main center for the fourth dimensional awareness's of animals. When your Pineal gland is used for ill against others such as with black magic, it bears the mark of the Beast. Several versions of books of the Bible written earlier than those in the present King James Edition have recently been uncovered. Many of those earlier versions show that the text is different for Revelation 13:16 regarding the Mark of the Beast. The later versions all say 'On'¯, while the older ones all say 'In'¯, meaning the Mark of the Beast¯ will be in you, not on you.

Similarly, the mark of the beast on the right hand speaks loosely to the fact that your right hand is usually instrument in the fashioning of device. When the intent of the device is disharmony towards others, your hand bears the mark of the beast.

The World Societies of today are not far amiss, just off track.  'Free Will' for you to do as you choose is the free right of all, free of all censorship and controls. 'To do the right thing' has to be your goal, 'To do according to Christ' has to be your motivation.

Ask not 'what Christ can do for you', ask 'what you can do for Christ'. If you are not sure about something, ask what Christ would have you do. Ask yourself what Christ would do if he were you.

You almost always instantly know the answer for Christ being nearer than hands and feet. The polarity to truth is instantaneous and absolute. Not forgetting that Christ is not an idea about someone in your thoughts. Christ is the consciousness expression of the only Begotten Son/Daughter, present within you as the consciousness expression of your own Higher Triune Soul Atom Self sitting in your pituitary gland, taught and exemplified in practice by the Triune Being Jesus Christ two thousand years ago.

Even in the highest dimensions, everyone has free will to do as they choose. With almost non-existent exception such as the Luciferian Rebellion, everyone always chooses to take the proper action leading to the most positive end result. There is almost universally always the proper Christ balance of Will, Desire, and Action of Alpha and Omega at the heart of all higher dimensional activities and decisions according to rule.

In Reality there is only Christ action. There is only the 'One Law'. The remnant dualities of the Luciferian Rebellion in Orion and on Earth, as abject as they may be, are strictly illusionary temporalities and are rapidly undergoing translation back into the whole sound and perfect expressions of Christ Pure Reality in the ever unfolding frequencies of Armageddon already well underway.