Starrgram 7: ROOT RACES

Planetary populations do not spring out of their oceans or other indigenous environments as your scientists like to believe. Rather, they only appear on a planet's surface as Root Races because they were placed there to undergo a period of evolution according to plan. Root Races are a fundamental part of the Creator's plan to redeem themselves out of the Great Even Pool of Darkness. Root races are specific only to the evolutionary Ascendants of the Outer Creation.

Unlike your popular version that life on Earth self evolved out of the loins of the original Ocean brews to eventually land feet first on the ground and then eventually became smart enough to discover the Universe around them, life on a planet is placed there by First Cause for the purposes of evolution only. Other than higher Descendent administrators, the only people on any planet throughout Creation are in Root Race contingencies. Who have been put there to undergo specific evolutions germane to their intended purposes in Creation. A planet which is sponsoring a root race program will undergo a cycle of twelve Ascending root races, who evolve in turn upon their surface as Evolutionaries and then move on.

Not all planets do, or will, carry a root race evolution. On those that do, except for the handful of anomalous planets in this Local Universe with anomalous third dimensional populations, the evolvements are always in the fifth dimension. Some planets can sponsor more than one root race program. Earth has had and will have only the one. All twelve root races will pass through the frequencies of a planet sponsoring a root race program one after the other. All twelve root races will always pass through, never just a few. There are only the twelve different root races throughout all of Creation.

Earth has all but finished its full complement of twelve root race evolvements. The current Evolutionary population on Earth is the final contingent of the final root race moving through. All of the previous contingents moved through in the fifth dimension. This final contingent has been mired down in Earth's third dimension for the last three and a half million years.

All Root Races passages on Earth until this last one have been within the fifth dimension. All have had extracurricular dominion over Earth's lower dimensional time line as custodians. The last and final root race, still to conclude, are Adamic. Over three and a half million years ago the last and final group of the Adamics went anomalous and became mired within Earth's third dimension. The mired Adamics comprise all of Earth's current Asian races. Subsequently, Earth became filled with volunteers from all over Creation to help maintain planetary stability and to help in the eventual return of the Adamics back to the fifth dimension, and likewise became mired.. The mire condition is finally coming to an end. Two thousand years from now you will all, Adamics and voluntary alike, be back in the fifth dimension where you belong.

Earth's solar system completes a grand cycle of two hundred and fifty million years around a great central Sun at the center of the galaxy. By cubistic rule the galaxy as a whole rotates like a solid disk. Consequently every solar system in the galaxy, no matter how close to the center or how far out on the rim, completes the same two hundred and fifty million year rotation.

Every galaxy in Creation undergoes a grand cycle equivalent to the Milky Way galaxy's Grand cycle of two hundred and fifty million years, called a Galactic Year. Each and every Solar System within any particular galaxy experiences the same equivalent cycle pertinent to the particular galaxy.

The Root Race evolution program for any planet in any galaxy commences at the beginning of the galaxy's Grand year cycle according to its location. The program lasts for the duration of the cycle. At the beginning of each cycle, the prevalent initial locational frequencies for the root races involved will be optimal for Soul Atoms at the beginning of that particular segment of the Root Race's fifth dimensional learning experience. At the end of each cycle, the current prevalent locational frequencies for the root races involved will be optimal for Soul Atoms at the end of that particular segment.

In between, all of the requisite frequencies for the Root Races learning experience will be passed through during the cycle for all of the root race contingents within the particular Planetary programs. Who undergo their respective learning experiences at the appropriate segments within the cycle according to their frequencies.

In accordance with the Intelligent Design, the two hundred and fifty million year program and galactic equivalents is a universal fact of Creation, in which all Ascending Evolutionaries within every Local Universe participate. All galaxies within Creation provide for root races in a similar Galactic Year manner. It is at the core of the Creator's plan to expand themselves.

The process of a particular root race group's Outer Creation evolution completion is a long one. A particular group will start the process at the beginning cycle of a two hundred and fifty million year equivalent somewhere within a galaxy, and finish after many such segments in many such two hundred and fifty million years cycles in many such parts of the galaxy. And even the equivalents within others of the different galaxies within a given Local Universe. Even within different Local Universes.

The process winds up at the last cycle at the end of a two hundred and fifty million year or equivalent segment taking place somewhere within the particular Super Universe involved. Keeping track of the countless Root Race migrations going on throughout Creation is a daunting task, which the Melchizedek Engineers do flawlessly.

As such, Ascendant Evolutionaries will undergo many such different Root Race cycles, learning about their higher frequency capabilities under many many different kinds of frequencies, circumstances, and environments. Evolutionaries are not in and out of the fifth dimension in a hurry. They stay around for awhile, learning every last facet of the Christ things they need to know for their particular expression at a leisurely pace so the knowledge becomes securely imputed.

At the end of the cycles of Root Race training they will be ready to move up into the seventh dimension for the next phase of evolutionary expansion within the full Triune frequencies of the full seventh dimension of the Super Universe they belong to. It is not uncommon for a Root Race group to be moved to another Local Universe, and even to different parts of their current Super Universe in order to attain specific additional learnings particular to the role in Creation which they are being prepared to undertake once Trinitized at the feet of the Creators. Even as one assignment of Evolutionaries is completing their progress to the feet of the Creators, more are brought down into Being through the Holy Trinity to continue the process, starting at the beginning of the fifth dimension. Creation is ever expanding.

A particular Planet's Planetary Root race program is tied directly to their galaxy's Grand Year rotation. The program begins at the start of the Grand Year and finishes at the end. By the end of the program, a twelve root race collection in all will have passed through the cycle. In accordance with the Milky Way's ruling for its Grand Year rotation, Earth's root race program began two hundred and fifty million years ago. The evolutions were all within Earth's fifth dimension. The first root race to evolve was Taikotean. The last of Earth's root races, still to finish is Adamic.

The ten billion Adamics now currently bogged down in Earth's lower dimensional time line were the last and final group of the last and final root race moving through. Who had an additional responsibility to bear, namely some were being readied to handle Earth's pending transformation into a radiant protostarr two hundred and fifty thousand years from now in the Womb of Orion. Others are being prepared as Seed Soul emissaries for the new Creation in Andromeda.

The current Adamics comprise all of your Asian cultures and derivatives.

When a planet is hosting a particular Root Race program, the main body of Soul Atoms will reside in its Sun. The root race will move through the planetary experience in Soul Atom contingent groups, group after group, root race after root race. The number of members of a group and durations of each particular stage of the program will vary according to the Planet, Galaxy, and particular Root Race involved, but will always be consistent according to rule.

In Earth's root race program the root races came through in contingencies of trillions of Soul Atoms each, brought into the sun to begin their learning in the unique frequencies of Earth. From the Sun they would come to earth in allotment groups of ten billion each. Each group would spend a twenty five thousand year cycle of twelve dispensations in Earth's fifth dimension. At the conclusion of the cycle they would return to the Sun and a next delegate group of ten billion moved in.

Once all of the Soul Atoms had completed the cycles, the contingency would be moved back up to Orion or elsewhere, and the next root race contingent brought into the Sun to begin theirs.

On Earth, the allotments were pegged to Earth's twenty-five thousand year cycles. The number of members contained per Root Race allotment varied. The group allotments for the current Adamic Root Race program contained ten billion members each. Earth has had some one hundred trillion Souls Atoms pass through in its root race program, including this last ten billion to be concluded.

The Taikotean root race was the first to commence the program two hundred and fifty million years ago. Jesus/Mary Magdalene, the Male/Female combined Ovarian Soul Atom of Christ Michael of Nebadon was the first of the Taikoteans to complete the training. An official step in preparation for Christ Michael's full Christ bestowal of two thousand years ago.

About three and a half million years ago, those of you in the last and final contingent group of the last and final root race, through negative influencing from the Luciferian side, started experimenting with unsanctified carnal experiences within the third dimensional frequencies of Earth's lower dimensional time line. This reversed your polarity from the Creators to the Creation, drawing you into the planet like the poles of a magnet.

The resulting entrapment dropped your visible frequency of materialization from the fifth dimension to the third. You were in effect self-evicted from your own fifth dimensional Garden of Eden.

The resulting presence of your higher consciousnesses in the third dimension in a completely unrehearsed lower frequency format, created untold stresses upon the existing third and fourth dimensional matrixes, not only of Earth but all the way back up to Orion. Through the mis-activities of your consciousnesses, considerable disharmony resulted in the outcomes of the whole local Solar System headquartered in Orion, and somewhat in Christ Michael's whole Local Universe at large.

It also created a rift in your normal Male/Female perception of being. The inequality in your lower dimensional expressions arrested both yours and the Planet's true evolution.

In all higher dimensional expressions, Being is Androgen, Male/Female. Male is of the Intelligence side, Female of the Substance. In the original animus of the Creators to set up Creation, Alpha and Omega established an arc in consciousness between them by agreeing to be absolutely equal in all possible respects. The principle is absolutely  held up in each and every aspect of Creation.

Under all conditions of normal manifestations of consciousness, your Male expression, namely 'Intelligence', and your Female expression, namely 'Feeling' are never less than absolutely and unequivocally equal as was established as the most original and enduring precept of the Intelligent Design.

Under normal conditions of consciousness such as in the fifth dimension and up, your Intelligence side is called the Plus or positive factor and your Substance side is called the Negative or minus factor. Positive means the action is projective, reflecting Will to create. Negative means receptive, reflecting Desire to create.

Consciousness has the capacity to form thoughts through the square of consciousness thinking process which draws equally from both potentials.

From the plus side it is through your Intelligence of the Father and Energy of the Son. Through your X Factor it also includes an 'imaging' facility which allows your consciousness to envision co-creative possibilities before the fact. From the negative Y Factor side it is through your Substance of the Mother and Energy of the Daughter, including converting the feelings of your sense perceptions into recognitions within your consciousness so that you know that you know.

On your Intelligence side the ability exists to embrace higher dimensional spiritual possibilities as thoughts before the fact from the influences of your upper Consciousness matrix. 'Feelings' from your Substance side help keep the embraced possibilities on the right track.

The two reinforce each other in an all-in action called faith. If you are an Ascendant, faith allows your consciousnesses to maintain an ever standing ever enhancing spiritual ontology of your experiences as you evolve. If you are a Descendant, your faith is reinforced by 'Knowing', combining them into that called 'Understanding'.

In both, your thoughts are derived from both the Male Intelligence and the Female Substance sides equally. Your thoughts are thus empowered with a full action capability of the Only Begotten Christ Co-Creative factor.

Your processes of thought when not inside a proper balance of Intelligence and Substance and are instead biased on the Intelligence side, called 'Mental'. When your process of thinking is not in balance with the Substance side it is called 'mentallizing'. The product of your thoughts when not in a proper balance with the Substance side are called 'mentallizations'. Mentallizations do not reflect Reality as they are not a balanced part of Reality and are called 'Illusionary'.

Mentallizations are only possible within your outer consciousness aspect. The outer ego aspect of your consciousness producing mentallizations is called your intellect. Those of you who are particularly subject to it are called 'intellectuals'. The collective outcome of your mentallizations about Reality over the last three and a half million years is called the 'Mentallized Illusion'.

At the present time most of you live entirely within the Mentallized Illusion's false precepts of everyday life. You have in fact recently created a fictional motion picture work bearing a fanciful similarity, called The Matrix'. The notion is apt, not as organisms hanging from feeding tubes being fed false images from a computer, but as people walking around whose consciousness are so vested in the Mentallized Illusion of everyday life that they are oblivious to the Real Creation all around them and above.

In a third dimensional time line situation, regardless of whether they are a male or a female in their embodied materialization, animal creatures are equally male and female in nature. The difference is that male creatures are more directed by thinking and females more by feelings. Both creatures are very definitey governed by both, and it is sometimes very difficult to distinguish a male creature from a female creature based on their outer actions alone.

In your particular case, your male component is still of your Intelligence side and your female component is still of your Substance side. Your Energy action is still the unifying factor in the middle. Your Substance side still holds your Intelligence side in its bosom. The Energy balancing factor in the middle is the problem.

In undergoing any activity, first there is a Will to do it from your Intelligence side, then the Desire to do it from your Substance side. When the two are in balance, Energy is produced to initiate the Action. Within your consciousness, before anything exists in materialization it exists first as an idea. The Intelligence side has to be in place first in order to have the appropriate Substance response in order to have the Energy aspect available in order to bring the equalized Substance side into form as the materialized result. Your Philosophers have spent a great deal of time on this without being able to put their finger on it.

The Starr of David Energy emanations from your Intelligence related aspect starts your idea into play as a intention. The Starr of David Energy emanations from your Substance related aspect starts your intention into play as an inauguration.  The Starr of David Energy emanations from your Intelligence and Substance related aspect together starts your inauguration into play as an action.  Through your Staff Energy radiations from your Substance side your planned outcome is brought into manifestation as the fulfilled result.

Under proper circumstances, whenever you initiate a creative process, through the Intelligence side of your consciousness your idea is formulated. Through your Intelligence/Energy side of consciousness your idea is imaged into possibility. Through your Substance/Energy side and through the Will and Desire aspect of your square of consciousness, the intention is thought into motion as a plan. Through the unifying responsibility of your Only Begotten Son/Daughter aspect in your square of consciousness the appropriate action is taken. And through your Substance side the plan becomes manifested as the projected creative result. In existential or virtual outcomes versus material, consciousness Substance/Energy containers in thought comprise the manifested result instead.

Animals have exacting memories, a necessary component of their survival albeit oriented to eachs' particular genre. For example, a cat will memorize every tiny detail of place where it is lying don to nap. If a foreign object like a cucumber or tomato is placed beside it before it wakes up. it will wake up with a screech and leap two to three feet straight up in the air in fright. It will instantly have noticed that a foreign object has intruded into its space \and will perceive it as a dire threat.

Similarly, animals will memorize every tiny second of every day where they stand. During an eclipse they will start to mill and run around as through confused or fearing. They will have noticed that the darkening light is completely out of sorts for that time of day and will see it as threatening with no where to turn.

Through memory, the experiences of the day are crystallized into rules to live by which augments the basic survival instincts of the species produced through their genetic structure as engrams at birth plus the initial training of the parents if any. An animal will eat bitter fruit only once.

When you inherited the animal kingdom blueprints of the third dimension by becoming subject, you also inherited the exceptional crystallizing memory processes of the animal kingdom survival method and took them on. In the higher realms, your consciousness does not remember, it recognizes. You just always know what you need to know when you need to know through your higher action.

Because of the overlaying Overplus attribution upon Christ Michael's Local Universe, the higher dimensional factors maintaining normal male and female balance are slightly off skew, favouring the Intelligence side. Consequently your balanced Male/Female aspects are also slightly off skew.

Under normal conditions of the properly constituted fifth dimensional existences within this Local Universe, it is not a problem because it is properly accounted for within the original matrixing of the blueprints. But when you lost contact with proper direction for becoming subject to the third dimensional time line, you stopped recognizing the equality of your male and female aspects within your constitutional makeup, getting lost in the skew towards your Intelligence side.

For most of you now your male side usurps your female side in both your internal and external actions regardless of whether you are a man or a woman in your projection. In particular, your male and female thought processes more often work independent of each other rather than in harmony. Nplus static is the result.

Logic is of your male processes, intuition of your female. It is the main thing about intuition that you as the 'intuitee' most often do not know exactly what the 'what' is of whatever it is that you are intuiting. You just know for urgently sure through your feelings that something is going on. To someone else's cold look of logic it looks like what could be called a silly hissy fit.

Which is why your cold look of logic tries to shut it down. Which always wants to see an exact 'why', 'where', and 'when' of something in order to see it fully reasoned out as a rigorously concluded result in a duly laid out proper conducted procedural process called 'logic' before accepting it. A binding mental trap which squelches your female side entirely, and is the very essence of your problem with your Sciences. Where logic trumps intuition ever time. Working with your so called, 'gut feelings' somewhat circumvents the tendency.

Because of your misconceptions from your lower five sense perceptual state, the products of your imaging processes eventually became crystallized into full scale imaginations and fantasies. Your capacity for imaging is a due product of your sixth dimensional frequency of Intelligence/Energy, not yet having an accompanying Substance counterpart. In a properly imaged thought, the Substance counterpart is that which will eventually be brought forward as the materialized result through your co-creative ensuing activity. The very essence of creativity.

Illusion is distinguished from true imaging in that it does not start from your sixth dimensional frequencies of creativity, but from your third dimensional skewed x Factor mental processes instead. There is not a proper balance factor of Intelligence/Energy from your sixth dimensional aspect at the start of it, so a due Substance counterpart can never become formed at the end of it. The very essence of illusion.

Animals do not have the capacity for imagination because they do not have an active sixth dimensional Intelligence/Energy component. Animal consciousnesses are competent in the third and fourth dimensional frequencies of the Planet and are disposed towards the frequencies of the fifth dimension accounting for their great capacity to love and unflinching senses of loyalty. They are not however, attuned to the higher frequencies of creativity and spirituality of the sixth and seventh dimensions. When you are attuned to the lower kingdom and not Reality, your higher frequencies of creativity and spirituality of the sixth and seventh dimensions are severely diminished.

Because many of you are misaligned from much of your higher actions under the current circumstances, and are still hard wired to the hard memory processes inherited from the animal world, you all too readily adopt as component beliefs such imagined fanciful thoughts as you find particularly alluring about the higher action. Religion and mystical philosophies buried deep inside the Mentallized Illusion are the result. You also tend to hurry into your thought expressions as facts, the raw feeling products of your lower emotions from the bodily Substance side.

Because these errant thought structures are so outside of normal sanctified reality, and are so outside of normal Male/Female balance, the structures cannot move through in the normal way of action flow. Instead they become condensed into crystallized mental thought patterns within your consciousness. Residing as pre-conceived beliefs and imaginings.

This constantly generating by-producing of your crystallized thinking processes has spilled over time into the astral realms as the Mentallized Illusion, a constantly growing hard pan of errant crystallized thought. The entirety of what you consider today to be reality is ought but Mentallized Illusion, causing you to adhere to how you think things are instead of how they actually are though your higher sense awareness's. Not one iota of what most of what you  believe to be true about yourself and the Universe at large today is true.

Because your mentallized thoughts are of Intelligence in nature but not of true Intelligence, they have no projective creative power towards others. Hence they are called 'NonPlus'. Nplus static on the other hand, is a product of the disharmony created by your male/female inequality in consciousness. It is the fourth dimensional equivalent in consciousness of static electricity in ordinary Matter Substance.

In ordinary Matter Substance, when two dissimilar materials are rubbed together, physical static charges results in the materials from the friction. When friction occurs within your consciousness through your Intelligence and Substance thought counterparts not working in harmony with each other, auric static charges result within the auric frequencies of your body, called Nplus static.

Nplus means 'Negative' plus. The normal cubit circle, rod, and Starr of David intersections become temporarily re-aligned to the staffs instead of the rods inside the cubistic matrixing of the static bits by the friction. The net result is that the Intelligence component becomes receptive instead of projective, meaning negative in polarity instead of positive. Hence the term, 'Negative plus'. Hence 'Nplus'.

The presence of the negative static charge bits in your consciousness and body allow a sudden grip of emotion to occur. The powerful surge you feel towards a particular body center when suddenly gripped by a powerful emotion is from the static charge components being magnetically pulled to the center by the thought trigger.

Friction in your consciousness continues today because your Male side still continues to usurp your Female side. Meaning that most of you still let your intellect pre-empt your feelings. The static thought parts become duly captured within the crystallizing thought structure you inherited from the animal kingdom, turning them also into enduring thought components as wayward emotional make ups in their own right. And the Mentallized Illusion expands yet again. So the cycle continues. Which is why you have so little Male/Female equality in your consciousness at the present time as it is a self preventing loop.

Your mentallized non-emotional thought components are also completely passive and float around in your consciousness as thought-forms like algae in a pond. Due to the hard wired self survival mode inherited from creatures, you likewise absorb these miscreants as lower emotional inputs to live by. These faulty crystallized memory patterns combine with the automatic basic survival engrams already present, to become likewise converted into yet more semi-autonomous actions within your animal oriented self preservation processes of survival as yet more emotions you react to. And the cycle perpetuates yet again.

By the standard consciousness rule of repelling opposites, the negative build up of their effects cut off most of the proper positive flows from your higher consciousness, particularly love. In the absence of love, even more Nplus static is generated, warding away by repulse your properly directed consciousness activities coming down from your higher factors. The loop is circular and has been running un-apocalypted in some of you since the early days of your demeaning fall into the third dimension three and a half million years ago. With most of the rest of you following as voluntary since.

As a result, nearly all of you at the present time are completely in the dark about your own higher Triune actions in consciousness as the actions are ever warded away by the Nplus static conditions you have acquired in your consciousness. An ingredient part of what your enlightened ones call the so called, 'veil', blocking off your access to the higher factors of Creation. Through the higher frequencies of Aquarius now starting to come in, the veil is starting to become lifted by becoming dissolved away.

You remain in the dark about your higher spiritual actions behind the veil until you decide you want to start working with your higher action again. In effect setting up the beginning of a positive polarity connection with your higher consciousness again by deciding to seek spiritual alignment and wanting to see it fulfilled. Which punches through the veil because your Will and Desire will have been invoked again in proper balance again, creating the Energy needed to forge the new alignment.

The spiritual laws Jesus Christ taught two thousand years ago isn't the outcome of idle enlightened muse. They were designed in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds to help produce the new alignments. Unfortunately most of your religions have made Jesus 'the person' the teaching, and not Jesus's 'teachings' the teaching. The new alignments have not yet been forthcoming like they should have except in a few, and in fact have worsened within those who have adopted religion as their so called pathway for salvation.

The mentallizations of Religion are bedded deep within the Mentallized Illusion and are at the core of your current hard wire attunement to the current lower third dimension you consider all of reality. They are also a main source of Nplus static as your destructive actions against one another in the name of religion over the centuries aptly shows.

The un-dissolved Nplus statics in your mass consciousnesses today has been collecting over time into a lower frequency mire in the lower astral realms called the 'Lower Astral Hell States'. Because the astral realms are the totality of reality for creatures, who know nothing about the third dimension from the fourth, the lower evolution has incurred considerable static within its matrixes. The accumulating static has precipitated an abundance of such unsanctioned behaviour as predator vs. prey interactions.

A predatory lifestyle first appeared in Earth's time line hundreds of millions of years ago because of original disruptive mal-activities from the handful of malfeasant Luciferian Orion administrators, implying considerable mis-intent. Under normal matrixing, the auric accumulations in the animal kingdom would be Pplus for positive static, for motivating the animal world as engrams. Nplus static also acts as engram motivators too, but lead to the additional and very fast self-generation of more of Nplus static.

The aberrant Orion administrators under Luciferian dialectics, initially introduced the phenomenon of Nplus static into Earth's animal matrixes seven hundred and fifty million years ago, thinking it would speed up the evolutionary processes through a presumed beneficial effect from the self generating Nplus effect. Then started using it to foster Nplus static in its own right for their own misguided purposes of artificial ascension into their ill conceived 'Service to Self' Planetary and Starr Creations which they had eventually started to perpetuate.

As a result on Earth today, plants are upon plants, animals are upon animals, organisms are upon organisms. Other than butterflies, honey bees, pharaoh ants, and a few other pristine examples, the insect world is almost completely a by-product of the Nplus static. The static generation upon the lower dimensional animal matrixes was vastly increased by your demeaning fall from the fifth dimension into the third dimension three and a half million years ago.

That is all being ended now. The time line situation on Earth is now officially being run to an end. The final escalation for the completion of the evolution of Planet Earth into its own sanctified fulfillment as a Protostarr has started to commence.

In Accordance with the Energy timetables outlined in the original Revelations two thousand years ago, and subsequently hidden away within the Mayan texts for safe keeping in the fourteen hundreds, and also mirrored somewhat within a few Cherokee manuscripts, Planet Earth is now undergoing a very rapid acceleration in frequency in order to meet its own final destiny as a Protostarr set in motion eons ago. Blueprinted Energies, some of them set in motion long before this Milky Way Galaxy was even begun are now starting to converge upon Earth at this present time.

Earth is also passing through an ever increasing sequence of high frequency galactic alignments in the installation of the Age of Aquarius. The inter-dimensional clean up known as Armageddon is availing all of these sanctioned increasing radiations to end the remnant effects of the Luciferian Rebellion once and for all, and dissolve them completely out of the Local Universe forever.

The incoming radiations are in the form of the Photon Energy Belt Earth has now passing into, plus the high frequency radiation pulse from the core of the galaxy, plus Energy links and inductions which your scientists are variously calling newly discovered Quasars, Supernovas, Gamma Ray bursts, X-ray outbursts and the like. Local fifth dimensional frequencies are everywhere increasing.

In nineteen eighty seven, at the tail end of the Piscean age in the latter eighties a twin core supernova occurred in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds. The supernova occurred during the month of Pisces while Haley's comet was in the sky acting as buffer to help stabilize the higher neutronnic and ionnic surges passing through Earth as frequency transformers in advance of the visible flare.

The radiations were a main part of the new Energy lines for the new consciousness container for the Age of Aquarius, just as a Starr of Bethlehem alignment was a similar event two thousand years ago to help instigate the consciousness container for the Piscean Age, now concluded.

The cosmic task force is at hand. The cloud signatures of the Radionnics Ships of Heavenly Host are becoming increasingly visible all over the planet. The interstellar mop up called Armageddon is already well underway. The 'last generation' was the parents of the baby boomers, not as a dying species but as the ending of the highly crystallized type of mental consciousness which was oblivious to higher consciousness. Your hippie populations of the later sixties heralded the first of the new higher forms of consciousness, distinguished for being aware of consciousness in its own right.

The influx of the baby boomers and rising population at hand has helped to start the inducting of the new Energies into Earth's matrixes safely in the start up of Aquarius. Which have been underway since the early eighties, fully set in full motion at the end of the transition period in two thousand and twelve, and was finally finished installing in two thousand and fourteen. The Great Book is being opened at last. The Age of Aquarius, whose waters of truth are to outpour for the next two thousand years has at last arrived. Your consciousnesses have been changing more and more rapidly ever since. Consciousness affecting drugs are usurpers, not the cause.

By two hundred and fifty thousand years from now, Earth will have developed sufficient Carbon-7 atoms to become inter-dimensionally capable of handling the frequencies of teleportation. A portion of the Planetary root race Adamics if they clear their conditions in time, or a new root race brought in from the wings if they do not, will harmonize in consciousness and teleport Earth to the womb of Orion where it will begin its next evolutionary phase as a radiant Proto Star as child becoming parent. 'The world and all its works will be burnt away'.

When that step is finished, Earth Starr will eventually become a primary Quasar, piping Energy into the new Creation in Andromeda. With its sister Proto Starr in Andromeda, it will form a primary link and the full transmigration of Souls Atoms from Orion to Andromeda for the Second New Day of Creation based on Energy will begin in earnest. 'Principles never change, practices must'.