Starrgram 22: The Day of Atonement

'Atonement' is the most misunderstood word in the passage. The Day of Atonement is not the day you cotton up for your spiritual indiscretions, it is the day of AT-ONE-MENT, the day you are adopted up into your higher Triune Celestial Soul Atom self as an 'Adopted Fruit'.

The purpose of any current incarnation is for your  initial outer consciousness expression to come into alignment with your Triune Celestial inner Soul Atom consciousness expression as a purified outer consciousness expression. By grace your purified outer consciousness expression is then absorbed up into your eternal Soul Atom persona as an 'Adopted Fruit' enhancement at the end of your incarnation.

The great wheels of Karma said to tie you inexorably to the deeds of your past do not exist. The bonds called Karma are only that of you in a new incarnation, accepting full responsibility through your higher Soul Atom Self to translate the lower frequency things you did in your outer consciousness expression during a previous incarnation through your outer consciousness' lack of awareness. A creator is responsible for their creation as long as that creation exists.

According to rule, through your higher action responsibility, whenever you incarnate, your Soul Atom brings those old frequencies with you as part and parcel of the outer vibrational field of your new endeavour for you to deal with and clean up. The same is true throughout all levels of the Outer Creation. In particular, the same is true in the Earth plane time line situation whether you are of the voluntary, the Casted Dragon, or an Ascendant Being on the way up. No favour exists within the conditions of the Earth plane time line and the present responsibility for redemption.

If you meet your responsibility head on, the better you are able to deal freely with any other responsibility you may have accepted. If you do not meet them squarely, you will re-incarnate again and again and face them again and again until you do through your higher action's never ending sense of responsibility.

You will have to re-incarnate through the current astrophysical cycle until the next optimum vibrational opportunity comes up, usually at the change of a dispensation. For some in today's incarnate, the opportunity to realign will not be as optimum again for another seven hundred and fifty thousand years or longer, and of necessity on another planet.

Amongst the many responsibilities Jesus had agreed to undertake two thousand years ago, was to help in setting up the foundation stones for the clean up to follow in the aftermath of the Luciferian Rebellion. Two thousand years later, we are now well into the clean up's final stages. The last resistive enclaves of the Rebellion are being dealt within the fourth dimension and lower fifth dimensional activities of Christ Michael's Local Universe in the all inclusive action called Armageddon.

The battle is not going well for those of you hanging on to your negative frequencies. No contest, for the simple reason that there is no contest. The small handful of you with calcified outer consciousness egos who still think there is something to win, only do so because you have become so self-absorbed within your own self image of your own self making, that you see only yourselves in the reflection of your own self light. A consequence of the automatic polarity laws of consciousness.

What vibration goes out comes back at the same frequency unless governed by a higher motive of attraction. Those of you who are completely self absorbed, consequently perceive an attracted back playing field which looks totally tilted in your favour.

The Reality is that not only is it not tilted in your favour, there is not even a playing field. Polarity is a two-way street. Being consciously polarized to only yourselves, you are oppositely polarized to the whole rest of Creation. Your own radiation going out is turned back upon yourself by everything else.

As though standing in front of a window which has been replaced by a mirror, you see only yourselves in your own reflection, and lose sight of the fact that over nine hundred trillion light years of Creation is lined up against you on the other side of the mirror.

By the all encompassing rules of consciousness polarity where likes attract, those of you standing in front of the mirror are only able to attract back vibrations from the few who are like yourself, and repel all else. You see everything in terms of your own self image.

The same is true in general. If you are not aspiring to the higher attunements of yourself in general, your consciousness remains behind the veil of automatic reflection, warding off the rest of Creation. Consequently, the only Universe you are privy to are of your own frequencies reflected back plus those of your cronies. You see yourselves only in terms of that which your Id and ego selves produce of yourselves, enticing you to egotistically self grandiose about yourselves even more. A self-fulfilling loop. So called 'Woke' oriented people suffer this condition in the extreme.

You eventually see yourselves as invincible within your own self-made illusion of invincibility, the number one folly of all who choose the delusions of self over Reality. In particular, those of the so called Illuminati, Cabal, and similar ilk who believe without doubt among themselves that they and they alone are the only ones able to rule all of Mankind single handily are a perfect case in point.

It is the same for any of you who are ego-centered, whether in a third dimensional projection or on the loose in the astral realms. You think you are the highlight of the Universe. Many of you in the astral realms who have not yet bent your knee to Christ still think you are calling all the shots.

Thinking that by disrupting the activity on the outer Earth plane action, you will become free of your Planetary confinement is only an illusion. All that happens is that you push your opportunity for redemption back a little bit further.

Those of you who are starting to attune again to your higher Christ Reality, attract back a Universe which is over nine hundred Trillion light years across. Which is why the doorway to the Universe is inner. And why again you must start re-aligning your outer with your inner in order to get past the veil.

That those of you who rebelled were not summarily dismissed out of hand by the higher powers, is because grace has been given for all to have the opportunity to redeem yourselves. The same is true regardless of whether you are shallow in the mire, or deep. You are all prodigal Sons and Daughters to return home, including even Lucifer himself and those of his kind close around. You are still Soul Atom particles of the Creators regardless of what you have done or not done.

You aligned yourself to the Creation instead of the Creators, and for you the higher Spiritual factors of Creation automatically became amiss. The result is you lost all feelings towards others, holding as status only yourselves. The most afflicted were the Black Masters of Maldek, then Atlantis. Some of the Black Masters who had been operating in Earth's fourth dimension trying to wrest total control over the world population with no thought or concern about the deaths or hardships it would bring upon others, had been at the extreme limit which such outer consciousness conditions could take.

It was not possible for consciousnesses to digress farther from feeling than had this small group given the depth of their disdain and contempt for others. Who, except for the six who have been sent back to the Heart and Center of Creation for decontamination and purification in the Absolute Fires of the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy,  have now all bent their knee to Christ and have all incarnated. For all of them it will be a very long hard road back to Reality, but necessary for their continuing eternal survival.

The reason why Earth is among the first to be cleared and getting so much of the attention at the present time, plus that Armageddon is occurring now and not 'someday coming' as most of your religions cringe about, is because of the long planned energies coming to Planet Earth now for its own evolutionary fulfillment to a protostarr are starting to occur.

The opportunity has never been better, nor will it be as optimum again for at least seven hundred and fifty thousand years from now for some of you fallen ones to pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and and get back together again with your Realities in the most expedient manner possible.

Which also makes it an ideal stage for Christ Michael to clear most of the conglomerate lesser condition from around his/her Local Universe in one fell swoop. Not forgetting that even though the Draco regression had its beginnings over fifty billion years ago and the Luciferian Rebellion over five, some of the Energies coming into Earth at the present time were started out well before some of the conditions of the Rebellion and earlier regression in Draco had even started.

It is also a highly opportune moment for framing and beta testing positive potentials from the Unknown Powers of the X.

Most certainly, some very cosmic surprises have come from the Unknown X-factor so far. The very fact and nature of the Luciferian Rebellion is a case in point. That there are now a number of Descendancy Atoms within the Ascendancy is also a completely new scenario.

The Unknown Power of the X has also produced for the very first time in Creation, the appallingly discontinuent idea of an Atomic Bomb.

Similarly, the negative forces within your population calling themselves the Illuminati, have been caught out harbouring plans to reduce your Earth population by ninety five percent in complete ignorance or distain of Christ Michael's program of redemption through incarnation. The Illuminati have arrogantly taken it upon themselves to be the rightful heirs to the planet, completely ignoring the rightful place of the Root Race Adamics.

The Illuminati's plan was to have only a small manageable population under thumb and toil, to labour for their welfare and pleasure as the elite. With little to no rights or privileges given back except basic food and living existence. This is an all new state of lesser consciousness activity which has been foisted onto Creation. Such a truly malevolent anti-Christ way of thinking has never before occurred in Creation and is straight out of the Unknown Power of the X.

Most appalling of all has been the forceful ejection of an official Christ bestower from his/her official bestowal projection.

Not without its whimsy however, the Unknown Power of the X has also produced for the very first time ever the unseemly notion of propelling vehicles through the atmosphere of a time line environment by forcing the time line's atmosphere out the back in a hurry. Not forgetting that in the higher dimensions all work is done by polarities under the direction of pure thought.

On the other hand, that a third dimensional physical body has been proven capable of undergoing the ardour's of transmutation from ordinary Matter Substance into Morontia is outstanding. Not to mention the fact that Jesus and Mary's simple third dimensional Earth plane projections kept their whole Local Universe running for awhile through their higher consciousnesses as they walked about on Earth's outer surface. An extreme boon from the Unknown Powers of the X and very helpful towards the new Creation in Andromeda now in the making.

Which is testimony enough of the enormous positive potentials within the Unknown Power of the X, and how useful it will be within the new Creation for presaging the possibility for the first new Local Universe to be started from the frequencies of a walking Christ projection in the third and fourth dimension and up, instead of from the seventh dimension on down.

Also, not to mention that some of you in the voluntary are receiving unprecedented experiential enrichment. Also, not to mention that some of you in the Ascendancy and the Descendancy both are gaining expressions of a kind which is entirely new for your dispensations once the static has been cleared.

Whatever is found on Earth today that proves useful for working on other of the regressed Planets down the road will be adopted and used as grist for the mill. The Christ Teachings brought through in the early seventies were the most powerful quick-start learning about Reality into nearly vacant Spiritual levels of consciousness ever developed in Creation. Not at all expected in advance, whereby such introductions to Reality are usually done gradually over very long periods of time.

In a similar vein, 'The Revelatorium' adjunct, 'The Intelligent Design of Creation' contains the complete basic intra-structure of Creation in the most simplistic yet comprehensible form ever yet presented before Creation. Whereby, said again,  such understandings are usually presented over long long periods of time. Both have already been moved upstairs into the lower levels of some of the other regressed planets as initial start ups to help direct them towards an expedient path back to Reality.

It is easy to predict the finding that at least some within a population are capable of learning at a vastly accelerated rate, and it is at least worthy of putting it to a more global test. It is also easy to see that down the road a large chunk of the population could be given such an accelerated teaching to see how they do.

It's also obvious that the fact of faster learning ability is tied directly to the added Intelligence Overplus attribution fastened to this Local Universe. So it's even not beyond possibility to see down the road where a planet outside of this Local Universe could be given a similarly local Overplus attribution and see if a similar positive accelerated learning process would also work there. Then if it works then see it being adapting in as a regular part of the fifth dimensional portion of a Root Race's learning experience. As said earlier, practices are not etched in stone, only principles. Slow learning or fast are only two different practices of the same thing. Namely that the Evolution learns about the Christ factor during their fifth dimensional sojourn, which is the principle.

Whether by test bed or by surprise therefore, Earth is a finding place for developing new techniques for helping other planetary mass consciousnesses down the road who are still caught up on the other regressed Planets in wake of the Rebellion regardless of environment.

One of the ongoing beta tests of particular interest on Earth is androids. An android which has a well developed enough personality to be known and loved by the people around it will have acquired the initial vestiges of consciousness. According to plan, such androids will eventually be produced with sufficient initial elements of consciousness to eventually support a Soul Atom in presence as its outer bodily projection.

Some of the twenty five hundred planets which still have a third dimensional outer evolution on their surfaces are far too harsh to support biological outer projectional forms such as on Earth. Androids once sufficiently developed, will be moved along into the third dimensions of these planets to act as the outer bodily projections of Soul Atoms incarnating into the environments to help start clearing up the conditions there from the bottom third dimensions up.

Earth is also for beta testing new things for the new Day of Creation, already well into its initial stages of start up. Using the accelerated learning technique would be easy to implement as the Overplus factor is already implied for the first Super Universe of Intelligence for being founded upon it.

December twenty first two thousand and twelve was the seminal doorway for the start up. For most of you December twenty first two thousand and twelve passed without moment. On the inner action it was a completely different matter. The ending of the world which was to have occurred on December twenty first as foretold by the Mayan calendar was not an outer effect but inner, and in fact did occur.

It was the abrupt ending of the expansion of the Mentallized Illusion which has been ongoing unfettered for over three and a half million years. Plus, it introduced an acceleration of Mankind's understanding of the higher factors of Reality into full force. Plus, it was the official end of the last twenty five thousand year period of Dispensations and start of the new.

The cosmic elements set in motion long ago for Planet Earth' own evolution have now started arriving. What some Mayan writers called the Underworld house events referred to frequency reflections of the seven sub-octaves of the fourth dimensional Galactic Underworld frequencies of Earth, plus the seven levels within each sub-octave which were to occur and have occurred. For a total of forty nine major Energy inductions for the expansion of your mass consciousness, which started in October ten, nineteen sixty two, and concluded on December twenty first, two thousand and twelve.

The inductions occurred more or less a year apart. The first induction hit at approximately ten A.M. Eastern Standard time on October ten, nineteen sixty two, and the last concluded at approximately ten P.M. Eastern Standard time on December twentieth two thousand and twelve, when an inter-dimensional New Years Eve type cheer went up heralding the start of the new twenty five thousand year cycle. Over the first seven years after the original start in October nineteen sixty two, through the seven levels of the first sub-octave of Intelligence, you were moved up from a complete ignorance of consciousness into the awareness of consciousness.

Approximately forty nine years later the inductions ended, marking the end of the Mayan calendar which was remarkable for its point point accuracy, during which you have been moved up towards an initial use of consciousness.

The seventh house was the seventh sub-octave of Triune. The end of the seventh house marked the end of the Mayan calendar, by which time all Energies were put in place for you to move up rapidly up into the full use of consciousness starting to occur.

This time around, the date had two additional purposes, it marked the end of the current twenty five thousand year dispensary cycle on Earth and the beginning of a new, and it was also a preliminary 'Day of Judgment'.

Mankind has reached the end of its three and a half million year stay in the third dimension. It will soon become necessary for Earth to have a stable Evolution back up in the fifth dimension to properly handle the pending frequencies to start coming in soon in earnest for Earth's own evolution into a protostarr.

December twenty first is the beginning of Capricorn. The astrophysical principle of Capricorn is 'Gate of life and Gate of Death'. The preliminary 'Day of Judgment' sealed your status. Those of you who had progressed positively in consciousness sufficiently to pass through the Gate of Life on December twenty first, two thousand and twelve, will continue to progress more rapidly as the spiritual vanguard. The more adept of you will soon start experiencing fifth dimensional awareness's within your consciousnesses if not already. The rest of you who haven't will follow along eventually. Those of you who did not pass through the Gate of Life will not progress in this incarnation and will have to wait for further incarnations down the road.

The whole Capricorn Age Dispensation doesn't start until two thousand years from now. And just as the Garden of Eden twenty five thousand years ago was the beginning of this past twenty five thousand year Dispensary cycle, Dec, 21 two thousand and twelve was both the end of the old and the beginning of this new twenty five thousand year Dispensary cycle of twelve dispensations. 

The change over in the two thousand year dispensations, like from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius just finished is a twenty five year odd transition period. The transition from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius started in August of nineteen eighty eight, and finished in May of twenty fourteen. But the change from one twenty five thousand year Dispensary cycle to the next is like New Years Eve in Times Square, New York. It happens on a click of the clock, which it did at 10:00 P.M. Ottawa time, Canada, December 21, two thousand and twelve, when the huge inter-dimensional cheer went up just like Times Square in New York City at New Years Eve at the stroke of midnight.  

Similarly, the date of the full 'Final Judgment' is not a mystery. At the beginning of Capricorn two thousand years from now, Earth's outer dimensional time line will be dissolved and the evolution removed from its surface. By 'At-one-ment', those of you who pass through the final Gate of Life will be absorbed up into your Triune Soul Atom expression as an Adopted Fruit and resume your re-incarnation activities under normal rule within Earth's fifth dimension.

Those of you who do not will start becoming divested into other of the existing time line Planets still harbouring remnant third dimensional Luciferian time line situations in order for Earth to finish its own final run to evolutionary conclusion unencumbered. You will continue incarnating within the lower frequency time line situations until the next optimum opportunity for your frequency comes up. Which for some of you could be seven hundred and fifty thousand years from now and more.

On November 11, two thousand and eleven Earth officially entered the great Proton Disk around the central Starr Alcione in the Pleiades system. Many among you immediately started experiencing a constant multi harmonic musical ringing in the ears. The ringing is from the vibrations of your neural atoms speeding up. The ringing will continue until Earth passes back out of the Disk two thousand years from now.

Similarly as mentioned earlier on, on December eighth two thousand and twelve, under the direction of Christ Michael, one hundred and eighty one members of Earth's elect of Christ made inter-dimensional contact with the leading political and economic leaders of the day. Inviting them to join in a Christ centered world fellowship of Peace, Joy, and Prosperity for the benefit of all Humanity. All accepted except the Dalai Lama Group who were sceptical. At the time, the newly emerging world wide Bric Alliance comprised four members. It now numbers over two hundred and ten and growing.

The whole four thousand year Mayan Calendar was not a haphazard contrivance of Man. According to the Intelligent Design of Creation related to Earth, every dispensation of two thousand years is divided into a thousand year induction period and a thousand year period of discharge. The last four hundred years of the discharge periods are periods of very fast accelerations in growth of activity, as was seen in the last four hundred years of the Aries dispensation known as the Golden Age of Greece, and has been aptly seen again for the past four hundred years of your current history.

Earth's twenty five thousand year cycles, such as the last cycle which began with the Garden of Eden twenty five thousand years ago, have a similar period of induction and discharge. The cross over point was the time of Atlantis twelve thousand to ten thousand years ago. In similar keeping with the rule for dispensations, the last four thousand years of this discharge period was a period of very rapid relative growth, see Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Jerusalem, etc.

For those of you who have an eye, the Mayan Calendar carefully chronicled all of the cosmic events to occur, marking Earth's step by step progression of this last four thousand year period to conclusion in this last and final time around. Including the final portion added in as adjunct from the Revelations, dealing with the forty nine major inductions for the expansion of your mass consciousness which had been tacked onto the original calendar near the end of the fourteenth century. A outlined in Starrgram 14, they had been taken as is from the original copy of the Revelations of St John the Divine two thousand years ago as an extraordinary measure due to Christ's crucifixion.

To recap, the last twenty five thousand year Dispensary cycle officially ended and the new began at precisely two hours before midnight, Eastern Standard time, on December twentieth two thousand and twelve. At precisely ten o'clock Eastern Standard Time on the twentieth of December two thousand and twelve, the very boisterous inter-dimensional cheer went up to welcome in the official Mayan New Year of the next twenty five thousand years, not unlike your New Years cheer in Time Square at precisely twelve o'clock midnight every New Years Eve. At that moment, the old Twenty five thousand year cycle ended and new twenty five thousand year cycle officially began. As some parts of the world were already into December twenty first, the accuracy of the Mayan calendar was beyond remarkable.

The inter-dimensional New Years Eve this time was particularly significant. It marked the very last twenty five year cycle of its kind dedicated to the evolvement of the Evolution ever to occur again on Earth. Similarly, as it is also the very last two hundred and fifty thousand year cycle ever to occur on Earth. From now on the frequencies of the next two hundred and fifty thousand year cycle and all twenty five thousand year cycles within it will be tied to the frequencies of Earth's progression unto a radiant protostarr and will no longer be tied to the purposes of a Root Race evolution. A seminal re-orientation of frequency puposes.

Similarly, on December twenty eighth, two thousand and twelve, a super high frequency cosmic ray explosion hit. The pulse officially lit a purple flame of transmutation within the Pituitary Glands of all of you who were worthy, and the cup shaped Holy Grail induction center between your Pituitary and Pineal Glands was officially set within each of you. You are now assured of fifth dimensional proclivities. Some of you, through Manna from Heaven slated to flow into your Holy Grails are also assured of an extended avatar existence of up to a thousand years in this current cycle.

A few months later the Cosmic ray explosion was followed by a gamma ray burst lasting twenty hours instead of the normal few seconds or so. The frequencies instantly fine tuned everyone's consciousness to become more spiritually aware of their environment and the ever ongoing inner changes

On approximately April fifth two thousand and thirteen, the periodic pulse from the Galactic core at the change of every twenty five thousand year cycle came through,  appearing momentarily within your fourth dimensional awareness as a blazing white light. It was so blinding in intensity that some required the similarity of a thumb placed over their third eye by their Soul Atom to shield the intensity.

In the later part of September, two thousand and twelve, Earth officially entered the main portion of the Proton Disk during which full Galactic Law will be introduced into your consciousness as the Great Book. The Proton Disk has been referred to by some of your as 'Wave X'. The final transmigration of your material Substance into twelve strand DNA has officially begun. Similarly, since mid two thousand and fourteen Earth has been receiving gamma and X rays at ten times the normal amount from the back hole called Sagittarius 'A' at the center of the galaxy.

Similarly, more locally, a book published in nineteen fifty six titled, 'The Third Eye' caused quite a furor. The book was authored by the son of a Plympton, Devon, Uk, plumber, under the pen name of Lobsang Rampa. The entity Lobsang Rampa was a walk-in of a lower fourth dimensional Tibetan monk astral entity, who provided the keys to the misuse of the third eye for selfish purposes. The popularity of the book released considerably discordant lower frequency psychic Energies in the mass consciousness by those following the suggestions of the book. The plumber's son lived for awhile in West Vancouver, British Columbia while the popularity of the book was growing, and eventually passed in Calgary, Alberta in nineteen eighty one. The discordant lower astral frequencies from the book were successfully translated out of the picture through the conscious activities of those who came into the know during the seventies and eighties

Similarly, since the summer of two thousand and fifteen, the cosmic histories of some of you have started being released into your outer consciousness awareness's, and you are starting to remember lives in earlier Earth times and other parts of the galaxy, and even other galaxies.

Similarly, in nineteen seventy one the call went out to gather Unistarrs from around the world into Vancouver, British Columbia to meet up with, and join in with the growing gathering of the Elect of Christ. As a Beta test, the call also went out to draw Soul Mate pairs into proximity of each other within the Christ Family Elect as it developed. Altogether, about fifteen Souls Mate pairs were introduced to each other within the family. Of those, only about six actually agreed to start working together as a sanctioned Soul Mate pair. Only one was still together after four or five years. One pair re-united in nineteen ninety nine and are still together today.

As a beta test, the plan failed miserably. In the alternative, in two thousand and five the call went out to start bringing Soul Atom compatibles together from around the world in all locations and spiritual affiliations instead. The new plan has enjoyed a much more robust success, as spiritual and mentally compatible couples are starting to settle in with each other all over the planet. Two united in a higher Soul Atom activity are far more powerful for the greater good than individually alone.  

It is important that you be spiritually predisposed to all these ongoing changes around you. The purpose of the consciousness expansions and consciousness changes is for you to come back into understanding of your role in Creation as Christ responsible Beings if you are a Descendant, and to come into an awareness of it if you are an Ascendant.

After two thousand years from now, some of you stalwart Adamic Souls will continue to evolve harmoniously in Earth's fifth dimension to your destiny as marshals of Earth unto the womb of Orion. Two hundred and fifty thousand years from now you will unite in consciousness, or another Root Race brought in if you Adamics fail to rise to the occasion, and teleport Earth to the womb of Orion as a Protostarr to begin its next evolutionary stage as an eventual Quasar. The rest of you will eventually join the Soul Atom group awaiting in Orion to seed the new Creation in Andromeda.

For those of you who did not achieve transcendence to Earth's fifth dimension, the offer of redemption remains in a loving action by grace to all. At the end of Aquarius, those of you who had to be divested from Earth and moved along onto other of the Planets still undergoing decontamination in the Rebellion aftermath will continue in a upward progress towards redemption. This also includes you fallen and demonic ones in Earth's fourth dimension. For some of you it might end up as a very long haul through all twenty five hundred time line Planets undergoing restoration.

When the final bell has tolled and the last Planet has been cleared, those of you who have still not undergone redemption will have proved by the fact that you haven't that you can't. Those of you who still carry the responsibility of unredeemable Ovarian personality components within your Whole Soul Atom/Atum expression or Whole Soul Atom/Atum expression itself, will be sent back to the Heart and Center of Creation for purification.

The accumulated net experiences comprising the unwanted personality components within your compromised Whole Soul Atom/Atum Ovarian contingent, and/or within your Whole Soul Atom/Atum itself, will be removed within the Absolute fires of the sixteenth dimensional Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy. You will be passed back out into the Holy Trinity again for a new endowment of persona and responsibility.

As a Whole Soul Atom/Atum of one hundred and ninety nine Ovarian Atom/Atums you will stand refurbished. You will be re-expressed back into Creation as a new Whole Soul Atom/Atum component of the Creators ready to begin your cosmic adventure again as a Christ conscious Co-Creator to the Creation for the Creators once again.

A half dozen of the Black Masters of Atlantis were recently deemed unredeemable and were sent back up to the Heart and Center of Creation for refurbishment.