Starrgram 18: The Battle of Armageddon

The Battle of Armageddon is not a battle of swords over arrows but of truth over illusion. It is not about who gets to rule when it's over, but about how long it is going to take to clean up the mess in the clean up in the aftermath of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus.

The battle involves reconstituting some of the important fourth dimensional Energy lines of the Orion Local Solar Sector. More specifically, it involves straightening up the fourth level of the fourth octave of the fourth dimension where most of the corruption occurred. The twenty-fifth level is the main fourth dimensional frequency component within the fourth dimension, being the fourth level of the fourth octave.

It also includes cleaning up the fourth and fifth dimensions of all twenty seven thousand Planets of Christ Michael's Local Universe whose frequencies were impacted by the Rebellion.

It also includes clearing the consciousnesses of all those in the third and fourth dimensions of the twenty seven thousand planets which has suffered Luciferian contamination to at least some degree.

In particular, it includes clearing the consciousnesses of all those in the third and fourth dimensions of the ten percent of regressed Planets upon which a time line situation like Earth currently exists. Most of what is required is that all of you involved start taking responsibility to start clearing up your own conditions in consciousness starting today.

For those of you on Earth, the battle of Armageddon is not about who is going to do something somewhere else, but about what you are going to do in cleaning up the fourth sub-octave knots in the fourth dimension of Earth. And that starts with clearing up the fourth sub-octave knots in your own consciousnesses starting now. Most of your stronger negative emotions and negative thoughts towards others and situations are at the fourth level of the fourth dimension in your consciousness.

Once enough of you start purging yourself of your lesser conditions, the mass consciousness will start to clear. Once the mass consciousness starts to clear, the fourth sub-octave knots will start to clear. Once the fourth sub-octave knots have been cleared, most of the effects of the Rebellion will have been cleared away from Creation forever. The process has already begun and is accelerating rapidly as your mass consciousnesses have already passed successfully through the all important frequency cusp of December twenty first, two thousand and twelve.

Normally, if you are an Ascendant Soul Atom beginning your evolution as a projection in the fifth dimension, even though your inner and outer consciousnesses are not completely aligned very little of a disharmonious nature exists between the two.

Your outer consciousness gains expression in keeping with the frequencies of the inner. Your inner adopts your outer expression as an adopted fruit at the end of each incarnate learning cycle. The incarnating cycle is repeated in higher and higher frequency attainments. Your consciousness evolves in ever expanding circles of Christ consciousness awareness. Eventually, once you have finished the fifth dimensional levels of your training, you are ascended up into the seventh dimension to begin putting it into practice.

At the present time on Earth the formula is all but nixed. Because of your perverse polarization to the planet, a knot exists at the twenty-fifth astral level. The normal flow of energies working up and down your outer consciousness matrix is not fluid. Your inner and outer consciousnesses work like worlds apart until your outer consciousness start to wake up and become aware of your inner consciousness presence beyond the veil at the twenty-fifth level.

For everyone, voluntary included, you mutter and putter around in the third dimensional outer world expression mostly oblivious to what your Reality Atom is doing as its responsibility in your higher dimensional expression as you walk about. Yet, unless you are fallen and have not yet accepted incarnation by bending your knee to Christ in the fourth dimension, your Soul Atom self always has a direct connection to your fifth dimensional or seventh dimensional Whole Soul Atom self to refer back to.

What you do in your third dimensional everyday consciousness awareness usually has very little to do with what your Soul Atom self is doing in Reality until you have woken up enough to start becoming consciously invited into the picture. The so called lifting of the veil.

Those of you who are terrorists throwing hand grenades through your lower levels of consciousness, could very well through your higher level consciousness Realities be working feverishly to help clean up the resulting higher frequency disruptions you are creating.

Similarly, your Reality Soul Atom never tires in trying to bring your outer consciousness awareness up to the ready. Including guiding you by your feelings or helping cue you up through fourth dimensional lucid dream experiences and downloads to always do the right thing in preparation.

Your feelings are through your Substance. It is because of this unfailing aspect of feelings to always implore you to do the right thing that your Churches have come up with the precept of 'The Holy Ghost' as the third aspect of the Trinity instead of the Mother. As ironically on the mark as it is off.

You almost always know what you should do when you need to do it. You almost always know when you didn't that you should have. In the present Earth predicament, the right thing to be done at any moment is usually not the easiest choice. Which is why most of you almost never do the right thing then blame others for the consequences.

Cause always confirms itself in effect. When you are not sure which is the correct way of something or the way it should go, put it aside for the moment. Your eye should always be kept on it to see what is confirmed about it down the road. Always be ready to act upon it accordingly once sure.

As your outer projection consciousness begins more and more to see the light, it is called upon more and more to do works. To each what you can bear means to each according to your original dispensation and the responsibilities your Reality Atom is able to get through to your outer consciousness under the circumstances.

No one is better than anyone else, or less, or more important no matter who you are. Or from where you may be from in the higher dimensions and Creation. Or who or who not you may have been in a previous incarnation. Or whether you are of the voluntary or the Casted Dragon. Or whether you are a Descending Soul Atom or Ascending. 'God is no respecter of persons'. Persons are strictly outer consciousness personifications and exist only from one incarnation to the next.

One of the twelve apostles died as a skid road bum at the age of thirty three in Vancouver, British Columbia, in August of nineteen seventy one. The current incarnation of the Melchizedek King became addicted to slot machine gambling in the nineteen ninetees.

All that matters in Reality is, 'do you do in your present incarnation that which you accepted responsibility to do before incarnating. And therefore are you doing what your Reality Atom is urging you to do or not do with all its might'.

Volunteering to do humanitarian and charitable work is a very good start as long as you do it with a loving heart. Ask not for outer recognition and do it with no strings attached. Laying down one's life for Christ is not just taking a bullet. Politicians who stand up against such as capital punishment knowing full well the risk to comfort and career also lay down their life for Christ. Nor are you required to don a sack cloth or take up a begging bowl. All you are asked to do is accept the spiritual laws Christ put into motion two thousand years ago and put them into practice. The laws were in fact given to you by Christ to get you there after being prepared for the purpose in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds. They were not just warm and fuzzies thought up by an ultra-hip guy named Jesus, take them seriously.

Earth's root race are here to learn about their full Christ Reality. The rest of you as volunteers, or as Casted Dragon, or as Maldekians are incarnated at the present time to refurbish as part of the solution or part of the problem. One of the most prevailing problems on Earth today is that most of you Descendants think you are Ascendants and most of you Ascendants don't know the difference. Similarly, most of your present population is currently aligned with religion. Most of you Asian Adamics favour Buddhism, that being the closest to your evolutionary level of light.

Many of you in the Voluntary are attracted to so called New Age teachings, that being the closest in kind to your inner proclivities. Others of you seek Eastern Mysticisms because of the sensitivity to your higher calling gone amiss. Most of you in the remaining population are attuned either to flavours of Christianity or to the laws based tractian religions like Islam, Muslim, Judaism, etc. Some of you are into Hindustan, a hybrid of Christianity and Planetary Law. The Muslim Mullahs are not spiritual people, they merely know by heart the five thousand rules of Muslim Law.

The party that founded the Essenes also sat as the Buddha. Buddha outlined the complete Evolutionary path of the Ascendancy through the fifth and seventh dimensions as the 'Eight fold way' to the Adamics. The path ended at 'Nirvana', a satellite of Urversa, which is the eighth dimensional portal to the Inner Creation for the Ascendancy in this Super Universe. The original Buddhistic teachings were quickly eroded back to Atlantian concepts because of much less responsibility to be taken. An easier road to be taken. You are still arrested at the frequency of one hundred and eight bearing direct ties back to the condition of Planetary Law left after the fall of Atlantis.

Volunteers, Casted Dragon, and Adamics notwithstanding, Christ put the responsibility for clearing each of your consciousnesses squarely back on your own shoulders through love and service in right direction. Religion has taken it back off. Those of you who await for Christ to solve your problems await forever. Ask not what Christ can do for you, ask what you can do for Christ.

Those of you who blame God for your problems, blame yourselves twice.

The Islamic and similar tractian worlds can't re-align in their present profile. Christ is not the center, rules of conduct are the conveyance instead, a hold back to the days before Christ. Their original Koran was called, 'The Book of Ishmael' dating back to the times of Abraham. In the sixteenth century, the Prophet Mohammed produced a revised version which was very unfriendly to others.

The Messiah has already returned, appearing recently a couple of times in Earth's Fourth and fifth dimension for briefs periods. 'I will come as a thief in the night, you will not know the time neither the place'. The Messiah is not just for a favoured few, a misunderstanding arising from the fact that the Jewish culture was groomed as crucible. Those of you who have awaited with lighted candle for the Messiah to come predisposed to yourselves, will be disappointed in the same moment as the stunted Zealots who hope nothing changes.

Those of you who are ready and waiting with open hearts to serve with Christ in love and service will be justified in the glorification.

There is no person the Devil. The Devil is your conglomerate lesser condition looking towards an excuse.

God is your conglomerate greater faith looking towards the Creators Alpha and Omega.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ showed you who you are, what you are, and where you are going. 'You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free'. Now is the time to put the One Law into practice. There is not time left not to, Earth has crossed the threshold. Those of you who wait will have to do it again, and again, and again.

You have a great deal of difficulty differentiating fact from fiction. Reality is that which is so in Actuality. Illusions are beliefs about Reality which are not founded in fact. The entire third dimensional outer world expression and all its works which you believe to be the all of it is ought but Mentallized Illusion from a Reality point of view.

The Mentallized Illusion is your accumulated misconceptions about yourselves and Creation through your outer five senses and wayward thought imaging processes for the past three and a half million years. Including thought for thought's sake.

The Mentallized Illusion is entirely self contained and has no ties to the rest of Creation for being aligned to the Planet and not to the Creators. Those of you who are polarized to the Mentallized Illusion automatically cut yourselves off from the rest of Creation. The more you are vested in the outer world and all its works the less gets through to you from your Reality. Which is why everybody in the light  adamantly implores you to let go of your material possessions except for those needed.

The Mentallized Illusion is from the Nonplus of the Overplus, the impounding result of your using for self the properties of the Cosmic Overplus. Namely, thoughts you create out of the Overplus attribute which do not have the power to create projectively for others.

The Mentallized Illusion cannot produce a proper Substance counterpart at the end of the process as there is no positive Intelligence counterpart starting it off. Which distinguishes illusion from Reality. Called the EndPlus. because it ends when it starts.

The negative static end product of the EndPlus, called the Nplus of the EndPlus of the Nonplus of the Overplus is the source of all negative or destructive thoughts and actions, and is the entirety of that which you call evil.

Lies revealed are self destroyed because there is no substantiation behind a lie to back it up. The principle of Translation.

Philosophy is the Mentallized Illusion trying to find truth within itself where truth is not found.

Religion is the Mentallized Illusion trying to establish itself as Reality, whereas Reality is devoid of Mentallized Illusion.

Science is the Mentallized Illusion trying to establish itself as fact, whereas fact proves Reality.

The Battle of Armageddon is the battle of truth over illusion and the action to re-establish stability in the frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions which were affected by the Luciferian failure to accept responsibility properly. This includes your taking of steps to clear the static residues from all aspects of your consciousness which were affected by it. It also includes re-establishing all of your proper inter-dimensional co-ordinations once the Energy links have been re-stabilized.

It also includes straightening up the counterparts in the fourth dimensional aspects of Orion itself which were also affected. It also includes clearing up the lower fifth dimensional counterparts in Orion which were affected by attunement to the fourth. It also includes clearing out the residues of the rebellion from the remaining thousand galaxies of Christ Michael's Local Universe. It also starts with freeing yourself from the Mentallized Illusion by re-aligning yourself with your Soul Atom self so the process of purification can begin through the proper enlightenment which comes.

Both the inter-dimensional and inner dimensional clearings are now underway. Some of the old chambers in Orion, whose developments were put on hold during the Rebellion are starting to be brought out and dusted off in preparation for new things to come.

Why the battle seems to be of such center stage importance with respect to your present affairs on Earth, is that Planet Earth has been designated as the beta test location for utilizing the Unknown Power of the X in a positive way to try out new solutions. This is because Earth itself is in the midst of the all important inter-dimensional changes now undergoing for its own evolutionary progression into a Protostarr. It is also in the middle of the bifurcation point for the all new Anti-Matter Super Universe of Intelligence in Andromeda.

'The Revelatorium' is itself but a part of the process for the benefit of those of you currently caught in Earth's third dimension outer world Mentallized Illusionary condition. And then to be passed up onto the other of the twenty five hundred odd planets which ended up with a third dimensional outer world consciousness condition like Earths'. The Intelligent Design and Universal portions of the Revelatorium Revelations have already been moved up into an initial number of other planets whose mass consciousnesses are at a level comparable to Earths or higher and are able to work with the information properly.

The opportunity to clean up Earth's stalled evolutionary masses has never been better. Nor will it be better anywhere again for another seven hundred and fifty thousand years, and then again for a couple of million.

Among the changes taking place on the broader scale is the effect of the Polaris North Starr upon your current population's state of consciousness. You are currently subject to a reverse Polaris Ionnic Condition which is a significant cause of the Nplus statics in your consciousness.

Earth receives a main induction from Polaris. Because of a Male/Female pendulation in the frequency from Polaris, Earth's magnetic field has reversed on a regular basis every five hundred thousand years or so to stay in sync. The last Earth reversal was seven hundred and fifty thousand years ago during the Dalmatian Center. The reversal two hundred and fifty thousand years ago did not occur because of the fifth dimensional emergency conditions which erupted and resulted in the Planet being placed under Galactic quarantine.

Consequently Earth has been in a reverse Polaris Ionnic condition for the last two hundred and fifty thousand years. The main polarity inductions have been coming through in reverse, accounting for yet another reason Nplus static has been generating awash in your consciousnesses.

You have not been taking sufficient effort to be double positive in your discharges during duresses. Your individual expressions to overcome the effect have also been nearly all but non existent.

Earth will soon complete a change back to correct polarity with Polaris. The process is already well under way. The North Starr began a prefatory adjustment within itself through changes in its stellar variability in the early nineties. Its luminosity suddenly dropped from pulsating to nearly constant. Since two thousand and eight, it has started again to show increasing signs of pulsations.

Similarly, the area around your North Pole has already started showing significant signs of rapid warming and cooling. Similarly, you have recently discovered large new holes in the magnetic fields over both poles. Similarly, both the North and South magnetic poles have started to wander. Similarly, Earth's magnetic field is weakening. The change of poles will not be dramatic. Most of you will not even notice except by outside effects such as confused flora and fauna which is already starting to occur. Similarly, Earth has rotated somewhat as it sits. The Northern Inuits', who rely on an intimate knowledge of their environment for survival report that the Sun is now in a new location, that the summer days are starting sooner, that the summer cycles are lasting longer, and that their climate is warming up.

The worst of the Nplus static, the lowest of your collected lesser frequencies has gathered over the ages into a black contaminant at the bottom of the lower astral hell states as an abysmal vibrational morass known as the 'Stygian Deep'.

The Deep is now showing significant signs of clearing from the vast streams of pure love/light coming in now from on high and through the thought projections of the huge Radionnic fleet outside Pluto.

In nineteen seventy-six the goat came out of the sepulchre, meaning Capricorn came out of the death state.

In the early part of the nineteen hundreds, Christ Michael incarnated for four years as a Brazilian boy to set up the protocols for the Nations of South America as they are now known. In the spring of nineteen ninety three, Christ Michael returned for a three day sojourn to supervise the passing over of the woman known as Satan, who returned to the Christ fold and brought all her people with her. In December of two thousand and twelve, he returned again to oversee the passing of Earth from the old twenty five thousand year cycle of dispensations into the new. In April of two thousand and fourteen he returned yet again to help put into place the final protocols for the new political and economic forum now know as Brics. Some of the Radionnic cloud photographs presented in 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host are from those eras.

At the present time, Earth has not only gone through the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian, it is also at the beginning of a new twenty five thousand year precession cycle, signalled by a huge inner dimensional Mayan New Year's Eve celebration in the evening of December twentieth, two thousand and twelve.

It is also in the transition of a new two hundred and fifty thousand year cycle signalled by the grand alliance of Planetary conjunctions of early nineteen eighty two. It is also in the transition of a new seven hundred and fifty thousand year cycle. It is also in the transition of a new three and a half million year cycle. It is also in the transition of a new two hundred and fifty million year grand cycle around the galaxy. It has also just completed the process of crossing the galactic plane. In early April two thousand and thirteen, the long awaited pulse from The Galactic center passed quickly though, requiring a helping thumb to be placed over the inner third eye of those who were most sensitive in order to prevent third eye blindness from the incredibly intense brilliant white diamond flash which occurred.

On November second two thousand and fourteen, the sun was aligned with the centre of the galaxy. In mid January of two thousand and twenty one, an additional flare from the Galaxy's Central Sun passed through, igniting an embryonic spark of Christ Consciousness in the hearts of everyone worldwide.

The cosmic energies, 'fires from heaven' in convergence here now are unprecedented. Among them are increasingly discovered Quasars as you call them. Not spherically radiating bodies, but ultra high frequency Energy Directing Male/Female Soul Atom Beings projecting high intensity Energy trunks like search light beams from their consciousnesses.

Also among the incoming Energy beams, are very high Energy gamma ray bursts, X-ray bursts, and similar high Energy bursts which are starting to appear in increasing number and are slated for a major outburst in two thousand and twenty four.

The Sun has emitted powerful sequences of solar flares outside of the normal solar flare cycle in recent years. A stupendous X-28 class solar flare occurred near the beginning of November two thousand and four, much larger than any previous such known except for the X-58 Carrington flare in eighteen fifty nine. The X-28 flare also occurred starting into the apex of the solar minimum activity cycle rather than the maximum.

In mid July of two thousand and thirteen, a flare the size of eighteen fifty nine passed straight through on the opposite side of Earth's orbit, speeding up its atoms through higher dimensional induction. The eighteen fifty nine flare, the largest flare ever known started off the process of your current escalations of consciousnesses in earnest. By the end of the nineteen hundreds, numerous writings from the consciousnesses of the first amongst you to become enlightened had started entering the mainstream and secret esoteric societies began proliferating.

In late March of two thousand and four, a new higher frequency Earth radiation was successfully established. Blue-green Paradisiacal Planet Earth is now radiating many times greater in its higher frequencies. Near the very end of two thousand and four, a gamma ray burst over a hundred times more powerful than any previously known arrived at Earth and had a profound effect on the positive evolution of your consciousness. The event was foretold by the Mayan Revelation record which gave early December of two thousand and four as the beginning of the Fourth House of the Galactic Underworld escalations in consciousness.

In early August of two thousand and nine, an inter-dimensional Starr Gate was opened on Earth directly with Urversa. Those of you whose Ovarian Soul Atoms are of the voluntary and whose Whole Soul Atoms are on Urversa or its satellites, now have a direct link instead of through the channels. The frequency of the Mass consciousness of Earth as a whole has received a substantial frequency boost as a result.

It is because these untoward energies are now coming into the Planet now that the 'Dragon', 'the conglomerate evil', 'those of you with lesser conditions' from all around the Local Universe has been brought into Earth's time line for cleansing in these fires from heaven. A sanctioned opportunity.

Which is why a vast aggregation of hundreds of billions of people from all around Creation have come as volunteers in the hundreds of millions of Radionnic ships comprising the Heavenly Host outside the orbit of Pluto to help keep stability over Earth's planetary tug and pull. The volunteers of the Heavenly Host sitting in the Oort Cloud are projecting their consciousness to help hold Earth in an unprecedented love field. 'Around the world is a sea of Emerald green'.

The Heavenly Host is working in concert with the hundreds of millions of you third dimensional volunteers who have gone into the front lines of the Planet over the ages by incarnating into the third dimensional outer world condition. Those of you in the Army of Christ on the front lines are holding the fields at the local level following the coaxing of your Christ Realities, some of you. The Realities of those of you remaining work tirelessly in your upper actions anyway.

The Heavenly Host Radionnic fleet is holding the unprecedented high frequency love field around Earth while the Stygian Deep of the lower astral planes is being cleared out so that the collective Nplus static from over three million years of lesser thought doesn't explode. In two thousand and three, like a thread of light through a mire, a hole was successfully punched through the bottom of the Deep allowing a direct frequency hook up with Earth's Soul Atom/Atum. Nearly all of the lower levels of the astral planes are now almost completely cleared of contamination and have returned to white emerald green.

As your mass consciousness continuously rises in frequency, the whole of the Nonplus illusion will eventually be dissolved away. Even some of your leading scientists, the most among you afraid to leave the friendly comfort of the Mentallized Illusion are starting to see glimpses of Reality beyond the veil.

Likewise, all of your works will rise in frequency until all are Christ Co-Creative co-ordinations through proper alignment. 'The new will be come and the old will be gone away'.

The great fleet of the Heavenly Host sits in the fifth dimension in the outskirts of the Oort Cloud beyond the orbit of Pluto. The four great Mother ships of the fleet are called the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Not forgetting that Apocalypse in Greek means Revelation not disaster. In nineteen thirty nine, a small book titled, 'The New Revelations' by the Cosmic Circle of Fellowship stated that, 'When He comes again, He will create phenomenon in the sky. The first page of the Revelations in your Bible states the same thing as 'Behold, he cometh with clouds' and every eye shall see him.

The Radionnics Ships are from the upper fifth dimension. The UFOS of lore you are more familiar with are from the lower fifth dimension. At any given time, over half a billion of the Radionnic Ships are projected into Earth's fourth dimensionality in the upper Earth atmosphere. Who can't be seen by the naked eye and who do not abduct humans. Their presence is revealed by radial and scalar electromagnetic cloud effects which you can see in the lower atmosphere like the spokes of a wheel or a giant peacock tail. The effects sit bare faced in the noonday sun and are obvious to the naked eye for any of you who have an eye to see. These are the 'Clouds' referred to in the the Bible. Book3 of 'The Revelatorium', 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host' reveals exactly how to see them in great detail.

In April of two thousand and sixteen a large influx of more ships moved in. On October thirteen of two thousand and nineteen, a colossal fleet of Pleiadian ships entered the solar system though a Sun portal. Which was captured on camera and which is presented in the website 'pleiadianfleet,com', swelling the ranks of Ships around earth everyday from hundreds of millions to over half a billion. Who also produce very distinctive unique cloud effects which can't be dismissed as the website shows.

The stage has been set. Mar's closest passage to Earth for the last sixty thousand years near the end of August two thousand and three was the point of pivotation. At the exact instant of closest passage, the eighth dimensional Mars Soul Atom/Atum made a fully successful third dimensional consciousness to consciousness contact with those of you within the Earth population who were able. Appearing in front of them somewhat like a large ten foot round orange happy face for about ten seconds or so as they walked up the street.

The official transition of your mass consciousness into full fourth dimensional capability has now begun and will be rapid.

The big explosion of your mass consciousness during the nineteen sixties was into the 'awareness' of consciousness. The explosion this time will be into a full active 'use' of consciousness. Your readiness to cope with the changes on a positive basis is already many thousands of times more powerful today than it was even at the turn of the sixties. The bridge has been crossed, there is no going back.

A total moon eclipse of November eight, two thousand and three, just four days after the mammoth unprecedented X-28 solar flare occurred, and just as the Coronal Mass Ejection arrived on Earth resulting in an additional pivotal period in the escalation of your consciousness. At the exact moment of the eclipse, the Planets, with the Pluto moon Chiron acting as a Planet because of its Energy configuration, formed a perfect cubit alignment called the Great Harmonic Resonance. Including a complete Starr of David, helping to set in place the final anchor points for the new container for the Aquarian Age.

In the spring of nineteen eighty two, a Grand Alliance of seven planets in a straight line occurred, which was squarely met by your mass consciousness instead of chaotically, proving that the consciousness changes which had begun in the early sixties and had been greatly enhanced by the Christ teaching given to a small group of the Elect of Christ in the early seventies had been successfully settled in by that time. Which was a saving grace. Because of severe imbalances in your mass consciousnesses, the whole West Coast of North America had been slated to slice off in the early nineties due to a mammoth quake. Only a seven point four Earth quake in San Francisco occurred and the West Coast did not fall off.

In August of nineteen eighty eight a Grand Convergence of planets occurred, with Haley's comet in the sky to act as buffer. A blast from a twin core Supernova in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds came through, being the first frequencies of Aquarius to begin the transition out of Pisces. The transition from Pisces into Aquarius was completed in May of two thousand and fourteen. Your popular stage play 'Hair' of the mid sixties, sang presciently about it sixty years earlier. Singing sic, 'When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, etc.,' which actually took place in May of two thousand and fourteen.

In mid February of two thousand and four, an enormous outpour of higher dimensional radiation was released through Arcturus, making it possible for your progressed consciousnesses in the third dimension to start again having a more direct sense of the Creators through your Reality Atoms without having to rely on faith alone. Arcturus is at the very top of the twenty five hundred planets having a third dimensional outer condition. Arcturus has been sanctioned to have an observation post to monitor the changes on Earth. Which was observed in October of two thousand and seventeen as a very long cucumber shaped asteroid called 'Oumuamua', but doesn't behave like one.

Despite Arcturus being one step away from clearing it's third dimension, Earth is the first to be scrubbed clean because of the unprecedented collection of frequencies and radiations coming into it now.

Near the end of June two thousand and four, a large amount of the static residues hanging around the lower octaves of both Orion and Draco were successfully dissolved. And later Christ Michael's Local Universe at large. Further helping to free your thoughts through the freer Energy pathways now flowing between.

During the summer of two thousand and five, the dissolving of the fourth dimensional telepathic fields set up by the handful of remaining Black Masters of Atlantis to help steer you towards their programs for a New World Order was begun. By the summer of two thousand and six it was completed. Those of you who are spearheads of the Illuminati and other outlets are now confused because the minions under you no longer respond to your call in the way they used to or you expect them to.

Likewise, a lot of their unsuspected activities has been uncovered. The Vatican is in disarray and is rift with internal conflict. What appears to many as increasing anti-Christ intrusions are merely fading residual after effects.

Over the fall of two thousand and five, a direct third dimensional outer consciousness link to the Holy Trinity itself was successfully established.

In mid January and February of two thousand and six, two extra long gamma ray bursts occurred. Their durations were in the thousands of seconds longer than the normal tens of seconds. The two were new major Energy induction links related to the transmigration of Earth to the womb of Orion, successfully harnessed into the Earth as a result. 

In later two thousand and twenty a vast cosmic explosion known as AT2021lwx was observed. The explosion, located eight billion light years from Earth, has been erupting now non-stop for three years, emitting two trillion times the light of Earth's sun and ten times the energy of the brightest supernova ever observed. It is still radiating unabated, revving up the frequencies of all seven dimensions of Earth plus the Sun.

After the crucifixion of Christ, The Elders of the Tribunal Council in the Galactic Government issued a command for their Ambassadors to be recalled from Earth and the self willed population to be released from Earth's bosom and decontaminated. Atom/Atum Earth appealed to give them one more chance to dissolve their static fields and come back into Reality alignment with their Triune Celestial Divine Soul Atom Selves, now undergoing.

It was agreed that at the advent of the Aquarian Christ, when the Planet's own re-alignment back into the Galactic Brotherhood would have begun in earnest, Beings in Radionnic Ships of Light would surround the planet with radiant ionns of Light to help dissolve the static Energy fields caused by the regressed consciousnesses within Earth's planetary condition.

At a precise moment, if the population continued to regress further, one third of Earth's outer crust would be dissolved at certain points where those most responsible for the misuses of Energy would be congregated.

The only provision made was that those of you who had arrived back into a Reality State of Awareness of Triune Celestial Divine Law would either find safe havens and shelters until the cataclysmic actions were over, or  the Fleet Brotherhood of Radionnic Ships outside Pluto would come forth and transport you to another planet until Earth had settled back into a new field of Light to receive a new Root Race and to enhance and renew and replenish its outer form with pure Matter Substance.

A first crisis point was safely passed in nineteen ninety four. As said above, for years prior all prophesies pointed to the possibility of the west coast of the US becoming severed off if the consciousness did not change enough in time. Your mass consciousness did start expanding rapidly at the beginning of the seventies, By nineteen eighty two it had expanded enough to meet the Grand Alliance square on and the first worry was staved off. 

The next precise crisis moment was two thousand and three. Nibiru was making its inward transition past the Sun. Because of the stability increases in your collective mass consciousnesses, the passage this time was not so outwardly eventful as the chaotic passage thirty five hundred and seven thousand years ago. Being mostly un-noticed this time, and in particular, the Anunnaki were not allowed to hop over through the fourth dimension  and wreck havoc like they did the last time around.

Thirty five hundred years ago, Man's consciousness state was still in a somewhat bestial state after the floods, and the turbulence provided ample opportunity for the Anunnaki, living in Nibirus' fourth dimension to cross over into Earth's Fourth Dimension and start meddling in Earth' affairs as the Gods of Rome. They cross bred with Human Females to produce the race of Giants known as Nephilim. They gestated in the womb for a normal time, but once born grew at a phenomenal rate.  The Anunnaki for the most part considered Humans little better than ants. To his credit, Appolo had respect humans and did his best to alleviate the hardships the others were perpetrating.

Seven thousand years ago, when most of the population's consciousnesses were back at the Cro-Magnon level, the turbulence was so great that the passing of Nibiru caused violent volcanic eruptions all around the world. In particular triggering a very active string of volcanoes down the West Coast of North America leaving a thick layer of lava covering the East side of the Coast Mountains. On the other hand, they also left thick layers of very fertile volcanic ash along what is now the Columbia Plateau in South Western Washington State. The same with Chilli.

This time, because of Christ's injunction two thousand years ago, the Anunnaki were unable to cross over from Nibiru's auric realms into the fourth dimension of Earth and form Earth bound outer projections through interaction with your female halves as they did in the previous times. As previously stated, the hybrid babies were born of normal Earth size, but grew much more rapidly than normal to a giant size, some more than fifty feet in height.

By October, two thousand and three, the Nibiru passage was nonetheless causing the giant Yellowstone caldera to heat up rapidly on the ready, as well as a giant caldera in Sumatra and another in Indonesia. The internal gravitational pressures of the ongoing extremely close passage of Mars to Earth was additionally causing the Calderas to heat up. If you had not begun responding positively enough in consciousness by the time, the Calderas would have exploded setting off cataclysmic events for the removal of a third of you from the surface.

A triggering Indonesian Caldera at Lake Toba was being squeezed sideways from the sea getting ready to explode. The giant Sumatran Caldera had been readied by instabilities underneath such that if the Lake Toba Caldera had occurred, the shock waves would have set off the Sumatra Caldera.

A mammoth Coronal mass ejection from a stupendous X-class solar flare was to have been the trigger, vigorously compressing Earth's magnetic field and causing Earth's interior to undergo great additional pressure, exploding the Calderas. On November four, two thousand and three, an unprecedented X45 solar flare thousands upon thousands of times more powerful than any previously known except for your so called 'Carrington' flare from the mid eighteen hundreds, had been held off by the Sun's Soul Atom/Atum for a few days until the activating sun spot had rotated just out of Earth's line of fire. The mammoth Coronal mass ejection passed harmlessly off to Earth's side.

Because of your growing acceptance of the new Energies coming in, the Calderas were stood down for the time being and a new timetable for evaluation has been set in motion. The Lake Toba Caldera was stood down by a stupendous nine point two undersea earthquake two hundred and fifty miles away at Bande Aceh, relieving the pressure along a thousand mile front up and down the coast. With the Lake Toba Caldera stood down, the Sumatran Caldera also became stood down.

The pressure in the Yellowstone Caldera was later siphoned off down the Rockies, across the Mid America bridge including under the Panama Canal as the surface Energy fields had been severed, and down the spine of the Andes where it was dissipated. The new timetable for Mankind's aptitude test is two thousand and thirty nine when an extremely large incoming asteroid will or will not strike Earth depending on the situation.

The recent spat of volcanic eruptions on the Island of La Palma in the Canary island, which threatened to slice off a large part of the island causing very major tsunamis all around the world were Man made and not a part of the greater Cosmic picture at hand. Which were eventually shut down harmlessly by the helping hand from above.

Similarly, until January of two thousand and twenty one, the leaders of the two hundred planet Anti-Christ Coalition near Orion had been given every possible opportunity to resolve their backward turn against Creation. Including being brought into Earth under sanction in two thousand and twelve to observe first hand the humane Armageddon clean up procedures being undertaken and opportunities for redemption being offered to all including the most afflicted.

They scoffed instead. In mid January of two thousand and twenty one, an act of insurrection was officially called upon them. The recalcitrant  leaders were removed from their posts and the planets were joined in with the other twenty seven thousand planets slated to undergo clean up in the ever ongoing processes of Armageddon. Those having a third dimensional population like Earth's were joined in with the other twenty five hundred similar planets still to receive a full lye-soap treatment down the road once the betas test cycles on Earth have been concluded.

In some respects for the new Creation to come, things are already two hundred and fifty thousand years ahead of schedule. In terms of getting you all back on track with your full original Christ responsibility, some things are still holding back and need addressing.

If Christ Michael had not been crucified, most of the current Armageddon plan would not have been necessary. In terms of the current Armageddon blueprint, overall, things could be a whole lot worse and somewhat better as your outer consciousness is adapting rather well rather than rather poorly to the powerful processes of change now taking place within you.

This is likely to improve rather than worsen over the next while. What looks like worsening conditions to some of you are only minor after effects still working their way out.

Likewise. the populated frequencies of the lower astral states are capable of harbouring higher consciousness carrying Nplus static. When a consciousness bearing Nplus static discards its projection. the static is temporarily absorbed up into their higher consciousness for clearing through responsibilities taken later. The sudden influx of consciousnesses from all over the Local Universe as the Casted Dragon bearing contaminated consciousness conditions from all frequencies of the lower portion of Christ Michael's Local Universe, produced an additional dump of Nplus static into Earth's lower astral realms. Which you are starting to see now in the temporary increase of anarchy and so called terrorism.

Similarly, the sudden re-incarnating of so many of you with past Earth responsibilities to clear as part and parcel of your current incarnating responsibilities produced an additional amount of static dumped suddenly into the current third dimension situation as well. At the transition points between the dispensations, and at the half way points of the dispensations such a the Byzantium Empire a thousand years ago, the unresolved negative issues in everyone's consciousness are brought to the fore for clearing. What you see now as suddenly worsening conditions are merely the out working reflections of the respective abrupt static dumps which have been moved out into the Earths outer world conditions for clearing en mass.

The respective dumps have been more than adequately offset by the higher and higher radiations coming in now for the changes into Aquarius plus the other ongoing Cosmic changes. As you move more and more into harmony with the radiations, more and more of the static will be translated out of the picture forever within yourself and the Planet as a whole, until you stand ready to face the final judgment two thousand years from now in your original Christ Triune Co-Creative glory.

The time of the final judgment is not a mystery. The astrophysical principle of Capricorn is 'Gate of life and Gate of death'. The final judgment will begin two thousand years from now when going from the Aquarian dispensation into Capricorn. By the end of Aquarius, every one of you, whether Adamic, voluntary, or casted dragon, will be unambiguously part of the problem or part of the solution and ready to pass through the gate of Capricorn one way or the other.

At the beginning of Capricorn, Earth will be hit by the flare of a nearby Super Nova. The entire outer third dimensional flora and fauna evolution and third and fourth dimensional population remnants will all be removed. Those of you who pass through the Gate of Life will be returned to Earth's fifth dimension, both to either continue the evolution of Earth unto a Proto Starr, or to continue training for the migration to Andromeda, or continuing as a volunteer to help see things through.

You will no longer be affected by the outer world physical conditions as the outer world conditions have no effect on the fifth dimensional Morontia frequencies of the planet. Which will itself be resplendent in its own Morontia Garden of Eden re-establishment.

Those of you who pass through the Gate of Death will be transferred to one or another of the still existing third dimensional lesser time line planetary situations. You will then undergo yet further rounds of opportunity for clearing up your outer world conditions through incarnation after incarnation after incarnation until you do. It will be seven hundred and fifty thousand years before another opportunity for clearing comparable to current Earth will occur.

If you eventually don't, you will have proved by the fact that you didn't that you can't. You will be returned to the heart and center of Creation for decontamination within the sixteenth dimensional Absolute fires of the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy. Your entire Akasic record of persona and accomplishments will be removed. You will be re-expressed with a whole new personae and capability, ready to commence your life anew in love and service to the Creation for the Creators again as a fully refurbished Soul Atom Son/Daughter of Creators.


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