'When he returns he will come with clouds', from Revelations chapter 1 verse 7. The clouds have come, he has returned. The Second Coming is upon you.

Ufo fans looking at moving physical objects and flashing lights as eager proof of extra Terrestrial life are looking in the wrong place. Radionnic Ships are all over the place, all the time, you just need to know what to look for.

In the image above please notice that unlike Chemtrails (dispersing straight lines):

and Contrails (non-dispersing straight lines):

which are both beam like and meet at the horizon by parallax, the cloud lines in the first image comprise long widening feathery-like ionizations which do not meet at the horizon but rather about ten to fifteen degrees above. Clearly something else is going on. 

The fact is that a vast fleet of fifth dimensional Radionnic Ships of Light sits outside the orbit of Pluto. The fleet comprises the Heavenly host of the second coming. The four great Mother ships of the fleet are called the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, not forgetting that Apocalypse in Greek means Revelation not disaster.

Thousands of the Radionnic ships project into Earth's fifth dimension at any given time. The ships are called Radionnic because they are magnetic in nature but without north and south poles. Their presence creates a magnetic Radionnic field reflection in Earth's lower third dimensional; atmosphere in the form of a distinctive radial effect, not unlike a fan, peacock tail or spokes of a wheel. The radial effect is their signature as the first photograph above and dozens of photographs further below exemplify. The radial Radionnic fields are the Radionnic Ships hidden in plain site.

People all over the world look for flashing lights and other phenomenon hoping to prove the existence of UFOs in order to prove that Man is not alone. The proper question isn't 'are there UFOs', it is 'what do they look like'.

Supposed Ufos with flashing lights are not a sign of extraterrestrials. No matter what the shape, size, motion or complexity, flashing light machines are Man made. Inter Stellar and Inter-dimensional Beings do not need running lights to show them where they are going. Anyone thinking that they do clearly have not thought the matter through carefully.

The Cosmic Circle of Fellowship circa, nineteen thirty nine stated that, 'When He comes again, He will create phenomenon in the sky'. Similarly, the first chapter of Revelations says, 'When he returneth he will commeth with clouds'. The cloud phenomenons are now present and apparent for all to see in the form of the reflected magnetic arrays now observed in Earth's lower ionized cloud covers on a daily basis as the numerous images presented further below all clearly show. In biblical times the phenomenon was called, 'Glory'.

At any given time the thousands of ships teleport into Earth's lower atmosphere and act as magnetic monopoles, whose presence reflects as the radial scalar radial fields seen in the third dimension. The monopole fields are visible as the magnetic arrays of radial lines. The array is produced whenever an area of ionized cloud moisture passes through the magnetic field, causing the reflection in the clouds and are its signature as magnetic monopoles are completely impossible in third dimensional nature.

The arrays are distinguished from chemtrails, contrails, and jet stream activity by converging to a focal point about ten to thirty degrees above the horizon instead of at the horizon by parallax. Also by the fact that the fields stay put, sometimes for days, even as the areas of ionized water vapour pass through.

What you like to call 'Unidentified Flying Objects' consist of two types, the vast fifth dimensional Radionnic fleet of the Heavenly Host sitting outside the orbit of Pluto, and a thousand or so fifth dimensional tin pots which are quarantined around Earth in the aftermath of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. The Van Allen radiation belt surrounding Earth contains higher frequency energy configurations which prevent the quarantined ships from mounting teleportonnic jumps. The tin pots are responsible for most of your so called abductions, who hopelessly seek to find ways through your Human DNA structure to break out of the embargo.

The Radionnic ships from the Heavenly Host teleport into Earth's atmosphere daily and sit bare faced in the noon day sun as the magnetic monopoles.

The projecting hosts also commonly ride along quietly in the Jet stream. Easily visible because of the intense ionizations of the water vapour identifying the stream. Seen as distinct monopole patterns sitting within the heavily ionized streaks of water vapour from friction within the stream.

With the exception of the Jet Stream case, where a given ship will drift slowly along with the stream, a particular radial formation will sometimes sit overhead in the same place for days and days, becoming more obvious, then less, then more again as the water vapour densities in the cloud structures pass through the magnetic field in the daily passage of clouds from one horizon to the other because of the rotation of the Earth. Sometimes still there when the vapours originally signaling their presence have moved along half way around the world.

The formations always appear as a pair of monopoles, not always obvious, consisting of a pair of scout ships which have set up a positive and a negative pole between them holding a cigar shaped Local Mother ship suspended in the field between. As seen in the examples further below, the positive monopole is arbitrarily distinguished by a cotton ball like puff of cloud around the focal point center of the radials. The negative is distinguished by an absence of cloud at the focal point.

The Local Mother ships as also seen further below are likewise Radionnic, likewise radiating magnetically and likewise not having a north or south pole. Which is how the respective south and north pole interacting monopole scout ships serve to anchor them.

The two scout ship monopoles are always exactly one hundred and eighty degrees opposite each other in the sky. If you follow the radial lines emanating out of one pole, they will flow into the radial lines of the other. It is less common to see them both at the same time. If you watch the passing clouds for a while you can often see a pocket of moisture vapour creating good visibility at one pole, move along and suddenly start giving good visibility of the other even as the original has started fading out.

Similarly, a radial array may be perfectly visible in the morning and then not again for a couple of days through lack of proper ionized cloud moisture, then suddenly visible again, still in the same relative location.

The radionnic cloud effects are very inconsistent and vary widely. What is consistent as the following images all show, is that the radial lines are always composed of feathery peacock tail like ionizations emanating from a focal point which is always above the horizon.

The following three pictures of radial formations were taken by disposable camera in Ottawa Ontario circa, mid nineteen nineties. Figures 1 and 2 are of positive monopoles. Of significance to note is the large cotton ball at the center and up.

Figure 1

Figure 2

The third is of a negative monopole. Of significance to note is the void in the center area.

Figure 3

The following is of a positive monopole taken by cell phone in Ottawa, Canada, circa March 2015. As you can clearly see in Figures 1 and 2 vrs Figure 3, positive and negative monopoles are almost like inside-out opposites.

Figure 4

The following two images are both of positive monopoles taken by cell phone over Brantford, Ontario north of Lake Erie circa, spring two thousand and fourteen. The second one is just getting started. The cotton ball effect is and ionnizations up the middle are obvious in both.

Figure 5

Figure 6

The following image was taken by cell phone over Paris, Ontario just west of Brantford circa, early March, two thousand and fifteen. The large cotton ball at the center and ionnizations up the middle shows it to be a positive monopole.

Figure 7

After appearing for the first time in early March, a month later in early April from the same location but in the exact opposite direction, a negative monopole effect became visible.

Figure 8

Another view, taken an hour and a half later looking West from Brantford, Ontario fifteen kilometers East of Paris, shows the same negative monopole. The sun was right in the middle creating the bright ball in the center plus a glare to the radials. Please note that this is not a wide angle panoramic photo as it might seem. Rather is composed of four horizontal side by side cell phone photos taken from the same foot on the ground location and appeared exactly as shown.

Figure 9

Another view, early May 2015 looking North from Brantford, Ontario shows another negative monopole. Hazy cloud obscures the bottom.

Figure 10

The following positive monopole was taken looking South in Brantford Ontario on Oct 22, 2015.

Figure 11

The following negative monopole was taken from exactly the same location as Figure 11 five months later on March 21, 2016, only looking North. Unfortunately the South looking view at this time was obscured by cloudy haze.

Figure 12

Another striking positive monopole was taken looking East in Brantford Ontario on Nov 1, 2015. It was obviously taken in Brantford as the city water tower is right in the middle. The reason no ionnization effect exists at the bottom left is that higher pressure air had already started pushing through by the time the photo was taken. In fact, by about twenty minutes later the higher pressure area had completely passed through and the radial ionnization effect was completely gone.

Figure 13

The following excellent picture was discovered by luck on the Internet on April 4, 2016. The photo is from the far East outskirts of Brantford, Ontario looking due West to downtown.  Like said, it was found 100% by luck while surfing the website of the Crossroads Antique Market located in the very East end of Brantford. The white roadside chip wagon is a Brantford landmark. The cotton ball at the center behind the trees shows it to be a positive monopole. This picture should also dispel any lingering notions that these Radionnic arrays are Chemtrails.

Figure 14

On very very rare occasions, you will see recognizable renderings of both the positive and negative monopoles together at the same time, seen in opposite directions from the same location. The following positive monopole was taken looking South West from a shopping plaza in Paris Ontario, circa mid July 2015.

Figure 15

The following is the negative monopole taken from exactly the same location at exactly the same time, looking North East at exactly one hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction. Again, as you can clearly see in Figures 15 and 16 positive and negative monopoles are almost like inside-out opposites.

Figure 16

When very lucky, a positive and negative pair matched in intensity will be in the sky at the same time. The following pair, taken on May 11, 2016 while driving through the Six Nations Indian Reserve just South East of Branford, are a positive and negative pair of equal presence taken all but from the same location. The positive pole was taken through a tinted front windshield.

Figure 17

A few minutes later the car turned onto a crossroad allowing the negative pole in the opposite direction to be photographed out an open car window. The inside-out like opposite natures are patently clear. Also note the contrail across the middle. The perspective scale of the contrail to the ionnizations also puts to rest any final doubt that the feathery Radionnic trails are chemtrails or contrails .

Figure 18

Similarly, at about four PM in the afternoon of April 21/16, the following equal magnitude positive and negative monopoles were photographed from the East end of Ottawa Canada. The following positive monopole was taken looking South West towards the afternoon sun.

Figure 19

Seconds later, the negative monopole partner was photographed looking North East a hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction.

Figure 20

While pretty good, the assorted photographs do not do the whole radionnic formations justice. All of the radial lines from the one continued overhead like a panoramic roof into the other, comprising a complete bar-magnet field-like signature overhead that could be followed by eye from pole to pole. Even the outermost lines near the horizon go one into the other. The two monopoles are the two scout ships holding the field for a Local Mother Ship which sits unseen overhead in the middle.

Most Radionnic views are like this, from underneath, even when one or the other pole is poorly visible. A pair of monopoles found on 'Google Sky', but seen at a distance from the side rather than underneath shows the pole to pole Radionnic field effect perfectly. The negative monopole is on the left, the positive on the right. Date and location unknown.

Figure 21

Another side view, found in Bing 'Sky Photographs' very dramatically shows the same effect. Again, by coincidence, the positive is on the right and the negative on the left, date and location likewise unknown.

Figure 22

In a similar manner, and interestingly, on April 20 in Brantford Ontario the following positive pole image was taken just after noon looking due North West.

Figure 2

At the same time, exactly one hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction an equally prominent negative monopole image was photographed from the same plaza looking due South East.

Figure 24

Both poles stayed fully formed and simultaneously equally visible until early evening which is very very uncommon for that length of time, as the patches of ionnized cloud vapor reflecting the fields tend to be relatively small and tend not to stall. Unfortunately overcast haze had moved in on the positive pole spoiling the possibility of taking a later good photograph. However, the same negative monopole was still nicely visible from a different plaza, even more bold, many hours later approaching dusk.

Figure 25

Figures 23, 24 and 25 are very interesting for the durability. However, they held even more intriguing secrets. The next day things really got interesting. Monopole ships sometimes move around quietly before settling down into a location, moving demurely from one cloud cover to another. When moving around, negative oriented ships will appear as small white circles, like smoke rings.

On April 21, 2016, the day after Figures 23, 24 and 25 had remained in the sky from noon until dusk, the day started with a clear blue sky in Brantford with no sign of Radionnic activity visible anywhere for lack of ionnized water vapour present. Around noon the Jet stream slowly started moving in from the South West. Starting about three thirty, when passing exactly over where the the negative pole had sat for most of the day before, it suddenly started breaking out into a dramatic array of very vivid ionnization effects.

Figure 26

The dramatic sky had people in Brantford still commenting about it days later. Little did they know. A blow up of Figure 26 made the reason abundantly clear. In the clear area straight across from the top of the silver pole, tucked quietly away just at the edge of the cloud at the left, was a little clutch of five negative pole ships moving around with another present at the top left in Figure 26.

Figure 27

Positive pole ships moving around will reflect as a concentrated small white dot of condensed water vapor looking like a tennis ball. The following image of white dot positive ships on the move came from Google Images, date and location unknown.

Figure 28

The presence of positive pole ships can likewise sometimes setup very dramatic cloud effects when ionnized water vapor is also present. The following wild and wooly black and white cloud image was found under 'Sky Photographs' on, date and location unknown.

Figure 29

Sure enough, a close look near the center right edge of the photo shows a very distinct vertical column of two positive white dots. As a lot of composite splicing went on in the photograph without the photographer likely knowing what he was looking at, the possibility exists there may have been a row or two of horizontal dots in the area as well. Plus quite likely more ships hidden within or behind the clouds given the size of the overall area of effect. Notice the cucumber like clouds in the area with the tennis balls, very similar to the cucumber like clouds in Figure 26.

Figure 30

Similarly, unsuspected at first glance, Figure 17 containes a cozy little clutch of positive pole tennis balls sitting right under the visor.

Figure 31

True to their Radionnics, positive pole ships set up characteristic positive monopole radionnic effects as per Figures 17 and 31, whereas negative pole ships set up negative characteristic radionnic effects as per Figure 26.

When a dot and/or circle stops, their magnetic field has time to set up and stretch out, consolidating their presence as a magnetic radial footprints in an ionnized cloud layer becoming visible. To make the point clear, the Radionnic ship do not create the ionnized water vapors, they are reflected in them. Don't forget, these are 5D Radionnic magnetic effects reflected in the 3D ionnic cloud vapors. Similarly, if you see a silver disk which will have lowered its frequency of visibility to the 3D band of visible light for your benefit, you have been selectively privileged with a glimpse to confirm your acceptance. The people around you will usually see nothing.

Ottawa, Brantford, and Paris Ontario are not the only places Radiations like these have been present. For example, the following negative monopole image were taken just south of Kampala on the northwest shore of Lake Victoria, Uganda, circa spring 2015.

Figure 32

Later in the summer another negative monopole was photographed from the same general area.

Figure 33

A positive monopole was finally photographed in the same Kampala area circa, early December 2015. As you can clearly see in the images, it is again shown that positive and negative monopoles are almost like inside-out like opposites.

Figure 34

Similarly, an all but identical looking positive pole image was taken in downtown Kampala, circa April 15/16.

Figure 35

Likewise, the following positive radial image was taken in Vancouver British Columbia in July, 2011, looking North West out over Georgia Straight.

Figure 36

The fact is that Radionnic ships are all over the place all of the time. The reason why there are so many photos from the Ottawa, Brantford, Paris and Uganda areas is that they all have people in the area who are aware of the significance and take the trouble to take photographs when they have a chance.

It is a point to notice too that the particular Radionnic cloud effect also depends on Earth's particular magnetic field in the particular area affected.. The positive and negative monopole images from Ottawa, Canada are decidedly different looking from those of the Brantford and Paris Ontario areas. Again, both are different from those of the Kampala area even as all the images bear their basic positive and negative characteristics.

On rare occasions you will sometimes see a scout ship radionnic effect reflected down into the middle level cumulous cloud cover producing a somewhat scalar effect. The following image of a North  facing positive pole was taken from the same location and direction as Figure 12 circa early October 2015 in Brantford, Ontario, with little trace of higher level ionnizations present.

Figure 37

On similarly even rarer occasions you will see the radionnic effect right down into the lower level cumulous cloud cover. The following image of a negative monopole reflecting onto the lower cloud cover came from 'Google Sky', date and location unknown.

Figure 38

The similar following dramatic image of a West facing positive pole reflection was taken near dusk circa, early in December 2, 2015 in Brantford, Ontario with no trace of higher level ionnizations present.

Figure 39

A similar negative lower cloud reflection appeared at dusk in the same location looking North West over Brantford, Ontario as Figure 20, but exactly one month later on May 20, 2016. It had never left.

Figure 40

Sometimes both cloud types will be visible at the same time. The following photograph from Mount Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, January 2016 shows both a lower cloud effect and trace upper ionnized water vapor ionnizations.

Figure 4

Also, occasionally, two or more monopoles will be present at the same time, aligned in different directions. The radial rays will criss cross, often mistaken for Chemtrails. The tell tale to look for is radial convergences, namely they meet above the horizon. When two or more are up at the same time, the sky can look like broken glass.

The following images of two positive pole radials sitting side by side was taken in Ottawa, Canada circa, August 2014.

Figure 42

An even more distinct version of two positive poles sitting side by side was taken in Kampala, Uganda circa, late January 2016, showing the beginnings of a broken glass effect..

Figure 43

Also, from time to time, 4D entities known as Sylphs will also show up in ionnizations, appearing somewhat as a Radionnic Ship. Sylphs were originally called Midway Spirits, called Midway because they were matrixed halfway between Man and animals. They were considered enigmatic because they did not exist anywhere else in Creation and nobody had a clue to what they were for.

In actuality they were to be the initiating fauna for the new Super Universe in Andromeda already in its initial stages of start up. When the Luciferians came to Earth a half billion years ago the Midways were easy prey as they had no Christ rudder. Those that aligned to the Luciferians shrunk in Substance and became Gremlins. Those that did not became known as Sylphs.

Unlike Radionnic Ships, Sylphs make their own ionnizations and their lines of ionnization do not usually extend around into others. Sylphs will also sometimes ride in the Jet stream for obscurity. In this picture however, notice there are no ionnizations above, below, or on either side of the image. The photo was taken in Kampala, Uganda in April, 2015.

Figure 44

Any of you with a sharp eye will notice the striking similarity to a Dragon of lore. Now you know where history gets its ideas about dragons, particularly the Chinese.

Another Sylph found on 'Google Sky', date and location also unknown likewise shows no outgoing trails at the bottom. It also shows the very distinct neck, body, and tail characteristic of Sylphs.

Figure 45

If you are alert you might also see regular Radionnic radials on the Internet. The following nearly perfect image of a positive Radionnic field seen from afar was found on the Internet under 'Sky Photographs' on, date and location unknown. The view is of the outer end of a monopole pair rather than under the canopy. In this case the canopy would be behind the formation extending away from the camera.

Figure 46

Similarly, the following image of a  negative Radionnic field was likewise found under 'Sky Photographs' on, date and location unknown..

Figure 47

Similarly, the following image of an unusually full negative monopole was taken from 'Sky Photographs' in, date and location unknown.

Figure 48

Similarly, the following image of a positive Radionnic effect was taken from, date and location unknown.

Figure 49

Similarly, the following image of another positive Radionnic effect was also taken from, date and location unknown.

Figure 50

Similarly, the following image of a similar positive monopole was also taken from 'Sky Photographs' in, date and location unknown.

Figure 51

Similarly, the following image of a negative monopole was also taken from 'Sky Photographs' in, date and location unknown. The tulip like cloud in the middle is an oftimes indicator of as negative pole, as also seen in Figure 3. Also bear in mind that only a little ionization present as in Figure 33, or lot as below, depends entirely on the ionized water vapor present and not on the Radionnic ship.

Figure 52

Similarly, Radionnic images can be found all over the Internet at large. The following very distinct positive pole Radionnic Field was found on an Internet website, date and location unknown.

Figure 53

Similarly, the following image off a website taken during what is obviously an outdoor Pot luck somewhere, shows a positive Radionnic monopole field in the early stages of forming, date and location unknown. Awhile later it would have looked like Figure 6, then eventually like one of the filled out positive monopole images.

Figure 5

Similarly, the following 'Google Sky 'Radionnic image over an unknown city serves two purposes. First it exhibits a nice negative monopole array. Secondly it has caught a second Radionnic ship in the act of teleporting in. When they first teleport in, they sometimes leave behind a distinctive trail of ionnizations like an exclamation mark. Where ever this was, a few hours later another Radionnic field would have become set up at the bottom tip, producing a crisscrossing broken glass effect like Figure 42. Date and city also not known.

Figure 55

Similarly, the following positive image was found on the Internet, taken the morning after a very large condo fire had occurred in downtown Los Angeles circa, December 2014.

Figure 56

Radionnic radials can also sometimes be accidentally captured on film  in the backgrounds of TV, motion pictures, and newspapers.

Radionnic radials can also sometimes be accidentally captured on film in the backgrounds of TV, motion pictures, and newspapers. The following surprisingly good positive Radionnic field image was found at the beginning of the movie 'Deja Vu', circa November 2006.

Figure 57

Similarly, the following image of a negative Radionnic field was taken from a CBS Sacramento news broadcast, circa May19, 2016.

Figure 58

Similarly, the following image of a positive Radionnic field was taken from Episode 5 of Season 4 of the TV series Warehouse 13, circa 2011. The inserted text came with the image.

Figure 59

Similarly, the following partial positive pole image was taken from the movie 'Desperation', filmed in Nevada, USA circa 2006. Ordinary cloud cover sits at the left.

Figure 60

The monopole scout ships are silver disks, the Local Mother Ships are cigar shaped. Local Mother Ships reflect differently, being very long and having a much larger and more diffuse magnetic field than scout ships. The Mother Ships produce a much more uniform and symmetric radial scalar effect not unlike eyelashed. The dominant ionization effect of the scout ships usually drown out the subtler ionizations of the Mother Ships. Usually the scout ship reflections will be visible but not the Mother Ship.

Mother ships are not polar. The bar magnet like magnetic field set up by the scout ship opposites serve to anchor them. When Local Mother Ships are moving about they will reflect as eyelash like magnetic lines and/or cigar shaped cloud formations with eyelash emanations. The following magnetic eyelash image from Ottawa, Ontario circa mid nineties is the subtler reflection of a cigar shaped local Mother Ship. The difference is that scout ship radial arms are out from a point of center like peacock feathers, Local Mother Ship radials are evenly spread along the length.

Figure 61

The following eyelash image from Brantford, Ontario circa, January 2015 is of a cigar shaped Mother Ship reflection in the process of fading out due to a dry air mass moving in.

Figure 62

The following eyelash image of a Local Mother Ship eyelash effect was projected onto a very low grey overcast sky at late twilight in Paris Ontario, circa mid-May 2015.

Figure 63

Also, on occasion when a middle level cloud front is moving into an area where a Radial field in in effect, the leading edge of the front will start to pick up on the radionnic radiations. The following images came from Facebook, date and location unknown. The eyelash startup is obvious.

Figure 64

A very similar effect was observed over Paris Ontario on May 17, 2016. The location was to the South west over Brantford, Ontario, exactly where the Radionnic filed giving rise to Figures 24, 26, and 40 was located.

Figure 65

The same effect but with a bulkier magnetic presence will also appear in a low cloud cover. The following image of a somewhat pixilated and only partialy eyelashed image of a Local Mother Ship reflected on the lower cloud structure was found on the same website on the Internet as Figure 14, taken from the exact same location in Brantford, Ontario only looking due North. See the same white roadside Chip stand in both pictures for direction orientation. Not to get excited, the black object in front of the lower cloud layer is a parking lot light standard. Like Figure 14, the date is unknown.

Figure 66

Similarly, the following striking very scalarish  image is of a Local Mother Ship eyelash effect at sunset in the lower cloud structure looking somewhat down its length instead of across, was found under 'Sky Photographs' on, date and location unknown.

Figure 67

Sometimes a Mother Ship will come down low enough to break open the prevailing cloud cover below. It will appear as the cigar shaped cloud version. The following cigar shaped cloud was taken from fairly up close in Victoria East, Australia, circa November 2014. Scientists call such formations Fallstreak Holes, or Hole Punch clouds on the theory that the water particles have frozen and fallen below the cloud cover. The magnetic eyelash ionnizations however is the cloud ship is the giveaway. The following image was taken at Mount Tremblant in the Province of Quebec, Canada, January, 2016..

Figure 68

The following similar Mother Ship is from an Australia ABC press release dated November 2, 2014. Notice also that the eyelash magnetic radiations are symmetrically away from the ship all the way around the ship, not like a bar magnet whose lines connect pole to pole linearly. Showing clearly that the ship is magnetic but has no poles, i.e. is Radionnic.

Figure 69

A following similar cigar cloud found on Google, was taken on Phillip Island?, date unknown. The eyelash ionnizations are unmistakable.

Figure 70

Also, similar to positive tennis balls and negative smoke rings when the Radionnic Scout ships are on the move, a Local Mother Ship on the move will produce a elliptical shaped blob. In a closer look, what first looks like a lamp standard in Figure 17 turns out to be a Local Mother Ship moving along without ionnizations as pretty as a picture at the lower left side of the image. A white globe at the top right of Figure 17 is likely a lens flare.

Figure 71

Sometimes too, when a Mother Ship blob stops in a cloudless sky, it will clothed itself in its own ionnizations if enough simple water vapour is present. The following example was taken by camera over Marbella, Spain 2010.

Figure 7

The completely random occurrences of the above assorted internet and media images are proof enough that the Radionnic Ships are all over the place all the time. The fact is that Radionnic ships are all over the place all of the time. The reason why there are so many photos from Ottawa, Brantford/Paris, and Uganda is that there are people in the area who are aware of the significance and take the trouble to take photographs when they have a chance. The reason for photographs on the Internet is that people sometimes take them because of the drama without having any idea of just how much drama is actually involved. Sometimes too, they just happen to be un-noticed in the background when something else is going on like the TV and movie examples above.

In short, supposed Ufos with flashing lights are not a sign of extraterrestrials. No matter what the shape, size, motion or complexity, flashing light machines are Man made. Inter Stellar and Inter-dimensional Beings do not need running lights to show them where they are going. Ufos have flashing lights. Radionnic Ships of light do not. Ufos are Man made. Radionnic Ships of light are not. You now know enough to recognize and appreciate the difference for yourself.

The time is at hand. 'When He comes again, He will create phenomenon in the sky', from 'The New Revelations' by the Cosmic Circle of fellowship, circa, nineteen fifty four. 'Behold, he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him', from 'Revelations', Chapter 1 verse 7, 'His light will be seen again in the clouds', Edgar Cayce, circa nineteen thirties. The fact is that the 'Clouds have Cometh', there is 'Phenomenon in the Sky',  'His Light is seen again in the clouds', He has returnethed. The Radionnic Radial clouds shows that Christ is back. The radionnic cloud signatures of the Heavenly Host started in the fifties in preparation. Christ himself has been back since early May of two thousand and fourteen.

The purpose of the Heavenly Host is three fold. First it is enveloping Earth in an emerald green wrapping of pure Love so it doesn't explode while the Nplus static of the lower astral Hell States is being dissolved.

Secondly, it is working hand in hand with the Christ voluntary on the surface of the planet. The outer world is only visible through the five outer senses. The higher powers do not have the five outer senses. The only way the higher powers can monitor what is actually occurring inside a murky lower dimensional time line condition such as on Earth, is through the eyes and ears of those whose outer consciousnesses have started to come back into re-alignment enough with their higher Soul Atom self enough that they can start passing the information back up unencumbered.

Within the Earth plane condition, the information can only be telecommunicated further up the ladder from your Soul Atom self a short distance. By teleporting into Earth atmosphere, the ships are in close enough proximity for the telecommunications to occur between the your Reality Atoms and those in the ships who are on your frequency. Once beyond Earth's lower third dimensional influences, the information is then telecommunicated further between the higher powers unlimited by distance. Through the process the higher governing powers always have a good idea of what is actually happening on the surface of the planet at any given time.

Thirdly, the ships teleport in when the Reality Atom of a member of the voluntary Army of Christ needs to receive an inter-dimensional cue up or an instruction, of which most are unaware in their outer third dimensional levels of consciousness. The information is received by your Soul Atom Self in your pituitary gland, which passes it into your outer consciousness awareness for implementation.

Similarly, Radionnic Ships will occasionally lower their frequency of visibility to the third dimensional band of visible light when someone is deemed worthy enough to see it in order to quickly raise them up into a new level of outer consciousness awareness. In which case they will be visible to the party as an absolutely pure silver metallic disk. Non believers and maybe so's will never see one.

For complete information about the Heavenly Host and how the higher dimensions work, read the rest the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega starting at Starrgram 1. Like the information above, the Revelatorium is not what you have been taught but what you should have been taught. The Revelatorium punches straight though the veil of three and a half million years of 3D Mentallized Illusion, connecting you directly to 5D and 7D Reality where Reality includes a nine hundred trillion light year Creation still within its infancy sitting on the other side of the veil.

Two thousand years ago at the beginning of the Piscean Dispensation, the name of God was given but you ignored it. 'I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty', from 'Revelations', Chapter 1 verse 8. Today, two thousand years later, at this beginning of the Aquarian Dispensation the full meaning and understanding of the name is being given through 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega'. The Revelatorium is not a scholarly work. It is revelatory, a cosmic bestowal of information given to you by grace for the expansion of everyone's consciousness.

Consider the Revelatorium your handbook for ascension back to the fifth dimension where you belong.

The bottom line of Creation is the fifth dimension. Every Planet and every Starr in Creation has a population in its higher dimensions. The third dimensional population on Earth is an aberration, Ill consequence of the Luciferian Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. The Luciferian Rebellion has now been officially ended and the lesser frequencies from its effects are becoming erased from Creation forever in the all encompassing inter dimensional activity called Armageddon, already well underway. 

It is also important to remember that the purpose of this Starrgram about the Heavenly Host is to direct you to the Revelatorium at large and not the other way around. The Revelatorium is by far the greater story. The Revelatorium is about Reality, which involves all eighteen dimensions of the Creators and their greater made outer bodily projection called 'Creation' from their thirteenth dimension on down, still in its infancy.

You need to read The Revelatorium all the way through to get a complete understanding of who and what the Creators are and what Creation is all about. Plus what the great cosmic events are starting to unfold on Earth at the present time are all about. Start with Starrgram 1. When finished start again.

'The Revelatorium' is for sale as a paperback, either through the publisher or on Amazon.

For an introduction to the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega see:

Full details about the new Creation Andromeda see:

For full details about the intelligent Design of Creation, see: Starrgrams 24 - 36.

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