Starrgram 4: Incarnation

Incarnation is the process of forming an outer material body or manifestation around your inner Soul Atom self while in a dimension of physical light in order to be of Love and Service to the Creation for the Creators. Everybody in Creation incarnates. Incarnation is one of the most basic fundamentals of the Intelligent Design. Without incarnations there would be no expansion of Creation.

During the course of doing work or gaining experience your Soul Atom will enter a dimension of responsibility by forming an outer projection. The act of forming an outer projection into the dimension is called projecting or incarnating into that dimension. Also called an incarnation.

The Substance body you form during the incarnation is called your 'outer bodily projection'. Not to be confused with a so called 'out of body' projection, a term used in some Earth ethercologies to denote the act of projecting your auric body out of your physical body into the astral planes as a means of rummaging around. Your outer bodily projection is the physical body in which you walk around and others see you and talk to you.

In all frequencies of all dimensions of visible light, the principle is the same. Your outer bodily projection is the materialized outer Substance body you make when incarnating and in which you interact with others. A cubistic matrix holds the blueprint. The manifested result is your physical body.

When in the Outer Creation, whenever your project into any dimension your upper consciousness matrix is always formed out of seventh dimensional frequencies. If your projection is also in the seventh dimension, your outer projectional matrix will also be of seventh dimensional Substance.

If your projection is into the fifth dimension, your inner conscious matrix will be seventh dimensional and your outer consciousness matrix part will be formed from fifth dimensional Substance and up. In both dimensions your outer consciousness matrix is always of a somewhat lesser frequency even when in whole sound and perfect harmony with your upper. The two can be very close or not so close depending on whether you are a Descendant Being or an Ascendant, and according to your level of dispensation or evolution.

In your current projection within Earth's aberrant third dimensional time line, your outer projection is formed from Earth's third dimensional Matter Substance instead, attracted up from the material Substances of your Mother and then from the Earth's food stuff once you are weaned instead of down the capitulated pipe from the sixteenth dimensional Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy. Fourth dimensional higher auric vortices wrappings accompany your projection, as well as fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional higher frequency Substance wrapping vortices precipitated down from the higher level Substance continuity frequencies of the pipe and up to the sixteenth dimensional Pillar of Substance/Energy. For the most part, you outer consciousness matrixes are currently very disharmonious with your upper.

In adherence to the principle of the Mother holding the Father in her bosom, in any dimension your outer body materialization factor always holds your intelligence factor within as part and parcel of your whole consciousness as you walk about.

If you have projected through the eighth dimensional portal as a Starr or Planet, the Inner matrix of your Ovarian Soul Atom is ninth dimensional. As ninth dimensional Substance is not a part of the lesser frequencies of the Outer Creation, you bring the material for your upper consciousness matrix into the portal with you as a cosmic egg.

The conversion of the frequencies of the cosmic egg from the Inner Creation to the Outer Creation only utilizes the first step of the eighth dimension. Namely, from the ninth dimension to those of the eighth. Your upper consciousness matrix is then formed from the converted frequencies within the egg. Which is why you are considered to be an eighth dimensional Being even though there is not an eighth dimensional frequency of materialization.

In general, the same principle of cosmic egg applies any time you project into an Outer Creation dimension lower than the seventh. Your Soul Atom projects down inside a Cosmic Egg so that your Upper Consciousness matrix is always materialized of seventh dimensional Substance at the top end.

If your projection is into the third dimension, your egg will contain materials from the seventh, sixth, fifth, and upper fourth dimensions to work with, which will appear as the upper fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional vortex wrappings around your projection. You always retain elements of fifth and seventh dimensional consciousness capabilities even while third dimensionally interred outside of a cosmic egg.

If you are a fifth dimensional being and need to teleport around in a lower dimensional environment un-materialized for awhile in order to be of special love and service when needed, a cosmic egg is used as a temporary vehicle in the lower dimension. Where you remain within the egg for short periods as you travel about. You call such cosmic egg projections 'Orbs' whenever you see them hovering around. The orbs are auric configurations of Substance/Energy which provide temporary safe-haven environments for the Soul Atom inside.

Higher Positive consciousness in the upper fourth dimension will reside inside Orbs to do work in areas far to small for a Radionnic ship to deal with. For example to clear a patch of negative NPlus static Energy in someone's back yard. The negative higher consciousnesses in Earth's lower fourth dimension likewise rely heavily upon the use of orbs for messing around in the third dimension. Similarly, higher dimensional consciousness Radionnic Ship contact with Humans cannot occur over long distances. Orbs are used to shorten the gap. The higher negative consciousness in the negative ships also rely heavily upon the principle of orbs.

Within the Earth time line situation, during the process of undertaking a new incarnation called birth, once you are ready to form a new Earth plane projection, a vibrational setting which is compatible with your astrophysical frequency and responsibility will be selected. You will ride into your Mother's womb on your Father's sperm as a living Atom. The only way your Mother could become pregnant was that your Soul Atom was present within her vibrational field at the time desiring to form your projection and awaiting the opportunity to be carried into the womb.

In the higher dimensions, procreation is by mutual consent of the parties. An Androgen Soul Atom wishing to incarnate asks an Androgen host if they will accept the responsibility to carry the birth. The actual procreation process takes place internally between the Male and Female halves of the Androgen host.

On Earth, your Soul Atom came into the third dimension from the fourth through a mini Starrgate the size of an open doorway. The mini Starrgates are the interfaces between the third and fourth dimensions for Soul Atoms in transit. The Starrgates are not visible to your third dimensional eyes. Mini Starrgates are in great abundance and co-mingle unsuspected within your populations.

For example, in the late nineteen nineties, a stately old farmhouse sat at the western edge of a large golf course in the south end of Ottawa, Ontario. The farmhouse had a large wrap around porch across the front and around the right side, typical of the stately farmhouses of the area. The farm house had a mini portal located around on the right side part of the porch. If you stood on the porch in front of the front door, in astral sight you would see numerous diamond white sparks of light sailing out across the golf courses and others swooping back in to the porch side like bees to a hive. The white sparks heading out were Soul Atoms in temporary orbs heading out into incarnations within the Ottawa area. Those coming back in were to go back up into the fourth dimension after having discarded their outer physical bodily projections in the illusion you call death.

For a while in nineteen seventy two, a similar mini Starrgate was present in an empty manager's office of a small Insurance agency on Sixteenth Avenue West in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Just as a beehive services a given area of countryside, mini Starrgates service given areas of your population. Just as beehives in nature are not permanently located and move around, mini Starrgates are not permanent and move around. Just as bees come and go in continuous activity from the entrances of their beehives, Soul Atoms come and go in continuous activity from the entrances of the Mini Starrgates.

Just as bees emerge from the entrance of the hive and soar off into the distance seeking nectar, Soul Atoms emerge from the entrance of the Starrgate and soar off into the distance to the vibrational field of the woman in the vicinity who have agreed to give them birth.

Just as bees swoop back into the entrances of their hives from far a-field, after having discarded their outer bodily projections, Soul Atoms swoop back into the Starrgate entrances for passage back up into the respective levels of the fourth dimensional octave they are temporarily slated to go according to their frequencies

Soul Atoms also often ride in someone else's consciousness for brief periods of time to do work or help the host Soul Atom in theirs. Or to convey information in a 'consciousness to consciousness' delivery system. This is the common way that most so called Prophets and others received their sudden illuminations or revelations. It is how John the Divine received much of the Revelations two thousand years ago, from another Soul Atom temporarily present in his consciousness, who carried the information, who received it directly from the higher dimensional information source for their being free of interfering static conditions in the middle.

The visiting Soul Atom passes the information consciousness to consciousness to the host Soul Atom. The host Soul Atom then passes it to the outer consciousness of its formed outer projection, who then shares the information with others accordingly.

Information can also be passed without the intermediary of a visiting host. The Soul Atom receives the information directly from a higher source then passes it down into the outer consciousness involved. The most common way for the Soul Atom to pass the information to the outer ego consciousness is through dream visions or nocturnals. As an example, this word smith has had numerous nocturnals providing new information for these 'Revelatorium' passages. The nocturnals would show that information was being received, but not the information itself. The information would be received in a form not unlike looking at a bank of say thirty television screens bundled together in a rectangle like in a high security operations center. Each screen would be at a different channel, and the view in each screen would fade out and then come back in fairly rapidly with a new picture.

The views would be about nothing specific, just the fact that every one was different and that ever one was constantly changing. With all thirty screens doing it simultaneously, the whole collage would be very busy. In this particular case, the view was like looking out a window with about thirty little areas representing the television screens. After about two or three days after this word-smither would suddenly start musing about some issue or explanation they had been  looking for enlightenment about, and would suddenly start proceeding though it sentence by sentence as though explaining it to someone in detail like in the Revelations. After quickly making a couple of key notes about it on paper as a reminder, as soon as possible it would be transcribed into these websites whereby becoming relevant.

What had happened is that this word-smither was aligned enough with their upper Triune Soul Atom self that they were able to see the information being downloaded in the raw in real time from the higher dimensional afar areas the information was being transmitted from, such as the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Worlds.

Their Soul Atom would translate the images into words and thought patterns familiar with Man's third dimensional Outer Consciousness, and hold in it the word smither's Upper consciousness like a Mexican Piņata full of treats, ready to be swatted in order to dump out it's contents. Then, in a method similar to a hair line steam of electrons setting up between the Earth and a passing negatively charge cloud in a thunder storm, whereby as soon as the link was sufficiently established down would come the lighting strike, kaboom. Once the Outer consciousness had a word or thought in harmony with the contents of the Piņata, a link would be established and down would come the translated download thought or thoughts, kaboom. This word smither would then have to smooth it out or word-smith it into a properly written form.

Sometimes it would be in the form of a great instantaneous insight which can take place as in an 'Oh My God' instant and may take months to sort out. The Starrgrams about the Cosmic Overplus, the Luciferian Rebellion, and relationship to the new Creation came about that way in a single flash, and it did take a couple of months to finally sort it all out into their current forms. Other times, a couple of days later it would come out by musing a single thought run all the way through. The part about gravity in Starrgram 9 of  the 'Design of Creation' came through by this method.

As another example, at a time in The Revelatorium' when the fact that Lucifer had significantly messed up and what he had done was known but not specifically how he had done it, a window pane of views occurred one night in which the different panels all held starkly bold constantly changing Nazi like characters from a very ancient little known Sumerian text. A few days later, how Lucifer had used the Cosmic Overplus to drop consciousness down into the third dimension, and the fatal trap it had produced upon those who had followed through with it came through in a single lengthy but fully thought out think-through as described.

For comparison, two thousand years ago, Jesus was one hundred percent in attunement with his Upper Triune Self at all times, and was able to receive any information in real time ready to go at any time fully translated whenever he needed. He was on top of, and in front of everything going on at all times even though it seemed to some that he didn't have a clue. Also for comparison, many people today are experiencing this type of inter dimensional process daily but are not attuned enough to their Upper Soul Atom self to witness the original download part so seem to have a sudden epiphanies or illuminations out to the blue. Who's outer consciousness suddenly starts day dreaming about a subject matter, or have a great instantaneous insight which can take place in an 'Oh My Goodness' moment.

For the record, this is not the only way this word-smither has been receiving information for the Revelatorium, but it is one of the main. Another re-occurring example is exactly like a red and white spiralled barber pole constantly spiralling up or down outside the shop. In this case, a constantly spiralling candy cane pole lay vividly across the whole top of the view panel plus another spiralled up and down the right side edge. All while completely wide awake, also only seen in the right eye. It would sometimes last five minutes or more, very noticeably off to the side while continuing to work on the computer. In this case it was from the completely different frequency of a completely different higher dimensional sender, but with the same end result, namely, either a sudden epiphany or thought-out explanation.

Also, note that Marijuana users tend have big 'Wow' moments of momentous insights constantly. Most of these however are drawn in from the Mentallized Illusion having nothing to do with Reality.

Also note that channelling is completely different type of action, being merely a telepathic communication from the outer consciousness of the sender who is usually in a higher dimension, to the outer consciousness of the receiver who is in Earth's third dimension. Who usually feel specifically privileged and very proud, allowing the channel to open. Where the higher consciousness of the two are not involved. and also usually for completely nefarious, disruptive, or negative reasons and not for any benefit to Humanity or Reality.

Also significantly, in order to help Soul Atoms with their particular work of the moment Soul Atoms can transfer temporarily from one host to another by hopping over short distances like a grasshopper launching from one blade of grass to another, usually over a short distance of ten to fifteen feet. This word-smither once experienced a monumental Soul Atom jump to Al Gore in Ottawa, Canada when he was the US Vice President, who was over fifty feet away. The jump was made with such exertion to cover the distance that it felt exactly like a very big grasshopper had just made a hard jump and the blade of grass had bent almost to the ground in an equal and opposite reaction.

Your Soul Atom has likely made numerous such timely jumps. Likewise, you have likely had one or more other Soul Atoms on board for assorted periods of time. For the most part your outer world consciousness will be completely unaware of this kind of activity, but the work goes on and is one of the ways the clean up in the aftermath of the rebellion is being undertaken.

In forming an outer projection, once your Soul Atom has properly entered the third dimension through a Mini Starrgate and settled into your Mother's vibrational field ready to form the new projection, most times you will signal your Mother of your intention to incarnate. In which case she will have an enhanced desire to become pregnant. At the exact instant of conception a flash of light will occur, sometimes apprising the Mother that she has conceived.

When Alpha first discovered Omega sitting obliquely aside him within the Great Even Pool of Darkness, a spark of recognition was lit. The spark was light created. By way of the new light created, Alpha and Omega were eventually able to forge their Great Cosmic Plan to redeem themselves from their original state of ill fated Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance within the Even Pool into everlasting lighted manifestations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance.

The original spark of light was from the instant fusing together of some of the Life frequencies within the Intelligent Breath and some of the Life frequencies within the Tiny Particles of Substance when they had first come together into direct contact within Alpha's consciousness for the very first time. The fusion into light from such a contact remains the same all the way down through all frequencies of all dimensions into even the third dimension. The light bulb going off in your consciousness whenever you suddenly recognize the answer to a perplexing problem is from the exact same reaction.  Which is Intelligence from the question side meeting Substance from the answer side. Which you call an 'Eureka' or 'Aha' moment.

The same action also occurs at the exact instant of conception within the birthing experience. At the exact instant of conception Life frequencies of Intelligence within the sperm make direct contact with Life frequencies of Substance within the egg. The result is an instant flash of pure white light which Mothers have long experienced and has now been finally photographed. The photogram below published in the Science section of on April twenty six,  two thousand and sixteen, shows women's eggs flashing light at the very instant of fertilization by a Male sperm.

Photographed Flashes of Conception

Because the fusion is within refined Intelligence and Substance vibrations of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, the light is under helm of a Starr of David. At the instant the light appears a Lower Triangle is projected down into the Mother's womb to initiate and manage the materializing body side of the incarnation. An Upper Triangle is projected up into the consciousness of the Mother to initiate the outer consciousness side or outer ego of the new born to be.

At the exact moment of birth nine months later or thereabouts, the two halves are united back into a complete Starr of David within the new born materialized body. The re-united Starr of David serves as the nucleus for the newborn's newly formed outer consciousness or Ego part. Which is triggered into self awareness by the unification. The Lower Triangle half becomes tied to the outer physical body side of the projection. The Upper Triangle half becomes tied to the consciousness side of the projection which is to become. which bursts the newborn into crying.

In choosing an environmental setting which is compatible with the responsibilities you have accepted in your new incarnation, plus the conditions you may be bringing through with you for translation from your previous incarnations, the frequencies of your mother will bear upon the situation the most. Whether or not the conception activity between your Mother and your Father is harmonious or not is a matter of the risk you undertake. In the appalling situation of rape, if the frequencies of the male can still work for the purposes of the incarnation the conception will still go ahead.

You incarnate solely to undertake the responsibilities you accepted. Incarnations do not and can not of themselves occur out of ad hoc or for reasons of frivolity. After conception, you begin forming your two cubistic matrixes around your Soul Atom self. Your upper or inner consciousness matrix is determined by the astrophysical family of Creation to which you belong, your Celestial heritage of Descendancy if a Descendant Being or level of Ascendancy if an Ascendant Being, and your Christ responsibilities you have accepted to bear for your current projection.

Your outer materialization begins in the womb by Substance melange drawn up through your Mother along the magnetic lines of your respective matrixes. The materialization determines your net outer consciousness matrix according to the time of conception, the frequencies of your parents, the astrophysical properties of your exact moment of birth, current vibrational and physical factors of your environment, plus any other vibrational conditions which may be within the Substance material attracted into the womb and any other such similar influences as may relate at the outer level.

Also transferred down into your outer conscious matrix if and when needed are any lesser frequencies you may be carrying from previous incarnations to be translated within your current incarnation as part of your newly accepted responsibility. The great wheels called Karma do not exist. Karma is only the fact of you accepting in a current incarnation, responsibility to undo the frequencies of a lesser nature you did in a previous incarnation. Even if occurring in a completely different Solar System and even if in a completely different galaxy. Even if long ago.

In your incarnation of today you also bear your lesser conditions from the frequency nodal points of Atlantis and of two thousand years ago during the walk of Christ, if any. The conditions are brought forward into your current outer consciousnesses for clearing in the unprecedented super high frequencies beginning to steep the planet now in preparation for its own escalated evolution to conclusion as a radiant Proto Starr in the womb of Orion two hundred and fifty thousand years from now.

Within your incarnation, your inner Soul Atom self is also called your Soul or Greater Soul. Also called Christ within. Your inner consciousness matrix in and of itself is called your Divine Self. Your outer consciousness matrix in and of itself is called your outer consciousness ego. The component of your outer ego which in and of itself is still attuned to the lower Planetary animal matrixes if any, is called your id, which is strongly tied to your lower outer emotions. Which are all from the animal kingdom ties. Your ego is also called your lesser soul. Your id is also called the Beast within.

On Earth, incarnations originally took place within the harmony of the fifth dimension. They now take place within the disharmonies of the third dimension. At birth your two matrixes are usually not much alike. Without thought, a baby cries out for food or discomfort yet those around can feel its Divinity.

At the appropriate moment of birth, according to the astrophysical frequency you are to work with your Soul Atom will activate your square of consciousness within your Starr of David. Your square of consciousness is the source of your self awareness, stimulating the vibrational field of your outer matrix into conscious self awareness through the Son/Daughter component. Within this outer manifestation of consciousness, a harmonic induced reflection of your inner consciousness will become your outer ego, the whom of who you think is you. Your outer Y Factors will start developing as the beginning of your Christ conscious outer ability. In its initial matrixing your outer ego will be almost entirely a self-centered id.

At between the age of four to seven, your Soul Atom self will take up permanent residence within your pituitary gland as the 'Lord that Sitteth upon the throne'. Your inner Starr of David Factors will start developing as the beginning of your Christ conscious inner capability.

Around the age of twelve you will receive an epiphany which is to hook up your lower consciousness awareness to your higher consciousness Spiritual Intelligence action through your Starr of David Factors. The hook up is to kick start your outer consciousness awareness onto a course toward spiritual enlightenment and eventual attunement with your higher consciousness action. In keeping with your suddenly enhancing Intelligence factor, through your Y Factors balancing factor your Substance side physical growth spurt will begin.

Once in progress, your initial inner vibrational matrix will remain intact even as your outer vibrational component may undergo substantial changes as time passes in keeping with the changes of your environment and experiences.

As you grow, if all goes well, your lower consciousness matrix will move more and more into attunement with your upper as the means by which your inner Christ action guides your outer worldly activities as you mature.

By the age of seventeen or eighteen, your outer consciousness will either have accepted the outer world illusion and you will have become career oriented, or you will stay restless as a seeker, being 'in the world but not of it'. Usually you will not know of what you seek, at the least though you will still be predisposed somewhat to your inner Reality guidance's.

By the time you are an adult, because of the circumstances of your upbringing, your inner and outer consciousnesses can be very much aligned or not very close.

Those of you who have become more centered in your inner consciousness matrix are called Humanitarian. Those of you who have become more centered in your outer consciousness matrix are said to be egotistic. Those of you who have become completely centered within your inner consciousness matrix are said to be Christ like or Saintly. Those of you who have become mostly centered in the lowest aspects of your outer consciousness matrix are said to be bestial.

Within your human condition as a Man or a Woman, as much as possible given the concurrent physiological conditions of your birth, your newly incarnated Soul Atom self will endeavour to tie the exact instant of your birth as closely as possible to the optimum astrophysical time of the cosmic clock for your frequency. This accounts for many of the premature and delayed womb carriages commonly experienced, as well as long birthings.

Similarly, because of Astrophysics, women's fertility periods are as they are. Namely on a monthly cycle, else you would not have a predictable tabloid of astrophysical frequencies in which to initiate new Earth plane projections on a regular basis, minute by minute, hour after hour, and month after month. It is this characteristic of incarnating that particularly distinguishes Man from the animals. Who do not incarnate and do not require monthly fertility rates, only recurring cycles for regenerational purposes.

Any of you contemplating terminating someone's projection-al process for other than extreme or severely extenuating circumstances, might well consider that in most cases a great deal of effort has been taken by the individual involved to be in the third dimension under exactly the right circumstances at exactly the right time under exactly the right frequencies in order to gain their most positive possible opportunity to serve the Creators faithfully by correcting their accumulative regressive conditions of the past if any. Also, to regain progressive expansion of their consciousness in order to serve the Creators properly again according to their original higher Christ Co-Creative responsibilities through the current window of opportunity. There are no departures from the rule. Except for very serious health reasons or other such responsible causes, abortions are extremely un-sanctioned.

During your time in the womb, the molecular melange drawn from your Mother, the vibrational field of your Mother, net environment including the genes of your Father, and the vibrational influence of the animal kingdom by default, all carry the total outer world vibrational field matrix of the parameters to be incurred into your incarnation. The vibrational field among other things at the present time carries the animal kingdom's instinct rules for survival.

To the degree that nothing or little has been done about them by you in previous incarnations, all your lesser conditions are carried into your current birth. Those of you of the Conglomerate Lesser Condition known as, 'The Casted Dragon', who have incarnated into the Earth at the present time from all around the Local Universe, carry the frequencies of your disharmonious actions towards the Creation from your other realm experiences into your Earth plane incarnations as part and parcel of your starting point for redemption.

To the degree that you eventually reject the outer world workings as your sole purpose for achievement, and start responding to the constant tutoring of your inner Soul Atom self, you will eventually clear yourself of your Earth plane lesser conditions and/or also your other worldly past, or not.

There is ought on the Planet at the present time, Saints and despot alike, who did not bend your knee to Christ before the opportunity to incarnate had been given. That some of you bearing very despotic afflictions of the past have turned out to be very positive people today speaks volumes about the opportunity being given. That some of you with very positive Soul Atom backgrounds have turned out to be very unpleasant individuals today speaks volumes about the Earth plane conditions still needing to be translated.

You bear the sins of your ancestors, literally, in the atoms of your bodies and through the gene pools of your parents. Plus, through your current automatic attunement to the lower material fields of the Planet which they helped bring about and perpetuate. Even as you may very well in fact be one of your very own ancestors in a new incarnation.

Your collective and individual responsibility therefore, regardless of who you are and whether you are of the Casted Dragon, the voluntary, or the evolution is to purge the lesser vibrations from your outer bodily atoms through right thought in right direction so your atoms can begin to vibrate again with the higher frequencies of transfiguration without the interferences of static in the middle. Starting with the carnal.

Immaculate conception does not mean by 'means extraordinary'. It means by a consummation which is solely for the purpose of bringing forth a child in total love and service in order to give the projecting Soul Atom the best possible start for what it is to do. I.e., as free from local and carnal conditions as possible. I.e., immaculate.

Joseph and Mary were both raised in the teachings of the Essenes and knew very well the responsibility their consummation was to carry. The vibrational field around Jesus at birth was therefore much less congested than most. Nonetheless, lots still needed doing. He still had to go through the same purifications as everyone else. All the more telling because of the greater responsibility he carried as way shower.

Jesus showed that total purification is possible within a single projection and how to do it. 'What I have done you will do also, and greater things will you do'.

It is your responsibility now to put Christ's example into practice by returning to your original proper alignment and polarity with the Creators by dissolving all attractions to the lower domains, particularly carnal. Straighten up your thoughts. Straighten up your intentions. Straighten up your heart.

Going over the top about it is just another condition. Do not glue yourself to the bootstraps of self-acclaimed way showers, prophets, or so called Spiritual Masters. They will simply lead you down the garden path.

Do not depend on impressive looking doctrine and trappings, they just tie you to the past and bog you down in crystallized thought.

Do not dry learn for learning's sake. That just makes you a spiritual bum.

Do not accept your libraries as the purveyors of so called truth. They are all tied to the Mentallized Illusion.

You always know what you should do at every single instant along the way. Your Christ within is ever present within your Reality action. 'Before you ask I will answer' because 'I am nearer than hands and feet'. The process is simple. Think of your question as an ask.

Do not think, is it 'this or that', which is two questions. Think, 'is it this', or think, 'is it that'. Look for what feels to be a 'yes' or a 'no' response, felt within your Substance principle. When properly posed, the answer will occur simultaneously and will be the true Christ response felt within your Christ Center within your breastplate. The feelings which your churches attribute as the 'Holy Ghost'.

Sometimes a second response will immediately follow which will be a rebound from your outer action. The first one is always the right one regardless of how compelling the second one might be in satisfying your desire to escape the responsibility before you.

The original Christ response is almost always the opposite of any rebound response. The rebound response is almost always what you would rather like to do or believe in order to take the easy way out.

Self always answers to the benefit of itself, never to the greater good. The very definition of condition.

Christ always answers to the greater good, never to the benefit of self. The very definition of love and service.

Most importantly, your motive for doing the right thing has to be from you wanting to do it and not just from thinking it has to be done. Or worse that a stairway to Heaven will be your reward. If you have no real desire there can be no real result because there will be no real Energy because your Intelligence and Substance will not have been properly brought forward in a proper balance of Will and Desire.

The tug and pull you feel in your heart during indecision, is through the reverse polarity of your knowing what should be done in Reality but wanting to do it the easy way instead. Guilty conscience comes from the vacuum created in not equalizing an inner request from your higher Christ Soul Atom Self with an outer action of the same frequency.