Starrgram 19: The Chosen Ones

Creation is bound tightly by responsibilities given and accepted.

You will never see One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand Chosen Ones strutting around patting themselves on the back as there are no such privileged persons. The One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand Chosen Ones are the one hundred and forty four thousand astrophysical Energy principles of Galactic Law.

As outlined in Starrgram 8, Solar Law comprises the one hundred and forty four astrophysical Energy Principle frequencies called 'Facets of the throne'. Galactic Law on the other hand comprises one hundred and forty four thousand facets of the throne astrophysical Energy principles known as 'The Chosen Ones'. Planetary Law deals with the Energies of a Planet. Solar Law deals with the Energies of a Solar System. Galactic Law deals with the Energies of a whole Local Solar Sector. Re-establishing Earth's membership within the Galactic Council vests upon returning it to stability within Galactic Law.

Every Solar System belongs to a Solar Sector of a thousand Solar Systems. For a Solar System to be in accord with Galactic Law, means it being in accord with all one hundred and forty four astrophysical Energy principles of each of the thousand Solar Systems of the Solar Sector it belongs to. One hundred and forty four time one thousand equals one hundred and forty four thousand astrophysical Energy principles. Namely, 'The one hundred and forty four thousand Chosen Ones, precious unto God'.

Solar Law comes in through Leo, Galactic Law comes in through Aquarius. Solar Law came in to a point during Atlantis during the Leo dispensation ten to twelve thousand years ago. Galactic Law is starting to come in now for the next two thousand years through the frequencies of the Aquarian Dispensation as an aspect of the Great Book.

Every Galaxy in every Super Universe is factored into Local Universes comprising approximately a thousand galaxies each. Each Local Universe is factored into Local Solar Sectors. Every Local Solar sector is factored into approximately one thousand Solar Systems each. Every Starr in every Solar system is populated in its fifth dimension. Every Starr also has or will eventually have a family of twelve Planets. Every Planet eventually evolves into a Starr as a child becoming a parent. Once a Starr's family of twelve Planets have all evolved, the Starr completes its own evolution into a white dwarf, brown dwarf, neutron star, pulsar, permanent Starr, Quasar, or as the case may be.

Every Planet also has a full Celestial administration in its fifth dimension and in some of the cases a fifth dimensional root race in evolution. Your scientists believe the current Universe is only fourteen and a half billion light years across. Their computer models suggest it contains up to one hundred million trillion possible physical planets. The actual Outer Creation is over nine hundred trillion light years across. 'In my Father house are many mansions' is truly the case, the number of actual planets is all but incomprehensible.

At present only a tiny number of Planets also have an evolution existing in a third dimensional time line situation, consequent of Luciferian pushed regressive conditions such as those on Planet Earth. The time lines situations are solely a result of the Luciferian Rebellion and are confined strictly to Christ Michael's Local Universe of a thousand galaxies.

Out of the trillions upon trillions of Planets in Christ Michael's Local Universe alone, only twenty-seven thousand in all were caught in the Rebellion at even a minor level. On only about ten percent of the twenty-seven thousand planets was a third dimensional outer evolution formulated on them by the Rebellion to harbour self willed evolutions.

Some of the planets have already been evolving away from their negative conditions back towards full Reality stability. A Planet in Arcturus has an evolution in a time line situation similar to Earth's, but whose outer consciousnesses are functioning in a very positive state near the very top end of the seventh octave of its astral frequencies. Antaries is also near the very top. Pleiadies has a couple of planets which are functioning well up the ladder.

The Arcturians were permitted to have an observation post guised as a re-occurring comet for monitoring the progress on Earth. The positive Pleaidians are now helping the Heavenly Host in Earth's earnest clean up of its remaining conditions. Very positive time line work is similarly occurring on a Planet around the Starr Beta Pictoris in the constellation Pictor.

On Earth you are currently functioning mostly in the consciousness frequencies of the fourth level of the fourth astral sub octave, comprising the transition zone between the lower frequencies of the first three astral sub octaves and the higher frequencies of the fifth, sixth, and seventh sub octaves. Since December twenty first, two thousand and twelve, some of you have also started functioning at the fifth level of the fourth octave with some of you at the fifth octave. Plus, a constant elevation will occur within most of you towards the full seventh sub octave during Aquarius.

With respect to bleak conditions, Earth is near the top rather than the bottom of the ten percent of Planets still currently time-line afflicted. The third and fourth dimensional name for your Planet is Earth. The fifth dimensional name is Urantia. The Seventh Dimensional name is Zestra/Zestrian for its Male/Female Soul Atom/Atum in projection.

Planet Earth is presently governed from the fifth dimensional Metahvenntahh valley in the Himalayas. The valley is not visible to your third dimensional eyes. It has also been called Shambala and has been further popularized within your Earth fictions as Shangri La.

Earth's solar system is governed by the Saturnian Council on Saturn. Saturn's population is fifth dimensional and housed mainly within a cubistic matrix at the North Pole. The outline of the matrix is clearly visible to your Earth instruments as a hexagon shaped configuration around the north pole of Saturn through magnetic and ionnic influences upon it's upper atmosphere. The Hexagon is shown  as Fig. 108 in Starrgram 16 of

The government of your Local Solar Sector is Jerusem in Orion. Your Milky Way Galaxy government is in Salvington near the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The government of your Local Universe is in Nebadon also in your Milky Way galaxy near the bottom of the Orion arm. Local Universes are collected into Minor Sectors of ten thousand Local Universes each. Minor Sectors are collected into Major Sectors of ten thousand Minor Sectors each. The size of a Super Universe is determined by the number of Major Sectors it contains. The first Super Universe of Intelligence contains a relatively small number of Major Sectors. This seventh Super Universe of Intelligence/Energy/Substance contains many.

The government of the seventh Super Universe to which Earth belongs is Uversa, ninety billion light years from Earth. Nirvana is a satellite of Uversa. Nirvana is the portal to the eighth dimensional transition void to the Inner Creation for the Evolution in this Super Universe. Your Buddhistic religions are aware of Nirvana but not in full proper countenance, calling it Paradise at the end of the eight-fold way/. Basically true but not true as Paradise isn't until the very end of the Evolutionary treck back up through the Inner Creation to the thirteenth dimension.

Earth's Solar system also has a proto Planet outside the orbit of Pluto which does not yet have a third dimensional outer bodily projection. You call the Planet Nibiru. The Solar system also has a very highly evolved electron Planet named Vulcan existing just inside the photosphere of the Sun.

Your current high tech impetus comes directly from Vulcan through a specially dispensated fifth dimensional attunement. The purpose is to give you something to work with in harmony together in your outer world activity instead of destructively. Evidently catching on. You were previously shown the laws of radiation through the Cosmic Uniphysicist Nichola Tesla, but you used it destructively in the form of nuclear armaments, lasers, and other malpractice devices instead.

The twelfth and final Planet is between Mars and Jupiter, called Maldek. The twelve planets are ingredient in Earth's Solar Law of one hundred and forty four facets of the throne as outlined in detail in Starrgram 8,' the tree of Life'. Maldek lost its third dimensional outer Matter projection in a war caused laser cataclysm two and a half billion years ago as mentioned earlier in 'This Revelatorium'. Which you now refer to as the Asteroid Belt.

After the blast, large shards from the outer shell moving slowly with respect to the orbit of Mars embedded on the surface of Mars as the mammoth irregular outcroppings still showing. Quicker moving shards left large crater impacts and lengthwise scars. Giant surface upheavals from the abrupt gravitational changes left gigantic earthquake cracks.

When Maldek exploded, the molten interior splayed out in splatters which eventually cooled into irregular solidified blobs. Many of the asteroids and similar orbiting bodies were blobs of the molten interior of Maldek which quickly cooled and settled down long ago into solar orbits adjoining the numerous hard chunks of outer shell left in the wake.

Many of the present day comets and other softer bodies of the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune are small blobs from the waterous and other surface liquid materials of Maldek. Which were likewise blasted into space and frozen immediately. Which eventually migrated to the belt of small and frozen objects you call the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune because of their lighter specific gravities. Maldek's atmosphere and other gases, being the lightest of all, migrated out past the orbit of Pluto as the shell of icy comet objects you now call the Oort Cloud.

The present day moons of the Solar system's Planets which are spherical in shape, are properly constituted satellites. All the moons show similar extensive asteroid bombardment from around the same time as Mars, including Earth's moon. The rest, so called irregular Planetary moons such as the two moons of Mars, are larger irregular shaped blobs of Maldek which solidified and became captured.

A loosened Maldekian satellite struck Earth and melded into it shortly after the cataclysm of two and a half billion years ago. The collision caused Earth to fall from pure crystalline to dross. On the inner action, the higher action of Earth's Substance DNA fell from eight, ten, and twelve strands, to two. On the outer action the surface of the planet cracked and fractured, becoming awash in thick layers of molten lava which hardened into two strand basaltic dross. The original crystallized outer rock was pushed deep down into the mantle and melted.

A billion years ago, through a plan formulated in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds, the cubistic matrixes for a time line carbon based organic evolution was projected onto Earth's surface to work through the lower DNA structure to help raise Earth's frequency back to the whole, sound, and perfect higher twelve strand frequencies of crystalline. The matrix was based on the existing formulation for the Edentic World's Adamic Root Race at the time as it was most compatible with the purposes the new matrixes were to achieve. Melchizedek Engineers moved one of Maldek's freed satellites in by special dispensation as Earth's Moon to provide Mother frequency support for the surface evolution.

Your scientists believe that the molecules in Earth's oceans started bumping together to produce complex molecules. Then bumped together again to produce amino acids. Then bumped together again to produce protein molecules. Then bumped together again to produce diatoms. Then bumped together again to produce planktons. Then bumped together again to produce fish. Then some of the fish started venturing onto land. Then some of the fish stayed behind on land. Then they evolved into assorted mammals. Then some of the mammals evolved eventually into Man.

That's all true, as that is specifically what the original animal matrixes were design to do. Life could not have entered into the equation if not by the higher hand. The difference is that Man didn't show up in the third dimension by evolving from the animals, they showed up by a mis-adventurous fall from grace out of the fifth dimension into Earth's animal matrixes three and a half million years ago.

The flora and fauna on Earth were engineered to convert into crystalline rock when subjected to the great temperatures and pressures of depth. The change is most evident at the material levels, but also effected all higher astral frequencies involved back into pure Substance form.

As the vegetation flourished and renewed year after year after year over the ages in the temperate zones, the organic coverings became buried deeper and deeper until finally converting through the great temperatures and pressures at depth into crystalline sedimentary and metamorphic rocks within the deep lying layering in a constantly generating cycle.

Similarly, the oceans did not accumulate from water in asteroids over the millennia. More water than in the current oceans exists in a highly compressed slush form at the bottom of the magma layer. When Earth's surface fractured, slush was released forming the current oceans. Coral calciums and other organic products of the ocean, likewise gradually converted into limestones and other crystalline sedimentaries over the hundreds and hundreds of millennia through the same processes of extreme temperature and pressure at depth.

The continents were moved around over Earth's surface over the ages so that all parts eventually experienced the same type of organic conversion within the temperate zones of the planet. The purpose of Earth's tectonic plates.

Some of the first converted land masses are now parked safely under the poles. Deep ice cores taken in the Arctic show tropical vegetation. The final areas being converted are now in the temperate areas of flourishing fauna and flora as you know them today. A few remnants of the original outer crystalline structure still remain as very ancient rock outcroppings such as the Canadian Shield in Northern North America and small outcroppings of similar granite rock in Australia.

Except for a few superficial surface lava flows, the deep lava crust originally covering all of Earth is now fully shoved back down, and the mantle rock and Earth's crust are back into outer crystalline forms which induct at much higher frequencies than hardened lava dross. The original dross coverings are now pushed back into the magmas below Earth's mantle and returned to melt, where magma lava has a much higher frequency of induction than hardened lava.

The actual process of the recalibration is highly un-intuitive. Intuitively it is easy to think of it as 'this' years grass and leaves being covered by 'next' year's. Then next year's being covered by the year following, such that eventually the covering mat is so thick that the original grass and leaves are now down at the bottom of the mantle and starting to become converted. That part is true. The un-intuitive part is that the Substance material for next year's grass and leaves don't come solely from the recycling the nutrients of the previous year's as the Mentallized Illusion as would have you believe. Most of it comes from Earth's fifth dimension.

It comes in as a unique type of Matter Substance specially prepared in the fifth dimension of the Edentic Worlds of the Cygnus Swan constellation, then inducted into Earth's fifth dimension for holding, then inducted into Earth's fourth dimension as a Matter Substance oriented Substance Energy. And then finally inducted into Earth's third dimension as Ordinary Matter Substance but of a much higher frequency. Earth has slowly been growing larger and larger over the last billion years only there is no way of physically determining the fact within Earth's current technology.

The process is going on all around you, you just don't recognize it. For example, in the early spring a towering Elm tree will suddenly sprout buds on all its branches. Scarcely a few days later it will be covered with a thick dense mass of juicy green leaves, weighing thousands of pounds on a really big tree. Supposedly the material came from sunlight, air, a small bit of moisture sucked up from the marginally moist earth around the roots, and some trace minerals from the soil. It actually came straight through, inducted from the fifth dimension through the fourth. All trees, grass, and plants do the same. The trace moistures and minerals help catalyze the process.

The animal kingdom was designed to do its share too. A very good example is a chicken egg. Every couple of days a new egg appears with hardened calcium shells and sizeable amounts of fully developed  egg white and egg yoke. Ostensibly, it all came from a few days of pecking around the barn yard for a few tiny shards of protein matter and bits of dust lying around on the ground, which has been pecked for generation after generation except for the handful of chicken feed the farmer puts out every day for the whole flock. The same happens every couple of days, sometime two and even three eggs from the same chicken.

Similarly, the material that comes into a Mothers womb is down from the fourth dimension along the magnetic lines of the Mother and catalyzed appropriately by the minerals and other substances of the Mothers material substance. Similarly, a house flies start off as a myriad of tiny speck size eggs. After a couple of days, poof, they are now a myriad of rice size maggots. After a few more days, poof, they are now suddenly a myriad of pea size flies flying around with all parts and engrams fully formed ready to mate and start the cycle all over again. Every time a newborn happens across the animal kingdom, whether a primitive organisms, tiny mite, whale size large and even Man, Earth gains a little in weight.

Similarly, sea creature produce giant thick calcium shells and thick hard chitin exoskeleton on a regular basis. Ostensibly, from the very diffuse mineral traces found in sea water. Every time a sea creature produces a new shell or a new exoskeleton large and small, the substance for it came through, and Earth gained weight. The mineral kingdoms role in all of this is to act as appropriate catalysts to insure that the download inductions occur from the fourth dimension as they should, and the conversion into higher frequency Ordinary Matter Substance occurs as originally matrixed. The recalibration of Earth back to crystalline was not, and is not, a trivial matter.

Earth's plan for recalibration has been running for a billion years and is all but complete. Help from Mankind's consciousness in the fifth dimension once Mankind is back where they belong will complete the job without need of the animal kingdom. Also being ready for Earth's teleportation to the Womb of Orion two hundred and fifty thousand years from now with sufficient high frequency carbon-7 in place to do the job. By the appropriate time and confluence of forces whose time has finally started to come, Earth's DNA will be sufficiently evolved to handle an abrupt transition back into the higher strands of DNA. With the DNA structure returned to full capability, the auric frequencies of the Earth will be returned back to full functionality and Planet Earth will be ready for teleportation to the womb of Orion.

Some of the inductions coming into Earth now resonate at exactly the frequency of quartz, a main component of Earth's refurbished outer crust. Other inductions resonating with other of the outer re-crystallized substances will occur. For example, a blade of the grass on  your lawn inducts specific frequencies from the Edentic worlds of the Cygnus Swan constellation. Higher frequency forms of crystalline which have been successfully returned into Earth's inner DNA structure will allow for higher frequency resonances to occur through the Earth's upper fourth, fifth, and seventh dimensional frequencies.

That has already started. In the winter of two thousand and twenty three, the radiations of a vast cosmic explosion known as 'AT2021lwx' located eight billion light years away, hit Earth and has been occurring now non-stop for three years, emitting two trillion times the light of Earth's Sun and ten times the energy of the brightest supernova ever observed as detailed as fig. 156 in Starrgram 16 of 'The Intelligent Design of Creation'. As the Fig. clearly implies, the very high frequency radiation is now affecting all seven of Earth's dimensions plus the Sun.

Over the next two hundred and fifty thousand years, more and more of the Earth's carbon substance will be converted into Carbon-7, capable of upholding all the higher dimensional frequencies of teleportation properly. Earth's evolution is back on track and on time.

The process has also had its share of bumps. About seven hundred and fifty million years ago, Luciferian interlopers began meddling in Earth's time line frequencies by introducing the stresses of Nplus static into Earth's lower evolutionary animal matrixes. About sixty million years ago, a significantly large portion of the outer evolution was lost to an extinction class Earth strike by a large meteor. Three and a half million years ago, those of you in the last and final contingent of the Adamic Root Race, the last and final Root Race to evolve within Earth's frequencies, were lured into Earth's third dimensional time line condition and became trapped.

At the fall, Man's original third dimensional outer forms were from incarnations straight into the animal kingdom and were very rudimentary half Animal and half Man embodiments. Most were bestial in temperament. Many many such hybrids occurred, popular in your Mythologies of old. Some of these original Animal/Man forms such as Fawns and Centaurs are still around. More advanced forms of your human body were periodically introduce into the life stream over the ages, such as during the Dalmatia Center seven hundred and fifty thousand years ago and Lemuria two hundred and fifty thousand years ago. A fully functioning Carbon-7 Human body was introduced during Adam and Eve's Garden of Eden twenty five thousand years ago.

During these periods, the Luciferians also introduced clones and other variants of the lesser human availabilities to further their aims of Self Willed Demi-God existence by using the negative Nplus frequencies they had fostered to prey upon others. Some of these lesser creations are still around as the psychic vampires and other such woebegone predators still running amuck in Earth's lower astral realms, and are being duly cleaned up.

The ghosts and other spectral entities you sometimes see are in the third level of the third octave of the astral realms are composed mostly of Nplus static. Most are outer ego cast-offs which had managed to ply a lot of Nplus static into their outer bodily component through mal-behaviour or design. Nplus static in the proximity of Ordinary Matter Substance can produce feelings of extreme dread, fear, and even outright terror because of its reversed polarity alignment, which is why such apparitions are considered spooky.

Eleven thousand years ago those of you lost souls from Maldek were brought into Earth's time line to begin a special process of clearing and to enjoin with Earth's re-introduction back into Solar Law. Through your Akasic record and your Soul Atom's unrelenting adherence to responsibility, someone can remain out of a time line for long periods of time and restart where they left off once they resume time line incarnating again.

Some of you from Maldek eventually caused Atlantis and the re-introduction of Solar Law to become forfeit. After mass incarnating again as the Philistines, then again as the Romans, you are incarnating again in mass at the present time as mostly Americans for the opportunity to start again towards undoing the consequences of your discordant activities of the past.

To return Earth back to Solar Law at the present time, means for everyone's consciousnesses to return back into harmony with the full one hundred and forty four tenets of Solar Law. Astrology as introduced thirty five hundred years ago is a confusion of Solar Law.

Astrophysics, as detailed in Starrgram 8 is a correction of Astrology back to Solar Law. Solar Law is based on astrophysics, where every solar system has a family of twelve Planets in principle, and every solar system receives a unique enrichment of the twelve Ascending and twelve Descending family astrophysical frequencies or Energy principles for it in accordance with the Tree of Life. The Twelve and Twelve frequencies for a Solar System are from the twelve constellations associated with it. Which are Starr based Energy containers which funnel their frequencies to their respective planets within the particular Solar system.

As detailed in Starrgram 8, every Solar System in creation has twelve similar Constellation Containers funnelling the twelve and twelve respective frequencies of its specific Solar Law to it. Earth's Sun participates as one of the Starrs in Container Constellations for other Solar Systems. As said earlier, 'No one has nothing to do.'

Every Planet in a Solar System is particularly attuned to one of the twelve frequencies, even those which have not yet evolved to the lower dimensions. Every Planet receives all of the frequencies in both Induction and Discharge mode, and re-expresses them mixed in with its own back to all of the other Planets within its Solar System including itself. Making twelve times twelve distinctly different frequencies. These are the one hundred and forty-four unique Energy principles or astrophysical radiations for that Solar System which each Planet receives.

To recap, the one hundred and forty four frequencies are the same frequencies in Principle for every Solar System in Creation, being custom attuned for just each particular Solar System. The particular frequencies of a Solar System are called its Solar Law. The astrophysical rule of Solar Law for the fifth dimension of every Planet in Creation is a fact of Creation in accordance with the Cubistic rulings of the Intelligent Design.

The unique frequencies of a Planet's one hundred and forty four principles, or tenets of Solar Law are one and the same as the Planet's one hundred and forty four astrophysical principles of its Tree of Life, and are how the Solar System is recognized and known to others.

How consciousnesses respond to the frequencies on each different Planet depends upon the Planet's predominant frequency. How your consciousness would be affected by the different astrophysical frequencies on Mars for example is completely different from how they are affected on Earth. The respective predominant frequencies are completely different as the purpose for one's existence on one planet is completely different from any other, even as the overriding principles behind eachs' frequencies are always the same. The same is true for all Solar Systems and all Planets in Creation.

In order for a Planet to be in complete alignment with its Solar Law, the Planet must be in proper alignment with all one hundred and forty-four Astrophysical Energy principles for that Solar System. In order for a Planet to be in complete alignment with all one hundred and forty-four Astrophysical Energy principles for that Solar System, the general mass consciousnesses of its current population must be so aligned.

How the general mass consciousnesses becomes aligned is that each of you in the population accepts in your consciousness that the Astrophysical principles exist and are relevant to your existence. Also that you understand them and always work with the principles they uphold positively for the greater good.

If you were in the Fifth dimension you would be typically well aligned with the Solar Law in which you are sequestered by nature of your typical proper acceptance of responsibility to Creation.

That astrophysics also currently impacts so dominantly upon you in your present state of mind time line situation on Earth's surfaces is only by consequence of the fact that a time line type evolution had to be instigated on Earth's surface to help re-harmonize its frequencies back to proper accord with Cosmic Law and you became mired within it. Whereby the third dimensional aspect of Solar Law became a derived new significance. The lowest filtered down Matter Substance frequencies of the astrophysical radiations also had to be incorporated into your consciousnesses and dealt with.

In Earth's special case, before the attempt in Atlantis, the outer consciousnesses of those of you bogged down in Earth's third dimensional time line situation, in particular you Adamics, had never before been attempted to become properly aligned into Solar Law as a whole. For awhile during Atlantis, and through some of Earth's earlier episodes, it had become aligned amongst a very small handful of the more adept members of the voluntary as a starting point.

The problem for the rest of you in the overall population in general was that a lower dimensional mass consciousness which had not yet even been properly attuned to even its own fourth dimensionality, is very difficult to deliver into the full consciousness awareness of fifth dimensional Solar Law through their third dimensional limited outer levels of awareness.

After holding firm in the minds of a few adepts for the past thirty five hundred years, fortunately for all, Solar Law is finally beginning to catch on in your world wide mass consciousnesses. At least in the spurious fable form known as Astrology. But at the least therefore at the least.

At the beginning of the nineteen sixties only a small percentage of you accepted astrology. Since the beginning of the eighties astrology is now becoming common fare as a part of your daily lives, even in the most regressed cultures. Most people know at least what their birth sign is, some even know it's principle. You are already well on your way back towards an eventual full proper acceptance and understanding of Solar Law.

It is only a matter of you moving past the bygone Astrological precepts of the past into the proper delineation of Earth's properly designed program of astrophysics during the new millennium to come.

Once your mass consciousness moves upwards out of the more limited precepts of astrology and into acceptance of the full one hundred and forty-four frequencies of astrophysics as outlined in Starrgram 8, and starts to accept the principles of the frequencies as the expectations of your daily life instead of just elements of wayward astrology and its constantly construing lesser effects known as horoscopes, the job is done.

It is not difficult. Starrgram 8, 'The Tree of Life', provides nearly all you need to know currently at the outer level. New images and new names are yet to be introduced. Starting to work with what is being presented in Starrgram 8 is the hard part, because of your global mental inertias from the pressure of the Mentallized Illusion in which Astrology is well vested on the one hand, and great reluctance to deal with anything not of the physical plane on the other. Both of which you need to work hard against to overcome.

If someone tells you they are a Gemini, you need to appreciate what the richness of the expression implies in its principle in order to know how to work with them best in the most positive manner for the greater benefit of all. If you are a Gemini, all the more relevant.

You need to ignore the supposed negative aspects as foretold by Horoscopes, which are only from astrological illusion and superficial Earth conditions. Better still, you need to view them in reverse in order to gist what the true positive aspect should be.

When you feel irritated because of a strong induction, work positively to move through it by staying positive in your expression. Thoughts of love and service to others are amenable to the process, thoughts of self are not. Look at the principle of each new frequency coming in to see how it ties in with your own expression and work to magnify it for the benefit of all.

If you are a Pisces and suddenly start feeling sorry for yourself, know that one of the most prominent negative conditions of Pisces is 'Poor Little Old Me'. Work to overcome the tendency. During the months of Leo and Aquarius, when the frequencies of Solar Law and Galactic law are upgrading, expect new spiritual insights to occur no matter what your current level of understanding.

Expect irritations you need to translate during Virgo. The defaulting Planetary Prince was a Virgo and a lot of Earth's resulting static Nplus ties back to the Virgo frequencies which are still around. Which were caused by the assorted abrupt discontinuities in evolution which his actions perpetrated. Also because the Planetary frequencies of Virgo were not moved fully along properly into the Solar frequencies of Leo during Atlantis because of the blow up.

It is not a big leap for those of you who call yourself astrologers to start phasing in Solar Law as part of your daily prognostications. Planetary and other influences of normal astrology could be added in later as colorings and overtones rather than as your whole treatise. A necessary step eventually.

New astrophysical charts are already being created for the Aquarian Age. New names instead of the old zodiac animals mythologies will gradually be given to break the old stigmas and judgments placed on the frequencies and on you today from the current three thousand year old imagery and conceptualizations.

The change over has already started to occur to some degree in Starrgram 8 and elsewhere by using each sign's principle as name for the moment, rather than the current names.

Instead of thinking of Aries, Taurus, etc, as a fish, ram, bull etc, think of them in terms of the cosmic principle they embody, namely, Universal Son, Material Sharing, Androgen Being, Universal Mother, Universal Father, Universal Daughter, Harmony and Balance, Rejuvenation and Regeneration, Arrow of Truth, Gate of Life, Outpouring of Truth, and Anchored Law. Which embody considerably more spiritual information's.

If you accept the Anchoring of the Law principle of Pisces for example, the exasperating stubbornness of some Pisces makes sense, as they are merely being true to their principle if not a little off target. As it is towards spiritual anchor-ment that the principle actually points to and not their pet opinions or beliefs.

If you are an Astrologer, to help make the change in front of any daily horoscope chart simply provide the Sun sign and the Moon sign of the day and whether it is in the inductive or dischargeous phase. Plus provide the basic principles as reminders.

For those of you in general, knowing what the current Sun and proper Moon sign are, what the principles of each sign are, and what the significance of induction vs. dischargeous is, gives you most of what you need to know at any moment in order to conduct yourselves in the most beatific manner possible under the circumstances. Also, what to look out for when there are still static remnants in your consciousness.

You have a unique astrophysical makeup. Most of you today scour the horoscopes hoping for cosmic favours coming your way based on your astrology. You need to look instead for the optimum opportunities coming your way to help serve humanity given your astrophysics.

The Moon signs are a little harder to figure out. As there are about thirteen moon cycles and twelve astrophysical signs in a year, the moon sign changes on approximately the twentieth of each month. As the cycle repeats itself every nineteen years, it has been possible for your astrologers to draw up reasonably accurate nineteen year chart and present it as a moon sign book.

Since some months have more than thirty days and some less, a simple rule of thumb is to simply consider the twentieth of each month as the main Sun sign change. Similarly, for every new moon sign change during the month, change into the next sign occurs every two and a half days with one and a quarter days given to the inducting phase and one and a quarter to the discharge. If things are quiet around you both inside and out, you can feel the sudden changes in frequency.

To work with the daily changes properly you need only know what the principles are for the twelve signs, plus their basic attributes, and whether you are in the inductive or discharge half of each two and a half day cycle in order to know what kind of frequency to work with during each Moon period within each Sun period within the whole one hundred and forty four astrophysical transitions of the year.

You need to react positively during each astrophysical frequency given your own birth sign factor added in. The difference between Solar Law and astrology is that Astrophysics answers to your inner action while horoscopes pander to your outer self.

This completes most of the simple and straight forward aspects of Solar Law. The one hundred and forty-four thousand principles, or 'Chosen Ones' of Galactic Law are a completely different matter. The one hundred and forty-four thousand 'Chosen One' principles of Galactic Law are vested within the Great Book. The Great Book is the whole cosmic inter-dimensional picture, the 'Chosen Ones' are a secular part.

Every solar system belongs to a Solar Sector group of approximately one thousand solar systems. Every Solar Sector belongs to a particular galaxy where a galaxy can contain untold thousands of Solar Sectors. Galactic Law is of the galaxy, but is uniquely reflected through the collective frequencies of the particular thousand solar system members of each particular Local Solar Sector.

Every Solar system in a Solar Sector has its own unique Solar Law of one hundred and forty four facets of the throne. With a thousand Solar systems to each Solar Sector in principle, one hundred and forty-four times one thousand equals the one hundred and the forty-four thousand facets of Galactic Law. Namely the 'Chosen Ones', 'Elect', 'Precious unto God', unique Energy principles for that particular Solar Sector.

In order for a Planet to be in complete alignment within the Galactic Law of the Galaxy to which it belongs, the Planet must also be in complete alignment with all of the astrophysical Solar Law principles of each of the one thousand solar systems of the Local Solar Sector to which belongs. In Solar Sectors which do not yet have a full complement of a thousand Solar Systems, the missing frequencies are carried as intended versions within their overall matrixes.

When an appropriate number of people on a particular Planet are in complete harmony with all one hundred and forty-four thousand Energy principles of the Solar Sector the planet belong to, the Planet is considered to be in complete harmony with the Galactic Law of that particular Solar Sector.

On Earth, unlike the frequencies of Solar Law which are for each of you to deal with individually, the frequencies of Galactic Law are carried out by individual members predisposed within your population. One frequency to each carrier. The principles constantly come into the Planet collectively as one hundred and forty four thousand different frequency inductions from the thousand different Solar Sectors involved.

Instead of each of you having to individually deal with all of them as per Solar Law, each of you carriers inducts your particular frequency on behalf of everyone.

The twelve tribes of Israel carried the twelve astrophysical frequencies of the One Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand chosen ones divided equally among them. Today the carriers are not outwardly segregated by frequency but instead walk separately disposed amongst you as individuals.

Amongst the millions and millions of you higher frequency individuals currently within Earth's voluntary incarnate, the hundred and forty-four thousand 'Chosen One' principles are held variously amongst some of you within your upper consciousness matrixes. One principle to each of you carriers by special attunement to the frequency.

There are not just only one hundred and forty-four thousand of you as carriers. Each principle is averaged throughout a group of you as a whole, many different of you carriers for each specific frequency. Just as one of you might be doing poorly with your role as a carrier because of outer consciousness conditions, another in your group might be doing very well in starting to hold the frequencies in proper alignment.

If two or more of you become stable, all the better. Safe redundancy has never been a problem in the higher Realities because no one ever competes. Higher positive loving frequencies always harmonize together. It is only negative Nplus frequencies which conflict with each other. As positive frequency carriers, you manifest the principles inner dimensionally. The responsibility to properly align with the principle through your higher actions of consciousness is mainly internal rather than overt. Initially most of you will be completely unaware in your outer consciousness manifestations of the frequency goings on in your inner higher consciousness Reality.

Most of you will have a strong natural predisposition to work for the welfare of humanity, and/or animal kingdom, and/or the Planet rather than for the benefit of yourselves. The more and more you become harmonized in consciousness with your upper consciousness activities, the more and more the principle you carry will become a natural part of your outer consciousness expression. Once you have achieved harmonization, the job is done even though you did not have to perform patent rituals or conditioning routines in order to achieve the alignment. Or to a large extent even become aware of it.

By the time you have started coming into re-alignment with your Christ Soul Atom self, you will also have already started becoming aligned with the 'Chosen One' frequency you carry, for it being part and parcel of your higher consciousness responsibilities. How Earth will become right again with Galactic Law is that all of the one hundred and forty four thousand different frequencies becomes re-stabilized within your collective outer mass consciousnesses. Meaning, each frequency becomes individually right within at least one of you in each carrier group in your outer consciousness. Collectively, all one hundred and forty-four thousand principles of Galactic Law will then be properly linked and inducting and discharging properly for everyone's benefit.

What it takes is that at least one of you for each frequency group makes it through. What it takes for you to make it through is to start clearing out the lesser thoughts from your outer consciousness now and start moving through with your intuitions to do good works in Christ love and service for the greatest good. If a carrier leaves their projection, they re-incarnate to continue their responsibility.

In their next incarnation, though outer world conditions they might not attune to the frequency as well, and somebody else in the groups picks up the slack or visa versa. It is an ongoing thing, a particular frequency will be stable for awhile, then maybe not for a next little while. When the point is reached that the your whole collective mass consciousnesses will have moved up high enough in frequency that there will always be a stable member for every group at every moment, the re-alignment to Galactic Law will have been accomplished.

Your role as a carrier is internal. Individually you are unable to say you are a carrier or not. Similarly, you do not come back into alignment with the One Law because you are a carrier. You do it to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators according to your originally ordained responsibility. Your alignment with the particular Chosen One frequency you carry occurs naturally of its own when you do.

Once all one hundred and forty-four thousand principles have been properly re-stabilized within Earth as a whole, Earth will be welcomed back into the Galactic Community as a member in good standing and the Galactic quarantine from two hundred and fifty thousand years ago will be lifted.

In the positive changes now ongoing through the frequencies of Armageddon, the attunements in consciousness are coming ever more and more into place. In the continuation of incarnations all you carriers will undergo, and in the ever increasing frequencies of escalations already started and more to follow, by the end of Aquarius all one hundred and forty four thousand of the principles will be properly re-aligned in consciousness for the benefit of all Mankind and the job will be done.

Once the job is done the quarantine will be lifted, Mankind will be welcomed back into the Galactic Community as a member in good standing and  peace, joy, and happiness will reign again  forever.


Revelatorium Starrgrams

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Intelligent Design Starrgrams

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  7. The Outer Creation
  8. Seven Dimensions of the Outer Creation
  9. The Galactic Underworld
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  11. Local Universe Trinitization
  12. The Seven Great New Anti-matter Universes
  13. Completion of the Plan
  14. Physics of the Third Dimension
  15. The Microcosm
  16. Proof of the Design
  17. A Brief Introduction to the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega
  18. A Brief Introduction to the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host
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  17. Additional Visible Radionnic Ships
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  19. Brief - The Heavenly Host
  20. Brief - The Auxiliary Pleiadian Fleet
  21. Brief - The Intelligent Design of Creation
  22. A Brief Introduction to the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega
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