Starrgram 21: Translation

'Translation' - The act of changing the unity or wholeness of something. In this current case, changing the illusion of things to the truth of things.

One of the main consciousness clearing aids put before the elect of Christ in the early seventies was the principle of 'Translation'. Jesus taught translation to the disciples two thousand years ago.

The principle of 'Translation' is a specifically designed thought process formulated in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds to deal particularly with the congested thought conditions on Earth. The process works through your square of consciousnesses to help you dissolve the outer consciousness static conditions about yourself, world conditions, and everyone in general.

The translation process is a reasoning principle which says in effect, 'Start with the answer and thus you have it'. The principle is simple. Knowing you are a Triune Christ Celestial Being in Reality at the highest level, helps you greatly in understanding your responsibility to the Creation for the Creators at the lowest level. Your foremost responsibility at the moment is to clear yourself of your Earth bound conditions.

At the dimensional level it also helps you in dealing with your day to day trials and tribulations which become seen as collateral effects of the conditions to be dealt with instead of the bitterness's of everyday life. Not forgetting that the negatives are doing everything in their utmost to keep the positives from getting ahead at even the simplest material level.

Translation targets straight at the Mentallized Illusion.

Translation takes that which you believe to be the case about something or situation from an outer mentallized point of view, and translates it back into the truth of that which is so about it in Reality. Translation was blueprinted in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds specifically for helping you dissolve your outer Mentallized Illusions about yourselves through right thought in right direction. 'Ye shall know the truth and ye shall know that you know'.

For example, you are not a mechanically happy outcome of the electrochemical laws of ordinary Matter Substance. You are a Triune Celestial Being in an outer bodily projection which you yourself agreed to undertake within Earth's lower dimensions and which you yourself initiated.

Similarly, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will not come about by magical intervention, it will come from everyone being of love and service to one another in The One Law.

Similarly, you are not over here and the Creators over there. You are living Soul Atom particle of Alpha and Omega as a living part of their Created body. You have currently formed an outer bodily projection in Earth's lower dimensional time line to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators according to their Will, Desire, and Action.

Similarly, those of you of the Casted Dragon are not evil Beings trying to take over Earth. You are loving Soul Atom particles of the Creators as much as anyone who have temporarily fallen into a bad fix through ill decision, and are now being offered a grand opportunity to redeem yourself from out of the fix.

Similarly, the current rapid climate changes in the Planetary environment of Earth and expanding atmosphere is due to increasing proton belt Energies in the fields the solar system has moved into, plus the presence of love radiations from the Heavenly Host, plus the increasing influx of higher Energy trunk lines coming into Earth, plus Earth's resonating crossing of the galactic plane, plus the rapidly increasing frequency of your mass consciousness through your increasingly higher consciousness attunement to Reality. They are not from Earth plane pollutants which only add to the picture a small amount.

Similarly, the sun spot cycles which contribute considerably to the heating of the Solar System are not by stellar factors alone. The spots can be turned on or off at will by the Soul Atom/Atum of the Sun. Who switched them off in early two thousand and eight for more than two years to let the rising temperatures of Earth settle back a little, and again during the maximum cycle of two thousand and thirteen.

Similarly, a blade of grass on your front lawn is not just a plant which has evolved through eons of ecology. It is a transducer of specific frequencies from the Edentic worlds of the 'Cygnus the Swan' constellation to aid Earth in its return back to pure crystalline. You have a lot of illusion to translate.

Translation uses your sixth dimensional Intelligence/Energy factor to specifically Translate away the Lesser Conditions and Mentallized Illusions from your third dimensional Outer Consciousness awareness, and the World in general.

Translation is a five step process. The steps are easy, done on paper or thought to yourself one at a time in sequence. The sequence is the important part. If you do not follow the sequence properly your translations will not work.

The five steps and labels for each are as follows:

-  Statement of Being - Center your thoughts on who you are in Reality and write them down or say them. Namely, a Christ Triune Being in a projection. In your own words or similar, state that, 'I am I', whole sound and perfect Intelligence, Energy, and Substance of Alpha and Omega, total Christ co-creative responsibility to the Creation for the Creators in all thought, word, and deed in total love and service for the greatest good for the greatest number, Father, Son/Daughter, Mother totality of Being, Male/Female Soul Atom nature and essence of Being, truth, all there is, and that which is so.

-  The Minor Premise - Pick a topic to translate. Then focus together and list one at a time the nature of the minor premise you want to translate. For example, 'The Arabs and the Israelis in the Middle East are constantly at war with one another'. Or, 'I am constantly plagued by carnal thoughts'. Include as many associated minor premise items as you can think of. It doesn't matter whether you list two or a hundred, write them down or think of as many of them as you can think of.

-  The Major Premise - Center your thoughts on the Reality of the situation, the major premise, and write them down or say them. Feel the truth of each one as it comes through. For example, 'Everyone in the Middle East is a Triune Christ Being in a projection in Reality, who love one another with all their hearts and all their might'. Include the terrorists. Don't forget, they too had to bend their knee to Christ just to be incarnated here on Earth a this present time, and local conditions of their incarnation or past have tripped them up. Include it all in your Major Premise.

Or similarly state, 'Carnal thoughts are the result of the misuse of Substance Energies. There are no misuses of Substance Energies in Reality. I am a Triune Celestial Divine Christ Pure Being in Reality therefore I do not misuse Substance Energies and therefore do not have carnal thoughts', or similar. Affirming it confirms it.

Leave nobody out. Translate even those who are meddling in world affairs through the fourth dimension that they might receive sufficient light to motivate them to enter into the incarnation cycle at the feet of Christ. Do a major premise for each of the minor premise items you have listed, one by one. Think through the Major Premise in this way even if it seems like complete nonsense in the eyes of the Mentallized Illusion. Don't forget that the Major Premise deals with the higher Realities of Heaven and not the lesser things of Earth. Don't forget too that it is the Mentallized Illusion which is being translated back to Reality and not the other way around. So don't let the Mentallized Illusion hold you up.

The point is not to accept what's going on around you as reality, but as temporary illusionary truths. Accept only the Triune Celestial Reality of yourselves and Reality in general as the greater truth. Remember the key, 'Start with the answer and thus you have it'.

-  Conclusion - Summarize the Major Premises into a single conclusion. For example, 'Love and service one to another in total Christ Melchizedek love and service for the greatest good for the greatest number in all thought, word, and deed translates all lesser conditions into the whole, sound, and perfect Will, Desire, and Action of the Creators for the expansion of Creation a thousand times a thousand in ever expanding circles of love, life, light, and liberty under the guidance, direction, and protection of Alpha and Omega in total Christ Divine Order according to the Law'.

Use whatever wordings to that effect work for you. Change them every time you feel the urge. There are no patents on how you express it. Do these by feeling and not by memorization.

-  Absolute Statement of Being - Reaffirm your Reality at the Absolute level. You are a living Soul Atom particle of the Creators Alpha and Omega. In your own words, state that, 'I am I', Absolute whole sound and perfect Intelligence, Energy, and Substance of Absolute Father, Son and Daughter, Mother, Absolute four square consciousness of Being, Absolute Christ Male/Female nature and essence of Being, Absolute truth, all there is, and that which is so. Or words to that effect.

Always stay with the five steps in the sequence, and always include the labels. The sequence of the five steps is the important part. Translation is a process of reasoning. How you word them and what you choose to translate are not the important factor. The five step structure in thought is. Relate the minor Premise to things of the Earth, relate the Major Premise to things of Christ Reality. This hooks it up properly through the balanced thinking factor in your square of consciousness.

The translating effect is in the juxtapositions of the higher and lower ideas. When the sequence is done correctly, Intelligence/Energy moves through from the pure thought in the Statement of Being at the Reality level in the first step, to the pure thought of the Absolute Statement of Being at the highest level in the last step, dissolving the minor premise in the middle which has no Substance as it is of the Mentallized illusion. The very essence of translation.

Remember too that these are merely crystallized thoughts, beliefs, and practices which are being translated and not brick and mortar.

As the crystallized thought is translated more and more from your outer consciousnesses, some of it is translated more and more from the Mentallized Illusion in general. Never think something wasn't accomplished by it. It is the failing grace of your outer consciousness awareness that it always wants to see overt results as proof, the main short circuit against faith.

Also, use translation to dissolve lesser conditions within yourself such as carnal and lower emotions. Always use the same techniques and principles. Pure thought trumps stubborn conditions every time. Also, translation is not a one time thing. If you are serious about clearing a condition in yourself or the world, be prepared to do it over again and again and again and again.

Think your way through the translations, or better still, write them on paper as it will help you focus your thoughts better. Or speak them out loud. Work with whatever works best for you. Work one way one time, and another way another as seems best at the moment.

Feel your way through the steps one at a time and feel the release of Energy moving through your breast plate in heartfelt action at every step. Label the steps as 'Statement of Being', 'Minor Premise', etc, and not 'Step 1', 'Step 2' etc. The proper thoughts in consciousness hold the key.

When you feel the energies move, you know you are doing it right. Don't worry about punctuations or other politically correct rules of grammar. You are writing them for yourself in the service of Christ, and your Reality doesn't care how well you write it, only in the fact that you are in fact doing it.

Whether you write, think, or talk your translations through, it is important to bring everything you know about the matter into every step. Seek the full truth of every step. It does no good to roll them off like financial statements at a board room meeting.

Eventually you will be able to work through them step by step by thought alone. The more you do translations, the more your Reality, 'your Soul Atom in residence' will guide you through your expressions.

Always start your translations with 'In Divine Order' and conclude them with 'Thank you Alpha and Omega for all things', 'Omm-een, Aum-een, Omm-een'. Recognizing source at both the beginning and at the end keeps the higher Energies of source in the picture throughout the process.

Do not expect miraculous results per translation. Powerful translations can produce powerful results for the greater good. Normally though, translations work in increments. Tapping on the bow of an ocean liner long enough will eventually start it turning.

Do not be embarrassed to translate the same thing over and over and over again, particularly carnal thought impositions within yourself. Remember that it can take up to ten years for you to completely clear your carnality if you are sincere. In some cases it can take even twenty years and in extreme cases more than thirty.

Include in the translation the carnal condition of everyone else on the Planet as it imposes on the Planet's frequency and also on yours. Most of your carnality is through your attunement to the mass consciousness on the frequency, which is carnally afflicted. You will be surprised to find that the less and less carnality has a hold on you, the less and less you'll miss it. Also, don't forget that the two examples given  here are just two of the countless things of a lesser condition nature you can translate. Leave nothing out as a prospect. The more wider range you go in your subject matter, the better. The Mentallized Illusion is very large and Mankind's lesser static conditions are very telling.

Similarly, do not use anger, frustration, hate, or any such lesser thought in the major premise. Nothing will avail. These are all of the minor premise and amongst the things to be translated.

If flooding is shown in some kind of dream state, even if just an overflowing sink, it is a sure sign that flooding is imminent somewhere on the Planet. Translate flooding immediately. If no flooding occurs, or just minor flooding, your outer consciousness will take it as proof that you just wasted your time. Your inner will know that you helped translate the frequency imbalances giving rise to the impending flooding.

Accept that the existence of the dream state proved you were shown that frequency imbalances existed portending flooding and that you were asked to translate them. Know that the absence of flooding or just minor flooding, proved you help translate them effectively. The very essence of faith. Which is why your inner has such a hard time getting through to your outer in the matters of faith.

Do not use translations for selfish gain. 'Pray not amiss that you might consume it upon your lusts'. Translation is a higher frequency equivalent of prayer because you are giving to Creation rather than asking or taking from it.

The Mentallized Illusion practices patent prayer out of fear of punishment for disobedience. Or as personal pleads for boon. The Creators do not want you praying to or at them. That just shows subservience or selfishness, both of which are lesser premises from the Mentallized Illusion. Prayers of thank you and acknowledgement such as saying grace, the Lord's Prayer, or the Alpha and Omega prayer at the end of Starrgram 23 are more properly constituted forms of prayer.

Patent prayers are hold backs to the days before Christ, where pagan subservience to the vengeful and harsh Gods of the Old Testament were the norm. The idea of one God kept intermixing with lesser Gods, who were mostly fallen ones putting on a show for the psychic energy fed back to them from the adulations and subservience of the populaces of the times. Whenever you slacked off paying attention to them a bit, the entities would shake up the rafters a bit to frighten you back into line. Hence the notion of a fearsome and vengeful God. Also popular during the times and prevalent among many of the so called religions of today, is praying for personal exemption from the wrath, or personal gain and forget about everyone else.

Christ ended all that two thousand years ago by teaching of a loving and forgiving God who dealt with everyone equally. Herein is the seminal difference between your old and new testaments. The old testament taught fear of God, Christ taught love of God. Your Earth religions of today are remiss for not making this distinction, who talk about the fear of God and love of God in the same sentence in the same sermon.

If you translate a lesser condition in yourself in order to serve others better, good. That is in fact what translation is asked for. In particular, the frequencies of the planet are being raised up in the new energies now coming in and your negative conditions are rising more and more to the surface to be dealt with. If you find that old conditions seem to be reappearing or even getting worse, keep on translating even more earnestly and they will eventually be gone forever.

Similarly, translating the lesser conditions of yourself in order to take on a greater responsibility towards others is the main reason Translation has been given. On the other hand, trying to translate a new car into the picture for yourself will do no good unless you need it for example to deliver food hampers to the needy.

Translate as much of the lesser conditions of yourself as you can and keep it going. It is never a one time thing. The Energy will always move forward in a positive direction because the Energy for translation is in doing it for the love of your fellow Man. The eternal Laws of Love and Light can never be circumvented when properly undertaken.

Think "I am I whole sound and perfect Intelligence, Energy, and Substance of Alpha and Omega" in the Statement of Being. Do not forget, by Intelligent Design you are the whole, sound, and perfect Intelligence, Energy, and Substance of Alpha and Omega in a Soul Atom format in a current Outer projection.

Think "I am I whole sound and perfect Absolute Intelligence, Energy, and Substance of Alpha and Omega" in the Absolute Statement of Being. Do not forget, Alpha and Omega are the Absolute totality of Reality and by their Intelligent Design you are an Absolute part of them.

Most importantly, do your translations on the spot as soon as the impulse hits when at all possible or as soon as possible after. The power of Translation is in your doing it, not in your intending to do it. The impetus comes from your own higher consciousness asking you to be of love and service to your fellow man about a particular situation at a particular moment.

The guilty conscience that comes invariably in the vacuum of not equalizing an inner request by an outer action of the same frequency works in all situations.

Similarly, translations are for everyone to do. Translation is not a thing for a man or for a woman, or of an elder or of a teen, or of a volunteer or a fallen one, or of a layman or a guru. They are a thing of Intelligence, in the equality of Substance, through the power of Energy, by the truth of that which is so in Reality. Which by the Divine Order established by the Creators is Universal.

When a geological gadfly strife breaks out, give maximum effort to help cut it off at the onset. Consider both those being used and those being bosses. Even translate the astral negatives back to Reality who are usually behind such strife. Most of them will eventually have to bend their knees to Christ anyway one way or the other. Help speed them up to the process.

Help them out as prodigal sons and daughters to return home by recognizing them as they are in their full greater Triune Beingness before they became caught up in their mishap. See them as the pests they are today as part of the minor premise. Translate them as the Christ Co-Creative Beings they are in Reality in the Major Premise. Very tough love for some of them. True compassion has no limits. We are all our brother's and sister's keepers through our love and service one to another. A returned prodigal Son or Daughter is no small moment to Reality.

Also, make sure you understand clearly how and why translation works. You are doing it in the love of Humanity for the betterment of Mankind. Not for the spiritual aggrandizement of yourself or your selfish pursuits. If your heart is not in it properly, you do ought but tilt at windmills and attain nothing but prize from the Mentallized Illusion.

True Motivation in true purpose equals true Will and true Desire in true Action. The path to enlightenment is not in what you know but in what you do. 'By your works not your words'.

The main reason for doing translations in the now when the impulse hits rather than in the later when the mood suits, is that actions which you conduct at the moment for the greater good through your outer consciousness have a much greater effect upon the mass consciousness as a whole because of the closer attunement to work with of the frequencies of your Reality. Who is asking for the translation at that particular moment because of the prevalent frequencies of the moment that need translating and/or are available to work with.

The other reason of course is obvious. It will have to be done by you or by someone else eventually, one way or the other, sooner or later.

Saying to yourself 'Get thee behind me lesser thought' every time a negative thought slips in also helps enormously. Even if a thousand times a day, even if for the same thing.

Letting go of a thought which is holding you back is also critical. Center the thought until you can actually feel its presence in your consciousness. Then work on letting it go until you actually feel it gone. Be prepared to have to do it again and again over time. Envisioning a loving hook up with the Holy Trinity and feeling the Energy moving through helps.

Eventually, you will be able to do a whole translation by stating the Statement of Being in your thought, then centering the Minor Premise in your thought to set up the condition to be translated, then centering the Major Premise to set up the vibration, then moving the higher frequencies through in the Conclusion to consolidate it, then moving the Absolute Holy Trinity Energies back in through the Absolute Statement of Being to dissolve the lesser thought sandwiched in between by use of the greater light.

When done correctly you can sometimes see the very congestion you are translating dissolve before you in mind's eye.

Translate stubborn thoughts a few times first to help soften them up. Be prepared to dissolve the same thing many times over and over before it finally becomes purged. Particularly to do with carnal. Do not forget, some of the lesser frequencies you will be translating have been over three and a half million years in the making, some many times longer.

When your re-alignment has begun in earnest, for a very fast translation when a lower frequency thought pattern such as carnal or angst has started to intrude, think 'Christ would not think this', or 'A Triune Being would not have that kind of thought', or similar.

If you feel the true sense of the word 'Christ' or Triune Being' as you think it to yourself and see it as yourself, and are sincere in your motivation, the lower frequency pattern will instantly be replaced by the higher frequency thought pattern and be gone.

Once you have started to clean up your consciousness in earnest, some night you might be surprised to experience in your dream state awareness a big fat mouthful of black goo oozing out of your mouth like thick gummy tar. 'Frogs will leap from the mouth of the Beast'.

The frogs are globs of Nplus static which have been served up from out of the lower frequency bestial component of your outer matrix by your Reality Atom for you to expel.

In some cases, your Reality Atom will even have brought some of the static into your outer matrix from out of the lower astral realms for you to help deal with as a service to Mankind. The goo will get whiter and whiter over time, then clearer and clearer until it is almost clear gel. Then it will occur less and less frequently. Afterwards, it will occur only from time to time as a service to Mankind or to purge some minor statics you may have advertently or inadvertently re-accumulated over the interm.

How it occurs to you to expel the goo while still sleep awake will depend entirely on your own frequencies and how your reactions work in dealing with such things ad hoc. Some of you will try to spit it out. Most will try to scoop it out by the handful, like scooping taffy from your the roof of your mouth and pulling it off your teeth until nothing is left but a tiny tiny hair thin tether. Which will not break no matter how hard you pull, strain, or even try to bite it off at the risk of chipping your teeth.

Even though it is static it is still a part of the Breath and no part of the Breath can ever be broken from the whole for it being but a single Breath. Others of you will just wake up. There are no protocols.

It is the thing about taking responsibility that it is not format. How you do anything at any given moment has entirely to do with your own individual frequencies and the higher responsibilities you carry. The only thing in common is the truth that it be done for the common good of Mankind as a whole, and not for the benefit of yourself unless it is to help clear out lesser conditions within yourself so you can help serve Christ better.

You can also translate away the lesser conditions of a friend, associate or loved one as a silent gift for their spiritual advancement. Telling them about it short circuits the benefits just given. Which is why at the end of it all Yoga and other such practices as paths to personal enlightenment are so unavailing. Most such practices are nothing more than a messianic someone's own personal spiritual discovery, new or old. Or someone's new spin on old ways who have endeavoured to elevate their experience or perception into a grandiose thing to pass on for self acclaim. Or for the money.

Or to hoodwink you into unwittingly providing consciousness frequencies to the maladroits in the fourth dimension for their mal use through the attunement. Or are old practices from Atlantis which are ten and twelve thousand years out of date such as Yoga. Which is why so much false in the way of spiritualism is so much around at the present time.

There are currently well over fifty thousand different New Age and spiritual groups around the World today. Nearly all were founded by single individuals who believed they had a valuable personal vision or experience to share which became the message. Some of the messages are not that bad. Some are not worth the words expressed. Avoid having your progress cut off by following a Messiah or adopting words caught up in a fancy package.

There is a sure guideline to follow. Most never mention the word Christ. Or constantly use the word Jesus, the name given to Christ Michael's Earth plane projection two thousand years ago. Self proving that they are limited only to Earth found enlightenments and understandings. Also, self proving they are not in the loop. The loop is simply that Christ Michael is running the show. Christ teaching is the key. And your Christ responsibility to the Creators is the whole purpose of your being here, not self aggrandized ascension into a higher dimension as a lauded personal achievement. So look for the word, 'Christ' in their text. Ignore the ones that ignore the word.

Whatever comes to you in your responsibility, and works for you in your responses to the responsibility, is for you to unfold through your own abilities and consciousness awareness and do not necessarily have anything to do with your neighbour's ways. Who in fact might become completely knocked off by them. During the days of the early Christ teachings in the seventies, everyone was asked not to share their experiences with each other for that very reason.

'Beware of those who set themselves up in temples and shrines' is also good advice indeed. Including those of you comprising Earth's scientific community who deny Reality out of hand as your affliction. A true Christ Teacher's purpose is not to try and make you subservient as a follower, it is to wake you up to the Reality of your own higher Christ Triune Self so you can begin serving Humanity again according to your own original dispensated responsibilities.

Your own Will, Desire, and Action to serve others should be your only master of inspiration. Christ within is your true center for guidance. In your heart is your only shrine to inhabit. A sharing spiritual community with others is acceptable as long as you don't try to cram yourselves down each other's throats.

Translation as given herein, is not handed over as a necessary way to spiritual survival. Only as a tool to be used which has been put on the Christ Table for the greater good of Humanity. Use it or not according to your own inclinations. Remember too, that 'The Revelatorium' is also on the Christ Table on a strictly 'as is' basis, and is not something to be lauded or acclaimed as particularly special in its own right.

Do not make the mistake that followed in the wake of Christ Michael's bestowal two thousand years ago and make the messenger the message. The message not the messenger was the message two thousand years ago. The message, not the wrappings the message is in, is the message today.

Similarly, the credentials of the word smither of this 'Revelatorium' has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not 'The Revelatorium' is worthy of your consideration. Your own Soul Atom Self through your intuitions is one hundred percent in charge of that. Spiritual authors within the Mentallized Illusion rely solely on their credentials to entice you to their materials.. Which they have usually dragged out of the Mentallized Illusion in the first place, regurgitated with their own spin on the matter, and passed off as something new as that is all they have to work with. In short, the Mentallized illusion says that if an Authors' credentials aren't glowing according to its criterion, why would you read their stuff.

Similarly, intones were likewise taught to the elect of Christ and were to have been put before Earth's voluntary group as a whole as an aid for helping erstwhile individuals move ahead towards Reality more quickly. According to Earth's current third dimension incarnational format as outlined in Starrgram 8, all frequencies above Taurus move down through Taurus when moving down, all frequencies below Taurus move up through Taurus when moving back up. Intones were designed to help you clear common static binds between your Cancer, Taurus, and Aries centers.

The human body is capable of two intones which exactly reflect the action of the induction and discharge frequencies of the Tree of Life. The first intone is OMM-EEN which resonates in your Cancer center below Taurus, inducing induction. The other is AUM-EEN which stimulates your Aries center above Taurus, aiding discharge.

Both intones are designed to be projected through your vocal action of Taurus to help you clear your conditions in Taurus. OMM is a female inductive resonance felt in your chest. AUM is a male projective resonance felt in your forehead. EEN is male and female combined.

Eastern religionists who sit cross legged in frozen stultification moaning OOOMS are missing the point completely. Western religionists who sit in their pews quietly sighing AHH-MEN after every prayer  completely miss the point. The two intones are meant to be expressed together as loudly and dynamically as possible in order to induce the appropriate clearings of static.

To use the two intones properly, repeat the two in sequence over and over again beginning with OMM-EEN and following with AUM-EEN. Start the intones as low in pitch as possible, and project each one as long and as loudly as possible. Rise a little higher in pitch each time you repeat the pair; OMM-EEN AUM-EEN --- OMM-EEN AUM-EEN --- OMM-EEN AUM-EEN --- --- ---.

Project each pair as loudly as possible at the same pitch in every pair cycle. Extend them as long as you can before you run out of breath. OOOMMMM---EEENNNN, AUUUMMMM---EEENNNN. Rise each pair up a little in pitch each cycle. End up doing the final last pair as high in pitch as possible, as loudly as possible, and for as long as possible. Try and do as many pairs as you can before you run out of steam.

Initially, your Taurus center will be so congested you will barely be able to squeak them out. Over time, it will become easier and easier for you to express them louder and louder and longer and longer, reaching higher and higher in pitch each time. The stimulations related to induction and discharge will be felt obvious in both your chest cavity and forehead from the very first attempt.

Once your Taurus center has started to clear, your intones will begin ringing like the pure voice of a trumpet. 'An angel spoke with the voice of a trumpet', meaning LOUD, LOUD, LOUD so the message could get through past the cobwebs loud and clear.

The intones were taught by Christ to his disciples two thousand years ago, and were likewise an integral part of the Christ teachings of the early seventies. Christ and his entourage two thousand years ago could be heard like a heavenly choir from far afield as they cleared their static together in unison every morning using the intones before commencing their daily works, and again every evening before retiring.

Do not do your daily intones lightly thinking you will therefore ascend, or that you will in some way attain more selfish power, or in some way become more enlightened than others. If your consciousness is not set in the right direction of love and service for the greatest good for the greatest number in true Christ responsibility to the Creation for the Creators, your intones will only act in congesting your consciousness even more rather than helping clear it.

Also, do not forget that both translation and the intones were developed in the fifth dimension of the Melchizedek Worlds to help you clear your conditions in the third and lower fourth levels of Earth, and not for any other purpose.

Another condition which has been years in the making and requires daily translating and use of the intones is the static corruption around Money Substance. Money Substance in the way of bill denominations and coins is a principle of Substance/Energy. The Substance is in the actual material bills and token artifacts. The Energy is in your agreements in consciousness governing the principles of their usage and the intended and agreed to purpose for it in every interaction. Called an interchange/exchange.

Money Substance/Energy was introduced to facilitate the interchange and exchange of goods and services between parties without needing to constantly record every little transaction. When things are interchanged and exchanged between you on the basis of Love and Service for the greatest good, the Substance/Energy in behind the action expands for all on an ever expanding basis. Honest bartering works the same way.

When you hoard money and wrest it from others for your own selfish gain through usury and other corruptions, the artifacts become layered with static which cuts off their ability to expand for others. All money substance in circulation today bears some of the condition. Including newly minted Money Substance which is released through your Banks which are the very citadels of usury.

You can help remove the static condition by anointing every bill and coin which comes into your possession with a dab of essence oil and doing a small translation prayer before re-using it. Finish with a small sequence of intones. Do the artifacts in small groups at a time instead of one at a time. The number and size of the denominations makes no difference.

After making them harmonious, for example by turning them all face up, anoint them with oil, then hold the collection of bills between your two hands, or cover your hands over the coins and do a quick translation like prayer, holding in thought that Money Substance/Energy expands the greatest possible amount for the greatest number of people. Hold in your thought that the translation is for all Money Substance/Energy on the planet, not just the bills in your hand or coins on the table.

Say something like, 'Expand, expand, expand, a thousand time a thousand in all light, life, love, and liberty for the greatest good for the greatest number in all thought, word, and deed through total Melchizedek Love and Service to the Creation for the Creators in total Christ total responsibility and interchange exchange of consciousness knowing consciousness knowing the law in total polarity, harmony, and balance of the One Law for peace joy and happiness of all in the One Law in accordance with the One Law in total understanding of the One Law through all word, thought, and deed according to the Will Desire and Action of Alpha and Omega for all things to expand according to the law in total expansion of the Law. Or words to that effect. Finish with, 'Thank You Alpha and Omega for all things'. 'OOM-EEN - AUM-EEN - OOM-EEN'.

'The Revelatorium' is likewise but a missive which has been put on the Christ Table as is for the greater good. It is not intended to be used as heroics in a Messianic action. Nor is it for use as fodder for a church. Nor is it intended to be used as a script before thee. Nor is it intended to be a grub for money.

You are free to read 'The Revelatorium', discuss the Starrgrams with others, pass them around, even post segments on your website or broadcasts as long as you credit the source. Do not preach from their contents however, as in a 'I know something you don't' imposition.

Nor is 'The Revelatorium' intended to be the end of the matter. It is but a start. The 'Great Book', revealing to you all the greater inner secrets of Creation through your higher consciousness attunements, and for which you have awaited since its foretelling two thousand years ago is at long last being opened. The Christ Melchizedek teachings of the seventies were but the introduction. 'The Revelatorium' is but but a preface familiarizing you with the basic terms and methodologies of Reality for the illuminations to come.

It is the down pouring of the Waters of Truth into your mass consciousnesses for the next two thousand years during the Age of Aquarius, which comprises the 'Great Book'. For the next two thousand years your consciousness will be under going constant Reality expansion in ever expanding circles of light, life, love, and liberty. For the first thousand years the information will be inducting in. Over the next two thousand years the information will be discharging out. By the end of Aquarius you will have a full understanding of complete Galactic Law in all its factors and be ready to move back up into the fifth dimension where you belong.

At the end of Aquarius, most of you will be functioning at the full frequencies of the forty ninth level of the fourth dimension ready for re-materialization back up into the Morontia frequencies of the fifth dimension through the gate of Capricorn. The downloading of the whole of the Great Book will be well along long before the lower levels of your mass population even starts to become aware of it. Those adept of you in the fore front, such as those of you reading these 'Revelatorium' teachings today will assist the masses by conversation and examples, just as Christ taught and exemplified higher consciousness to the masses two thousand years ago.

'The Revelatorium' is to help you get there. It is for those of you who have sincerely started to feel the spiritual need to start taking responsibility again, seeking to know what is really going on in the greater picture called Reality and how Reality really works and where the process starts. Where the process starts is within your own higher consciousness awareness within your Higher Soul Atom self. All you need to do to start accessing it, is to start working with right thought in right direction.

'The Revelatorium' given to you at this particular time is also to help you understand what you need to know, and how to do it, in order to help get you started back in right thought in right direction with your own inner Christ Reality Soul Atom Self in preparation for the enlightenments to unfold for the next two thousand years. What you do with what you learn from this point on is entirely up to you.

As soon as you start saying to yourself 'I want to do something about that' about something which you feel is amiss, your Inner Christ Atom will start presenting you with things to do as a place to start. Only you can translate the conditions you carry on your frequency, because tautologically it will only be your frequencies which will be in sync enough with the particular conditions to do the job.

A solid practice to keep  mind is if not sure of about something to do is, 'Would Christ do that'. If 'No' don't do it. Or, which way would Christ go with something, Whichever way Christ would go, you go. The answers will be from your own Christ Celestial Triune self in your pituitary and not from some sort of mystical entity hovering somewhere nearby as all religions claim, and for sure it is never going to let you down. 'Ask and I will answer, for I am nearer than hands and feet'.

Which is why no one else can do it for you. And why Jesus will not appear and do it for you as a personal favour because you asked him to. Probably the single most unavailing bromide ever thrown at you by your Mentallized Religions. More importantly, nor will any of the so called Saints, an idea foisted on you over the centuries by the negatives, specifically for the purpose of keeping you from taking your own true responsibilities for yourselves to Christ clear yourselves by yourselves.

As taught at the forefront of all Christ teachings, 'Face your problems without thought of escape'.

Remember too, you need to 'want' to do it before you 'decide' to do it. Do not decide to do it reluctantly for fear of not doing it or for a similar lesser reason. Otherwise, Energy for the proper action will not be forthcoming as there will not be a proper balance of Will and Desire in your motivation. Likewise, it is by Free Will that you take the proper steps because it is also by Free Will that the conditions started.

The sometimes heavy gyrations you may have felt from time to time in reading 'The Revelatorium' up to this point are from the imbalances between your inner consciousness self wanting you to move forward and your outer consciousness self wanting you to stay the way you are.

Remember too, when you give yourself back to the purposes of Creation, you give up all of your outer ego's annoying little un-needed 'for me only' worldly allurements and entanglements. You need to live comfortably and eat healthily in order to do your work efficiently. However, showy houses and showy artefacts are not needed for the process and to be divested. Which way you go from here is entirely upon your own inclinations and for your own self to decide.

Both translation and the intones have been successfully beta tested on Earth, and have already been moved along to some of the other regressed planets in the Rebellion aftermath having a similar situation, who are at a point of clearing sufficient to be able to benefit from the understandings.

As your consciousness re-expands back up though the fifth dimension and seventh, so will your understandings. For example, for the Descendancy 'Causeless Cause' is the highest level of Cause understandable in the fifth and lower seventh dimensions. A Cause higher than 'Causeless' in known to the Descendancy in the upper seventh dimension and the lower Inner Creation. An 'Unknown Cause' is known in behind that in the upper Inner Creation and Paradise. The 'Original Cause' is known only to Alpha and Omega in the Holy Trinity.


Revelatorium Starrgrams

  1. Tenets of Reality
  2. Soul Atoms
  3. Soul Mate Pairs
  4. Incarnation
  5. Re-Incarnation
  6. Principles of the Cubit
  7. Root Races
  8. The Tree of Life
  9. The fountain of Youth
  10. The Number of the Beast
  11. Adam and Eve
  12. Atlantis
  13. The Crucifixion of Christ
  14. Revelations
  15. The Cosmic Overplus
  16. The Luciferian Rebellion
  17. The Rebellion Aftermath
  18. The Battle of Armageddon
  19. The Chosen Ones
  20. The Army of Christ
  21. Translation
  22. The Day of Atonement
  23. Alpha and Omega
  24. A Brief Introduction to the Intelligent Design of Creation
  25. A Brief Introduction to the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host
  26. Cosmic Thumbnails
  27. Cosmic Quotations
  28. RRrevelations


Intelligent Design Starrgrams

  1. The Origination of the Intelligent Design
  2. The Point and Center of Creation
  3. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega
  4. The Principles of the Cubit
  5. Expansion of the Cubit
  6. The Inner Creation
  7. The Outer Creation
  8. Seven Dimensions of the Outer Creation
  9. The Galactic Underworld
  10. Time Lines
  11. Local Universe Trinitization
  12. The Seven Great New Anti-matter Universes
  13. Completion of the Plan
  14. Physics of the Third Dimension
  15. The Microcosm
  16. Proof of the Design
  17. A Brief Introduction to the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega
  18. A Brief Introduction to the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host
  19. Cosmic Thumbnails
  20. Cosmic Quotations
  21. Structure of the Electron
  22. RRrevelations


Radionnic Ship Starrgrams

  1. Radionnic Clouds
  2. Negative Polarity Anchor Ship Clouds
  3. Positive Polarity Anchor Ship Clouds
  4. Radionnic Anchor Ship Pairs
  5. Radionnic Mother Ship Clouds
  6. Radionnic Father Ship Clouds
  7. Mother and Father Ship Pairs
  8. M/F and Anchor Ships Together
  9. Lower Cloud Reflections
  10. Sylphs
  11. Radionnic Fall Holes
  12. Interesting Radionnic Things
  13. Additional Radionnics Found on the Internet
  14. Radionnics Found in the Media
  15. Rainbow Radionnic Effects
  16. Visible Radionnic Ships
  17. Additional Visible Radionnic Ships
  18. Crop Circles
  19. Brief - The Heavenly Host
  20. Brief - The Auxiliary Pleiadian Fleet
  21. Brief - The Intelligent Design of Creation
  22. A Brief Introduction to the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega
  23. Cosmic Thumbnails
  24. Cosmic Quotations
  25. The Revelatorium Revelations
  26. Gallery

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