Starrgram 8: The Tree Of Life

'In the midst of the Garden stands the 'Tree of Life', bearing twelve manner of fruit and bearing of its fruit twelve times a month'. The twelve manor of fruit are the twelve frequencies of the twelve astrophysical family signs of Creation, which you call the twelve signs of the Zodiac  The twelve signs are fundamentally the same throughout all of Creation. The twelve signs are called families. There are twelve family frequencies  for the Descending people of Creation, and twelve for the Ascending. There are only the twenty four families in all of Creation.

The rules governing both the Descending families and the Ascending families are the same. The rods and staffs of a cubit divide it into twelve equal Pythagorean triangles. The triangles are called facets. One half face to the right and the other half to the left. (Fig. 10).

Fig. 10 - The Twelve Facets

Each facet is in a different location. By cubistic rule each has a completely different frequency. The facets represent the twelve manner of fruit. The twelve fruit are the twelve radiation frequencies which you also call the twelve Sun signs of Astrology.

The right half facing ones reflects the side of Female and the left half facing ones reflects the side of Male. They also reflect descending frequencies which are of the Female side and ascending frequencies which are of the Male. They also reflect induction which is Female receptive and discharge which is Male projective.

The facets by representation are called astrophysical frequencies. The twelve astrophysical frequencies are the backbone of the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is the backbone of the Outer Creation.

Galaxies are composed of Local Solar Sectors. Each Local Solar Sector contains the cubistic potential of approximately a thousand Solar Systems. Every Solar System in a Local Sector, including the Solar System Earth belongs to has the cubistic Solar family potential of twelve Planets. The planets might not all have a formed outer projection at the same time. Not all planets have a root race evolving within its fifth dimension at a given time. Every planet, third dimensional outer projection or not and root race or not, has a fifth dimensional administrative population in attendance.

Besides the nine Planets you currently recognize, Earth's Solar family has an electronic Planet just inside the photosphere of the sun called Vulcan, a Planet comprising the asteroid belt called Maldek which lost its one time outer third dimensional projection about two and a half billion years ago, and a proto Planet outside the orbit of Pluto called Nibiru which has not yet formed a third dimensional outer bodily projection.

By design, every Solar System in Creation is governed by the cubistic Tree of Life rule of astrophysics. The rules of astrophysics are simple. Every solar system experiences an input of the twelve astrophysical 'manner of fruit' frequencies as shown in fig. 10. Every Planet in a Solar System is attuned particularly to one or another of the frequencies. Every Planet re-expresses its particular frequency back into its Solar family at large. Every Planet receives a stimulation of each of the other eleven planetary frequencies, plus also its own.

There are thus the twelve frequencies, and each is re-expressed from each of the Planets to each of the others including itself. Every Planet in a solar system benefits from a total of twelve times twelve equals one hundred and forty four different Energy or astrophysical principles. Called 'facets of the throne'. In the figure below, the one hundred and forty four are depicted by the twelve facets in every one of the twelve cubits in the outer ring of cubits. The outer ring of cubits depicts the Solar system's fifth dimension. The cluster of seven cubits inside the circle depicts the fourth dimension, and the small cubit in the middle is the third. The depiction is straight out of Starrgram 7 of Book 1, the Intelligent Design of Creation. (Fig. 11).

Fig. 11 - The Twelve Times Twelve Facets of the Throne of a Solar System

The one hundred and forty four facets of the throne in the fifth dimensional ring are nurturing radiations of Energy. The nurturing radiations take place mostly within the fifth dimension. Earth's fifth dimension is known as 'The Garden of Eden' as much of the radiations filtering down to its current outer dimensional animal world evolution are from the Edentic worlds of the Cygnus Swan constellation.

On Earth the astrophysical principles are evenly distributed throughout the twelve months of the year. In earlier times you called the astrophysical principles 'courses'. 'Their officers served the King in any manner of the courses that came in and went out month after month throughout all of the months of the year' (Chronicles - Chap XXV11 - Verse 1). Today you call them the signs of the Zodiac. Which occur in an inductive mode for the first half of each month and dischargeous for the second half.

According to cubistic rule, the frequency of any part in any cubit is totally dependant on the frequencies of every other part connecting to it. By simple logic, no two cubits or no two similar parts of a particular cubit can have the exact same frequencies no matter how big or how small the cubistic matrix is, because no two can ever have the exact same parts connecting to it. By this simple fact of simple logic, the Intelligent Design of Creation is infinitely simple yet infinitely powerful. The same cubistic fractal depicts the Micro Universe and the Macro. The great Super Universes are depicted by the same cubistic formulations as are the parts of an atom. The Unified Field Theory is at hand.

Figure 11 above models the principle exactly. As you can see, each of the twelve cubits around the perimeter is in a completely different net location with respect to the whole. Having a completely different set of net parts connecting to it. The net frequency of each facet within each cubit is likewise completely different for being in a different cubit location within each cubit, for a total of one hundred and forty four completely different astrophysical principles represented.

The same is true of any Solar System in Creation. Again by simple logic, no two Solar systems can be in the exact same local anywhere in Creation nor under the same exact set of frequencies. The set of one hundred and forty four different frequencies for every Solar System in Creation is consequently unique no matter where in Creation the Solar System may be or how densely packed the area. The one hundred and forty four different unique facet frequencies, plus locale for a given Solar System uniquely defines the particular Solar Law for that given Solar System. The fifth dimensional component of any Solar system carries its unique Solar Law, and is the principle by which it conducts itself within Creation and is uniquely recognized by others.

The astrophysical inductions occur mainly in the fifth dimension, being the bottom line of Creation. Most of the radiations are from the twelve Solar Starr chambers which you call the twelve Zodiacal constellations, which are likewise specifically tailored unique for every Solar System.

Some of the effects are also experienced in the fourth dimension and third. In the fourth dimension, the facets combine emanations from the radiant side, plus programmed neutrino surges and electromagnetic radiation effects from Solar Winds and Solar Sun Spots, plus the same from afar, plus Gamma ray and X-ray bombardments, plus influences of magnetism through Sun Coronal Mass Ejections and Corona hole outflows, plus effects through gravity alignments, plus full frequency attunements through the higher dimensional side.

Third, fourth, fifth, and seventh dimensional radiations also issue from Sun Spots. Third, fourth, fifth, and seventh dimensional radiation effects are also carried by Solar Flares. Solar flares are somewhat under the influence of your mass consciousness. If your mass consciousness is somewhat turbulent because of prevalent outer world conditions, the number and size of solar flares will increase.

Your consciousnesses and Solar Flares are interconnected. The fact that the number and relative sizes of the solar flares coming into the solar maximum of spring two thousand and thirteen on Earth were very much diminished instead of increased as expected by your scientific community, implies in general that you passed rather well rather than poorly through the penultimate frequency changes of December twenty first, two thousand and twelve.

Similarly, the fact that by the end of two thousand and fifteen the solar Sun Spot output was the lowest in two hundred years shows you are making good progress in the early stages of Aquarius. The fact that the solar activity increased beyond that expected during two thousand and twenty three, is because the war against the Anti Christ has finally finally erupted into the public domain and many are having trouble dealing with it.

Astrophysical inductions also occur during eclipses. Only the third dimensional Electromagnetic Matter Substance level of the frequencies are screened by an eclipse. The fourth and fifth dimensional auric aspects and higher move right through, comprising yet more blueprinted interactions. The combined effects are how Creation evolves. Nothing in Creation of itself occurs and nothing in Creation occurs for nothing.

The twelve astrophysical properties also relate to your physical body. Your body has twelve inter-linked ganglia centers, called chakras by your Eastern mystics who errantly recognize only seven of the twelve. Six of the twelve centers are for induction and six for discharge. Each of your twelve centers is particularly attuned to one of the twelve astrophysical radiations.

On Earth the twelve frequencies are named within your current mass consciousness. The names are Earth made only. In your current terminology, Aries is in your head, Taurus your throat, Gemini your lungs and out your arms and hands, Cancer is in your breastplate (also called your Christ center, also where love is felt), Leo is in your solar plexus, Virgo your upper intestines, Libra your lower intestines, Scorpio your genitals, Sagittarius is down the inside of your thighs, Capricorn is in back of your knees, Aquarius is in your ankles, and Pisces is at the top of the bridges of your feet.

Some of the names you currently use came in during the latter days of Atlantis. The rest came in thirty five hundred years ago during Samaria and Babylon. All will undergo changes during Aquarius. The Babylonians later developed considerable quasi-misunderstandings about the frequencies, calling them astrology, all now part and parcel of the Mentallized Illusion. The proper term for discussion is 'Astrophysics' which bears no relationship to your Scientific use of the term which deals strictly with the lower third dimensional mechanical operations of the Universe.

A proper understanding of the principles of astrophysics is already starting to replace the old bygone ways of astrology, even as the old mythologies are finally being brought forward into the everyday awareness of your general public as should have occurred during Atlantis in order to recognize their existence, understand them, and start moving with them through the changes.

Of the twelve astrophysical radiations, six are female signs and six male. The six female astrophysical signs are, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn. The six male astrophysical frequencies are, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. The six female frequencies correlate to the six induction ganglia centers, the six male frequencies to the six discharge. 

Each of the twelve signs exemplifies a cosmic principle. Aries exemplifies the Principle of Universal Son, Taurus the Principle of Earth Mother (material hearth), Gemini the Male/Female Androgen Principle, Cancer the Universal Mother Principle, Leo the Universal Father Principle (also Solar Law), Virgo the Universal Daughter Principle, Libra represents balance and harmony, Scorpio regeneration and rejuvenation, Sagittarius is the arrow of truth, Capricorn is the gate of life and gate of death, Aquarius represents the outpouring of the waters of truth (also Galactic Law), and Pisces anchors the One Law of Love and Service one to another for the greatest good for the greatest number. Jesus taught astrophysics to his disciples two thousand years ago at the beginning of the Pisces dispensation now concluded.

Your popular images for Astrology are respectively, sheep, bull, wolves, lion, balance scale, pyramid, scorpion, centaur, goat, water pitcher, and fish. In all such astrological imagings, the icon is not the thing. The frequency behind the image is a principle and is the thing. The image of a fish swimming in both directions representing Pisces is simply the particular convention you have adopted into your outer consciousnesses awareness over the last ten thousand years for collating the principles of the Pisces frequency into a convenient thought. The images are starting to be replaced in consciousness by the cosmic principles as stated above.

The fish swims in both directions because there are twelve yearly monthly astrophysical frequencies in a solar year and twelve two thousand year dispensary astrophysical frequencies in a twenty five thousand year Age. The twelve yearly/monthly astrophysical frequencies clock around clockwise and the twelve two thousand year dispensary frequencies clock around counter clockwise. The yearly signs clock around as Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. The dispensations clock Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, etc. You have just entered the Aquarian dispensation out of Pisces. Capricorn comes up next two thousand years from now.

During the dispensary cycles the Law comes in through Leo and Aquarius. Solar Law comes in through Leo and Galactic Law comes in through Aquarius. As of May, two thousand and fourteen, Earth is now fully into the Age of Aquarius, the 'Age of Enlightenment', the 'Outpouring of the Waters of Truth', the 'Great Book Opening' at last. The first seeds of full Galactic Law have already starting becoming established in your outer world mass consciousness as the enlightenments in consciousness many of you are now starting to experience. Full Christ Conscious awareness is the goal, which nearly every Man, Women, and Child will have arrived at by the end of Aquarius.

Gemini has a sidereal effect, that of healing. Healing at any level is through your hands. The radiation moves out from your lungs, through your shoulders, down your arms and out your hands. A mother or baker who kneads dough in loving preparation produces delicious and nutritious bread stuffs.

In astrophysics, just as the Family matrix with respect to a given solar system is unique for all Planets within that solar system, the matrixing for each different Planet is also unique.

On Earth, every year as the Earth circles the Sun, it passes through the twelve distinct frequencies which you also call Sun signs or birth signs. Within the blueprint of Earth's Solar System, the passage is matrixed at the rate of approximately one per month. By design, every solar system in Creation has a similar matrix of twelve such radiations. Every matrix is uniquely blueprinted for just that one and only particular solar system. The frequencies for a particular Solar System come in through twelve Starr based resonate chambers called 'Constellations'. No two solar systems are enriched by the exact same twelve constellations.  Consequently, no two solar systems experience exactly the same flavours of the radiations.

Universally, as said above, each such astrophysical frequency in Creation is called a 'Family' , implying the myriads of variations of the frequencies though the myriads of planets and Solar systems in Creation. There are just the twelve such astrophysical families. Each of the twelve families is configured in a frequency specifically designated for just the Descendants and another which is just for the Ascendants. There are only the twenty four families in all of Creation. Throughout Creation every Solar System gets their unique flavours of the twenty four families. Every flavour in every Solar System is different.

This also reflects within all of the Soul Atom Children of the Creators. When you were originally brought into Creation as a Soul Atom child of the Creators, you were expressed as one or another of the twelve given astrophysical frequencies, and either as a Descendant or Ascendant Being. On Earth you call your flavours of the twelve frequencies, the twelve signs of the zodiac or birth signs in partial ignorance of the nurturing nature of the frequencies. The actual purpose of the families is to expand life. The principle is called 'The Tree of Life', the 'tree' is aptly reflected in the connected system of twelve astrophysical ganglia centers within your body.

All domains in the Outer Creation experience the family of twelve principle radiations tailored to each's local and dimension. All Soul atoms in the Outer Creation have a Tree of Life ganglia system within their bodily material projections tailored to their particular expression and dimension of residence regardless of their dimension of residence. Astrophysical inductions are always within your female aspect, discharge within your male. During the induction period you take on Energy. During the dischargeous period you re-express it in creative and co-creative works.

Within Earth's astrophysical matrix, the Earth orbits the sun once a year passing through the twelve frequencies once per month. The solar year begins with Leo. The first six months are a general descending (induction) phase from Leo to Capricorn, the last six are in general an Ascending (discharge) phase from Aquarius to Cancer. The induction and Ascending actions within the respective female and Male Sun signs are additional to that. During the descending Sun signs the descending Energy action within your body is enhanced. During the ascending signs the ascending action is enhanced.

By cubistic rule for Earth, the moon circles the Earth once every month, expressing all twelve of the astrophysical frequencies. 'The Tree of Life bears twelve manners of fruit and of bears of its fruit twelve times a month'. The progression comprises the re-expression of each of the twelve radiations through the main radiation for the month. During the month of Taurus for example, all twelve of the frequencies will be expressed under the flavour of Taurus, including Taurus itself.

The radiations of all twelve frequencies which you induct and discharge during each month long Sun sign, pass through the sequence like the hands of a clock. At the end of the year you will have passed through the twelve frequencies a month for every one of the twelve months and will have experienced all one hundred and forty four 'facets of the throne' frequencies for Earth, having inducted and re-expressed them for the greater good. All Soul Atoms in Creation experience the same one hundred and forty four facets of the throne frequencies per cycle, albeit tailored particularly to their type of ordainment and location.

On Earth, during each month long moon cycle, a new radiation commences about every two and a half days. A day and a quarter is spent in the induction phase and a day and a quarter in dischargeous. Per month, you will experience all twelve frequencies. The transition from each radiation to the next is about five minutes. If you pay attention to yourself you will feel/hear your physical atoms suddenly speeding up, then peak, then wane. Called by sensitives 'The Harmony of the Spheres'.

Per month, the main astrophysical change takes place on approximately the twentieth of the month. Three to four days prior to the change a warm up to the new frequency will begin. If you pay attention to yourself, you will again recognize a more noticeable change in the vibration of your consciousness starting around the sixteenth or seventeenth of every month. You will feel a less distinct change around the fourth or fifth of every month as the aspect switches from induction to discharge.

Also once per day, tied to your exact astrophysical moment of birth you also receive a special induction period lasting four or five minutes. Twelve hours later you will undergo a similar brief discharge period. The two are called your Cosmic Induction and Discharge periods. The induction and discharge periods occur because you will have been matrixly attuned to just those daily frequencies at precisely just those moments as a consequence of your exact instant of birth when your Soul Atom self first triggers your outer square of consciousness into life and locked you into the frequencies of the instant.

Your Cosmic induction and discharge periods similarly cause a speeding up of your atoms, more like a gradual rising then fading ringing type rushing in your ears, oft times also felt. Those of you who meditate can hit upon these various kinds of inductions and discharges by accident, thinking you have struck meditative gold. Then frustrate yourselves endlessly trying to repeat the experiences out of ad hoc from lack of understanding.

Earth itself also has twelve induction and discharge centers. The Oregon Vortex is a noted induction center. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the more active discharge centers. If you are in the Triangle when a particularly strong discharge occurs you could experience difficulties. A large pyramid, now underwater in the Triangle was placed there over thirteen thousand years ago because it is an active Energy center. It is not an active Energy center because the pyramid is there as some of you suppose.

In any Solar and Planetary locale, the cyclic amounts are always relative to just those locals but are always of the same principle in rule. The Planet Jupiter does not have a twenty four hour cycle exactly like Earth's. It does however, have a cycle which for Jupiter accomplishes the same thing as the twenty four hour cycle does for Earth. Likewise, it has an equivalent to Earth's twelve monthly 'Tree of Life' changes.

Throughout Creation the Cosmic rules stay the same even as the actual manifestational practices differ widely according to each particular local and intended purpose. Similarly, regardless of where in Creation it occurs, every time a next induction period comes around it will be a quantum leap higher in frequency than the same period's previous last induction, never lower. No matter how long or how short the cycle period or how great or how small, the next induction period will always be a little bit higher.

The same is true whether it is your special daily birthday induction, a planetary astrophysical radiation every two and a half days, or a year, or two thousand years, or twenty-five thousand years, or two hundred and fifty million years. Whatever the cycle anywhere in Creation, every next new same type cycle induction will be a step higher in frequency than the previous same type induction.

The same is true across Creation, regardless of circumstance. The frequencies of every new given relative induction tick higher and higher, induction by induction. It is called the Cosmic Clock. It is how the Outer Creation evolves. It is the purpose of the Tree of Life.

Without the clock there would be no universal increase in frequency. Without the universal increases in frequency there would be no expansion. Without expansion there would be no conversion of the great Even Pool of Darkness into everlasting life. The making of eternity is daily work.

Which is why Atomic fission is such an abomination. All the work of the Cosmic Clock in evolving all of the frequencies of all of the Substances involved to their present vibrational levels over the eons is undone in the split of a second. The rod bonds are torn apart releasing the interred rod energies in an instantaneous flash. In a larger blast, fourth and even fifth dimensional Substance wrappings can be destroyed.

Tremendous fourth, fifth, sixth, and even seventh inner and inter dimensional consequences go all the way back up through Orion through the electromagnetic Energy line interactions. Planetary Substance across the board is affected. Your consciousness around the Planet is affected. The frequencies of the whole Local Sector are affected.

Hydrogen fusion is not the same. Fusion is part and parcel of the natural interactive cubistic conversion between Ordinary Matter Substance and Electromagnetic Matter Substance. Some of the Ordinary Matter Substance is converted into Electromagnetic Matter Substance and the resulting frequencies end up the same or higher after the change.

Hydrogen bombs are a different matter. Hydrogen bombs are true abominations of the worst kind for usurping the natural nuclear principle out of hand. Also for producing a concentrated type thermo nuclear effect not found anywhere else in nature. Also, mainly for the negative thought impositions they impart back upon normal creative intention. Also, for the appalling static conditions they impart going all the way back up to Orion through the many levels of consciousnesses involved, stemming from both the unsavoury intentions of their producers and the inter-dimensional shock waves of Matter Substance undergoing extreme sudden disturbance.

If you have the misfortune of being in a central blast area, a concentrated nuclear explosion can strip off your Akasic record. Even by your so called micro nukes. The stripping requires you to be returned to the forefront of your evolution or experience in order to re-acquire equivalent information. Not easily done as some of the original frequency lines involved might no longer exist and suitable alternatives have to be found.

Also not forgetting, that in any such kind of malpractice explosion, a major burst of neutrinos suffering serious perturbations within their matrixes is suddenly unleashed upon Creation which eventually has to be translated back to normal by someone somewhere.

Under normal circumstances, the higher frequencies of Astrophysics are through the fifth and seventh dimension. The lower frequencies are through the third and fourth dimension. Through the fourth dimensional auric frequencies and other higher dimensional frequencies, electromagnetic effects result as the vast Energy lines tying the Stars, Planets, and Constellation containers together. Also governing their behaviours as part and parcel of astrophysics and inductions.

The action between a Starr and its Planets and Solar System to Solar System is cathode to anode. Gravity ball attractions also play a part, as also do the loving attractions of one Stellar Soul Atom to another.

In the outer action of the third and fourth dimensions, the change in vibration comes in mainly through the fourth dimensional auric frequencies of the sub-atomic elementary particles of the atoms, through the electrons, protons, and quarks, etc., and in particular from the floods of neutrinos passing through.

The main inductional gateway between the fifth and fourth dimension is through the magnetic field properties of the higher auric fields of the ferrous metals, nickel, cobalt, and iron. Plasma flows and other electrical reactions observed around the Stars and other celestial bodies of Creation are all part and parcel of the effect.

The information also comes in through the inter-dimensional aspects of the various elementary particles' matrixes, mostly through the vortices dimensional wrappings and is accepted through harmonization within the overall vibrational energy moire' interactions.

The change is from the inside out. The same is true whether it is for you in your projection, or a Planet's whole outer projectional body, or a whole system. Like making a small change in a moire' pattern, as quickly as the net vibrational matrix of the fundamental particles changes, the net vibrational matrix of the whole atom changes. As quickly as all the atoms in a material structure change, the frequency of the whole structure is changed. As quickly as the material structure of your projection is changed, a change in your consciousness is effected.

Since most of you today are also currently tied to your lower emotions, overall astrophysical changes are also a major case for mood swings. Similarly, many of your common day to day afflictions are tied directly to your astrophysical situation through misalignment. In normal astrophysical conductions, all but Aries of the astrophysical frequencies passes through your Taurus center on the induction cycles going down. All but Aries of the astrophysical frequencies pass through your Taurus center on the discharge cycles going back up. If your Taurus center is congested, your energies move amiss in both directions, which is why your throat becomes so congested whenever your consciousness is congested and vice versa.

Which is also why you become so debilitated when using drugs to party. The warm alluring auras of marijuana are simply your energies splaying out sporadically through your rod with Nplus static being attracted back in as a result. While you think you have become higher in frequency, you have actually become lower because your net Energy flows are being dissipated. An environment which feels warm and inviting to you when under the influence of marijuana, will feel cold and clammy to someone who is not because of the lower frequencies and static accumulations present.

The so-called illuminations in your consciousness through such minor higher sense enhancements are actually lesser gains because they come at such high price. The promised utopia of psychedelics was true illusion for not knowing the way psychedelics actually worked and what the cost would be in frequency loss.

There is a spiritual and medicinal side to marijuana to be sure. When it is grown solely for profit and used solely for recreational purposes however, the higher beneficial frequencies are usurped and adverse Energy dissipations result instead. The same is true and more so for LSD. Its effect is very adverse when used frivolously as the attunement of your higher senses goes straight towards the Mentallized Illusion and not towards Reality.

Cocaine is the worst of all. Your attunement goes straight to your ID, the part of your outer consciousness condition still aligned to the base animal frequencies of the planet which you inherited when you started incarnating into Earth's third dimensional time line. Cocaine reinforces the attunement.

Such ID frequencies as you still retain in your consciousness are responsible for all of your base emotions such as hate, fear, anger, and rage. Why Cocaine is so appealing to so many is that it detaches you from your higher frequency allotments and leaves you guilt free to enjoy the soaring illusionary feeling of great power which comes from being more aligned than normal to the raw vibratory influences of your animal attuned ID. Cocaine is being mass produced by the negatives to lower your net state of consciousness, not for its profit which is merely the outer guise.

Astrophysics also accounts for many of your current world wide malaises. Because your consciousnesses today are severely congested due to the crucifixion of Christ, under times of particular duress such as winter or when uncomfortably wet, stronger of the downward flowing Astrophysical inductions will bind in your Taurus center and back up into your Aries. The results are headaches, runny noses and blocked sinuses. Your upward flowing energies will be blocked off at Taurus and plug up back into Gemini affecting your lungs. The results will be dulled head effects, sore throats and coughy lungs.

Your scientists will never find a catch all cure for the common cold because the incoming frequencies are always changing. Normally, your most commonly experienced reaction to an abrupt change into a new frequency is a sudden sneezing and/or watery nose out of nowhere lasting for a few seconds or so to a few minutes.

It is entirely possible for you to break out into sneezing and a runny nose for a few minutes every day at the same time for awhile, until either your frequency comes into balance with the daily astrophysics of that moment or the astrophysical frequency itself changes into a next new variation.

If a particularly intense new induction occurs, the effect can be longer lasting and a sudden new outbreak of so called flu can be reported worldwide overnight. The fact that the normal flue season is early winter planet wide implies that Capricorn has only come out of the death state in the fourth dimension but not yet in the third. The fact that the severity of the flue season has started to become less severe year by year of late, implies that it is finally starting to. Vaccines and Man made pathogens have nothing to do with the matter.

'Colloidal' or so called 'Nano' Silver is excellent in eliminating the first symptoms of a flue or cold. Colloidal Silver is available at most Health food retail outlets. At the first appearance of a runny nose or itchy throat, use the silver from a small spray bottle and simply sniff the spray up your nose and suck it down into your lungs like an inhaler. Do it every time you need to for a day or two and you will end up with no sign of the infection even as everyone around you might become laid up for days or even weeks at a time.

Similarly, ordinary zinc supplement tablets, available anywhere for a few dollars a bottle have a therapeutic action on your Taurus center, allowing the energies to move freer. Zinc will quickly clear up about ninety percent of the unpleasant effects of the more enduring cold and flu afflictions.

A couple of tablets two or three times a day usually suffices. It takes about half a day or so for the zinc to start taking effect. A hot shower every morning and every evening is essential for removing the static cling which comes with colds and the flu with immediately noticeable results.

Lower micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria at times are likewise both the cause of physical afflictions and the effect. Revelations predicted pestilence for the present time on Earth not by crystal ball, but because it was well known in advance that extraordinarily powerful astrophysical induction and container link Energy trunks for raising up the Planet at the present time would be befalling into a mass consciousnesses which would be severely congested at the transition between the Piscean and Aquarian dispensations because of the Crucifixion.

Knowing that the lower micro organisms would be similarly subject to the exponentially increasing higher Energy radiations such as gamma rays and neutrino surges in the current now times, made the predictive evolution prediction two thousand years ago of mutations into new virulent strains of pestilence a lock.

Acquiescent micro-organisms within the physical substance of yourself or even animals who suddenly become jammed up in a powerful new induction, can find new found virility as a mutation, and a new pathogen is discovered after the fact overnight. One group could even become bound up, spawn a new virus, and infect everybody else through world wide outer spread even if the other groups were okay with the original induction. You are already well aware of the fact that some of you expel far more of a given pathogen than others even when in the same way infected. Your respective frequencies are at heart.

Planetary movements also have somewhat to do with the final coloring of the incoming astrophysical frequencies of a system. They are not the cause however as you have long popularized in astrology. The incoming frequencies have their main source in the blueprinted Co-creative Galactic and Universal matrixings. Plus inductions from such as programmed Sun solar flares and coronal hole outflows, and in particular the stellar resonance chambers.

Starrs are grouped into specific astrophysical resonance chambers which you call constellations. Constellations generate powerful net frequencies between their container Starr members for the evolution of the recipient Solar Systems involved. For every Solar System there are twelve resonance chambers radiating to it, the main source of the Solar System's twelve astrophysical frequencies. Frequencies for both the Descendancy and Ascendancy come down together for a given system according to the circumstances involved. Each Constellation relates specifically to one of the twelve planets of the Solar System involved. If one or more of the System's twelve planets have not yet been started up, the radiations move through the System's fifth and seventh dimensions, appropriately affecting the others anyway.

Through their higher understandings, your ancients knew the Starr combinations comprising the constellation frequencies related to Earth. Lesser outer consciousness interpretations later created the lore. Your Sun itself participates in constellation resonance chambers for other Solar Systems. No one has nothing to do.

Similarly, Creation is on a plane. The seven Super Universes of the Outer Creation are like the petals of a flower around the Inner. The main direction of Earth's Super Universe from Earth is in the direction of the belt of Orion beyond the Local Universe. The direction to the Inner Universe is at a point in space where the Pisces constellation borders on Aquarius.

General additional higher frequency enhancement radiations come in from this direction from the heart and Center of Creation out through the Cube and Sphere which is ever radiating acute angle rays of equal three parts of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. When the radiations meet the initial boundaries of the respective Super Universes, they convert into Cosmic Rays and similar effects at the Galactic level according to their given purposes.

Overall, the frequencies received by any given Solar system are carefully blueprinted in order to produce exact astrophysical frequency effects upon the extant evolutionary involved in order to produce the specific levels of consciousness desired at every step along the way. There are no exceptions. Nothing in Creation is hap hazard. When there are perturbations such as upon Planet Earth, the frequencies suffer.

That you have construed the planetary conjunctions of Astrology into telling bellwethers called horoscopes comes about only because various observable reactions occurred within you at the same time as the incoming astrophysical frequencies came through. Consequently, for the most part your horoscopes of astrology are nothing more than the conglomerate recording of the effects of the incoming 'Family' frequencies upon your consciousness when you have or have not worked with them properly or as well as you should have. There is never in actuality a negative or gloomy daily, monthly, or yearly horoscope. All frequencies are for the greater good.

Just as a given new incoming frequency might create disturbances within your internal sub atomic components rather than enrichment because you are congested with respect to that particular frequency, within someone else the changes in their atomic components might occur quite harmoniously to everyone's mutual benefit.

When you see a horoscope come up with a date which for you is not encouraging, this simply means that an incoming frequency is pending for which over the years your particular frequency group has not worked with it as harmoniously as it should have. Hence the reactions were turbulent. Hence the ominous bodes about it. In effect chronicling it as an effect not a cause.

Your planetary actions as a whole also have an affect on how you perceive the frequencies. As a case in  point, the principle of Pisces is to anchor the law. Christ anchored the Law at the beginning of Pisces two thousand years ago. The two thousand years following as the Piscean Age should have been one of great spiritual strengthening, ready to welcome in the great floods of higher practical aspects of spirituality to come as the Great Book being opened during Aquarius.

Anyone forecasting the Piscean future before the fact of two thousand years ago would have called for a period of great spiritual light strengthening. Instead, as a result of the crucifixion the Piscean Age is currently being palmed off as a very negative period of dominance, control, materialism, and fear. The frequencies themselves never changed. Just your outer awareness reactions to them and hence your outer consciousness recordings. You were fashioners of your own ill fate. The incoming frequencies of Aquarius are now having to do double duty in both helping to clean up the disharmonies incurred during Pisces and prior, and also of strengthening everyone's spiritual light in general in preparation for the great advent of Capricorn to come two thousand years from now.

A happy horoscope forecasts that your given frequency group taken as a whole is harmonious with that particular incoming frequency. Foreboding horoscopes are at least helpful in letting you know that you and your frequency group as a whole have work to do within yourselves regards coming into harmony with that particular pending radiation. You are at the least alerted to take extra responsibility by being double positive in your expressions during the cycle rather than accepting the forecast as inevitable fate.

The onus is always on you individually to ride out any forecasted rough ride in the most positive and progressive manner possible instead of lamenting your pending fate. Or worse, making unwise reactionary decisions. Individually this means you need to be double positive whenever necessary in order to turn a pending adverse predicted time frame into a positive achievement without adversely affecting others or hiding out in apprehension.

If your forecast is positive all the better. Which gives you even greater incentive to be as positive as possible during the episode for the greatest good. The radiations are never for the benefit of yourself, they are always for the expansion of Creation. Creation speaks to the greater good never to the common self. That horoscopes currently try to make everything privy to self is all part and parcel of the conditions you have incarnated into to help overcome.

It matters not how daunting may seem your work to effect a needed positive conversion of a pending frequency. If it is not done by each of you individually, the frequency group as a whole to which you belong will have to keep going through the same rough ride every time the mishandled negative frequency comes up until all of you do. It is both a singular and a collective thing. When everybody within your frequency group has learned how to induct and discharge a given frequency properly it will stop being recorded in the genre as a nasty moment coming. Self-evident truth.

Those of you who pooh pah astrology have the right to pooh pah astrology, but not the right to pooh pah astrophysics.