Starrgram 13: The Crucifixion of Christ

The Paradisiacal Creator Son/Daughter Christ Michael of Nebadon, whose consciousness created and maintains this Local Universe of a thousand Galaxies, formed an Earth plane projection named 'Jesus of Nazareth' on November 16th, translated calendar time. Jesus was a Scorpio in astrophysical frequency. The projection was to help herald in the Piscean Dispensation, and to help the Adamics ascend to the seventh dimension.

Dispensation periods are approximately twenty one hundred years long. The Piscean Age was already ninety years old when Jesus was born. Your historians have eclipsed this fact by conveniently pegging the start of the Piscean Age to the year of Jesus' birth.

Every Solar System which has reached sufficient development has a family of twelve Planets. Not all Planets have been necessarily started, and not all Planets have formed an ordinary outer Matter Substance projection. Every Planet has a fifth dimensional administrative population. Most Planets also have the responsibility of root races evolving within their fifth dimension.

Very occasionally on only a very few, and for therapeutic reasons only, some also have the responsibility of a time line situation temporarily precipitated within their third and fourth dimensional matrixes. On only a relatively small number of those, through an abrogation of the One Law, higher consciousnesses have also projected into the time line out of sorts.

In direct accordance with the Intelligent Design, at a point in the history of every properly functioning fifth dimensional Planetary root race evolution, a Paradisiacal Christ Triune Being enters the evolutionary ranks to bestow unto the current root race a full awareness of their true status as Christ eternal beings. The Christ bestower teaches and exemplifies what they are to become and how to become it. The bestower also bestows into their mass consciousnesses a super high frequency radiation which directs and consolidates their predisposition towards the Christ Principles they have been learning. The bestower in their midst is known as their 'Christ'.

This is the point at which an Ascendant evolution is made fully aware of their true heritage as Christed Triune Beings in preparation for their next stage of advancement into the seventh dimension in order to put what they've learned into practice. It is an exciting and anticipated time for all concerned.

The Christ bestowal is always in the fifth dimension and is always for the full term of a properly conducted nine hundred to a thousand year avatar incarnation as related to your Earth example. Christ bestowals are typically undertaken by Paradisiacal Teacher Son/Daughters or Paradisiacal Magisterial Son/Daughters. In one and only one bestowal within the entire history of the countless of billions of such a Local Universe's bestowals, the respective Local Universe Creative Son/Daughter does the bestowal himself/herself, an integral part of his/her own experiential expansion.

On Earth, the bestowal was undertaken by Christ Michael of Nebadon Him/Herself as part of His/Herself's experiential learning and for things to come in the new Creation. The Earth bestowal was also unusual in that it was not conducted in the Planetary fifth dimension as usual, but in the Planetary time line as that was where the evolution was at the time. The first such bestowal of its kind ever conducted in the history of Creation.

During the bestowal, the Son aspect was given the Earth name Jesus of Nazareth. The Daughter aspect was given the Earth name Mary Magdalene.

Jesus and Mary were the conjoined one hundred and ninety ninth Male/Female Ovarian Soul Atom/Atum of Christ Michael, walking as a Soul Mate pair within Earth's third dimension. Who had undergone previous preparations for their responsibility starting two hundred and fifty million years ago. The Taikoteans were the first of the twelve root races to undergo evolution within Earth's fifth dimension. Jesus/Mary were the first of the Taikoteans to complete its evolutionary cycle.

As the single conjoined Ovarian Atom can represent the Whole Soul Atom in an incarnation by proxy, during the bestowal the entirety of Christ Michael's seventh dimensional Whole Soul consciousness as his/her Local Universe's Creator Son and Daughter was embodied within the combined consciousnesses of their Jesus and Mary projections. Jesus carried all of the outer aspects of the bestowal responsibility. Mary carried all the inner.

One of the main outer related tasks before Jesus was to translate your Mentallized Illusions about death. Death in the animal kingdom is a given part of the animal matrixes of life. A Soul Atom component is not present. The life animus of the animal kingdom is carried through their outer matrixes by impulse from the Planetary Celestials just as your outer ego awareness appears within your outer matrix by impulse from your Soul Atom self in residence. When animals die, as there is no Soul Atom continuance their matrixes dissipate and their personas dissipate with it, their death is the end of it.

Life for you on the other hand is in no way contingent upon death. Your Soul Atom is eternal and can not die except by an absolute end of the road complete default of your expression through un-redeemable corruption. You experience rude death in your present outer world predicament today however because of the lesser conditions you inherited from the animal kingdom which you took on when you went into the third dimension and encased yourselves within the animal world cubistic material matrixes. It continues today only because you continue to accept such death as inevitable within your current Mentallized Illusion outer conscious make up.

Animals are currently matrixed to preserve themselves in the wild by fearing death above all else. Because most of your lower consciousness outer ego selfs are still directly attuned to the animal kingdom matrixes of Earth, you likewise have a compelling and untoward fear of death.

Make no mistake about it, Christ went to great moment two thousand years ago to make it absolutely clear that death is not the death of your incarnating Soul Atom. Merely just the discontinuing of your Soul Atom's current outer bodily projection. Once brought forth from Alpha and Omega you are forever.

Within your Earth example, you experience three crosses of relevancy. A 'Cross of Power', a 'Cross of Shame', and a version of the Cross of Power perverted by the Romans into a 'Cross of Death'. A properly configured Cross of Power implies a properly configured outer projection. A properly configured outer projection implies living nine hundred to a thousand years as an Avatar. At the end of the incarnation period your outer projection is gracefully discarded. The Cross of Power represents life.

If instead you die of conventional old age, then you clearly did not come into proper alignment with your Cross of Power during your lifetime. If such a death, you wear your shame bare faced upon your sleeve. What you think typically as death is therefore called, death upon the 'Cross of Shame'.

The 'Cross of Death' was a perverted version of the 'Cross of Power', used by the Romans as a malpractice death instrument by forcing a Soul Atom out of its projection before its time. The same is true for your Earth plane capital punishments of today. They constitute a severe misuse of principle and are not sanctioned no matter how humane you think the approach might be or how justifiable the reason.

During the many years of his youth, Jesus's whereabouts were completely unknown to family and friends. In actuality his time was spent journeying through the Arab countries of the Middle East, the countries ringing the Mediterranean, and through India. He traveled to investigate the understandings of the regions, make contacts, and undergo his outer consciousness negative purgings.

When Jesus finally cleared the last of his carnality in the Temple of the Hieroglyph in the Great Pyramid, which had been prepared for the purpose ten thousand years earlier by the Sons of the Solitude during Atlantis, he re-appeared at the age of thirty in Bethlehem ready to implement the outer portion of his bestowal responsibility.

Jesus gathered his twelve Male Disciples and twelve Brides of Christ who were Soul Mate Pairs. The group of twelve Males and twelve Females respectively held the fields for the twelve astrophysical frequencies in both male and female mode at the highest frequencies. The fields surrounded the Christ entourage as they moved about to help in the translation of the masses. Jesus taught for three years before undergoing transfiguration on the mount at the age of thirty three.

During the three years Jesus gave a full Cosmic Christ Teaching to his twelve Apostles and Brides of Christ in the upper room of Mary Magellan's house. On the road at his gatherings, Jesus taught simple Spiritual Laws such as, our Father is loving and forgiving and not fearful and vengeful as was being taught by the current Priesthood.. Actually he taught of a loving and forgiving 'Father and Mother', a much harder sell against the mores of the times who were only being told about the Father. Similarly, he took away the sins of the world by teaching three simple rules in the living of which sin would be unknown. Namely, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you', 'Love one another and serve one another as I have loved and served you', and 'Love thy neighbour as you would love thyself'. He also went over many sermon topics and cited many parables.

Whenever one of the gatherings was finished, the troop would head off immediately to avoid the authorities inevitably on their way. After passing out beyond sight, they would immediately veer to the left or right. The townsfolk would point out the way the troop had gone to the authorities on their heel. Who, not knowing about the veer would just keep going and going in the same direction ending up empty handed. The Christ entourage was always one or two steps ahead of the law.

Going in the new direction, a member of the entourage would go ahead and apprise the people in next suitable gathering place that the Christ entourage was on it's way. Jesus always had a sizeable turnout and the entourage was never caught.

Because he had become properly transfigured at the age of thirty three, Jesus was slated to remain in his projection for a thousand years as your Planetary Christ. To show the fact of the death illusion once and for all however in a surely demonstrative way, Jesus had agreed that he would undergo an untimely death on the Cross of Shame instead, even though he in no way whatsoever needed to. He was to have died around the age of ninety-five. He was to have resurrected three days later. He was then to have walked among you as your Dispensary Christ for the next nine hundred years. The death lie revealed would have been self destroyed once and for all. The Adamic root race at large would have been fully introduced into the principles of eternal Christhood which they are just beginning to now.

Coming into the time of the Crucifixion however, Christ had become the distrust of the Pharisees because he did not purvey in the manner of the self appointed administers of spiritual truth at the time. An Angle spoke with the voice of a trumpet', meaning Loud, Loud, Loud so the message could get through past the cobwebs loud and clear. At the age of eleven Jesus bodily threw the money changers out of the Temple. By the time he was thirty he had grown into an unrelenting Christ firebrand who was very positive in his expression and was not afraid to trumpet loudly about it.

It is only the outer ego which worries about what others might think, which is why so many people had so much trouble accepting his Divinity at the time. Who had been expecting someone with piety dripping from their pores. It is only religious precept which views spiritual leadership as sombre robes muttering soporific tombs in monotonous tones. Canada's Newfoundlanders have it right when they exclaim profusely, 'Lord Tunderin Jesus'.

All of the statements attributed to Jesus in the New Testament were by the thundering voice of a trumpet, very forceful and with great emphasis. Read any of his statements in the New Testament as though, ' Voice of a trumpeted' and not just normal at preachy levels as everyone presumes. You will get a whole new feeling for what he had just said. Plus, the whole of  the new Testament will gain an all new sense of importance and significance. Fire and brimstone preachers are on the mark, just as they are off the mark for lack of modern day enlightened understandings, though Martin Luther King was pretty close.

The Caesar side was similarly concerned about tax issues surrounding his ministry. An awareness of plots to engineer a crucifixion had begun to emerge through the inner dimensional factors being monitored on high.

When the plots against him began to become a serious possibility, with generous input from the black masters in behind who were actually the main ones stirring the pot, Jesus agreed that should it come to pass he would undergo the much more unsavoury death of crucifixion upon the Cross of Death instead. He would still resurrect anyway, the job still done from all other points of view. If so however, Mankind would become the sorry loser for incurring the extremely negative backlash imbalances such an inharmonious ejection from his outer projection would impose upon his massive connections back upstairs.

As their Whole Soul Atom's proxy in their projection, the whole of their Local Universe's life stream had been passing through Jesus and Mary Magdalene's consciousness as they walked about as their continuing Local Universe's Creator Son/Daughter life line during the incarnation. Another part of the miracle of their birth never before attempted at a third dimensional level. All done to lay foundation stones for the greater things to come in the new Creation now starting to unfold.

However, the original plan could not be continued if Jesus was to die by force. Given the high order of Jesus' and Mary's connections to their mammoth links upstairs, the links would collapse leaving the rest of their Local Universe cut off from their life stream. If rudely ejected from his projection therefore, Jesus would not be able to remain for the duration of his nine hundred year planetary walk as planned, with all potential losses and consequences befalling there from upon Mankind.

From the cosmic point of view Jesus had already accomplished nearly everything on his plate in the greater picture once he had transfigured. He had taken away the sins of the world by giving three simple laws to live by in the living of which sin would be unknown. He had anchored in the frequencies for the Piscean Age by teaching of a loving forgiving Father and Mother and not a God of wrathful vengeance and ire.

He had also brought to an official end Lucifer's Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus by decree on the mount. Stating in effect, 'Satan get thee behind me'. An edict which went out across all thousand Galaxies of his Local Universe. All the more telling because it had come from his simple Earth plane projection and not from his seat on high.

He also ended the appallingly heinous practice of sacrifice as outlined in Starrgram 12. Atlantians did not bury their deceased. The original purpose of the Atlantian pyramid towers was crematorium. The towers were spread around the world and were cubistically designed to produce a purple flame of transmutation up the center from the consciousnesses of the priests in attendance. The flames issued perpetually out the top and could be seen for miles.

The original meaning of the word sacrifice was 'to make Holy', meaning the release of heart felt love in order to bless and reconnect to heaven. When you were ready to discard your outer projection, you would simply step ceremoniously from the top of the crematorium into the flame. Your physical body would be dissolved back into the respective elementary particles of its composition. Wrapped in an aura of pure love from the purple trans-mutational flame and with help from the consciousnesses of the Priests in attendance, your Soul Atom would be harmoniously released from your outer projection free and clear of conditions ready to return unencumbered back to the fourth or fifth dimension as the case may be.

The Black Masters usurped the principle by forcing you into the flame against your will and before your time, utilizing the resulting discordant frequencies resulting from your sudden unwanted separation from your physical body for ill doing.

When any living thing is mal-sacrificed, a flood of fourth dimensional Nplus static is released within the vapours of the aftermath instead of love. Both the Black Masters and the Demonic ones in the astral realms were able to make temporary quasi materializations within the vapours, allowing them to show themselves briefly to their fervent followers. The original purpose of their mal-sacrifices. Christ put an official end to the practice two thousand years ago.

Misconceptions of the practice had been adopted by the primitive religions before Christ, using animals hoping to appease their respective adopted deities into predisposing favourably towards them. A more abominable practice and affront to the Creators cannot be imagined. Continued unfortunately today in some of your Muslim, Judaic, and similar traction religions as gross miss-adaptations of the original malpractice intent. You mistakenly believe you are appeasing God or Allah. A more heinous affront to the Creators is not possible. 'Do not kill anything I have made alive'.

He also ended the demonic practice of mummification as detailed in Starrgram 9 of The Intelligent Design of Creation. The early Egyptians had begun mummifying the discarded outer bodily projections of their rulers and elite as optimum anchor points for allowing their crystallized outer ego remnants to hang around after death, able to make frequent third dimensional ethereal appearances furthering the impression that the Pharaohs were literally Gods.

The impression was furthered by the fact that whenever a new potential Pharaoh had been selected, they would be ceremoniously impregnated by a Demonic presence. They would then be raised in the black arts until ready to ascend to the throne in order to both control the Demon inside and to utilize it's negative Energies in a forceful and manageable way. Because of their visible two sided occult abilities the Pharaohs were literally considered Gods. The Demonic entities infiltrated though the Pharaohs, the Black Masters of Atlantis manipulated the population though the Priesthood, the alien contamination in the thousand or so tin pots around Earth plus Anunnaki from Nibiru, plied mainly in the Mesopotamian countries, Norway, Rome, and central America.

Jesus had also qualified as test driver the sanctified Human bodies introduced into the Earth plane evolutionary time line by Adam and Eve twenty three thousand years earlier. Not only by having successfully established an earth plane projection at birth capable of withstanding the unprecedented pressures of bringing into its upper matrix all of his Triune Being capabilities as dispensary Christ, but also by supporting sufficient Carbon-7 based DNA to sustain his fully functioning consciousness as Creator Son of his whole Local Universe while in the lower dimensional outer mode projection. Also by successfully achieving the higher frequency re-alignment called transfiguration. And finally by proving the new human body's capacity to resurrect into a full fifth dimensional Morontia frequency of Being

Most importantly, at the beginning of the Piscean dispensation he had successfully anchored into Earth's dimensional matrixes the higher Energy inter-dimensional factors for the great Cosmic Plan of the Creators to come such that both the Planet and evolution would be able to handle the extraordinarily intense high frequency Energies starting to come in now.

From your point of view, whichever way Jesus had chose to demonstrate the fact of resurrection would have been the same difference. Except that in the case of death forced upon him, you would no longer have a Dispensary Christ in your midst for the next nine hundred years. You would also call rude death upon your heads in unprecedented number through the colossal Nplus static which would result within your collective consciousnesses when the great frequency links to Christ Michael's seat in the seventh dimension would gyrate and backlash in the effort to keep him higher connected through the appallingly abrupt lower frequency disconnection.

Which you did, and which did occur, and which rude death you have had over the last two thousand years in the hundreds and hundreds of millions through wars, pestilence, and genocide. You were the fashioners of your own ill fate. It is also to your undying shame that you are the only recipient in all of Creation to have ever crucified your Christ. The Planetary Soul Atom/Atum also bears the shame and the Universe knows its travail.

Just before the Crucifixion, an effort was made by the higher powers to try and reverse the negative flow of static which was rising as a tide of resentment against Christ. Through his Reality Atom, Judas Iscariot was asked to betray Christ.

An arrangement was made for Jesus to meet the Romans in The Garden of Gethsemane. The Garden was surrounded by a protective shield. When Jesus was to be pointed out to the Roman guards by Iscariot, he was to have stepped forward into their custody. The higher energies would have flowed from him and his group to the guards in a positive action through their rod/staff extensions. Then through the guards into the masses at large through their rod/staff extensions in a continuing positive direction.

Peter was part of the group at the gathering. Peter's acceptance in consciousness that Jesus was indeed the Christ of prophecy was the rock upon which the kingdom was founded. Peter the guy was not the rock. Peter was the first of all to accept in his heart that Jesus was truly the Christ of prophesy. No small feat given the fears, pre-conceptions and congested states of consciousness at the time.

Belief is the key to positive evolution. Believing in something ties you directly to the something believed. When the belief is about the higher factors, the tie is directly to your higher action. Which punches through the veil and starts the process of re-alignment going. Which is why faith is so important. Faith is the first step. You have faith that something may be so, then you believe it, then you know it to be so, and finally you understand it.

Though well cued in advance that undo fussings might occur, Peter succumbed to ire and smote a guard's ear. The action breached the field and Jesus was seized in anger instead. The flow through the group's rods became reversed and remained negative.

Pontius Pilot could have reversed the flow back to positive by exonerating Jesus. He chose instead to beg neutrality, allowing the negative flow to continue unabated and to magnify. Because free will cannot be usurped no matter the consequence, Jesus' fate was accepted.

Jesus did not die on the cross. He was still alive when they took him down. The authorities said nothing else it would have revealed his greater nature who had expected him to die within the first half day or so. Jesus officially left his projection in the cave later in preparation for undergoing his resurrection into a fully consecrated fifth dimensional Being of Morontia Substance. Through higher frequency assistance from Mary Magdalene who remained outside the cave for the three days of the proceedings, the transmutation proceeded successfully.

It is a point to remember that onus of blame should not be put on Peter, Pilot, members of the Sanhedrin, or anyone else individually. Judas Iscariot should not have been made scapegoat for only doing what he had been cued up to do in Reality. There were four John's working together in harmony together in the higher action during the bestowal, John the Divine, John the Harbinger known to the outer world as John the Baptist, John the Revelator who was present in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds and who piped much of the information through in real time through a high frequency Melchizedek attunement in consciousness to Jesus as he taught, and John the Subjugator known to the outer world as Judas Iscariot.

More specifically, the informations would come from John the Revelator in clumps as downloads into Jesus higher Reality Soul Atom Self, which would then pass it out linearly down into Jesus's outer Consciousness awareness as the teachings Jesus was expressing. The same is happening today where people are receiving clumps of information from on high about Galactic Law as downloads into their higher inner consciousness awareness, which then passes it out linearly into their outer consciousness awareness's in formats they can understand. Most often at night during vivid lucid dream state episodes where their outer senses are less interfering.

John the Subjugator's role was that at an appropriate time he was to put, i.e., subjugate the laws Jesus had been teaching by putting them to the test to gauge how well they had been excepted. Which he did. In his outer action Judas did not suspect there could be a crucifixion. He was the entourage's accountant. He thought he was turning Jesus over to the tax collectors.

The point to remember also is that no one had any more blame for what happened than anybody else. The non-acceptance in the general mass consciousness of the full Christ frequency Jesus was carrying was the problem. Which provided optimum conduit for the negative Black Master intelligences in the background to interfere. Who did not want to see Christ's successes end their illusionary fools paradise once and for all.

Peter could have chosen a less temperate action to be sure. Pontius Pilot could have shown more jurisprudence. You could have paid a lot closer attention to the mighty urgings of your inner Realities which had been rising up a cacophony of attention in the presence of the Christ opportunity that was before you.

Your outer consciousness conditions had not yet been properly cleared enough though, given the very short time in which Jesus had been working with the Apostles and in that these things take time even for the most ardent. It was your general non-acceptance of Jesus as Christ in your midst which provided the conduit for the negatives to interfere. Not anything anyone in particular did or did not do. That some of the Disciples, including his Mother Mary had not yet fully accepted Jesus's Divinity did not help either.

The inner action of Christ's bestowal was all but fully successful. In the outer action of the bestowal the original higher hope had been to at least gain a toe hold against the prevailing negative conditions of the time. Which it did. So in the end result the crucifixion was allowed to proceed.

Following the crucifixion, Jesus successfully resurrected, proving to finality your Mentallized Illusions about death and proving to finality the capability of the new outer projection physical body to handle the full transmutation of ordinary Matter Substance up into the full higher frequencies of fifth dimensional Morontia Substance. A miracle of miracles in its own right given the uncertainties it took getting there, and such capability to become ingredient in things to come within the new Creation.

Following the crucifixion and after the resurrection, Jesus continued to work for nearly forty years in the fifth dimension while his catastrophically disrupted frequency links quietly underwent re-configuration back to upstairs. He projected in visibility from time to time before your third dimensional awareness's in places all around the World by lowering his frequency of visibility from that of Morontia to the third dimensional band of visible light. Known variously by others and in various places, such as the Great White God 'Quetzalcoatl' of the Aztecs.

By decree of Jesus, non of his words were ever directly recorded or set down by his followers during his sermons. He made numerous illustrations in the sand as he lectured and erased them by foot immediately after. The only record ever left was in the consciousnesses of those he taught face to face. The reason was that his words were only for those who would receive them with a willing heart and were not for those who had malpractice in mind. Or would try to use them for self gain or acclaim.

Throughout the bestowal, including the forty years following the resurrection, the full Triune capacity of the Creators was upheld by a triune hook up of John the Divine who stood at the right side of Christ, John the Baptist who stood at the left side, and Jesus and Mary themselves as Christ in the middle.

John the Divine who was Elijah before that, upheld the Intelligence factor of the Father. John the Baptist who was Moses before that upheld the Substance factor of the Mother. And Jesus and Mary together stood as the Christ Energy Factor of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter in between.

After the death of John the Baptist, James the brother of Jesus stood in as proxy. Four thousands years ago, Elijah upheld the Intelligence factor of the Father. Moses upheld the Substance factor of the Mother, and Machiventa Melchizedek, the Melchizedek King of Salem stood as the Christ Energy Factor of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter in the middle, though the the three were not outwardly gathered together.

Before Elijah, John the Divine was Enoch the father of Noah. John the Divine's Ovarian Atom is from a Whole Soul Atom projected from Paradise. The Atom is currently posted in love and service to the Outer Creation on Nirvana, a satellite of Urversa ninety billion light years from Earth. His/Her overall Whole Soul responsibility is to supervise to fruition the Great New Super Universe being started up in Andromeda.

The particular Ovarian Atom had been on Earth two hundred and fifty thousand years ago, and was among those who were sent to Orion in the emergency which erupted and resulted in the planet being placed under Galactic quarantine. He/she was retuned to Earth during Atlantis to help in the stabilization of Atlantis during the influx of the gentiles. After a first thousand years, he re-incarnated again as Enoch.

Enoch was a well known and beloved member of the upper Atlantian society who was also being groomed to become an Atlantian Son of the Solitude. Who suddenly vanished without a trace. He was independently wealthy through proceeds of a large gold mining operation he had inherited from his parents. The mine was located Northeast of what is now the Town of Neilson in the West Kootenay Mountain area of Southeast British Columbia, Canada. For pastime, Enoch spend his idle weekend hours as an amateur archaeologist exploring the old archaeological ruins of the time as a hobby.

He became permanently entombed in an old temple by mishap one day when the big stone door of a chamber he was exploring blew shut, trapping him in forever. Due to his significant public popularity his sudden absence was immediately noticed. As he had kept his explorations to himself and no one even suspected that he ventured out on such adventures, he effectively seemed to have disappeared completely from the face of the Earth. Giving rise to the eventual miss-interpretation that he had sic, 'Walked with God and had been taken up by God', and was subsequently re-named Metatron.

As John the Divine he was asked to incarnate one and a half centuries after the death of Christ as the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurilius to try and steer Rome into a more positive direction. Which he did. Through his inner activities Marcus Aurilius is regarded as one of the greatest emperors in Roman history and is numbered among the five good emperors.

He also stands out as one of the greatest intellectual rulers in Western Civilization. He was impressed with a firm desire for peace which manifested itself in prolific philosophic and poetic writings which he quietly handed out to trusted friends and allies within the Roman Senate.

In his domestic policy, he was a champion of the poor for whom he founded schools, orphanages, hospitals, and alleviated the burden of taxes. He also tried to humanize criminal laws and the treatment of slaves by their masters. He was also particularly concerned with public welfare and even sold off most of his own personal possessions to try and lessen the effects of famine and plague within his empire.

Through his outer consciousness acquired conditions of the Roman State on the other hand, however, he had been forced to hide his spirituality for the most part at the risk of instant death by his peers. Consequently he came to relish the coliseum and did not dispose well towards Christians. His ill disposition towards Christians was from the fact that the Christian's current policy at the time had become one of exalting the things Jesus did at the expense of the things he taught. Which ran against Marcus Aurilius's intuitive grain for having been there originally and specifically being admonished by Jesus not to do so.

Similarly, most Western religions today teach that 'Jesus' is your personal saviour and your Lord. He is neither. What he taught and exemplified are your saviour. Jesus was your teacher and way shower which never ages. Believing in his words and following the spiritual dictates of the 'Lord Within', namely, your own Triune Christ Celestial Soul Atom Self who sitteth upon the throne within your own pituitary gland doeth the work. Not something somebody does outside of yourself, or outside the tenets of the One Law.  

Similarly, John the Divine had incarnated as King Saladin of Egypt during the Crusades. Even as King Saladin fought against the Christians in his outer action, he helped in matters of the Revelations on his inner. During the same time his Female Soul Mate half had incarnated as a female, guised herself as a male and was one of the four Templar Nights, who, with help from King Saladin quietly spirited the one and only full copy of the Revelations from the followers of Saint John the Divine in Jerusalem to the Templar Knights in France for safe keeping.

In more recent times he incarnated in the latter nineteenth century in the United States as a Doctor. Through information from his Akasic record passed down into his outer consciousness by his inner Soul Atom self under the pen name 'Phylos the Tibetan', he wrote the book called 'A Dweller on Two Planets'. The first half of the book dealt with his time in Atlantis, the second half describes his time in the US in the latter nineteenth century including astral projections around Earth, inside Mount Shasta, and on Venus.

His writings helped kick start both the higher frequency knowledge group 'Theosophy' founded by Madam Blavatsky near the end of the nineteenth century, and the 'I Am' society of Saint Germaine at the beginning of the twentieth century. Both groups are part of the seven candlesticks of Revelations, which collectively are holding together the Cosmic plan for the redemption of Planet Earth. 

The Doctor was shot in a duel near the end of the eighteen hundreds. His Mother assembled the writings into the book and published it around nineteen fourteen.

In his current incarnation, he stays completely non-descript. And was one of the small group of the Elect of Christ who were successfully gathered together in the early seventies. The group was taught by a Christ Melchizedek teacher in the same way that Christ was piped the information taught two thousand years ago, during which the information came through in real time from John the Revelator in the Melchizedek Worlds even as the teacher spoke.

His current incarnation deals mostly with Revelatory matters in his outer action, even as he continues to be tied directly to the unfolding progress of the New Creation on his inner. Also through his Metatron frequency, on both his inner and outer actions, he continues to be a Cosmic recorder, recording for prosperity all dealings of spiritual matters bearing significance between the third and fifth dimensions. For example he was present and recording in his consciousness when the Soul Atum Women known as Satan announced through the fourth dimension in nineteen ninety three, that she had returned to the feet of Christ and brought all of her people with her.

On the other hand, as Enoch lay slowly passing away in the tomb, he gradually developed a bitterness that the higher factors were allowing him to undergo such an unhandsome death without intervening on his behalf. The effect today is a negative tendency for him to suddenly flare quickly to impatience when things don't go the way it should or someone miscues.

Likewise, somewhere along the way it helped produce a decided but well concealed conceit, already quite prevalent by the time he incarnated as John the Divine. Both are lesser conditions in his consciousness he is currently struggling to face without thought of escape and will eventually translate away successfully forever.

Similarly, the current incarnation of the Melchizedek King developed an unfortunate addiction for slot machine gambling which he will likewise someday have to face and translate. Likewise, one of the twelve Apostles died at the age of thirty three in the summer of nineteen seventy two in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a skid row bum. An acquired lesser condition he will likewise also someday have to translate. Such are the risks undertaken by anyone at anytime in any incarnation within Earth's current turbulent time line conditions regardless of past, present, or Soul Atom attributation. No one is immune.

Once a Saint always a Saint only works in the higher dimensions. And until the last vestige of the lesser conditions on Earth are finally translated once and for all, and everyone is working back again in the total Christ glory of the Triune Beingness with which you were brought into Creation as a Son/Daughter of the Creators, so it will remain.

On the other hand, Pontius Pilot completely redeemed himself in this incarnation. As the steely Pierre Elliot Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party in Canada in the early seventies and being groomed as the next possible Prime Minister, he was asked what he would do if his party voted in favour of Capital punishment. Canada did not have a Capitol punishment mandate at the time and the Liberal party had just put the matter up for vote.

He replied that if they did vote it in, he no longer needed to be the leader of such a party. In other words he stood up for Christ principle this time around instead of begging neutrality. This is how so called Karma works, if you do this time around the opposite of what you did the last time, the two cancel each other out and you are in the clear. For the record, the policy was voted down and he did become the Prime Minster of Canada for the next ten years.

Similarly, the heinous individual known as 'Jack the Ripper' is currently leading a non descript life and is well aware of his unsavoury past. He was Queen Victoria's personal physician who had an over the top love for the perfection of the female principle. As Queen Victoria aged and became less and less comely through obesity, he was unable to do anything to stop it and snapped, starting to remove obese equivalents from his victims  as proxies for the Queen.

Similarly, the truly heinous individual you call Vlad the Impaler faced his conditions recently and is now back on the side of the positive. Likewise, the Soul Atom known as Satan returned to the feet of Christ in the summer of nineteen ninety three and brought all her people with her as a completely redeemed Triune Christ Soul Atom. No one is exempt and no one is excluded.

These extended outlines of a Soul Atom's history are provided only to show that everyone in Creation has a history as well as a future no matter who you are in Creation or where. If it serves Reality's purposes for you to know your past, you do. If not, you do not, which does not in the slightest mean your net expression is diminished. The past is past and the future beckons. Likewise, dwelling on the past squelches your future. 'To each what you can bear' means exactly that in all respects.