Starrgram 3: Soul Mate Pairs

In the fifth dimension and higher you are universally a male/female twin flame Androgen Being. Namely a Soul Atom/Atum. Soul Mate pairs only exist in Earth's third dimensional time line situation, and are a single Male/Female Soul Atom that has had to split into separate Male and Female entities due to Earth's specific animal based dual matrix format.

On Earth whether you are a Descendant Being, an Accomplished Soul Atom volunteer, a Root Race Adamic deep in the mire, or of the abomination, when you projected into Earth's temporary third dimensional time line situation you projected into the matrixes of its lower third dimensional animal formats. The animal kingdom formats comprise a separated male and female pair of entities. In order to work within the mostly separate male and female entities of Earth's third dimensional animal world, it was necessary for your projecting Ovarian Soul Atom/Atum to split into a dimensional Soul Atom and Soul Atum pair of separate Male and Female entities.

If and when you do project into the densities of Earth's third dimensional time line situation, the consciousnesses of your Ovarian Atom which had to split into a Soul Mate pair becomes completely concretized into two distinctly separate people walking around. A male Soul Atom and a female Soul Atum pair from an Ovarian Atom which has had to split within Earth's time line situation are called a 'Soul Mate' pair. Still referred to as 'Twin Flames' even though they walk apart separately. ' Whom God has united in Heaven, let no Man rend asunder'.

Soul Mate pairs almost always project into adjacent male female astrophysical frequencies. If one of you is a Pisces the other will be an Aries. If one is a Taurus the other will be a Gemini etc., throughout the astrophysical birth sign cycle. You almost always project together even if the prevalent frequencies of the incarnation force you to project on the opposite sides of the Planet and even if you have to project a couple of years apart.

Ideally, the two of you would reunite within your current incarnation and work together as a walking Soul Mate pair just as Jesus and Mary Magdalene did two thousand years ago.

As a Whole Soul Atom undertaking a specific responsibility, you will sometimes project more than one of your Ovarian Atoms into the same lower dimensional situation. A Male half Atom and Female half Atom from two different Ovarian Soul Atoms who have projected from the same Whole Soul Atom into the same local environment are called Soul Affinities. Two different Soul Atoms from two different Whole Soul Atoms but are completely compatible on their mental and spiritual frequencies are called Soul Compatibles.

Because Soul Mates pairs are split apart from the same Ovarian Atom, they will look all but identical. Influences from the their two different parenthoods make up of most of the differences. Because Soul Affinities are from the same Whole Soul Atom, they will look somewhat similar. Because Soul Compatibles are not Soul Atom related, they will not look alike but will be somewhat similar in manner and demeanour.

When a Soul Mate pair comes together, their Inner consciousnesses will merge even as their Outer consciousness remain separate. The amount of positive Christ Consciousness Energy released for the purposes of Creation from a Soul Mate pair working together harmoniously is astronomic compared to that from the two alone.

In chaotic situations such as Earth, the Male half atom individual and Female half atom individual from Soul Affinities are sometimes sanctioned to work together as a Soul Affinity pair, functioning temporarily for awhile as though a fully consecrated Soul Mate pair. Everyone on Earth should be working together as full proper Soul Mate couples today, and would be were the conditions not so abominable. In extreme circumstances, Soul Compatibles can also be sanctioned to work together as though a Soul Mate pair.

Like walking through murky water your outer consciousnesses will have no direct contact with your inner, part and parcel of the so called veil. Your inner will have no visibility of the outer world until your outer consciousness has started to come back into re-alignment with your inner and a pathway can begin. The outer world is only visible through the five outer senses, your higher Soul Atom only has the one hundred and five higher senses.

Similarly, the powers above do not have the five outer senses. The only way the higher dimensional powers that be can monitor what is actually occurring inside a murky lower dimensional time line condition such as on Earth, is through the eyes and ears of those of you whose outer consciousnesses have started to come back into re-alignment with your inner consciousness expression enough that the information can start passing back up through the channels unobstructed.

Like a television camera deep underwater, the perceptions of your outer consciousness start passing back up through the re-alignment to your Soul Atom self in your Pituitary. Which then passes it back upstairs through your unbreakable tether to your Whole Soul Atom totality plus those who are sanctioned to monitor the frequency. The people in the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host and higher know what is going on at the Earth plane planetary level by precisely and only this process. Which is why the number of Radionnic Ships around Earth is ever increasing as the ever escalating frequencies upon your Earth plane population is providing an ever increasing number of people compatible enough to work with.

When you start incarnating at the start of a twenty-five thousand year evolutionary cycle of Earth's time line, your will incarnate into your original birthright birth sign. As Earth is currently right at the beginning of a new twenty five thousand year cycle, most of you today are in your original birth sign birthright. For most of you, whatever your birth sign is today is the birth sign you were originally endowed with when passing thought the Holy Trinity from the sixteenth dimension to the fourteenth epochs ago.

As a Soul Mate pair, you have been or will be, incarnated according to a simple rule. Regardless of whether you are the male or a female half in your original astrophysical family principle, usually your female half atom will incarnate into the female astrophysical signs as a physical male. Your male half atom will incarnate into the male sign counterpart as a female.

For example, Pisces is a female astrophysical sign, Aries male. If you are a Pisces in your original astrophysical principle, in this current incarnational cycle, your male half Atom will be incarnated into Aries as a female, and your female half Atum will be incarnated into Pisces as a male. An Aries male will be from a female half atom and a Pisces female will be from a male half atom. So it goes according to the other eleven astrophysical principles which are alternatively male and female pairs around the cycle. Whether you are a Male or Female half Atom half in any incarnation, you will alternate between Male and Female as you incarnate around the twenty five thousand year cycle. In other words, if you are a Male in this incarnation you will be a Female in the next and visa versa.

As mentioned in the Home Page, Earth is at the apex of a number of different simultaneous cyclical changes. The Energy levels are very high and ever increasing. Most of you who are incarnated on Earth at the present time are in the original sign of the Astrophysical family of your Creation because of the past twenty five thousand year cycle which concluded on December twenty first, two thousand and twelve. From this, most of you should be able to figure out your original astrophysical family frequency of eternal birth, and whether you are the male or female half of your original Ovarian Soul Atom/Atum self. The male astrophysical sun signs are, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. The Female signs are, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo,  Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Of the twelve two thousand odd year dispensations in every twenty five thousand year cycle on Earth, the first six are inductive and the final six dischargeous. During the induction phases of every cycle both of your half atoms learn though induction. During the dischargeous phases your two halves put it into practice.

In this way the male/female natures of your greater Soul Atom stays intact, and you gain the fullest possible scope of experience and expression working in both inducting and discharge mode within all twelve frequencies of the Astrophysics environment for your local over the twenty five thousand years incarnating cycle.

Originally on Earth, your re-incarnations took place within the stability of the fifth dimension, lasting approximately a thousand years plus as an 'Avatar'. Your popular entertainment use of the word avatar is partially correct. In the case of Reality, your outer material projection and outer ego self are considered an Avatar of your original Soul Atom self in your pituitary who made the projection. The whom of who you think you are is a an avatar of the who of whom you really are.

Individually over the net twenty five thousand year cycle, if your re-incarnations had been properly constituted thousand year avatar projections, between you and your Soul Mate half, you would have made twenty four incarnations learning how to work harmoniously with all twelve of the astrophysical frequencies in both the induction and the discharge mode. You will also have experienced both male and female outer bodily expressions in all of the frequencies. 

Under the current circumstances of existence in the third dimension instead, the correct cycle of thousand year re-incarnations has been all but forsaken. However, the incarnating principle still works the same. You incarnate as a Male, then a Female, then a Male again in succession. Today societies reflect this to a tee. Regardless of astrophysical frequencies and in which country, half of the population are currently in an induction mode of incarnation, reflecting conservative thinking which wants things to stay the way they are. The other half are in a dischargeous mode anxious to get their new ideas to the fore as Progressive thinkers.

The sociological balances of each's presence holds the other in check. The Progressive thinkers don't run off the deep end in unbridled enthusiasm. The Conservative thinkers don't stay stultified in frozen doctrinaire except here and there in splinter groups such as the Taliban in Afghanistan. This can also sometimes go off track, such as in the current US Geo political structure where the so-called liberal progressive 'Woke' thinkers have back-slid into a negative un-expanding form of politics known as 'Socialism'

Noah and his wife were an Ovarian Soul Mate pair in the third dimensional time line condition. Lot and his wife were an Ovarian Soul Mate pair in the third dimensional time line condition.

Mary and Joseph were an Ovarian Soul Mate pair in the third dimensional time line condition. Mary and Joseph's responsibility was to insure a purine incarnating environment for the upcoming advent of Christ.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were an Ovarian Soul Mate pair in the third dimensional time line condition. Mary Magdalene was Jesus' other projected half, who had only passive responsibilities in the outer goings on at the time. Of the inner goings on it was a different matter. Mary was the only one at the door of the tomb for three days, supplying a field of higher frequency material Substantiation through her higher consciousness while Jesus underwent the processes of resurrection into Morontia Substance.

In their Whole Atom seventh dimensional Reality they are known as Christ Michael of Nebadon, the Paradisiacal Creator Son/Daughter holding their whole Local Universe in his/her consciousness. Through his/her life-stream this Local Universe exists, unfolds its blueprinted expression, and undergoes its expansion and evolution.

Jesus and Mary were the one hundred and ninety ninth Male/Female combined Ovarian Soul Atom of Christ Michael, who had undergone numerous special preparations in advance. Including an Earth fifth dimensional root race sojourn as a Taikotean two hundred and fifty million years ago in order to be able to hold in place the exceptional frequencies of their official bestowal of two thousand years ago.

Two thousand years ago Jesus and Mary held the full consciousness expression of their Whole Soul seventh dimensional Creative Son/Daughter capacity lowered into their consciousnesses by proxy while in their lower dimensional projections. They held the entire string of responsibilities and life-stream functionalities of their whole Local Universe of nearly a thousand galaxies, referred to as the 'Waters of Life', and/or 'Life stream', passing through their higher consciousness matrixes as they walked about on the Planet floor. An ultimate miracle of Creation never before attempted. Your religions today call it the 'Life Blood of Jesus', a serious underestimation. The Catholic wafers are wafers.

Because the current Earth evolution is presently bound into third dimensional awareness and you accept a death condition in consciousness inherited from the animal kingdom, your re-incarnational cycles at the moment are very short. Those of you who have been out in Earth's evolutionary plane for a long time have been re-incarnating for up to four hundred times during each twenty five thousand year period instead of only twenty four. Some of you have been doing so for well over two and three million years and are weary.

In the particular case of Atlantis, because the evolution had already been down in the third dimensional material structure for over three and a half million years, by the time of Atlantis the normal pattern of thousand year re-incarnations was already well beyond abrogation. Enjoyed by only a few of its more advanced members, namely those referred to in the Bible as being long lived such as Methuselah, Enoch, and Noah etc. Everyone mentioned in the Bible before the flood were Atlantian, everyone after were not.

When the Gentiles were brought into Atlantis during Leo, because of their malpractices within the frequencies of Planetary Law, and in particular their appalling experiments leading to the creation of unsanctioned Substance/Energy mental X Factor frequencies you refer to as S/E/X, a Sodomic condition arose putting a severe bind on Taurus. The Taurus and Scorpio centers have a link. Scorpio is also directly linked to the Pineal gland behind the forehead for helping animals to their mates.

When it came time to pass through the Male/Female gender changes at the end of an incarnation, the changes did not occur smoothly and the Sodomic condition literally let loose, grievously compounding the imbalances and even more severely congesting your whole mass consciousness through the appalling bind on Taurus.

Because normal consciousness flows became all but thwarted through the negative influences of the Black Masters of Atlantis, the masses began abandoning their higher practices and became debased. The conditions became so severe that Atlantis was eventually lost.

Today, because the current patterns of very short cycles of incarnations has still to be translated, the current overall pairing of Soul Mates on Earth is still all but nixed, the victim of carnal attraction. The carnal condition of Scorpio through the congested constriction of Taurus is the main Planetary affliction needing to be translated today.

Most of you proclaiming to have found your true Soul Mate have merely found a particularly compatible affinity on your mental frequency. Or you fancy the attributes.

The expression 'I love you' recognizes someone's inner self. The expression 'I am in love with you' cottons to their outer self, bringing with it all of the lesser baggage which your outer emotions engender.

You have between ten thousand and ten million people on your mental frequency. The rushing and/or chirping sound you feel/hear when falling asleep are usually the collective thoughts of those on your mental frequency. Someone met anew, yet who somehow seems completely familiar is likely to be on your mental frequency. Also, consciousness knows consciousness. Those of you who are on the same frequency and are more established in your Upper Triangle expressions will feel an even greater affinity towards each other through your common attunement towards Christ responsibility as Soul compatibles.

Most of you today are married in a mental plane compatibility relationship. Not altogether an abomination under the circumstances save for pre-arranged marriages. Two people living in a harmonious compatibility relationship can interact very positively in expressing true Christ purpose. 'Where two or more are gathered in my namesake, there am I also'.

It is a far cry however from what will eventually be required for all your Energies to come back into proper alignment in proper balance within a proper Soul Mate relationship. By the time down the road when all the conditions have been finally cleared, you will all be back standing side by side in your true Soul Mate dimensional state of co-existence, standing together as one for your transmigration to your next expansionary or expressionary experience wherever or whatever that might be.

When your evolutionary or responsibility experiences are all complete, you will end up back up in your original higher Ovarian Soul Atom unity, greater made, ready for yet another cycle of advancement and activity in Christ projected Co-Creative responsibility.

This should answer the pounding questions about sexual orientation. The idea of sexual orientation is but a nom de plume, the simple result of not coping with the switch from male to female and female to male frequencies properly in each successive re-incarnation.

In the positive frequencies of today where your lesser frequencies of the past have been brought forward for translation, those who were mi-sexually afflicted in Atlantis have incarnated today with those conditions needing to be translated. Instead of translating them you went back into them, precipitating a new perverse woke LGBTQ culture pervading the Planet.

Same sex relationships are the Sodomic condition of Atlantis perpetuating over and over and over again, namely the extremely serious usurpation of Substance/Energy through the carnal effect of mis-adventurous uses of the X Factor principle in consciousness through the impropietous thought imposition called Sex.

The Sodomic condition must be translated forthwith on Earth for evolution to proceed again on proper track. For those of you who are still as such afflicted and not yet ready to change your practices, the road ahead is going to become more and  more unpleasantly wayward. The pressures upon you to take responsibility will build more and more urgently until you will eventually have to take responsibility in the ever increasing higher and higher frequencies of consciousness expansions already starting to take place during the Aquarian 'Waters of Truth' now unfolding.