Starrgram 2: Soul Atoms

The Intelligent Design of Creation was formulated by Alpha and Omega to expand their original ill fated Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of the Even Poll into everlasting formulations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance.

Soul Atom children of the Creators are at the forefront of Alpha and Omega's beatific plan to expand themselves within themselves. All Soul Atom in Creation are twin flame androgen Male/Female expressions of Being. It is through the works of their myriad Children in projection that their expansion is undergoing.

You are a Soul Atom child of the Creators. All children of the Creators are a full Christ Triune Soul Atom in nature. Through your responsibilities taken, Creation ever expands according to rule.

Soul Atoms are created in the mold of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega. Soul Atoms are not cast in the frequencies of the fourteenth dimensional Cube and Sphere however, but in the frequencies of a thirteenth dimensional so called cubit. Cubits are a specific geometric ruling which upholds the Principles of Creation in representative form.

Within your Soul Atom cubit configuration, a circle upholds your Intelligence, a Starr of David upholds your Inner Energy capabilities, upper and lower Y Factors uphold your Outer Energy capabilities, and the cube upholds your Substance potentiality plus materialization once you have formed an outer bodily projection by incarnating.

You begin as a spark of pure Intelligence from the sixteenth dimensional Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy. The spark is carried upon an Upper Triangle from the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy. A matching Lower Triangle is taken from the Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy. You are created bearing an Alpha aspect of consciousness. You are passed down to the fifteenth dimensional where your Upper and Lower Triangles are unified into a Starr of David by the Holy Trinity to give you full Christ Trinity capability with a Son/Daughter Christ outlook in consciousness.

An induction line and two staff lines from the Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy side of the sixteenth dimension accompanies the Lower Triangle, giving you an Omega aspect potential. Within the Holy Trinity your three staff lines are centered at a common point of crisscross. A square of consciousness from the Holy Trinity side is added into your Starr of David to initiate your consciousness thinking processes.

A unique individual dispensation identification is given as an Akasic supra pattern record infused within the field lines of your Starr of David. Your Akasic record contains your individual endowments such as your astrophysical sign of birth, descending or Ascending type of Being you are to be, what order of Being you are to be and the particular responsibilities you are being brought into Being to undertake.

A continuing history of your accomplishments and evolvements is also carried within your Akasic Records. An ever expanding Akasic record of every aspect of every level of Creation is kept within the electromagnetic fields of every Starr of David of every cubistic matrix within Creation. The Akasic records are not comprised of vibrations of Intelligence or Substance or Energy. Rather, the information is virtual in nature not unlike a moire' pattern. The records are comprised of supra electromagnetic lines in the form of a x-y-z co-ordinate system centered on the center points of the Starrs of David electromagnetic fields. From the frequencies of Alpha and the Only Begotten Son/Daughter combined, a specific personality persona record is infused into your Akasic record. Your persona is unique just to you. No other Being in Creation will have a persona record exactly like yours and it will be the interface by which you will communicate openly with others.

Once properly configured with an appropriate electromagnetic field and a supra record of Being, you are then passed down into the Cube and Sphere for initializing. Within the Sphere, by pressure of the frequencies, your spark is properly centered upon your Starr of David and your staff lines are aligned to the end points of your Starr of David for orientation and activation.

You are then passed from the side of Alpha facing Omega. Meaning, from the Sphere of Alpha you are passed into the Cube of Omega where you are given the Substance consciousness aspect of Omega. You are then made ready for expression into Creation as a fully qualified Male/Female Triune expression of Being by becoming initialized with the cube materialization capability of Omega by aligning your induction line to the vertical staff line of the Cube.

From the Cube you are then projected into Creation one dimension down into Paradise as a thirteenth dimensional cubit expression. You are now ready to move on down the dimensional ladder to undertake your responsibilities in accordance with whatever capabilities you have been ordained with, either as a higher frequency Being in the Inner Creation, a Descendant Being in the seventh or fifth dimension of the Outer Creation, or as an Ascendant Being starting in the fifth dimension of the Outer Creation for your long path back to the feet of the Creators in Paradise for Trinitization.

So brought, you are living spark of pure Intelligence and Energy. Your full Substance aspect comes later during the act of forming an outer bodily projection. So brought, you are a fully conscious Triune living particle of the Creators, existing as an eternal integral part of their created body.

Once from the side of Alpha, you are forever.

The Father, Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and Mother aspect of your Soul Atom frequencies are carried within the beatific formulations of your birth. Your Intelligence, Energy, and Substance aspects are carried in the cubistic circle, cube, and Y factors used to manage your Soul Atom's history and activity as it ever on goes.

You are not a Tiny Particle of Substance from the Great Even Pool of Darkness. You are a conscious Being of Intelligence and Energy who has the capacity to form an outer bodily Substance materialization whenever called upon by undertaking an incarnation projection.

Your consciousness is initially from Alpha and your Only Begotten personae component. Your Intelligence is always perfectly centered on your electromagnetic field according to cubistic rule. You have a cursory Substance consciousness aspect interred through your initialization within the Cube. Once you are in an outer projection, a four square of consciousness function becomes fully set and you are in your full Christ conscious capability known by others as you.

In any dimension, in making a projection within a dimension of materiality, through the ability of your Omega side you draw down three sets of Staff lines from the sixteenth dimension and center them on the end points of your Starr of David configuration to complete a cubit container of Substance. The frequencies of the forward and back edge of a cube for the container were made implicit within your original staff line frequencies when passing through the Holy Trinity and the Cube and Sphere.

To complete the process, Substance is inducted down your vertical staff component from the sixteenth dimensional Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy and precipitated into your container as a cube of Substance. Which you call your material body. Whenever incarnated you have an Inner and an Outer consciousness matrix. Your endowments, purposes, and personae components are all part and parcel of your inner consciousness matrix. Your materialized body and works are all part and parcel of your outer consciousness matrix.

The frequencies for your inner consciousness matrix is formulated from the frequencies of the dimension your incarnation originates from and up. The Substance for your outer consciousness matrix is formulated from the frequencies of the dimension you have projected into and up.

In a temporary timeline situation such as on Earth, your main Substance component is drawn up from the planet rather than down from above, with a tie in to the higher dimensions though fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional vortices wrappings around your auric body. Without the tie in there would be very little presence of higher spiritual awareness's within your Earth bound expression.

In any projection anywhere in Creation, Your Starr of David is the inner action of your Christ Only Begotten Son/Daughter component in your incarnation. The size of your Starr of David determines the size of your outer bodily materialization in balance with your Intelligence and inner matrixing factors.

Once your materialization process has started, a polarity sets up between your Intelligence and your Substance, and your Y Factor expressions become active as the outer action of your Christ Only Begotten Son/Daughter component in the projection.

If you are an administrative Descendant Soul Atom, the events rising to your full Y Factor capacity is rapid. Minimum learning is required. If you are an evolutionary Ascendant, the gradual evolvement of your Y Factors into full Christ capacity is part and parcel of your Christ learning experience and purpose starting out in the fifth dimension.

At the beginning of your existence as an Ascendant Being, you have only an initiating Triune Christ expression to start your evolution. If you are a Descendant Being, it is sufficient to begin your responsibilities to the Creation in love and service. Also if a Descendant Being, your are taught your role in Creation and how to fulfill it through successive installments down through the dimensions of the Inner Creation.

In the causeless Great Even Pool of Darkness, the Intelligent Breath vibrated by ultra rapid pulsations. By the pulsations the Intelligent Breath was alive. Each original Tiny Particle of Substance vibrated with an ultra rapid standing wave. By the standing waves the Tiny Particles were alive. The two were causelessly inter existent within their common vibrating interfusion.

Both the vibrations of Life and of Love are infused as part and parcel of the initiating electromagnetic field of every newly expressed Soul Atom in Creation. By which you are a living loving Being. Every Being in Creation is fully alive with light and love. Within this current Outer Creation of Seven Super Universes, the overall electromagnetic field attribution is more to the frequencies of the Only Begotten Son. In the new Creation now becoming initiated, they will be more to the frequencies of the Only Begotten Daughter.

The love frequencies mirror the absolute state of absolute equality between the Intelligent Breath and the Tiny Particles by which they were held in absolute interfusion within the Great Even Pool of Darkness. Love between you and any other Being at any level in any dimension reflects the absolute acceptance of your mutual equalities in absolute interaction. You love every other Living Soul Atom in Creation with a love which is both requite and absolute, just as they love you.

The electromagnetic field of your Soul Atom is originally personified with the presence of consciousness. Regardless of astrophysical birth attribution, or whether you are a Descendant Being or Ascendant, or whether a Creator Son/Daughter of great responsibility or an Ascendant Being just starting out, your consciousness is basically the same and works basically in Principle the same way Alpha and Omega's original three way Holy Trinity consciousness functioned. Just as a greater or smaller respective amount of the same factors according to your dispensation and evolvement.

The consciousness expression of any Being of any dispensation in any dimension will appear to you to be no different than yours, just as with anyone you might meet on Earth only without the presence of static and lesser conditions. Likewise you will always appear to be the same to anyone in Creation no matter in which dimension the two of you might be or what you happen to be doing.

The consciousness present when you are first expressed from the Cube and Sphere contains your birthright information of astrophysics, dispensation, and purpose in Creation suffused within the lines of force of your Starr of David Akasic Record. A record of your accumulating accomplishments and experiences as you evolve or gain experience after you are expressed is likewise carried within your Akasic record.

The information is held on the three axis. The x and y axis are on a vertical plane as a cross. The x axis is horizontal on the plane, the y axis is upright, the z axis is vertical to the plane. The x axis contains your inner expression comprising the Christ expression you started out with and your accumulating Christ accomplishments. The y axis contains your outer expression comprising your accumulating outer experiences, material expressions, works, and evolvements. The z axis is the golden chord tying you back to source.

For the Breath being only one, no part of the Breath can ever be separated from the whole no matter how large or how small. The same is as true for Evolutionaries just starting out as it is for Old Soul Creator Son/Daughters whose Local Universe projects have long since finished completion. By way of everyone's golden chord, the Breath remains ever as one.

In your original passage through the Holy Trinity as an embryonic Soul Atom, your x axis is installed as your initiating inner Akasic record. When you are passed through the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega your y axis is installed, initiating your outer Akasic record.

At the beginning of your existence, if you are an Ascending Being, your y axis has only an initiating personification to start your evolution. If you are a Descending Being, you have sufficient personification to begin your responsibilities to the Creation in love and service.

If you begin to go out of alignment as in a regression, your y axis will start to rotate counter clockwise around to your x axis and your Soul Atom expression will be said to have become corrupted. If your two axis eventually lie together then your Soul Atom expression is said to have fallen. If your two axis have become so fused together that they can never be pried apart again then you are considered unredeemable. Unredeemable Soul Atoms are sent back to the Heart and Center of Creation for purification within the Absolute Fire of the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy.

Within the Absolute Fire your unredeemable x and y components are removed. A newly started persona vibration is set within the lines of force of your electromagnetic field within the Holy Trinity and you are re-expressed again with a new personae as a new born child of the Creators.

The Soul Atoms of six of the Black Masters of Atlantis have been sent back to the Heart and Center for purification. The remainder have all bent their knee to Christ and have agreed to start accepting responsibility and have been allowed to incarnate into Earth's current third dimensional population. Ending once and for all the relentless outer world disruptions they perpetrated on Maldek, then again in Atlantis, and then again routinely through Earth's history since.

When not in a projection you exist as a spark of pure Intelligence centered upon your Christ electromagnetic field, seen together as a diamond like spark of pure white light. When in a projection, you exist as a complete materialized Christ Triune Being of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. You are a part and parcel expression of the Creators. You have a Christ Co-Creative responsibility of Being. You are a Son and Daughter child of Alpha and Omega bearing the co-Creative responsibility of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. When in a projection you have a four-way consciousness square of Father, Son, Daughter, Mother.

You are also created with a given astrophysical frequency which at the present time you call the signs of the zodiac. The twelve astrophysical frequencies are the same everywhere across Creation. There are only the twelve main astrophysical frequencies in all of Creation. The twelve frequencies are called families.

All twelve astrophysical frequencies are present in a mode for the Descendants and in a mode for the Ascendants. Comprised in total are twenty four distinct frequencies. There are only the twenty four families in all of Creation.

You are born into Creation bearing the frequencies of one of the twelve main families in your Akasic record. No matter where in Creation your Soul Atom may project to, or from where in Creation you may have come, or of what dispensation or responsibility, you are of one of the twelve families. You are also either an Ascending or a Descendant Soul Atom Being. The twenty four types are the totality of possibilities. No other type of Beingness can exist.

Descendant Beings project from the top of Creation on down. After passing through the Inner Creation for the process of orientation and calibration, they commence their careers in the Outer Creation by undertaking their responsibilities and gaining experience. Ascendant Beings start from the fifth dimension and up, evolving expression after passing through the Inner Creation for a process of orientation and preparation.

The experiences gained by the Descendancy help them in their successive Co-Creative responsibilities. The expressions gained by the Ascendancy help them to become eventually Trinitized Co-Creative Christ Beings at the feet of the Creators. Descendant Beings fulfill the administrative roles of Creation. Ascending Beings are their responsibility. To become Triune in order to continue as Christ responsible Son and Daughters of the Creators is the true responsibility of the Ascendancy.

No matter who you are in Creation, or in what family, you have a unique purpose and responsibility. No matter where in Creation you may be within your current responsibility, you receive daily enrichment through the twelve induction and discharge astrophysical aspects called the 'Tree of Life'.

No matter what your dispensation and to what family of Creation you belong, you have a totally unique expression. In all of the people in all of the dimensions in all of Creation, no two of you are exactly alike.

In your overall Soul Atom expression you are called a Whole Soul Atom. Your Whole Soul Atom is equally of a Male side and a Female side. Within your Whole Soul Atom expression you were given a complement of one hundred and ninety-nine Ovarian Soul Atoms. Ninety nine are from your Male Whole Soul Atom half and ninety nine are from your Female Whole Soul Atom half. Your one hundred and ninety ninth Ovarian Atom is from both.

Your Ovarian Soul Atoms are also fully projecting male/female Soul Atoms/Atums in their own right, who reflect their respective Male or Female side.

Just as Whole Soul Atoms are individualized expressions of the Creators, your Ovarian Soul Atoms are individualized expressions of your Whole Soul Atom self. Just as Whole Soul Atoms are projected into Creation to be of love and service under helm of the Creators, you project your Ovarian Soul Atoms into Creation to be of love and service under helm of your Whole Soul Atom self.

Like your Whole Soul Atom, each of your Ovarian Soul Atoms is a unit of pure Intelligence installed on an initial Son/Daughter component. Whose Substance consciousness aspect becomes interred during passage through the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega and your Substance material component comes later as your outer body materialization when you incarnate. One of the main purposes of your Ovarian Soul Atoms is to project into lower dimensions on behalf of your Whole Soul Atom self.

In the Inner Creation your Whole Soul Atom and its Ovarian complement function as a single unit. Your Whole Soul Atom oversees the activities and the affairs of your Ovarian Atoms like the conductor of an orchestra. Each of your Ovarian Atoms undertakes its specific responsibilities on behalf of your Whole.

Your Whole Soul Atom is at all times fully aware of the presence and activities of each of your Ovarian Atoms as though it were the Ovarian Atom itself. Each of your Ovarian atoms is fully aware of the activities and affairs of your other Ovarian Atoms and of your Whole Soul Atom as though it were the member of an Orchestra. If you are a Descendant being, your Ovarian Soul Atoms are all fully Trinitized. If you are an Ascendant being, your Ovarian Atoms are all becoming Trinitized through evolvement, the purpose of evolution.

In the Outer Creation, if you are a Whole Soul Atom of the Descendancy you are fully aware of your Ovarian Atoms. To the degree that a projecting purpose calls for it, the consciousness in projection of each of your Ovarian Atoms is aware of the others and your Whole Soul Atom. If you are of the Ascendancy, depending on the degree of your advancement, the consciousness of each of your Ovarian Atoms will be fully aware or only partially aware of the others and of your greater Whole Soul Atom self.

When your Whole Soul Atom becomes a Christed Son in the seventh dimension in preparation for continuing migration into the Inner Creation, your Ovarian Soul Atom consciousnesses will all be fully aware of your Whole Soul self and aware at least of the fact of the others of your Ovarian complement.

In becoming Trinitized at the feet of the Creators in Paradise, your Whole Soul Atom becomes collectively unified by each of your Ovarian complement becoming fully aware of your Whole Soul Atom self and of each other.

Only Ovarian Soul Atoms project into dimensional frequencies which are lower than that to which your Whole Soul Atom is ordained. Most Whole Soul Atoms do not project into dimensions lower than their dispensated mandate unless fallen, the true meaning of fallen. Your Whole Soul Atom can have various of your Ovarian Soul Atoms projected into incarnations all around Creation, and even into differing dimensions simultaneously according to their capacity.

Because you are in Earth's lower dimensional time line situation, you are either an Ovarian Soul Atom or a fallen Whole Soul Atom. Whole Soul Atoms are not found in dimensions lower than the fifth unless fallen. Your Ovarian Souls Atoms likewise do not project into dimensions which are higher than that of your Whole Soul Atom's dispensation unless for specific purposes.

Your Ovarian Soul Atom's link to your Whole Soul Atom source is conducted through inter-dimensional Starr Gates. Starr Gates exist in great number across Creation. The largest allow vast Radionnic Mother Ships to pass through. Local Starr Gates allow for the passage of only single Soul Atoms.

Paradisiacal Teacher Son/Daughters and Paradisiacal Magisterial Son/Daughters project their Whole Soul Atoms into the lower portal sides of the eighth dimension in the Outer Creation from time to time to be of love and service within a particular Super Universe. Who  project  their Ovarian Soul Atoms into the lower dimensions as their work requires. 

If you are a Being of the Inner Creation you are fully Pure Christ Consciousness Trinitized. Your Ovarian Atoms are all fully Pure Christ Consciousness Trinitized. If you are a Whole Soul Atom and Ovarian complement who is passing through the Inner Creation, either downward for training purposes or upward on evolutionary paths, your are fully Pure Christ Consciousness Trinitized or not as the case may be.

If you are a Descendant, you move progressively downwards through the dimensions of the Inner Creation learning how to work with the frequencies of your Christ Triune nature of Being in preparation for your positive career within the frequencies of the Outer Creation according to your mandate.

If you are an Ascendant you move progressively downward through the dimensions of the Inner Creation learning how to work without the frequencies of a Christ Triune nature of Being, in order to learn progressively upward within the frequencies of the Outer Creation how to work with them.

By this process, frequencies of the Outer Creation are migrated ever upward into the ever expanding Christ consciousness of the Only Begotten Son. The respective Inner and Outer Only Begotten /Son/Daughter Energy frequencies of  of every Created work in Creation, is passed back up through the Holy Trinity into the respective Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy and Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy for their enrichments. As the respective frequencies of Intelligence and Substance are moved downward from the Lake and Pillar into the Holy Trinity, Intelligence and Substance are drawn down from the Great Even Pool to replenish them.

The original chaotic frequencies of the Great Even Pool of Darkness are being ever worked into the harmonies of Creation a step as a time, and the ever accumulating Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy and Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy are ever increasingly glorified as ingredients for the eventual transformation of the collective Tiny Particles of the Great Even Pool of Darkness into a single manifested body as a single event.

If you are an Ascendant Whole Soul Atom you begin your evolution in the fifth dimension. Your Ovarian Soul Atoms start off as androgen Male/Female Soul Mate atoms in the fifth dimension in order to become Christ aware. At the end of the period of progressive training of all of your Ovarian Soul Atom complement within the fifth dimension, your Whole Soul Atom is accepted up into the seventh dimension by grace in preparation to come into full Christ experience of your Christ heritage through evolution in the seventh by all of your Ovarian Soul Atoms coming into full Christ experience.

Eventually, back through the eighth dimensional portal into the inner Creation, your Whole Soul Atom and Ovarian complement continue evolvement refinements up into full Triune personification at the feet of the Creators in Paradise.

In the eleventh dimension you become full Christ knowing 'of' the full Triune scope of the seven frequency potentials of the Creators. In the thirteenth dimension you come into a full Christ understanding 'with' the Creators after becoming fully Christ Trinitized by grace of the Creators. The entire purpose of evolution.

If you are a Descendant Being you are a Pure Christ Trinity Consciousness. If you are an Ascending Being, when you reach the foot of the Creators you will have become a Pure Christ Trinity Consciousness ready for Trinitization.

Your Whole Soul Atom becomes Trinitized when all of your Ovarian complement has reached the feet of the Creators ready to become Trinitized. Once you have completed your evolution at the foot of the Creators, you may stay within the inner Creation assisting in the upwards or downward migration of other Souls Atoms moving through according to your mandate. Or undertake other responsibilities. Or you may even project back out into the Outer Creation to do works and gain more expression.

Starrs and Planets are Ovarian Atoms from Whole Soul Atoms, who from their home in the ninth dimension of the Inner Creation, project their Ovarian Atoms to be of love and service within the expanding frequencies of the Outer Creation. Some Ascendants remain in the ninth dimension after Trinitization to project their Ovarian Atom/Atums as Starrs and Planets. Others return to the Outer Creation to assist the Descendancy in their workings as needs be.

A Descendant Being who is gaining experience expands in Christ Trinity Consciousness. An attained Ascendant Being gaining more expression expands in Christ Trinity Consciousness. Descendancy Soul Atoms expand in consciousness through ever increasing experience. Ascendancy Soul Atoms expand in consciousness through ever increasing expression.

Whenever a Descendant being gains experience or an Ascending Being attains full Trinity Consciousness or gains more expression, some Breath of the Great Even Pool of Darkness will have been equalized into Pure Christ Consciousness. The purpose of the current Creation is the conversion of the Breath of the Great Even Pool of Darkness into the Pure Christ Triune Son and Daughter Consciousness of Alpha and Omega through the intermediary of Substance and governance of equality.

The purpose of the expanding Pure Christ Triune Son and Daughter Consciousness is to effect the eventual conversion of the chaotic myriads of Tiny Particles of the Even Pool of Darkness into a single body of Pure harmonious Substance as component part of an Absolute Grand Alpha and Omega Living Atom of Absolute Intelligence, Absolute Energy, and Absolute Substance.

Whether you are a Descending or an achieved Ascending being, you can and do project your Ovarian Atoms into lower evolutionary ranks as way showers and to provide stability. Any one, or all, of your Whole Soul Atom's hundred and ninety nine Ovarian Soul Atoms can and do project down into the lower dimensions to do works and gain experience.

If it is necessary to represent your Whole Soul Atom itself within a lower projection, your one hundred and ninety ninth Ovarian Atom from both sides of your Whole Soul Atom self will undertake the projection. When your Whole Soul Atom projects its singular Male/Female Ovarian atom, the projection will represent your Whole Soul Atom by proxy.

Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene were the Male and Female halves of Christ Michael's singular Male/Female Ovarian atom. Together they represented the totality of their whole seventh dimensional Christ Michael Soul Atom self as they walked about on Earth two thousand years ago.

Descendant Beings are also called Celestials, which you prefer to call Angels but that is a very simplistic interpretation. The Ascendancy is also called the Evolution. Within the perfection of the fifth dimension, the Ascendancy start their evolutionary path to attainment in order to learn about the symmetries of the six and seventh dimensions from the bottom up.

Plant and animal activity across Creation also exists at the fifth dimensional level, also called Morontia. Plant and animal activity at the third dimensional level of materialization is almost nonexistent across Creation. Usually instigated if and only if a Planet or system's frequency needs re-calibration due to perturbations.

Soul Atom projections into the third dimension are even more almost nonexistent across Creation, occurring only under fault of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus, and only occurring within Christ Michael's Local Universe of a thousand galaxies, under the frequencies of full triune attribution. Your consciousnesses found on Earth today, projected down into the third dimensional Earth frequencies as you are by misadventure, are at the very farthest point in all of Creation from the Creators. In frequency not in miles.

When you form an outer projection, regardless of the dimensional level or your frequency of consciousness, your projecting Soul Atom self is the Alpha or Intelligence component. The consciousness of Alpha the Father in your projection is represented by this component.

The Omega or Substance component is of the net material accumulation through your act of forming the projection. In any projection, the net dimensional Substance  frequencies comprising the net environment of your projection start in the sixteenth dimension through the Crisscrossing lines, and end up down at the Substance frequencies of the environment of your projection.

The nested set of frequencies accumulate within your projection to comprise your net vibrational materialization or outer body. Your Omega or Substance component is this net bodily accumulation. The consciousness of the Omega and Mother aspect in your projection, manifests as part and parcel of this accumulation.

Your Only Begotten Son/Daughter component is the net Christ Conscious Co-Creative component represented by your persona in the projection. You call personas personality. Personas are the universal faces of consciousness, the means by which one consciousness interfaces with another. As your Soul Atom's consciousness ever expands, your persona ever expands.

When expressed from the side of Alpha, your initial persona or expressions of consciousness representing your Soul Atom's Son and Daughter component are perfunctory. Your expressions are sufficient for you to begin your basic functionalities based on your type of 'scendancy', namely the frequency of your dispensation.

If a Descendant, your Whole Soul Atom and Ovarian complement come well-expressed, ready to begin in love and service to the Creation. If an Ascendant, your Ovarian Soul Atoms start with little expression, ready to acquire.

When not in a projection, your persona factor is carried as part and parcel of the supra electromagnetic Akasic field frequencies within your Son and Daughter component. When you form a projection, your Substance component is added in equality and your Omega or Mother personality contribution becomes present. You feel and have feelings, which you express as part and parcel of your overall Christ expression. The net frequencies of your consciousness in your projection as you walk about is a combination of your Intelligence, Energy, and Substance frequencies, and the Father, Son/Daughter, and Mother frequencies of your square of consciousness all working together.

Persona types vary considerably with type of Being. The rich fun-loving personalities of Melchizedeks are well known throughout Creation. Seraphims are all business. Two Melchizedeks or two Seraphim standing side by side will be closely similar in traits to one another but will be completely different as individuals. In all of the people in all of Creation no two personas are the same.

Your unique aspect called 'personality' associated with your current individual consciousness in your incarnation, is mainly an expression of your current outer matrix component with your inner personae frequencies coming through. The uniqueness of the individual personae expression of any living thing is a universal fact of Creation.

The instant by instant collective vibration giving rise to your particular expression of life and love at the time of your creation can never be the same as any one else's, because the net vibrations of the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy and Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy giving rise to your initiating expressions are always changing by fact of the constantly returning frequencies from below and newly down coming vibrations from above, and can never be the same two clicks in a row. The simple operating logic of the Intelligent Design is infinitely flawless yet flawlessly infinite at every level.

Even in the third dimensionality, every animal has a unique and very well-defined personality no matter what the sophistication of the species or lack of. Anyone who has had a loving pet or worked extensively with animals knows well this fact. No two animals are exactly alike.

Your outer consciousness personality in a projection will not be unlike the persona of your projecting Soul Atom self, though strictly in the positive aspects. When your projection is occurring at a full Christ Triune level the two are all but indistinguishable. It is thus so for most Descendants when in their normal responsibility.

If your personality is at a third dimensional congested projectional level such as on Earth, a hint of your higher persona will still show through. You will still reflect some of your higher frequency self even if severely static afflicted. On Earth within the voluntary there is virtually no perceivable difference between Descendants and Ascendants. It is all but impossible to tell one from the other based on their outer actions alone.

Sometimes the hint can be very small but it will always be there. Your higher light will always come through even if only for an instant or two when circumstances permit. Even if you are a despot you will sometimes do the right thing and sometimes show love. All negative aspects of your personality are strictly from your outer matrix condition and to be purged.

The personas of your Soul Atom self in any projection, at any frequency of existence enriches accumulatively through the positive aspects of your outer consciousness experiences or expansions as you evolve or gain experience. The positive frequencies of the outer component of any projection you are in when you are ready to discard your projection, are absorbed into your Soul Atom self's overall aspect as a greater made gain within your whole consciousness expression.

If your complete outer consciousness expression is worthy of being absorbed, it is called an "Adopted Fruit'. Successive adopted fruit absorptions are how the Evolution gain their ever increasing ever enhancing Christ conscious awareness as they quietly evolve upward a step at a time in the fifth and seventh dimensions.

In the fifth dimension. Evolutionary Ascendants learn about Christ expression. In the seventh dimension they practice Christ expression. At the end of their sojourn in the seventh dimension they become Christed Sons ready to begin migration back up through the Inner Creation to become fully Trinitized at the feet of the Creators.

In the Inner Creation they move back up through the dimensions as the Christ Being they are, receiving additional Christ adjustments in preparation.

Whenever a group of Ascendant Whole Soul Atoms finishes their evolvement of current dimensionality, it is collectively adopted up into the next dimension as a group by grace ready for their next level of Christ attainment in an active step called ascension.