Starrgram 16: The Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus

The totality of that you call 'Evil', are but outcomes of the Luciferian Rebellion, not designs of. Similarly, contrary to what some of your theologies would have you believe, Lucifer and God were not brothers vying equally for control of the Universe. That little tidbit is strictly for Science Fiction. Alpha and Omega, whom you call 'God' are the creators of this nine hundred trillion light year across Outer Creation and counting. Lucifer as previously mentioned, was only the Lanonandek Son/Daughter administrator of this Local Orion Solar Sector group of a thousand Solar Systems. Not exactly a matchup.

Similarly sic, God did not create Earth as a playground for humans and put them here to see how you would react as some of you propose. Man exists in Earth's third dimension solely as the result of malfeasance from the Luciferian side. Similarly, sic, God did not put Mankind on Earth to learn the ropes and eventually become aligned with the fifth dimensional Galactic community as some of you likewise propose. That's partially true. What's completely true is that volunteers from all over Creation have come to Earth to learn how to work with an Overplus frequency in a fully Triune setting in preparation for eventual migration to the new Creation in Andromeda as vanguard. What's not true is that Mankind is being readied to join up with the Galactic Community. The fact is that Mankind is being raised back up into the fifth dimension so they can be welcomed back into the Galactic Community as a member in good standing from which they have been quarantined for the last two hundred and fifty thousand years.

Similarly, contrary to what your religions teach, the Luciferians were not trying to take over the Universe, they were only trying to set up a very small self contained 'Service to Self Universe of their own free from any responsibility to the current one. Similarly, all in all the Luciferian Rebellion did not cut a very wide swath, it barely got started but did manage to hit a couple of areas hard, the Orion and Alpha Draconis Solar Sectors in this Local Universe in particular.

How Lucifer has come into today's picture so prominently, is that five billion years ago as previously mentioned, he and his followers tried to set a Self Will stand alone Universe of their own making which would be free from the constraints of normal Cosmic Law. Plus, also be free from all Christ responsibility to the Creation for the Creators. Their action was officially called, 'The Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus' as it pandered to the outer ego self and relied upon frequencies of the Cosmic Overplus to do it.

Instead of a love and service vibration to the Creation for the Creators which is the frequency with which all Soul Atoms in Creation are brought into existence, the Luciferians had denied the Christ Energy balancing factor of the Creators, and had instead used Overplus Nplus charge states to try and set up a 'Service to Self' vibration in the lower Galactic Underworld dimensions of Christ Michaels's Local Universe.

Lucifer himself had never planed for the anti-Christ hell states which the Luciferian Rebellion eventually produced. He had merely set up the protocols by which, through the uncensored Unknown Powers of the X, the Luciferian malpractices as they are now known were able to eventually able to come about. It was the people after Lucifer who set up the real disharmonies. Lucifer's original plan was merely to speed up the evolution of the Evolutionaries by starting them off in a third dimension existence instead of a fifth.

In order to effect his plan of an accelerated evolution within the lower frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions, Lucifer set about creating a consciousness oriented stand alone Matter Substance existence well outside of normal inter-dimensional practices.

In the original Creative blueprint, the outer consciousness component in any incarnation vests as an outer ego. Under normal circumstances for the Evolution, in any incarnation the outer ego or 'Self'  would undergo a period of learning, which, at the end of each incarnation, would be absorbed up into into the original higher Soul Atom consciousness as an adopted fruit. It was the Soul Atom's consciousness which would grow in ever expanding Christ consciousness awarenesses through the ever continuing incarnations, not the outer ego. In the New Creation in Andromeda it will be the outer ego that would experience the ever increasing expansions instead, by ever increasing resurrectional type re-incarnations.

In Lucifer's plan the resultant orientation was completely reversed from normal as it was the outer ego that would be enhanced by normal Adopted Fruit type re-incarnations, only this time of the outer ego self instead of the inner Soul Atom self.  In Lucifer's plan, the Soul Atom would begin its journey of learning in the third dimension. The outer ego would retain the experiences and the higher Soul Atom consciousness would merely accompany the process along quietly in the background. Once the outer ego had undergone sufficient learning through the third dimensional incarnations, the Soul Atom would be returned to the fifth dimension to continue the final phases of it's learning bringing the enhanced outer ego along with it. Whereby, within its subsequent learnings within its subsequent incarnations within the fifth dimension, it would be much farther along for having brought its third dimensional triune experience up along with it. Ergo, it would have been greatly fast tracked on its journey toward the seventh dimension. 

When the harmony of Lucifer's command began to deteriorate as a result of the disharmonious Nplus frequencies he had originally introduced into the matrixes of his Local Solar Sector to fulfill his plan, he tried to access the higher frequencies above him by attempting to bypass Christ Michael whom he considered self-appointed. In Reality, Paradisiacal Creator Son/Daughters exist everywhere throughout Creation, holding Local Universes within their consciousnesses. In what became Lucifer's convoluted view, Local Universes existed everywhere having Paradisiacal Creator Son/Daughters within them by self acclaimed representation.

One of Lucifer's less endearing traits was to adhere to a particular belief even in the face of increasing proofs against it. Such a trait is not unusual in hard nosed successful businessmen who had the same tendency. Your recent automobile entrepreneur Henry Ford had exhibited such a well known stubborn resistance to criticism, whose refused to budge even one inch in his views about how his auto plants should be set up and what his auto lines should look like in the face of constant criticism from everyone else in the industry that they wouldn't work, that it became legendary. Allowing him to eventually manufacture and market one of the most successful automobiles in history. Namely the Model T Ford which was for everybody at a price everybody could afford while every other car on the market at the time was very expensive which only the rich could afford.  

Similarly, the very tyrannical and stubborn business and management style of the original founder and President of the very successful 'President's Choice' high end food line in Canada successfully fought relentlessly and often very loudly against everybody else at the time who were constantly at each others throats trying to cut costs and sacrificing quality in order to stay in competition.

In Lucifer's case the tendency worked against him. When all his bypassing efforts came up empty handed, and some of the forewarned short circuits against the original blueprints of Creation started becoming apparent, rather than accept responsibility for his mis-creations he stubbornly rebuked it all in a fall of pride. In a miscreant of Reality he declared that the consequences of his effects upon the greater laid plans of Reality were not a viability because the notion of a greater laid plan was but a fabrication used by those higher up to hold sway over those beneath.

More specifically, Lucifer disclaimed the hierarchy above him, declaring that all above were self-appointed and that the Universe was itself made. In particular, he maintained that Energy ran free in the Universe and was free for the taking. His fatal mistake.

Energy does not run free anywhere. Energy exists solely as a formulated set of rulings within the protocols set up by Alpha and Omega to expand themselves within themselves by themselves. It continues to exist solely under the Holy Trinity jurisdiction of their three way unification of consciousness. And endures solely under the banner of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter Christ responsibility of everyone to the Creation for the Creators which the Creators had inured as a primary aspect within their Intelligent Design.

Unlike the original Intelligent Breath, Tiny Particles of Substance, and ever present frequency Undulations of the Great Even Pool of Darkness, the Great Even Pool of Darkness is completely devoid of anything, particularly Energy. Beyond the scope of co-operative consciousnesses in the sixteenth dimension and below, Energy has no existence.

Energy was brought into being within the consciousness recognitions of Alpha and Omega in the sixteenth dimension as Crisscrossing lines. Above the frequencies of the sixteenth dimension Energy cannot exist. Energy only becomes useable by way of the three way consciousness unification of the Holy Trinity, plus Alpha and Omega's created point and center of Energy, subsequent Cube and Sphere projection within their fourteenth dimension, and finally Creation in the Dimensions below. Energy continues to be constantly useable today only by everyone's actions of responsible Free Will continual activities of true Will and Desire to the Creation for the Creators in all word thought and deed.

The fifth dimension is a dimension where Energy is diminished by Design. It is a dimension of pure 'Faith' where you are asked to undertake your responsibilities in love and service to the Creation for the Creators as a matter of faith without necessarily knowing all of the reasons why. For the Evolution, the fifth dimension is a dimension of 'Learning about' Energy. The twelfth dimension is the dimension of 'Knowing of' for everyone. The thirteenth dimension is the dimension of 'Understanding' everything.

The reason for pure faith is that it keeps lesser understandings about Reality out of the picture as reasons. Particularly relevant if you are an Ascendant Evolutionary. By faith alone Ascendant Evolutionaries aspire to be Triune.

In application of the faith principle operant within his domain, Lucifer was originally well aware of the all important fifth dimensional pure faith aspect, plus the fifth dimensional restrictions upon Energy for the purposes of faith. Who likewise had undertaken his responsibilities within his level of office for things to come as a matter of pure faith.

However, as the allurement of his new found ideas using the frequencies of the OverPlus in a new found way became more and more persuasive, through his adamant reluctance to change his views he started pressing more and more of them into effect. His judgment became more and more clouded by the discordant frequencies starting to come back from below. He started more and more to blur the lines of Reality until he finally lost sight of the original blueprints altogether. Subsequently surrogating the proper use of Energy for his own use as the unsanctioned lower frequency direct connections of Intelligence and Substance within the lower dimensional frequencies of the Cosmic Overplus. It was Lucifer's greatest illusion that continuing on would be okay.

Lucifer had presented his ideas to the Galactic Council under chair of Christ Michael of Nebadon. The ideas were not accepted, being told that they would conflict with Energies already on the way and for things to come. Lucifer rebuked the rejections, calling it interferences from those above, consequently setting forth to create a Self will Universe of his own making outside of the normal chain of command. He eventually misconstrued it all into a manifesto of self-centered free Will, and embarked on an action known officially as 'The Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus'. Meaning Will which is subservient to the desires of the lesser outer ego consciousness self and not to the Creators. Whom he minimized as merely among those above he considered self appointed.

Lucifer had a very likeable friendly and gregarious outgoing personality, by which he was able to persuade others to go along. Those that followed along later came to be known as 'Luciferians'. The Luciferians eventually took his original precepts into new misanthropic adaptations to expand Self Will expression solely for the benefit of self, rather than for the correct Free Will expression of love and service to the Creation for the Creators. Who started intending them to be completely free of all normal ties to the laws of Creation by misusing the Nplus charge state possibilities of the Cosmic Overplus for their incarnate materializations in the Galactic Underworld instead of the originally designed blueprints of Reality.

Called a 'Service to Self' vibration, the resulting imbalance created a turbulence felt all the way through Christ Michael's Local Universe. It could not pass beyond because of the frequency differentials between Local Universes. Specifically, in the case of Christ Michael's Local Universe the all important Cosmic Overplus aspect needed was not present anywhere else as no other Local Universe in all of Creation carried such an all important override attribution.

Likewise, the Overplus factor could not be initiated in other Local Universes. Only Beings of an order of ordainment higher than First Level Lanonandek had sufficient creative power to do it, and Beings of a higher order than first level Lanonandek Son/Daughters cannot break their faith to the Creators ever.

Similarly, when Endplus creations dissolve nothing is left but Matter Substance dust, and electromagnetic radiations. There is very little in the way of higher frequency Substance components within their matrix  make-ups to sustain them because there is not the proper balance of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance starting them off. Many of the dust clouds and nebulae observed in Christ Michael's Local Universe today are remnants of original Luciferian Endplus Starrs and Planets which eventually exploded.

In two thousand and one, an Endplus starr, VK Canis Majoris in the constellation Canis Major, the largest known Starr in the visible Universe exploded into a huge expanding bubble of glowing gas and dust. Nothing remained at the core. By two thousand and four nothing remained at all except for a few wispy trails of dust.

In a similar manner, Endplus cities on Earth which are built through Nonplus thought eventually fall to dust. Similarly, the outer bodily projections of those of you who are still completely subject to the Mentallized Illusion are also Endplus creations, and also return to dust at death. In most cases your outer consciousness ego is not sufficiently re-configured for Adopted Fruit absorption at death and its frequencies simply de-exist. The condition which you call Mortal death.

The Mentallized Illusion is patently fatal for condemning you to a mortal death for holding mortal death to be an inevitability. All Earth religions are part and parcel of the Mentallized Illusion and the faithful pay the price. The saving grace is that if you are aware of the higher factors even in part, some of your outer consciousness is absorbed back up into your inner as an enhancement, and remains as part and parcel of your Soul Atom's ever eternal visage. If deemed appropriate, one or another of the fragments will be included in your starting upper consciousness matrix when forming a new outer projection in a new  incarnation, either immediately following or down the road. Which is why some you can remember fragments of your past while others can't.

Lucifer's manifesto had forsaken all aspects of Christ centered free Will, Desire, and Action to love and serve the Creation for the Creators in total Melchizedek Co-Creative Christ responsibility, replacing it with a policy of complete self centered self severance which pandered solely to the outer ego self. Which, through the ensuing polarity misalignments, quickly deteriorated into the spiritual madness of complete ego centricity.

The manifesto also precipitated a new found illusion which compounded into the Mentallized Illusion, affecting those whose consciousnesses were to not attuned to anything higher in frequency than the prevailing need for survival. The illusion switched the proper Tenants of Creation with those of Luciferian foundation, namely, that the Universe is itself made, that all above are self appointed, that Energy runs free in the Universe, and that Will serving Self supersedes Will serving Creation. Most of the populations on Earth today are subject to these illusions, including both the Adamics and Volunteers.

As the rebellion began to spread, the higher dimensional down-coming energies from on high quickly became turbulent as the consciousness controls upon them began to go amiss. The waters muddied considerably when the female side of Satanuk, a young third level Draconian Lanonandek Son/Daughter in training became ambassador and took the manifesto to the Planets. To her credit, she was duped into conveying the message about third dimensional incarnations being of benefit to the root races involved. She was not a carrier of the rebellion aspects against the Creators per se'. The cacophony of abhorrent black magic practices constantly attributed to her came later from others and not from herself.

She had a third dimensional incarnation in this current cycle, and passed in her late eighties in nineteen ninety four. She subsequently returned to the feet of Christ and brought all her people with her. For so doing she receive complete abolition in nineteen ninety nine and is now comfortably re-incarnated as a Computer Science oriented Male in his late twenties.

As the Lanonandek who had set up and administered the Local Starr System of Orion, Lucifer's consciousness was the staff channel through which the upward flowing Staff/Starr energies from the lower consciousness matrixes under his command were returned to the Creators for their glorification. Lucifer had become no longer aligned with the higher powers above him by denying them. The un-harmonious static energies under him started filtering back up through the alignment discordances he had created by his actions underneath and stopped with him, who bore the brunt.

Thus in the folly of things done outside faith, Lucifer has paid the price. Once a being of great radiant light, he is little more now than static electricity. 'Alas poor Lucifer, how you have fallen'.

Sitting weeping in solitary confinement on Zaab for the last three million years, Lucifer shares the same fate as all who participated in the outright abrogation of the Law, awaiting the call for redemption once things settle back down enough to handle the particularly discordant natures of his untoward frequencies.

The mistake in Lucifer's misconstrued precept of Energy had been a simple one. For being in the fifth dimension where the Energy factor was stepped down by design, in his enthusiasms for his new ideas he had come to lose sight of the symphonic role your higher Triune Soul Atom self plays in the matrixes of your consciousnesses when in an outer projection.

He had started taking the presence of the higher matrixing factor of the Soul Atom as a rightful due, not a consequence. He had also taken it as a due not a consequence that your higher consciousness matrix under the conditions of say, projecting into a lower planetary animal type situation would have to promote the matriculation of your outer aspect more robustly else suffer the loss of your projection.

Given what he had needed to know to do his job according to his ordainment, and within his current need to know basis, he had been partially right in this assessment. Because of initial attribution, the Intelligence factor in any projection is always on 'full bore' from the upper projectional levels of the Soul Atom forming the projection.

The Substance factor down through the staffs, allowing the materializations of the projection to be fully manifested is also always fully 'on' in given conjunction with the Intelligence factor through the balancing action of the Christ Energy action. It was the Christ Energy balancing factor in the middle that was the problem.

For the Descendancy, the Christ Energy Factor is always also fully 'on' too in accordance with their attributed ordainment and current projectional assignment. Under normal circumstances, their upper and outer projectional matrixes are all but the same. In the Ascendancy, their Christ Energy factor at any stage is strictly according to their current level of attainment. Their upper always remains on top as their goal or motive to attain towards in faith as a properly progressing upward pull of spiritual polarity.

However, under every circumstance, regardless of whether you are a Descendant or an Ascendant Soul Atom, it is your Soul Atom Self which determines how much of the full presence of Energy is actually provided to the incarnation for the responsibility at hand. And therefore how much Substance materialization is consequently acquired as the balanced result. And by absolute rule of the Intelligent Design, your inner Christ projected Soul Atom itself is the sole decision maker of that in accordance with the Only Begotten Son/Daughter responsibility factor and not any outside or wayward factor as your Religions ardently claim.

For the evolutionary, the fifth dimension is where their evolution begins. It is the dimension of Intelligence and Substance. It is lower in Christ Energy attribute in order that their outer consciousnesses always experiences the maximum differential between itself and their upper consciousness matrix as the most positive possible upwards motivator in the matter of faith.

When Lucifer started manipulating the matrixes of the dimensions below him in preparation for a migration of incarnations to follow, the discordances upon the original  designed blueprints began to produce the Nplus statics which started channelling their way back up into his consciousness. Being in a dimensional existence where the Christ Energy factor was already somewhat stepped down by design, through his increasingly clouded consciousness awareness Lucifer eventually started rationalizing that the Energy factor itself was a ho hum affair and started assuming that whatever was as such present in any given case was also as such always present as a full bore exemplar in every case.

What he had lost sight of was the fact that it is one hundred percent the purvey of the Soul Atom itself in any projection in any dimension at any level, to present to its outer consciousness matrix only exactly what from the upper consciousness matrix it deems most appropriate for the Soul Atom to fulfill its current responsibility to its greatest capacity in its projectional situation at hand. Or is needed for the level of evolution at that particular point. Or is required for the greatest good regardless of the sophistication or lack of sophistication of the particular Soul Atom or particular projection or project of the moment. Even for the Descendancy.

For the Ascendancy in particular, it is according to whatever serves them best to help them evolve in the most harmonious manner to their next level of Christ learning within their current situation.

In any dimension, there is never a full bore Christ 'exemplar on' equivalent to Intelligence in any possible situation, only that which is needed within the projection for that which is to be attained. And only that which serves the situation best for the greatest likelihood of success in the particular purpose of the particular projection for the particular responsibility at hand. A conservation rule of Energy prevails. 'Only that which is needed is used'. And that is determined solely by the Soul Atom self who is taking responsibility to make the projection and by nothing else in Creation. In Descendants it is usually close to full 'On'. In Ascendants it is only at best dependently 'On'.

When presenting his overall ideas to his superiors, the short comings in his thinking were pointed out. Starting to become delusional in his earnestness to proceed, Lucifer chose to cold-shoulder the explanations, calling it all part and parcel of lesser thinkers trying to discourage his forward thinking ideas upon Creation. Self emboldened, he proceeded with his manipulations.

Through his winning personality Lucifer was eventually able to persuade a few to go along with his experiments and make immersions into the third and fourth dimensions. Both Whole Soul Atoms of the Descendancy and the Ascendancy were involved, plus sometimes just Ovarian Atoms of either.

Despite the very urgent promptings of their Reality Atoms not to proceed, a number of them projected down into the reconfigured third and fourth dimensions as dupes anyway, and were instantly hit with a very very hard cold taste of reality. They instantly lost contact with all of their upper level ordainments and had no way back because their polarity was now to the Planet and not to the Heart and Center.

Similarly, Creation has a purpose, to convert the original ever falling frequencies of Alpha and Omega's Even Pool Self into everlasting frequencies of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. Soul Atoms were brought into existence solely to undertake that process. Soul Atoms have no other purpose in existence. The problem was that when the Luciferians started producing lower level projections outside of that purpose, it was not a properly sanctified activity. Their Soul Atom Selfs, for having had to be part and parcel of the third dimensional projections in order for the projections to continue as living conscious Beings at even just a minimum level, stopped providing fully sanctified inner consciousness through-put to their outer consciousness matrixes in their projections. Passing through just sufficient inner consciousness presence for basic life support.

The problem was further compounded by how the third dimensional Luciferian materializations were being formed. The change from fifth dimensional Morontia Substance materializations to the far cruder and denser Matter Substance frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions had called for very extensive re-matrixing of the existing cubistic materialization processes when going into the projections. It was to Lucifer's unfortunate credit that he had been able to figure out a way to do it.

The re-matrixing had cut off most of what remained of their higher frequency attunements to the higher dimensions. Morontia Substance materializations and above are based on the down coming Substance links through the pure Triune frequencies of the seventh dimension and links above. (Fig. 19).

Fig. 19 - Seventh Dimensional Triune Attribution.

The Ordinary Matter Substance Luciferian materializations were based on Substance being pulled up from the interconnected Triune frequencies of the first, second, and third dimensions. Whereby the first three dimensions collectively bear a Triune semblance seventh but which is very rudimentary in nature. Figure 65 in Starrgram 8 of the Intelligent Design of Creation, shown below, depicts the Triune factor of the first three dimensions in a Cubistic matrix format. (Fig. 20).

Fig. 20 - Collective Triune representation of the First, Second, and Third Dimensions

In fig. 20, as detailed in Starrgram 8, the Intelligence attribution of the first dimension is represented by the thick red circle in the middle, the Energy attribution of the second dimension is represented by the thick blue radial lines around it, and the Substance attribution of the third dimension is represented by the thick outer yellow cube.

As you see in comparing figs. 19 and 20 respectively, the main complication which the Luciferians had to address was the fact that the two differing Triune cubistications are of completely different essences in principle.

As you can also see in fig. 20, in the magnetic polarities of third dimensional Matter Substance, the main tie to Intelligence is downwards to the first dimension. As fig. 19 shows, in the seventh dimension it is through a harmonious equality with Substance through the alignments of Energy.

The Luciferian answer for their lower dimensional materializations was in the interplay between the Overplus attribution and the Inner and Outer Matrixes of the Soul Atoms in projection, whereby the Upper Triangle could be left out of the equation for the most part, and the Intelligence and Substance factors remained connected directly through the negative Overplus attribution instead.

As you can see in the Cosmic Overplus circle of fig. 19 in Starrgram 15, a circle of Intelligence, cube of Substance, Starr of David, and Energy Staff lines all intersect at the same points.

By the action, Intelligence and Substance are in direct contact, superseding the need for the normal Christ intermediary balancing factor of Energy in the middle, the particular aspect which the Luciferians used in their malpractice adaptation.

As also described in Starrgram 15, Pplus static charges are created at the positive triangle end point connections. Nplus static charges are created at the negative triangle end points. The Pplus static charges are used within the animal kingdom makeup as engrams for their survival. Alternatively, the Nplus static was essential in creating the Luciferian materializations. The Nplus statics pooled within the auric frequencies of the first dimension of Intelligence as it became produced.

To initiate their incarnations into the lower dimensions, the Luciferians tied their consciousnesses specifically to the lower triangle Overplus connections. This greatly enhanced their attraction to the Substance frequencies of the lower realms through the Lower Triangle attunement. To form a projection, the Luciferians pulled a clump of the pooled Nplus static up from the first dimension and into their upper consciousness matrix to enhance the attractive power of their Intelligence and Will sufficient to replace the proper Upper Triangle presence which was absent.

They then used the enhanced attractive power of the Nplus static in their upper consciousness to pull up a precipitation of Matter Substance from out of the lower third dimension into consolidation within their lower matrix configuration as their resulting materialization, bearing the densely packed honeycomb matrixes of the molecular, atom, and nucleuses of its lower level components as shown in Figure 94 of Starrgram 9 of The Intelligent Design of Creation. Explaining their need for more and more Nplus static.

With the Substance attribute in full potential and the Intelligence Overplus attribute enhanced by the static, the flow resulted from the Substance realm upwards along the Overplus Intelligence magnetic lines configurations into Matter Substance materializations. In effect completely superseding the process of animal materializations as occurred normally in the absence of the Triune Christ Energy factor by using their mal created Nplus static instead of the sanctionally designed Upper Cosmic Overplus triangle component and the Pplus static. (Fig. 21).

Fig. 21 - Sanctioned Overplus Attribution of an Animal world Outer Projection Matrix

The Luciferians had harnessed their projecting consciousness onto the cube/staff/circle/Starr Lower Triangle intersections of the Overplus circle upon the outer matrix cube but only on the negative triangle side, and let the Intelligence factor augmented by the presence of the Nplus static draw Substance up into materialization by the direct lower dimensional connection to Substance at the Overplus circle.

The result was that the Substance for their materializations drew directly up from the planet as raw course Matter Substance instead of down from the Cube and Sphere as refined Morontia Substance and higher. As the equality factor of Energy was no longer involved, the Substance pipe from the higher dimensions was all but cut off, leaving the materializations to rely mostly on Nonplus thought and having no lasting value whatsoever.

Worse, the polarity of their projections became automatically reversed for being anchored to the Planet instead of to Source. Resulting in their flow from the Creators to the Creation becoming completely cut off and the lower flow from the Creation back to the Creators becoming minimal and full of discord. The possibility of such a breakdown in the normal Energy flows back up to the higher dimensions had not particularly concerned the Luciferians who were already in considerable disdain about the higher factors.

As a consequence, as soon as the Luciferians projected into the denser frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions, they instantly became automatically cut off from their Whole Soul Atom source if an Ovarian Atom, and if a projecting Whole Soul Atom became all but completely cut off from their golden cord link back up to source by the reversed polarities. Which had been entirely unexpected by the Luciferians and had a devastating effect.

Whether they were an Ovarian or Whole Soul Atom, both alike became instantly concretized stand alone beings within the third and fourth dimensions. Since their projections were now working only with the lower half of their Starr of David potential, their x-axis collapsed onto their y-axis. Their golden cord become all but squelched, and their Soul Atoms stopped presenting all but minimum life support. All spiritual resources from the higher dimensions became instantly all but absent. The result was psychosis. In the worst case scenarios all the way down to a condition called 'Demonic'.

This is the risk you also faced when you undertook a projection into the third dimension today as a volunteer. You automatically become somewhat concretized and are somewhat temporarily disfranchised from your source. Your saving grace is that your Soul Atom still presents a full upper consciousness upper matrix support for your benefit, as your X and Y axis did not fuse as you did not abrogate the Law. In fact you glorify the Law by your loving sacrifice to project into the face of certain uncertainty to be of love and service to the Creators knowing the risks.

The constant prompting from your higher Atom self from the age of  four on, serves to help you through the lower frequency discontinuities of the third dimension to find your proper alignment back to your Upper Triangle once you begin to desire to do it and decide to. Which in no way guarantees that you will remain free of conditions. Always a factor of risk within the circumstances of your birth and upbringing and other such temporal influences, and even as such as always changing outer world conditions which you may or may not fall into.

At the very least though, you are not irrevocably cut off from your higher frequency ordainments with the door shut tight behind you as were the Luciferians.

Because the Christ Energy factors in the ones who originally formed lower dimensional Luciferian projections were severely limited, what Substance materializations they managed to make were also quite sporadic for lack of sufficient balancing factor to handle what Intelligence aspect was present due to the severely diminished presence of Energy. By fault of the poorer Substance materializations, their auric fields were immediately attracted to the lower societal levels of the astral planes by the attraction downwards towards the like frequencies of Intelligence and Nplus static at the bottom. Those who were the worst afflicted were drawn into the societal levels of the Intelligence octave itself, that being the frequencies closest in kind to their now severely disrupted matrixes.

Because of the imbalance, their newly formed static Nplus factors immediately began generating in floods through their severely reversed ionnic consciousness states.

On Earth in particular, their static added to the Nplus static already present from Luciferian static conditions initiated in the animal kingdoms nearly seven hundred and fifty million years ago. Severely contaminating the lower levels of the astral planes, now called your lower astral hell states.

Likewise, their Energy factors were in no way sufficiently present for their Intelligence factors to act within their normal mandated attribution, namely Positive Will in Co-Creative responsibility. As they plied more and more Nplus static up into their shaky upper matrixes, their Intelligences became more and more attractively subject to the static of their own generating, eventually becoming a completely absorptive type Intelligence. A condition in which their Intelligence had become completely negative or attracting in nature rather than positive and projective. A state called negative Intelligence.

Those with negative Intelligences, or 'fallen ones', are now without rudder and dwell within the inhabited levels of the first four octaves of the astral planes. The more seriously afflicted are within the frequencies of the first and second lower hell state octaves. The most seriously afflicted are all the way down into the mineral substance frequencies of the material plane itself until they can eventually be freed by bending their knee to Christ in order to receive permission to begin incarnating again within the current normal opportunities of the third dimension.

Those of you fallen ones who have bent your knee to Christ, now re-incarnate repeatedly until such time as a properly Willed outer consciousness action by yourselves begins to establish re-connection back to your Soul Atom Self through the veil. Whereby the proper process of re-alignment can begin in earnest. When you bent your knee to Christ in order to be given permission to re-incarnate, by grace your Soul Atom began to present a full upper Christ action for your benefit again to make such a re-alignment possible.

Even the most Demonic of the fallen ones still have a representation of higher consciousness in attendance within their concretized Soul Atom matrixes, patiently waiting for their delinquent concretized self to finally wake up and start making amends at the feet of Christ.

Those who had gone along with Lucifer but had not projected into the lower time lines, still suffered the same fate of immediate cessation of their full higher spiritual factors for the same reason. Namely, their actions were not sanctified and therefore their Reality Atoms started withholding the main influences of their upper consciousness matrixes from their outer consciousness expressions.

They are now called higher negative intelligences, considered similar to misanthropes, who became trapped in the higher astral realms of the Planets on which they were present or had projected. Others roamed around within the lower frequencies of the fifth dimension throughout Christ Michael's Local Universe in corrupted versions of Radionnic ships until Christ Michael put an official end to their meanderings two thousand years ago by decree on the mount. In Earth's particular case, a dense radiation field called the Van Allen Radiation belt was set up around Earth, prohibiting passage to and from Earth except by sanction by preventing teleportonnic jumps.

The Luciferian misanthropes from around the Local Universe have now being rounded up and cast into the Earth as part and parcel of the Casted Dragon, part and parcel of the overall cleanup known as Armageddon. The Annunaki and others who pestered Earth a few thousand years ago are cases in point.

Because some of the Draconian root race variants had discovered themselves to be particularly facile in the frequencies of the third and fourth dimension, they were among the first to be allured by, and among those to be the most sorely afflicted by the rebellion. They were alike afflicted whether a Descendant or an Ascendant, which is one of the reasons the term 'Dragon' is used as the centerfold terminology for the current outer affairs of Armageddon.

The Lanonandek Son/Daughter of the Draco Solar Sector was the first of the Draconians to default, who brought the Draco System in with him. He was brought into Earth from Maldek during Atlantis, and was known during your Egyptian times as the fourth dimensional Creator God 'Ptaah'. In a current third dimensional incarnation he has reached a partial stage of redemption, but still tends to play both ends towards the middle to his considerable detriment.

Likewise, those of you on Earth today who believe you are in communication with a higher spiritual guide are usually in outer telepathic communication with a higher negative Intelligence hunkering around either within Earth's astral realms or in the tin pots you call flying saucers being held in quarantine within Earth's lower fifth dimension.

They tell you pretty and even wise sounding things. But they don't tell you how to get back in line with your Christ Reality self again in complete responsibility to the Creation again as loving Soul Atom/Atum Son/Daughters of the Creators. Or that until you do, you cannot get out of the current rut you are in.

Which is the sole purpose of the higher frequency Christ teachings now underway both inner and outer on Earth at the present time for your consciousness benefits. By this you should now be able to tell the wheat from the chaff regards the increasingly numerous higher dimensional mutterings and mumblings now found on the Internet and book store shelves spouting higher spiritual bromides, regardless of how high sounding and smooth seeming the presentation. If the information isn't specifically Christ centered or of Christ oriented purpose, it isn't going to help you much and will just impact a bit more Mentallized Illusion into the overall clump of junk you call your current knowing.

Remember also that true communications from Reality are factual and to the point, such as 'The Revelatorium'. Communications from lower sources such as the Negative Intelligences tend to be chit-chatty, conversational, and persuasive in the style of Man. Be careful how you take them regardless of how flowery or spiritual sounding the clothing because outer consciousness personalities were involved in the making.

They tend to tell you about great things that are supposedly being done and are going to be done for your benefit by the higher factors, where you only need to sit back and enjoy the free ride rather than taking proper Christ responsibility for yourself. Earth religions are even worse for keeping you constantly on the awry. If you do not see the word 'Christ' in a higher frequency pretend, it is not from Reality.

Likewise, many are solely from the hand of Man, sounding impressively knowledgeable with great spiritual Bon Homi, but more often looking like they were written by someone to impress a rich Aunt.


Revelatorium Starrgrams

  1. Tenets of Reality
  2. Soul Atoms
  3. Soul Mate Pairs
  4. Incarnation
  5. Re-Incarnation
  6. Principles of the Cubit
  7. Root Races
  8. The Tree of Life
  9. The fountain of Youth
  10. The Number of the Beast
  11. Adam and Eve
  12. Atlantis
  13. The Crucifixion of Christ
  14. Revelations
  15. The Cosmic Overplus
  16. The Luciferian Rebellion
  17. The Rebellion Aftermath
  18. The Battle of Armageddon
  19. The Chosen Ones
  20. The Army of Christ
  21. Translation
  22. The Day of Atonement
  23. Alpha and Omega
  24. A Brief Introduction to the Intelligent Design of Creation
  25. A Brief Introduction to the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host
  26. Cosmic Thumbnails
  27. Cosmic Quotations
  28. RRrevelations


Intelligent Design Starrgrams

  1. The Origination of the Intelligent Design
  2. The Point and Center of Creation
  3. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega
  4. The Principles of the Cubit
  5. Expansion of the Cubit
  6. The Inner Creation
  7. The Outer Creation
  8. Seven Dimensions of the Outer Creation
  9. The Galactic Underworld
  10. Time Lines
  11. Local Universe Trinitization
  12. The Seven Great New Anti-matter Universes
  13. Completion of the Plan
  14. Physics of the Third Dimension
  15. The Microcosm
  16. Proof of the Design
  17. A Brief Introduction to the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega
  18. A Brief Introduction to the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host
  19. Cosmic Thumbnails
  20. Cosmic Quotations
  21. Structure of the Electron
  22. RRrevelations


Radionnic Ship Starrgrams

  1. Radionnic Clouds
  2. Negative Polarity Anchor Ship Clouds
  3. Positive Polarity Anchor Ship Clouds
  4. Radionnic Anchor Ship Pairs
  5. Radionnic Mother Ship Clouds
  6. Radionnic Father Ship Clouds
  7. Mother and Father Ship Pairs
  8. M/F and Anchor Ships Together
  9. Lower Cloud Reflections
  10. Sylphs
  11. Radionnic Fall Holes
  12. Interesting Radionnic Things
  13. Additional Radionnics Found on the Internet
  14. Radionnics Found in the Media
  15. Rainbow Radionnic Effects
  16. Visible Radionnic Ships
  17. Additional Visible Radionnic Ships
  18. Crop Circles
  19. Brief - The Heavenly Host
  20. Brief - The Auxiliary Pleiadian Fleet
  21. Brief - The Intelligent Design of Creation
  22. A Brief Introduction to the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega
  23. Cosmic Thumbnails
  24. Cosmic Quotations
  25. The Revelatorium Revelations
  26. Gallery

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