Starrgram 14: The Revelations

Because of the Crucifixion, Jesus was not able to set up a world-wide array of geomagnetic templar grids, now called Ley-Lines for properly harnessing the assorted population frequencies which have come in now as your so called baby boomers. It would have taken him hundreds of years to finish. It was the only project Jesus was not able to fully deal with during his bestowal.

The original plan had been for the Planet to be partitioned into the respective nations and district allotments as they are known today as specific zones of consciousness. The divisions were to establish the different areas as houses according to frequency for the widely disparate types of consciousnesses which were to start incarnating now in mass known as 'The Casted Dragon' during this current cycle of Earth's escalations.

Jesus had managed to set up a few of the magnetic points for the grid during his forty year sojourn after the Crucifixion. One of the initial points was in what is now known as Carmel Valley just south of Delmar on the South West US California Coast. He also set up points in Mesoamerica where he appeared to the Elders of the Aztecs as the great white God Quetzalcoatl.

The planetary divisions were to be in the form of fifth dimensional electromagnetic fields set up as templar grids to carry the appropriate cubistic magnetic ley line informations as houses.

The waves of incarnating now completed were pursuant to the unprecedented Energies inducting into Earth at the present time for its own evolution. The Energies provided an unprecedented sanctioned inter-dimensional opportunity to harbour the incarnations of consciousnesses from all around Christ Michael's Local Universe still bearing lesser conditions of the Luciferian Rebellion and earlier Draco regression. Collectively called 'The dragon'. With the given opportunity to clear their conditions once and for all.

Nearly all of the Dragon, also called the 'conglomerate lesser condition', also called the 'abomination', have been collectively gathered and cast into the Earth for clearing. Referred in your biblical lore as 'Michael and his angels winning a war in the heavens and the Dragon being cast into the Earth'. Most of the Casted Dragon has now incarnated into the stability of the various areas around the Planet as planned as the great wave of world wide incarnating you called the 'Baby Boomers'.

The consciousness areas were eventually set up successfully in compatibility with each of their different types of frequencies anyway. The stability results from the added fact that the areas are also populated with Earth's voluntary incarnate of similar, albeit much less contaminated frequencies. Who are already well experienced within the unique frequencies of Earth.

The impact of their negative frequencies was also offset by the mass incarnation of so the called 'Starr Seed Children' in the later seventies. The Starr Seeds were very telepathic and their eyes were like looking into the Universe. A second mass incarnation of high frequency offsets called the 'Indigo' Children occurred in the late eighties. Their eyes were an unmistakeable bright green like looking at a brightly lit green traffic light, implying a very close consciousness attunement to the fifth dimension.

After the original blueprinted plan of redemption had been pre-empted by the Crucifixion, a new blueprint for establishing the templar grids was formulated by Melchizedek Engineers in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds.

Forty years after the crucifixion, a transcript known as the 'Revelations' was transmitted by John the Revelator in the Melchizedek Worlds through a Melchizedek consciousness to consciousness attunement in consciousness to the Ovarian Soul Atom projected in the third dimensional outer world condition known as John the Divine. The clumps of information took nearly ten years to conclude and become successfully transcribed by John the Divine into formats of the time his followers could understand. The Revelations presented a new plan as damage control, which replaced the original plan for the templar grids which Christ Michael would have implemented had he been able to stay for the full one thousand years of his bestowal.

Over nine hundred years ago the one and only complete copy of the Revelations was delivered to the Mayans in Central America. Elements of the original text now remain within the Mayan texts as the tail end of the so called Mayan prophecies.

Under cover of the Crusades in the latter half of the twelfth century, the sacred copy had been passed by trusted followers of John the Divine to four allies in the Order of the Knights Templar for safe taking back to Europe. The female half of John the Divine, masquerading as a male travelled as one of the four Templars. Vlad the Impaler was also one of the travellers in a more positive incarnation.

Through his inner Reality, Sultan Saladin of Egypt, an incarnation of St. John the Divine's Ovarian Male half helped ensure the copy's safe passage out of the Middle East even as he led the war against the Crusades through his outer consciousness acquired conditions. At the end of his reign his treasury was empty as he had given it all to the poor. The current incarnation of John the Divine still bears traces of Saladin's knives in the palms of his hands, due for clearing in today's higher frequency cycles. 

The Templar knights were a sanctified order which had been established through Reality to set up the continental templar grids around the world which Jesus had been unable to do because of the Crucifixion. The Templars brought the Revelation copy to France where it remained safely sequestered for nearly two hundred years. Through negative infiltrations and politics the Templars were eventually publicly disavowed.

Near the end of the thirteen hundreds, a fleet of eighteen ships of the Templars sat moored at the port of La Rochelle in France. Overnight the ships vanished. What had happened to them was never officially determined nor where they had gone. The had seemingly simply disappeared with no previous hint that they would be going, or to where.

In actuality, the fleet had set sail in the darks of the night under Italian sail and Sinclair Scottish and British command. The fleet carried  the Revelation copy plus the last five hundred uncorrupted Templars and their families to the shores of what is now the province of Nova Scotia in Canada. To keep its true purpose secret amongst its followers, the fleet was reputed to be carrying a religious artifact of inestimable value, never specified but often speculated to be the Holy Grail.

While contact was being set up with the Mayans in the Americas, the Revelation copy was stored for safe keeping in a tamper proof pit on Oak Island in Mahone Bay off the Coast of Nova Scotia. The tamper proof pit was easy to construct. A hole was dug in the middle of the Island. When deep enough, a tunnel was dug out under the sea bed a sufficient distance from the island. At the end of the tunnel a solid trap gate was constructed with a cord link connecting back up above the sea bed. A second gate was constructed out past the first gate to create a small working environment under the sea bed.

Once the gates were finished and securely closed, a vertical tunnel was constructed in the small working environment back up through the sea bed floor almost to the seabed. From the top of the sea bed a hole was punched through flooding the outside of the tunnel on the other side of the first gate. The Revelation copy was wrapped in water proof linens and placed on a wooden platform about forty feet down in the main pit. Once the copy was secured in place, the inner trap gate was lifted flooding the tunnel and pit with ocean water up to the level of the tides.

The location of the pull cord for the inner trap door was known only to the Templars, so the copy remained safe. Once safe contact was made with the Mayans, the inner trap gate was dropped, cutting off the water supply to the pit from the outside vertical tunnel. The pit was bailed out sufficiently to retrieve the stashed Revelation copy. Then the trap gate was lifted again flooding the pit permanently wherein it remains to this day.

Countless futile attempts have been made to drain the pit ever since, believing it to hold a Pirate's secret buried treasure or similar gain worthy of the effort. Which can never be done successfully because it is open to the ocean through the tunnel, whose opening at the gate is not likely ever to be discovered. Even if someone eventually does find it, all they will find in the pit is an empty wooden platform about forty feet down.

Once retrieved, the Revelation copy was spirited quietly down the East Coast to the Mayans unsuspected.

The Templar remnants in Nova Scotia eventually became known as the Acadians. The Templar group which delivered the Revelation copy to the Mayans eventually settled in the Mississippi River bayous of what is now Louisiana. Later arriving English drove the remaining Acadians out of Nova Scotia, who also moved to the Louisiana bayous and became more simply known as 'Cajuns'.

The original Revelations was not just a piece of text, it was the entire blueprinted set of instructions for setting up the complex fifth dimensional cubistic system of electromagnetic Templar grids around the world for housing the frequencies of the various populations which would be coming in at the present time as the conglomerate lesser condition known as the Casted Dragon.

The anticipated influx of population would be both from out of the existing Earth population and from the abomination gathered in from around Christ Michael's whole Local Universe and cast into the Earth to begin incarnating into the respective different locations pursuant to their frequencies. Many of the left over remnants from Mans original emersion into the third dimension such as Fawns, Centaurs Gargoyles and the like had also been given the opportunity to bend their knee to Christ and incarnate and were also included.

Most of those not from Earth were from the Orion and Draco Solar Sectors, the most sorely affected by the Rebellion. The world wide birth boom was not because of post war household enthusiasms, it was an integral part of the cosmic plan for redemption of the remnant lesser Luciferian conditions from around Christ Michael's Local Universe.

The Revelation copy also gave the timetables for the steps of consciousness escalations which have now concluded as part and parcel of the cleanup of the Luciferian Rebellion in the full scale inter-dimensional action known as Armageddon.

The escalations were timetabled on the pre-ordained incoming inductions of the final rev up to Earth's own escalation into a protostarr, plus the incoming changes from Pisces to Aquarius, plus the passage of the Solar System through the galactic plane, plus the close passage of Nibiru's thirty six hundred year orbit, plus the entry of Earth's Solar System into the proton disk around Alcione, plus the pending flare from the galaxy's core, plus conclusion of Earth's last twenty five thousand year cycle of dispensary inductions and commencement of a new. Plus the beginning of a new Galactic cycle of two hundred and fifty million years. Plus the beginning of a new two hundred and fifty million Grand Year Cycle around the Galaxy.

During the Revelation copy's two hundred years in France, following the instructions, the Templars had set up the template grid points for the multifaceted face of Europe which eventually came into its present form. Instructions were also given to readied accomplices in Britain who set up the templates from which the British Isles eventually ensued. Some, but not all of the world wide British Empire which came later were a continuation of the Templar action through Reality into other parts of the world.

Marco Polo set in motion the Energies for the China and Asian fields. British rule followed Marco Polo to fully house the update of the root race Adamics back into proper evolution at this present time. Another offshoot of the Templars help set up the great umbrella template known as the Russian Republics.

The electromagnetic fields for the continent of Africa were later set up by a 'Livingstone', meaning 'Living Stone of Truth. 'I will send unto you a living stone'. In the eighteenth century the Scottish explorer Dr. David Livingstone, a later incarnation of King David, disappeared into the deepest regions of unknown Africa. Through his fifth dimensionality he initiated the templar layouts which brought the Africans out of their ten thousand year hiatus after the fall of Atlantis.

He also made contact with a Matriarch for the present time. The Matriarch had been released from the pit a thousand years ago and allowed to incarnate acquiescently within the quiets of Africa for a thousand years while her particularly discordant frequencies became co-ordinated into the cycles of re-incarnation within the current Earth plane environment. She incarnate into the Western world at the turn of the century as a bonded women, held in fear and loathing in the consciousnesses of Man and known in her outer action as Satan. She passed in the early nineteen nineties, returned to the feet of Christ and brought all of her people with her as a penultimate prodigal daughter.

She has recently received complete abolition as she had been duped into passing the Luciferians plans for a subverted third dimensional population as a good thing for the evolution. She had never rebelled outright against the Creators and had never advocated ill towards others. All of that came later by Lucifer's followers after Lucifer himself had outlined his original manifesto which had likewise contained none of such evils.

The specific templar grids were quite clear. Out of the sea (of consciousness) will arise a second beast (New World), in the likeness and image of the first beast (Old World), specifically the same lesser conditions brought across the waters, and having two horns (North and South America).

In the early nineteen hundreds Christ Michael himself incarnated temporarily in South America to help set up the South American templates. A four year old Brazilian boy was known to have astounding spiritual awareness, then suddenly passed away. Soul Atoms, no matter how great or how small, cannot hang around in the third dimension unless housed within an outer embodiment or inside a cosmic egg. Christ Michael's atom had incarnated just long enough within a physical body to get the job done. Nobody spend a frivolous amount of time doing nothing in the higher dimensions.

The Revelation copy which had been brought over to North America carried the instructions for setting up the fifth dimensional templar electromagnetic points for what would eventually become the original nine Provinces of Canada based on nine point Cyclonic Law.

Anointed ones amongst the Cree Indians guided the Canadian Templar emissaries across Canada as far as the mountains with the Italian sailors as porters to set up eight of the provinces. The area west of the mountains was completely inaccessible by land at the time as it was completely impossible to travel across the mountains during a summer season. Anyone trying would perish in the next upcoming winter. The Italian sailors acted as couriers and porters. Their legacy remains to the present day as decidedly Italian looking red haired Indigene Natives dwelling in the Albertan Northwest where the trek had ended and they had married into the local tribes.

The west coast grid points for the ninth Province were later set up by Captain Cook through his Reality, who sailed up the West Coast in the later half of the seventeen hundreds.

The Revelation copy also carried the instructions for setting up the forty nine states of the American Union in mirror of the forty nine astral planes of the fourth dimension.

Templar emissaries moved south carrying the retrieved Revelations copy bearing the instructions for the US magnetic anchor points, including what is today the city of Boston. The anchors were the starting points for the forty eight states of the Union eventually to be set up below the forty ninth parallel.

The balance of the US grid was subsequently set in place by help from advanced members of various US native Indian tribes of the time, particularly the Cherokee, who had been cued up through their Realities. Remnants similar to the Mayan text remain in many of the earlier Cherokee writings.

The unknown mound builders placed thousands of low standing rock temples at locations all around the country which formed an interlocking pattern of templar Energy grids producing many geometric formations in the shape of five pointed starrs. Five pointed starrs uphold the fifth dimensional high frequency principle of perfection when not usurped by the doers of malpractice.

Alaska was eventually initiated by sea as the forty ninth US state above the forty ninth parallel. The recent inclusion of Hawaii as the fiftieth state was through negative imposition and is not an aspect of Reality. Canada suffered a similar forced inclusion of an unwanted frequency when the Province of Newfoundland was forced in at the end of the nineteen forties. As Canada is crucible for the Aquarian Christ for the Aquarian Christ, in this case by most of the Elect of Christ incarnating into Canada, or migrating to it. The inclusion forced Canada to reformulate as a ten point dual Male/Female configuration of five Male Provinces (English), and five Female (French) in order to remain stable. Canada also had to adopt a new constitution in the early eighties, based on the metric system of ten, instead of the original British system called imperial.

The new Canadian constitution also has a close but no cigar call. In nineteen seventy two, one of the Elect of Christ wrote a fifteen page all inclusive treatise on Women's rights. Nothing was left out. The treatise was sent to Mark Lalonde who was Pierre Trudeau's private secretary at the time. When Trudeau presented the new Canadian Charter in the early eighties, the treatise was included word for word. Unfortunately, before the charter had been ratified, Trudeau was out and Brian Mulroney was in. Mulroney re-worked the constitution into the so called Meech Lake Accord, which had the Women's right treatise removed in it's entirety.

Also, for reasons of safety, only one full copy of the Revelations had ever been made. The copy had been held in safe keeping by the followers of John the Divine for over eleven hundred years to prevent it from falling into unsanctified hands who would try and thwart its Divine purpose.

The ten percent of the Revelations said to remain as shards, are not shards. They were simply a shill version handed out for public consumption which had been steeped in analogy to guise its true importance.

The old world templar grids were described as a beast rising out of the Sea (of consciousness), having the mouth of a Lion, feet of a Bear, being spotted as unto a Leopard, and having the seat of the Dragon. The North and South American fields were described as a second beast in the likeness and image of the first.

The beast analogy was used because the templar fields were to be set up to house consciousnesses which would be third dimensionally interred and still suffering severely from the low frequency afflictions of their past. Consequently bearing close ties to the influences of Earth's animal matrixes, i.e., would be bestial rather than spiritual in temperament.

On the other hand, from out of the mouth of the Lion has passed the fifth dimensional language English into every corner of the World. Your current version of English was prepared in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds particularly for this purpose. It is in a special third dimensional version intended as a means for allowing the higher dimensional aspects of reality to be safely sequestered into Earth's outer third dimensional lower consciousnesses awareness in preparation for the higher vibrational understandings of the Great Book starting to come in now. Once the Great Book has been securely downloaded into everyone's consciousness, the information will not be substantially different from that within this Revelatorium, just much more solidly secured.

In particular, the rules of English allow for words to be comprised which sound like what they do. 'Yell', 'Shout', 'Cry; 'Whisper', 'Swish', 'Jabber', 'Run', 'Stop', Flabbergast', 'Corrugated', 'Jog',' Jump', 'Manipulate', "Shatter', 'Squeak', 'Splatter', etc., are all good examples. Likewise, fifth dimensional names like, 'Ascension', 'Attunement' 'Alignment', 'Consciousness', 'Evolution', 'Resurrection', 'Universe' etc., all resonate in consciousness in close similarity to what they do. Which impart a greater sense of the words into your outer consciousnesses in order to insure greater understanding of the higher dimensional meanings when the time comes down the road.

Similarly, the mystical symbol of the Adamics is the dragon. As the current root race, the planet belongs to the Adamics which gives them their great seat of authority. The dragon powers the beast because the Adamics, being evolutionary are not yet Christ aligned, and their current third dimensional interred condition in consciousness basically forms the beast.

Similarly, the feet of the bear walks a vast Russian landscape. Similarly, the spots of a leopard are the multi-faceted countries of Europe. The consciousnesses now located in each of the various parts of Europe are not the same, even markedly different, even when only a mile apart such as Germany and France.

The consciousnesses differ in the various designated areas, because the templar electromagnetic fields were set up to be in specific harmony with the specifically differing frequencies of incoming consciousnesses in accordance with the specifically varying frequencies of the Planet. Within each of the continental fields, local regional fields further sub-setted the differently segregated types of consciousnesses. Mixed race marriages in adopted homelands have provided yet further refinements of the local frequencies available, allowing for even more specifically targeted incarnational possibilities.

By the time the church driven Conquistadors arrived in the Americas during the fifteen hundreds, the first part of the Revelation mission was already well in motion. The second part, giving the exact dates and details of the stepped up escalations of consciousness to come eventually as inductions into the templar matrixes, was absorbed into the Mayan text for hiding and the original copy of the Revelation was destroyed at the risk again of falling into the wrong hands.

The first portion of the Revelation program had not been an easy one to implement. The original copy had to be walked through the Earth plane condition from Israel to France by the trusted Templar agents under constant peril from the church, authorities, and barbaric communities they had to pass through and had many close calls.

If Christ Michael had not been crucified, it would not have needed doing at all, as the world wide electromagnetic templar grids would have already been set in place by Christ Michael himself as the last and remaining part of his outer bestowal responsibility.

Likewise, had it not been for the Crucifixion, those of you within the voluntary today would be bright and shiny and ready to go within your various field allocations and responsibilities. Those of you of the incoming abomination would have incarnated into an environment ready to start you off on an instant path towards translating the lesser frequencies of your past. It is of small moment now as the program is finally starting to move ahead successfully and on track anyway, with only a few rough spots still needing attention such as the Anti-Christ remnants within the United States and elsewhere who are encountering increasingly tough going.

The second part of the Revelation, giving the timetables and descriptions for the escalating inductions which concluded on December twenty first, two thousand and twelve were not the same kind of problem. It was of a telling only with nothing needing to be set up at the Earth plane level as had been the templar grids.

All that was needed was for you to be set to the right frame of mind to receive the consciousness escalations in full acceptance for knowing in advance of their comings and the particular frequencies expected. As which has now occurred, concluding on December twenty first two thousand and twelve.

The purpose of the timetables was to alert you to be ready. Which for the most part reached only a few of you in the know. It is likewise of small moment now. Your mass consciousnesses are expanding now in vitro quite satisfactorily anyway, and rapidly through an expanding consciousness pyramid principle from those of you at the top to those underneath with Christ Michael as the capstone.

The malpractices of a few in the wake notwithstanding, the signs are positive everywhere for those who can see.

The whole blueprinted plan of the Revelations is now unfolding. The dragon has been cast into the Earth on schedule. Both the incarnations and inductions of today are occurring successfully into the pre-set international templar jurisdictions as abodes. Your consciousnesses are undergoing the rapid stages of expansions as a result of the inductions foretold by the Revelation/Mayan timetable.

You do not recognize the Revelation remnant in the Mayan record today because of your unfamiliarity with the Mayan language and your dogged adherence to the religious formats of the Old and New Testaments.

Some of the Planets to be cleared down the road are ten time worse in their outer world conditions than Earth. Failure to start cleaning up your consciousness now in absolute sincerity in this absolute optimum time frame, will result in your having to bear even more tribulation during the next cycle for being incarnated straight into their midst without the cushion of the current higher frequency radiations to help you as you are now enjoying on Earth.

As always, you are also individually the fashioner of your own greater made good fate or lesser made bad fate according to whatever case you turn it out to be. It will be seven hundred and fifty thousand years before another such optimum occasion as today occurs for clearing away your lower consciousness conditions and returning to the fifth dimension fully re-instated.