'The Piscean Age' has concluded and the 'Aquarian age' has Begun. The 'Great Book' is being opened at last and the Great Cosmic Truths of Reality are starting to become revealed. For the next two thousand years through the Age of Aquarius the 'Waters of Truth' will continuously pour forth, and your consciousnesses will be expanding all the way. At the end of Aquarius you will be ready to return to the fifth dimension where you belong.

The Revelatorium is a Christ teaching given to you in preparation to introduce you to the basic higher dimensional factors of Reality you will need to know and understand in the years to come to continue your consciousness expansions in a positive and responsible direction.

The Cosmos at large is called 'Reality'. The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is about Reality. Reality includes the nine hundred trillion light year wide Universe your Soul Atom is privy to on the other side of the veil. The Revelatorium also reveals for the very first time ever the complete Intelligent Design by which all of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. Also revealed for the first time ever before Creation at large is the Great Cosmic Plan of the Creators, including the birth of an eighth and great new Super Universe, now starting to unfold off this Super Universe by bifurcation. Your current affairs on Earth are no trivial matter as you are right in the middle of the point of bifurcation.

Your accumulated misconceptions and misunderstandings for the last three and a half million years, called the 'Mentallized Illusion' are starting to become dissolved. You are beginning to be raised back up in consciousness to the higher dimensional awarenesses of your calling.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega is a Christ teaching through a Melchizedek attunement in consciousness. Teaching you what you should have been taught and not what you have been taught. The Revelatorium self-contests all your known acorns of Religion, Science, and Metaphysics by presenting the greater facts of Reality as they really are as seen through fifth and seventh dimensional eyes and not through the lesser eyes of your lower dimensional 'Mentallized Illusions'. Which you consider to be the totality of all that exists.

For example, the Holy Trinity is not a Father, Son, and Holy Ghost as you have been made to believe, it is a family principle of Father, Mother, and Only Begotten Son/Daughter. 'As above so below'.

Likewise, do not let the religious overtones of some of the Starrgram topics put you off. The Revelatorium is anything but a religious tome. The first paragraph of every Starrgram proves the point. Likewise, the Revelatorium is on the Christ Table as is and has no other motive or self serving purpose. You are well advised to read the Revelatorium all the way through and question your beliefs, rather than rely on your beliefs and question the Revelatorium.

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