Starrgram 6: Principles of the Cubit

Whenever you incarnate or re-incarnate, your inner and outer matrixes are formulated according to a specific geometric ruling called a 'cubit'.

You have traditionally defined a cubit as six lengths. For over two thousand years you have argued about the length of the length. The wrong question is being asked. A cubit is not a 'howlongisit', it is a 'whatisit'.

A cubit is the projection of the fourteenth dimensional Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega one dimension down to the thirteenth dimension. Cubits are the basic building blocks of Creation and remain the same in principle all the way down to the first dimension. Cubits are particularly relevant to a Soul Atom who has formed an outer body projection in any incarnation or re-incarnation anywhere in Creation.

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the basic component of the Intelligent Design of Alpha and Omega. The cubit derives directly from the The Cube and Sphere, and constitutes the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega rendered out into an open working format. It is the simplest geometric representation of the Intelligence, Energy, and Substance of the Creators working together as one according to rule. The principles of the cubit remain the same throughout all the dimensions from thirteen on down and are easy to depict in a two dimensional format.

Using its radius, the circumference of a circle can be divided into six equal parts to form a hexagon. I.e., six lengths. (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 - Six Lengths of a Hexagon

When properly oriented, a cube will project onto a plane as a hexagon. More specifically, if a semi transparent cube is tipped forward at the leading corner, the more forward it tips the more the outline of the cube will take on the outline of a hexagon. (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 - Cube Turning into a Hexagon

With the cube of fig. 2 re-orientated to look face on, it can be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise until the forward and back vertical edges line up perfectly top to bottom. The top forward corner can be tipped up and down vertically until it lines up perfectly at the middle with the bottom back corner, which will have risen up by the same amount.

Once so aligned, when looking straight through at eye, level the outer edges will transcribe the perfect outline of a hexagram. The forward edges of the cube will align perfectly at the center of the cube as a Y factor. (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 - Front Edges of a Cube

The respective back edges of the cube will align perfectly at the center as an inverted Y factor. (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4- Back Edges of a Cube

The two together will join as straight lines through the middle. The structure of a cube is implied within the six equal sides of any hexagram. It is the basis of the cubit and basis of its name. (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5 - Cube Projected as a Hexagon

The three arms of the upright Y factor are of equal length and serve to lock the proper up/down or vertical orientation of the cube. The three arms of the inverted Y factor are of the same equal length and serve to lock in the proper sideways or horizontal orientation of the cube. The two Y factors together serve to lock the cube into the one and only such perfect orientation by unequivocal order of rule.

When so oriented, the six different Y factor arms are of the same equal length and directions as the six equal front and back outer edges of the cube. The six Y factor arms and six sides of the cube each bear a different frequency, which are complicate in the purposes of the cubit.

Within the orientation, lines can be drawn from each set of respective cross corners of the cube to form a six pointed Starr. The lines will be both at thirty degrees to the respective arms of the Y factors at the corners, and at right angles to the Y factors at their midsections. (Fig. 6).

Fig. 6 - Cross Connections

From the center point of the Y factors, a circle can be constructed such that the circumference falls exactly on the six different respective arms intersections of the six pointed Starr. The six arms intersections define six equal points where the absolute size of the circle and absolute size of the cube can be locked together within the absolute certainty of absolute rule.

The resulting realization comprises the 'cubit', whose components are interred by absolute order of rule. (Fig. 7).

Fig. 7 - cubit

The circle is used everywhere to represent the frequencies of the Absolute Intelligence of the Father, the cube is used everywhere to represent the frequencies of the Absolute Substance of the Mother, the upright Y Factor is used everywhere to represent the frequencies of the Absolute Outer Energy of the Only Begotten Son, the inverted Y Factor is used everywhere to represent the frequencies of the Absolute Outer Energy of the Only Begotten Daughter, and the six pointed Starr is used everywhere to represent the frequencies of the Absolute Inner Energy of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter combined.

For simplicity, when the term 'Cube' is used it shall refer to the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega. When the term 'cube' is used it shall refer to the cubit.

In accordance with the Intelligent Design, the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the fundamental building block of Creation, holding the Intelligence of the Father, Energy of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and Substance of the Mother together within the Absolute balance of their Absolute potentialities through the Absolute order of its Absolute rule.

The cubit is the basic working unit of Creation, projected from the cubit. It is the basic equation of Creation in all its permutations and all its forms, operating no different in principle throughout all thirteen dimensions under the Cube and Sphere as it does in mirroring the interactions within the Holy Trinity itself through its tie to the Cube and Sphere.

Within its rulings, whether used to represent the entire Creation, a single Super Universe, a single individual in an incarnation, a single atom, or the subatomic parts of an atom the rules of the cubit are the same.

The two Y Factors act together as one, as unified lines of Energy holding Intelligence and Substance together in absolute balance of their absolute potentials in all frequencies of all dimensions.

Intelligence relates to the planning side of Creation, Energy to the doing side, and Substance to the materialized result. Intelligence and Substance balanced by the Energy factor in the middle comprises the makeup of Creation.

The expressed Inner Consciousness of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter is known universally throughout Creation as 'Christ'. Within the cubit, Christ consciousness is represented at ninety degrees to the Y Factor Outer Energies as the six pointed Starr. The principle of the six pointed Starr is known throughout Creation. Your name for the Starr is the 'Starr of David', David does not refer to your Biblical King David per se', but to the particular higher cubistic Energy frequencies in consciousness he was carrying.

The Starr of David upholds the inner Christ consciousness expression of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, expressing the Will and Desire of the unified Father and Mother consciousness of the Creators as ongoing responsibility. The Starr of David symbol, present for many millennia within your Earth bound religions is the cubit hidden in plain sight.

The Y factors together are part of the outer consciousness and outer co-creative expression of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter

Within any manifested projection in Creation, the size of the circle of Intelligence determines the size of the Starr of David at the arms intersections. The size of the Starr of David determines the size of the Upper and Lower Y Factors at the end point connections. The size of the Y Factors determines the size of the cube at the cube corner points. The size of the cube determines the size of the materialization to be made. Thos with larger Circles of Intelligence can make larger manifestations. Lanonandek Son/Daughters can manifest whole Local Solar Sectors of a  thousand Solar Systems each. Paradisiacal Creator  Son/Daughters can manifest whole Local Universes of a thousand Galaxies each.

Within any outer bodily projection incarnation or re-incarnation your have made in any part of Creation including Earth, the Y Factor Energies of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter comprise your Outer Christ Co-Creative activity, holding your Intelligence and Substance together in absolute balance of absolute equality in all aspects of your projection.

Throughout Creation, the workings of the cubit are the same. In any incarnation or re-incarnation, in reflection of its principle throughout all frequencies of all dimensions, the Intelligence of your projection related to Alpha is from your Soul Atom self represented by the circle. The cube, related to Omega, upholds your Substance body materialization. The Y Factors uphold the size of your materialization. The Starr of David upholds your inner Christ Conscious Co-Creative responsibility.

Your Inner and Outer Christ factors together comprise your total Christ Conscious Co-Creative capability. By principle of the cubit, the whole of Creation has been blueprinted and undertaken, and continues to expand by the responsible consciousnesses of all Soul Atom children of the Creators in projection.

Through the circle and arms intersections of the Starr of David, from the center point additional lines are also possible which are simultaneously perpendicular to the joined arms of the Y Factors at the midpoint, the respective sides of the cube, and the circle. (Fig. 8).

Fig. 8 - New Radials

The new radials intersect the arms of the Starr of David at sixty degrees and also lie parallel to them. Their Energies are very different from the Y Factor arms. For simultaneously connecting to both triangles of the Starr of David at their intersections, and for simultaneously connecting to both the circle and the cube directly at right angles, the new radials are from both the Intelligence side and Substance side of the Creators together and are part and parcel of both the outer consciousness and outer co-creative expression of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter.

The radials arise after the fact of a materialization, and holds the specifics about the materialization's particular uniqueness, helping to expand Creation and make every material domain in Creation distinct from any other regardless of size, nature, purpose, or frequency of vibration.

The cubit principle without the radials relates to the Creators as their living atom Cube and Sphere projection. The cubit principle with the radials, relates to Creation as part and parcel of the Creators' ever ongoing outer Co-Creative expression. For the sake of convenience, the term 'cubit' will be taken to also include the radials unless otherwise specified.

Cubits also exist in more complex structures called cubistic matrixes. Cubistic matrixes comprise the basic modus operand of the Intelligent Design of Alpha and Omega. At the one and same moment they blueprint both the Inner and Outer Creations, the interlocking dimensions of the Outer Creation, and the inner locking dimensions of consciousness for being of the same principle in rule. Cubistic matrixes also uphold the subatomic parts of an atom.

Creation exists solely through the work of cubistic matrixes. Cubistic matrixes exist solely through the work of the loving Soul Atom children of the Creators in projection.

Cubistic matrixes are the outcomes of consciousness. Creation is from the lap of consciousness. There is ought in Creation not from consciousness. Consciousness exists because the Creators are conscious.

Cubistic matrixes are how consciousness thinks out Creation in advance as blueprints, and how consciousness upholds the blueprints as materializations once manifested. The cubit also holds within its caprices all the rulings for life. Where there is life there is consciousness. Where there is consciousness there is life. Creation is alive because the Creators are alive.

As you can see in fig 7, the arms of the Y Factors through the mid point are conjoined end to end as straight lines. The conjoined frequencies are different from the Y Factor frequencies alone, intersecting the frequencies of both triangles both at ninety degrees at the circle and at thirty degrees at their end points. The conjoined vertical line up the middle is called a staff.

As fig. 8 clearly shows, the radials also join end to end as straight lines, intersecting both triangles twice at sixty degrees on opposite sides of the midpoint. The horizontally conjoined line across the middle is called a rod. The other two conjoined Y Factor lines are also staffs, and the other two conjoined radials are also rods.

The frequencies of the staffs and the rods are markedly different. The staffs are radiations of Energy related to the Substance side which also hold the vibrations of the front and back edges of the cube. The rods are radiations of Energy reflecting both the Substance side and the Intelligence side together for being at right angles to both the cube and to the Y Factors.

The staffs are from the top of Creation and work their way down and then back up. The rods start from from the cubit mid point of each level of Creation and work their way out to the limits of each level. The basic Energies of the staffs start pre-existent in the sixteenth dimension and are passed down through the Holy Trinity then Cube and Sphere, moving on down through the cubistic structures comprising Creation to their eventual level of purpose.

The Substance related Energies accumulate along the staffs as Creation expands. The Energies do not merge, staying as independent constructs according to frequency. This Substance pipeline is how the Materialized side of Creation ever expands.

Rod energies start anew from each new cubit midpoint within a domain and move radially outward in the two respective directions. The staff lines and rod radials are both referred to as radial lines or radials, understanding that the staff lines do not start from the mid points as do the rods. Staffs however, do have a inward oriented flow to the midpoint and a continuing outward oriented flow past the midpoint as implied in fig. 7.

The principles of the cubit are tied to Creation at all levels. At the local level you have both a rod and a staff in both the inner and outer matrixes of your current Earth plane outer bodily projection. Your staff is vertical from head to toe and your rod is fore and aft through your midriff. Your rod upholds your individuality. Your staff upholds your materialization. 'Thy rod and thy staff they shall comfort me'.

Likewise you have both a descending and an ascending action of Energy within your body. The Energy runs vertically through your body up and down in both directions through your staff component. In the descending action, Energy is inducted through your head and passes to the Earth through your feet. In the ascending action Energy returning from the Earth moves up through your feet and passes out atop your head.

The downward flowing energies pass through your lower consciousness matrix into the Earth for cleansing of static. The returning energies pass out through your upper consciousness matrix and up the staff linkages to your inner to be given back to the Creators for their glorification. When your upward flow is abundant you will have a halo of auric light atop your head.

The Energies also flow through your rod. The flow is simultaneously fore and aft through your midriff from the midpoint. Positive frequencies flow frontward, negative to the back. For proper inductional purposes the proper way to sleep is on your back. Infants should not be placed on their stomachs to sleep.

The rod Energies include some of the staff energies moving downward which become converted at the midpoint and move out along the rod, also some of the Energy moving upward then out. The Energy moves out through your astral frequencies to others around you within a limited range.

When your consciousness is harmonious with the Creators, the Energies will comprise harmonious frequencies released into the environment for the greater good. Others, including plants and animals will feel your goodness for some distance around. The Triune Being Jesus Christ walked with a ten mile aura.

If your consciousness is not harmonious to the Creation because your consciousness is not working in proper alignment, the output will be imposed with static. Others including plants and animals will feel your static for some distance around.

Intuitively, your polarity to the Creators is through your vertical staff. Un-intuitively, your fourth dimensional auric gravity pull to the Planet is through your horizontal rod on the love frequency.

Rather than think of gravity pulling you vertically downwards to the Planet as you stand, think of it pulling you down horizontally across your rod. Once you can envision your rod and staff properly, you will experience far less of the depressive effect of gravity upon your expression.

Envisioning and feeling that your rod and staff are properly aligned is not a one time thing. Expect to have to do it again and again on a routine basis. Twist to the right and left a bit at the shoulders to help center your rod if necessary as you envision its orientation.

As you can also see in fig. 8, on either side of your vertical staff exists a rod. On either side of your horizontal rod exists a staff. The two formulations combine to comprise an Energy configuration known as the Cross of Power. You call it the Celtic Cross. The four ends of the Cross are open implying Energy moving through.

Once you are ready, your Cross of power becomes set by a blast out your midriff which instantaneously explodes throughout your whole body in a millisecond. Your Cross of Power will be immediately noticeable from your midriff as four cone shaped vortices instead of a rod and staff. Your Cross of Power is much more stable than your rod and your staff, remaining solidly in place with little effort.

Once your Energy is moving through your Cross of Power properly, you are ready for the next stage which is transfiguration. Once you are transfigured you are no longer subject to death. Jesus transfigured on the mount at the age of thirty three and was set to live for a thousand years.

Those of you who meditate sitting cross-legged with the palms of your feet pressed hard into your Scorpio and Sagittarius centers in the so called Yoga position continue lesser practices inherited from Atlantis. Your downward flowing Energies are dammed off and splew back up through the top. Your Energy also splews chaotically out your rod un-translated. Your normal upward flow is all but abrogated.

The practice short circuits the action of your staff and is wreaking untold havoc upon the astro-psychic mental planes of the Planet.

Instead of a halo of purified light, a fount of lower Nplus static sits atop your head which has been forced back up through your outer consciousness matrix by the jam-up. The fount is misconstrued by devotees as implying spirituality. The reality is that the reverse is true. The Yoga position is not sanctioned.

It is not surprising that your country Tibet is currently the center for the continuing malpractices of Atlantis. The high plains of Tibet were the furthest removed from the cataclysms following the collapse of Atlantis ten thousand years ago. They are also far removed from the modernizing spiritual principles initiated by Christ two thousand years ago.

The negative Yoga practices also contribute to perpetuating a Planetary stall at the one hundred and eight frequencies of Planetary Law. The frequencies of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, namely knees, ankles, and feet, are denied by nature of the position. The actual number of astrophysical frequencies is one hundred and forty four, based on Solar Law.

Within the tenets of Solar Law there are twelve astrophysical frequencies which you currently call the signs of the Zodiac. Each frequency is likewise represented within each frequency. Twelve times twelve is one hundred and forty four. Three times twelve equals thirty six. One hundred and forty four minus thirty six equals one hundred and eight, the number meditators hold in devotion.

The cubit also contains X, Y, and Z energy factors. As you can see in fig. 7, the two sloping arms of the Y Factors join at the center of the cubit to form a flattened X. The flattened X is called the X Factor.

The two horizontal lines of the Starr of David and the sloping bar of the X Factor running upward left to right, combine as a Z factor. The two horizontal lines and the sloping bar of the X Factor running downward left to right, combine as an inverted Z factor.

The X Factor is from the Energies related to your circle, the Y Factors are from the Energies related to your staffs, and the Z Factors are from the Energies related to your Starr of David. The X, Y, and Z factors are higher Energy principles of life. The X Factor relates to your Male action in consciousness, the Y factors relate to your Female action in consciousness. The Z factors relate to the combined actions of both. In the activities of the human brain, the left side relates to the Father and the right side to the Mother.

In all consciousness expressions, the X and Y factors appear as Male and Female. The Z factor is related to Man's fifth and seventh dimensional consciousness expressions. In the lower Earth chromosome frequencies of all living things, the X and Y factors are reversed and appear as assorted Male and Female parameters.

Jesus manifested and exemplified Christ Consciousness to the masses two thousand years ago. He also gave his X, Y, and Z comforters through the higher X, Y, and Z factors of everyone's consciousness. The comforters make it difficult for the negative intelligences of the lower astral hell states to take up uninvited house within anyone who is unwilling.

Christ Consciousness is the key. The cubistic measurements of Solomon's temple were not of rocks and mortar but for the states of Christ consciousness to become therein.

Through cubistic interactions you form an arc in consciousness with anyone with whom you make an agreement. Noah and his wife held a fifth dimensional arc in consciousness between them enabling them to maintain a safe haven for the animal kingdom matrixes against the world wide cataclysms which followed in the collapse of Atlantis.

The Arc of the Covenant was not a scroll in a box. It was a powerful seventh dimensional arc in consciousness between Alpha and Omega and the Israelites. The Israelites had agreed to act as crucible for the upcoming advent of Christ. They were subsequently moved from Egypt to their own land as Christ cradle, and given the Ten Commandments as rules to live by in order to purify themselves in preparation.

The Starr of David also comprises two interlocking triangles. As you can see in fig. 7 it comprises a downward pointing triangle called the 'Upper Triangle', and an upward pointing triangle called the 'Lower Triangle'. The Upper Triangle is related to Intelligence and holds the Inner frequencies of the Only Begotten Son. The Lower Triangle is related to Substance and holds the Inner frequencies of the Only Begotten Daughter.

As also seen in fig. 7, the Upper Triangle expands upward and is flat across the top. The Lower Triangle expands downward and is flat across the bottom. In your Inner consciousness matrix, your Lower Triangle is more passive. In your Outer consciousness matrix your Upper Triangle is more passive.

Your Upper Triangle is positive in polarity reflecting its ties to Intelligence. Your Lower Triangle is negative in polarity reflecting its ties to Substance. In the higher dimensions, when in a projection, your Upper Triangle ties to the things of the dimensions above. Your Lower Triangle ties to the things of the dimension you have projected into.

Within the third dimensional frequencies of Earth, your Upper Triangle likewise ties to the things of the higher dimensions, collectively referred to by your literatures as 'Heaven'. Your Lower Triangle ties to the things of Earth.

The animal kingdom does not have a fully active Upper Triangle component of consciousness as they are not Soul Atom originated.

In a properly construed fifth dimensional Earth environment, your outer Lower Triangle would be passive for your having dominion over the Earth from the fifth dimension, as in 'custodian of' not as in 'the bossy dog'. Currently your outer Lower Triangle is very active, as in, 'is subject to'. You are currently bound to the third dimension by misadventure.

The Starr of David within your Upper consciousness matrix and Lower consciousness matrix both also have an implied Father, Mother, Son, Daughter square of consciousness aspect. The Mother and Daughter aspects are tied to your Substance side. The Father and Son aspects are tied to your Intelligence. The Intelligence and Substance aspects of each are also shown. (Fig. 9).

Fig. 9 - Implied Square of Consciousness

The squares of consciousness within your Starrs of David are the root of your processes of thinking. Your thinking as you walk about works by the very same square of consciousness principle of 'Father, Mother, Son, Daughter' as does the Holy Trinity.

Your motivational Will to execute any plan is through the link between your Father/Intelligence aspect and your Mother/Substance aspect in your squares of consciousnesses. Your responsible Desire to follow through with its execution is through the link between your Son/Intelligence aspect and your Daughter/Substance aspect. The cross flows of Will and Desire fed into your inner and outer matrixes from your squares of consciousness activates your plan into action.

The amounts of Will and Desire you put into any undertaking determines whether or not it gets done properly according to plan, and in accordance with the responsibility to Creation you agreed to undertake when forming your projection.

Within the current formulation on Planet Earth, the action of your Upper Triangles in consciousness ties directly to your Pituitary Gland. Your Pituitary Gland is attuned to the higher frequencies of Creation and is the location where 'the Lord', your own Christ Triune Soul Atom self which formed your current incarnational projection as you resides, 'Sittingeth upon the throne'.

The action of the Lower Triangles in your consciousness ties directly to your Pineal gland. The Pineal gland is attuned to the auric frequencies of the Planet and is called by mystics 'The Third Eye' who think it is a wondrous thing.

The Pineal gland is natural in animals and is the source of their so-called uncanny abilities. With your eyes closed, look straight ahead as though through a window. Once you can see a fully colored view which is clear and in 3D, your Third Eye will be open. Once you can look straight ahead with your eyes closed and see the same view as you would with your eyes wide open, your Third Eye is fully opened.

The 'Holy Grail is not something you locate by searching, it is a principle you learn by listening. When you are no longer 'subject to', meaning your actions in consciousness are in complete harmony with the Will, Desire, and Action of the Creators to expand Creation and you are no longer subject to the lower static conditions of Earth such as carnal, a high frequency cup shaped induction center is set up between your Pituitary gland and your Pineal gland. The cup shaped induction center is called 'The Holy Grail'.

The Holy Grail inducts higher frequency Substance radiations from the fifth and seventh dimensions, called Manna from Heaven. 'Whosoever drinks from the Holy Grail shall have everlasting life', understood and utilized by Moses and his people crossing the desert, and symbolized and taught by Christ to his disciples two thousand years ago at the Last Supper.