Starrgram 20: The Army of Christ

The Army of Christ are the millions of you in the trenches who have been incarnating into Earth's lower third dimensional time line situation as volunteers to help clear the conditions back to whole sound and prefect fifth dimensional Reality.

The Elect of Christ within the voluntary, includes the one hundred and forty four Men and one hundred and forty four Women comprising Earth's Planetary council.

The Heavenly Host is the vast fleet of Radionnic Ships sitting outside the orbit of Pluto. The Army of Christ, also called Children of Light, also called Unistarrs, formerly called the 'Disciples of Christ', before that the 'Israelites', before that the 'Children of Abraham', and before that 'The Sons and Daughters of Noah', and before that 'The Atlantians', are those of you comprising the current voluntary incarnate on Earth. The Outer World consciousness of today refers to you as 'Light Workers'.

Michael won a war in the heavens, and the Dragon, also called 'the conglomerate lesser condition', also called 'the abomination' was cast into the Earth as that you call the Baby Boomer'. The Cosmic Plan for Planet Earth includes that those of you amongst the regressed ones including all of you still among the negative intelligences, are being given a sanctioned opportunity to cleanse your conditions once and for all by being allowed to incarnate into Earth's elevated time line frequencies at the present time.

As incarnates, you are being availed at a full consciousness level of the high Energy radiations, 'fires from heaven' now arriving to lift the Planet into its own final evolution as a Protostarr.

The sudden rise of terrorists since the sixties harbour many of you who are starting from very low static conditions of your misadvised turn against Creation and have a long way to go. All of you volunteers of the past who have also incarnated in mass at the present time, act as a buffer and also have the opportunity to clear up your own acquired conditions at the one and same time. The ten billion Soul Atoms in the bogged down Adamic evolution, collectively known as your Asian races are also incarnating at a rapidly expanding rate.

Every one of you in an incarnation on Earth at the present time have bent your knee to Christ. There are no exceptions. Even those of you who had become highly despotic from ill environment and poor conditions on Earth and elsewhere are being given the opportunity to bend your knee to Christ and Incarnate.

What you do or do not do in this incarnation is a matter of the conditions of your past, the environment of your birth, what you run into, how you react, and how hot or cold you may choose to be. For example, Jack the Ripper was not heinous in nature. His love for the perfection of the Female expression had gone over the top and he had become inconsistent about imperfection.

King Herod, who ordered the execution of all young Jewish boys in an effort to nip Christ Michael's bestowal in the bud, was likewise not heinous by nature. He was a high ranking voluntary Soul Atom administrative who had become ensnared by the Black Masters during Atlantis. And who, until recently, had been doing their bidding under telepathic control.

So was Vlad the Impaler, a later incarnation of King Herod, who was also one of the four Templar Knights who carried the only existing copy of the Revelations from the Holy Lands to France in the latter half of the eleventh century at grave peril to life and limb.

The true Dalai Lama of the Planet started out this incarnation billing himself out as a boy guru and is now a spiritual path lecturer. Guruing around is the very last thing he should have been doing.

The Dalai Lama was to teach and uphold Higher Christ Law for the Adamics. His parents spotted his higher frequency proclivities when very young and concluded he must be a re-incarnating transcended Master. Thus instead, sadly for all, he is now the subject of Messianic practices. Such are the risks.

Due to impropietous circumstances of current birth, within today's terrorist ranks are even included some of you 'Old Souls' from the voluntary incarnate. Similarly, Moammar Gadhafi was an Old Soul, so was Charles Manson. So was Jimmy Morrison of the 'Doors' who fell into promoting Anti-Christ delusions.

Numerous of you 'Old Souls' who remain uncontaminated are likewise incarnated within the voluntary. King David, who was later Dr. David Livingstone of African fame, was a positive Old Soul suffering only a few acquired set-back conditions such as carnal during his reign as King David.

Old Souls are Ovarian Soul Atoms from Creative Sons/Daughters whose Local Universe Creations have achieved completion. As an 'Old Soul' you can and do incarnate into the lower ranks to do voluntary works and gain experiences, expedient for the new Creation to come.

Some of you can and often do take on a considerable portion of the inter-dimensional responsibilities going on during a particular incarnated situation pursuant to your frequency. Old Souls will become increasing relevant in the expanding frequencies of the New Creation as they duly unfold.

The Christ teachings of the early seventies were inducted through, and given by, the 'King David' Old Soul Ovarian Atom working in very close Melchizedek attunement with Christ Michael.

The teachings, put together under extreme conditions of personal duress in the later fifties, hold the singular honour of being the shortest and most advanced form of speed-up to Reality ever put before a lower consciousness condition anywhere in the history of Creation.

It is now being moved up into the other regressed Planets in both form and function as a backbone part of the Revelatorium, as their first initiation pathway back into the tenets of Reality. The Charter for the new teachings was written sometimes frantically in the late evenings in a Laundromat in New York City in the late fifties, because it was the only place that was warm.

True spiritual motivation ignores all lesser conditions to get the job done. Which is why the war against the doers of evil can never be lost, who always try to surround themselves with the maximum of convenience and comfort at the expense of everyone else to do anything at all.

Similarly, the language you call English is a close approximation of one of the languages spoken universally across all the higher dimensions of the Outer Creation. Starting in the fifteen hundreds, English, capable of expressing the higher fifth and even some seventh dimensional concepts of Reality has been lowering inter-dimensionally into your mass consciousness by induction, and was spread around the globe from the mouth of the Lion.

Similarly, in the current action, the seven candlesticks, the seven groups put in charge of the current plan for Planet Earth by Christ Michael, are seven specific frequencies of spiritual understanding based on the seven principles of the seven frequencies tied together. The seven candlesticks are now established as the Theosophical Society, Seventh Day Adventists, Christian Scientists, 'I Am' Society of Saint Germane, Evangelists, Rosicrucians, and Jehovah's Witnesses. The two witness of Christ are the Catholic and Protestant Churches.

Much of the currently established frequencies have been corrupted by encroachment from your Mentallized Illusion mistaken beliefs about Reality and the higher dimensional factors. Which the established frequencies had been collectively intended to alleviate. Particularly affected are the 'I am Society of Saint Germaine' and the 'Rosicrucians', both of which have deviated considerably from that of an original Reality point of view into practices guised as pseudo spirituality but favouring the outer self.

The corrupted version of the Rosicrucians came out of West Vancouver in Canada in the twenties and thirties and has became its mainstream. The corrupted version of the 'I Am' society appeared in Seattle Washington in the fifties and sixties and has become its main stay. The recently incarnated Ovarian Atom of Lucifer had a big hand in altering the I Am's original precepts back towards self.

Jehovah's Witnesses have become crippled into literal interpretations. Likewise, Evangelist believe all you have to do is accept Jesus into your heart and everything will be done for you. What was actually intended was that by accepting Jesus into your heart you believed what he taught and would put it into practice. Which is the only way to salvation, as it had been specifically designed to start setting up your re-alignment paths through the veil back to your Soul Atom Self when done with heart felt sincerity.

Alice Bailey the popular mystic from the first half of the last century, converted much of Madam Blavatsky's Theosophical writings into Mentallized Illusion wisdoms favouring mystical ideas from the so called Transcended Masters of Northern India. Male followers of Madame Blavatsky further diluted her teaching by expunging the female side.

The truths about Reality were similarly squelched during the early founding of the two mainstream Christian religions as means of control. Being little more now than the purveyors of impotent ritualistic practices and mentallized meaninglessness, bearing no relationship to Reality whatsoever.

In the latter part of the nineteenth century, the job of raising your mass consciousness began accelerating through the higher movements of consciousness of many of you who were considered enlightened at the time. The crucible for the advent of Christ this time is the Country of Canada, the English language rather than Israelian culture is the pestle.

Canada was originally templared under a nine point Cyclonnic Law configuration of nine provinces. The negatives forced the inclusion of the Province of Newfound into the mix at the end of the forties. The original frequencies were severely disrupted, requiring a re-matrixing of Canada's Charter into a dual male/female configuration of five French speaking provinces and five English. A new dual culture Canadian constitution was struck in the mid eighties to complete to the change.

Since the nineteen eighties, Canada now has a fully chartered dual culture Constitution, where English Canada reflects the Male action in consciousness and French Canada the Female. Canada is also now fully constituted in the metric system of measurements based on units of ten, reflecting the five fingered left hand plus five fingered right hand Male/Female nature of the new alignment as five mainly English speaking provinces and five considered French.

A new monetary system called 'Local Employment Trading System', or 'LETS', based on the anti-usury principle of bartering had its start in Canada in the nineteen seventies. The original system of Substance/Energy money had been introduced to eliminate the need for arduous paperwork over trivial transactions. The Babylonians usurped the principle by introducing usury and a debt slave society through a 'Fiat' money creating system, just now starting to come out of effect. LETS and barter systems like it are a good step back towards proper interchange/exchange of Substance/Energy in Love and Service for the benefit of all.

The current incarnation of St. Peter had a great deal to do with the original formulations of LETS. He presented a modernization of the principle called 'Unilets' for the UN Charter for the new millennium before the UN council in two thousand. It was read into the minutes but unfortunately not eventually included in the Charter.

The LETS principle has now spread to small pocket bartering systems around the world. Argentina was one of the first countries where a LETS type program started to move up into the mainstream levels of its economy in the early eighties. As a result, Argentina was able to retire its then debt to the International Monetary Fund, one of the first nations in the world able to do so.

The United States is still out of balance as it has never been re-constituted after the negatives forced Hawaii into the original templar matrix of forty eight states below the forty ninth parallel and Alaska above in reflection of the forty nine astral planes of the fourth dimension. Gross instabilities in the political and economic patterns has been the result.

In the mid fifties, the Cosmic Circle publications of a Cosmic Uniphysicist were commenced. In the latter fifties, parts of the information were used as backbone for the initial Christ Melchizedek teachings which were to have been brought forward into a large outer societal format through the sixties. Initial efforts to bring some of the Elect of Christ together as forerunners of the teachings at the beginning of the sixties were unsuccessful.

The teachings were finally successfully commenced at the beginning of nineteen seventy one when a small handful of the elect finally did come together. Some of the Elect of Christ contain Melchizedek power units within their consciousnesses. The power units are high frequency frequency ganglia centers which accept pure communications from the fifth and seventh dimensions, free of the conjectures and distortions plaguing lower dimensional communications from the fourth. The Revelatorium Revelations has come almost entirely through the workings of a Melchizedek Power Unit.

After remaining static for most of the sixties, through the abrupt increase in frequency when the initial elect united, everything to do with Substance values started an abrupt fast increase in value, including real estate, oil, stocks, and most food stuffs. Even your pastime collectible items such as postage stamps and baseball cards saw a sudden decided growth in value. The values have all ebbed and flowed somewhat since, but over time have always been up.

Starting in the early sixties, the inner escalation of your consciousnesses began in earnest. On October tenth of nineteen sixty-two, the veil was partially lifted. You started to be moved up overnight into an awareness of consciousness. Those of you with higher energy engrams in your consciousnesses immediately started plugging into the new levels of awareness.

Those of you without did not, leaving you hanging behind as a distinctively crystallized consciousness group aptly reflected through the frapsey motion pictures and outwardly garish material affects of the time. The 'Last Generation' are the parents of the baby boomers.

Very early into the change, folk singers began singing about consciousness matters instead of self pity and romance. By the mid sixties a new consciousness group, which you called hippies and flower children, who were distinguished for being aware of consciousness rather than of simple self, made a sudden appearance. Flower power is real. The frequencies of flowers help channel positive thoughts toward others and therein lies their power.

Before the sixties, those of you who believed in such as astrology were considered kooks. After the sixties those of you who did not were considered square.

In the mid sixties, an inner dimensional call went out to start gathering the voluntary from all around the world to undergo the Christ teachings and become part of a dynamic outer Co-operative Co-Creative Creative Center based on the teachings. The creative center would have been prepared earlier in advance under the Elect of Christ had the Elect become properly aligned during the early sixties. Originally you were to be visible to the population at large. 'By their works ye shall know them'.

Unfortunately, many of you who had started responding to the call became side-tracked into the numerous neo-spiritual and religious groups which had sprung up suddenly during the mid and latter sixties in lee of the enlightenment from on high. Some of the neo-ranks swelled overnight into the millions, siphoning off the migration.

Many more of you were knocked off by psychedelic influences. Both occasions were errant X-factor interruptions, exploited by the negative to try and keep the eventual upward transformation of the masses at bay.

A very small handful of the Elect of Christ did finally convene in the early seventies. Who were at least able to receive the full Melchizedek start-up Christ teachings as a dedicated small group. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of tire kickers who were attracted into the activity, only about seventy in all stayed around for awhile. A rapid purge of the contaminants within their DNA began immediately, allowing them to begin inducting the incoming Energies properly at the higher levels of their calling.

Most eventually departed one or two at a time for too much responsibility to be taken. At the time it was said that six strong men and women would be enough to do the job. In all, about fifteen stayed in the picture long enough to take full Christ responsibility in dissolving the discordances of their past in order to return to their full Dispensated capabilities in proper alignment with their Inner Christ Soul Atom Self as full expressers of Christ light, life, love, and liberty for the Creators for Creation.

In just a few short years, their consciousnesses were sufficiently raised that the mass consciousness of the population as a whole was likewise raised sufficiently through the pyramid principle to meet the high frequency Grand Alliance Planetary Conjunction of the early eighties square on.

You also met the frequencies of the Great Harmonic Resonance Conjunction of the mid eighties, and also the double core Supernova in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds in the latter eighties positively enough, that the initial Substance/Energy container linkages for the incoming Aquarian Christ for the Aquarian Age Dispensation were successfully harnessed into place by the end of the eighties.

The Aquarian Christ for the Aquarian Age is the opposite of the Piscean Christ for the Piscean Age. The Piscean Christ was the Christed individual, Jesus Christ, who taught and exemplified Christ consciousness to all. The Aquarian Christ this time will be the complete settling in of full Christ consciousness into everybody's consciousness individually and across the board.

Consequently Mankind has been undergoing rapid escalations in consciousness expansion on a positive basis ever since. The embryonic child bathed in the radiance of the Son, namely the seed of full Christ consciousness within all of your consciousness around the world birthed on January twelfth, two thousand and twenty one, triggered by a super high frequency burst from the Galaxy Central Sun, and heralded by a super close conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury, which had been called 'The Starr of Bethlehem' two thousand years ago, and 'The Triple Conjunction' today.

After the initial quick start in the early seventies, the small group of Elects soon found themselves the subject of authoritative abuse, a convenient scapegoat for the backlashes against the proliferating neo-spiritual groups which were starting to give the authorities concern. The backlash itself was an un-translated continuation of the Caesar army conditions of two thousand years ago against the advancement of Christ.

By the middle seventies the outer Christ workings as a group were let go. So was music. Starting in the early sixties, a new more harmonious popular mode of music had began to be telepathically lowered into your mass consciousness in order to avail the readiness of popular music as means for helping raise your consciousnesses into higher and higher frequencies in preparation for the transition into the frequencies of Aquarius which are now occurring.

To effect the presence of the higher frequencies in an outer mode, one or another musical group was chosen. The Soul Atom of a musician from the seventh dimension was hosted within the consciousness of a particular band member, and through their radiation the group as a whole played with a sound and feel which was quite distinct from everyone else at the time. A precursor was made with the Glen Miller Orchestra. The host was their saxophonist/singer.

After a brief hiatus the Soul Atom returned with the Beatles hosted by the original Paul McCartney. Then the Buffalo Springfield, hosted by Neil Young. Then Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck hosted by their manager. And finally the Amethyst Starr Family Band hosted by their bass player.

Each group in turn purveyed their music through an escalating exemplification of higher inductional frequencies of music through proper female modes of feeling.

Psychic interference by war, and then drugs, knocked off the first four, one following the other. The Amethyst Starr Family who were almost there, were knocked off by outer ego remnants amongst some of its members in the mid seventies before it had a chance to become publicly heard.

Because of the constant material and outer usurpations upon the creative frequencies of music, the whole ongoing inner dimensional telepathic program of melodically chordate musical influences upon the populace was discontinued in the latter seventies. A sudden rise in the more discordant forms of popular music followed quickly in its wake. Still holding a major influence in popular music today.

In a similar vein, both the Urantia Book and the Book of Oahspe were to be higher level material references like atlases or encyclopedias. Both were to be precursors to the higher level Christ Teachings to follow from the sixties on. The Urantia was to deal mainly with the outer higher dimensional administrative aspects of Creation from the Male side. The Oahspe was to deal more with Earth's particular inter dimensional histories from the Female side. The currently appearing Revelatorium Revelations deals with both the higher inner and inter-dimensional participatory aspects of Creation, from both the Female and the Male side.

Because of the outer conditions at the time of their creation, neither the Urantia Book nor the Book of Oahspe ended up as pure transcripts. The Book of Oahspe, released at the end of the eighteen hundreds, was completely turned to a male perspective by the male side of its followers. The Urantia Book in particular became considerably divorced from its original intention by Catholic intervention. The original transmissions were through the Soul Atom of a woman undergoing hypno-therapy in the mid thirties, and were translated into their current form by a Catholic Priest.

The ridged beliefs of Catholicism interfered substantially in the final editings, leaving it vacant in any area which conflicted with the most tranchent beliefs of the Catholic religious precept. Most specifically, Atlantis, re-incarnation, and your Christ Soul Atom Self actualities were left completely out of the picture. Numerous passages of the book were likewise Mentallized in from the Illusion.

The Urantia term 'Thought Adjusters' is a particularly conjectured expression, an attempt to transcribe the action of your higher Soul Atom Self in ever cuing you up through your Reality attunement to do the right thing. The 'Thought Adjuster' concept reflects the Catholic tendency to keep Reality outside of yourself, by making it something magical and not of yourself instead of in fact yourself as it should be. The Urantia Book has it that the sic, Thought Adjuster is a spark of God that comes in after you have been born that works at trying to keep you on the right path during your lifetime. If it is successful, at death you fuse with the Thought Adjuster and become immortal.

The reality is that the Thought Adjuster is your own Soul Atom self which made your current incarnational projection. Something additional from outside yourself is never involved. At death your outer consciousness self is absorbed up into your Soul Atom self's eternal expression as an Adopted Fruit. Your outer consciousness self becomes part of your Soul Atom's eternal existence and therein lies your gained immortality.

The Urantia Book action also cuts off your spiritual progress by implying that all you have to do is accept eternal survival and everything will be done for you, and not that you have to take responsibility for any of it, the favourite promises of Catholic authorities everywhere for keeping you loyal within the fold.

On the other hand, some of the names given in the Urantia book are completely correct, such as the terms 'Super Universe', 'Local Universe', 'Uversa', 'Christ Michael', etc. Reality is what it is and no one owns a franchise or patent on the facts or terminology. Just as you have facts and terminology considered to be of the Public Domain on Earth, the facts and figures of Reality are of the Universal Domain and not under copyright.

Similarly, when you are properly taught something, you understand it and know how to work with it. When you are only told about it, you only know that it exists. The Revelatorium Revelations teaches you about Reality and how to work with it. The Urantia Book only tells you about it.

Specifically, the Urantia Book only talks to your outer consciousness, the Revelatorium Revelations talks to your inner self, which creates pathways through the fog allowing a connection to be made from your outer self back to your inner where the truths about Reality are ever upheld.

The Revelatorium Revelations does not rewrite some of the content of the Urantia book, it merely present the upgraded truths of Reality as they are, in effect providing a more accessible and understandable synopsis of some of the content of the Urantia book. The Urantia book was nonetheless sanctioned inter-dimensionally for public release in nineteen fifty two and started publication in nineteen fifty five. The information was to have been properly accompanied by the higher inner Christ Teachings which were to have followed shortly after in the early sixties.

Because the higher level Christ teachings never publicly ensued except to the few, both the Urantia and Oahspe have become disconnected from their original purpose and now only tell you assorted miscellaneous things. And they do not get you moving in right direction and right purpose for re-alignment.

Both are now but dry texts to read with the risk of also entrapping your consciousnesses into non-expanding Nonplus knowledge. The Revelatorium Revelations, including the upgrades to the Urantia Book, frees your consciousnesses from such entrapments through ever expanding understandings about the principles of Reality and your responsibilities within them. Read the Revelatorium Revelations through. Read it through again. Read it through again. Every time you re-read it your understandings will expand.

What you read at the end of the Revelatorium Revelations, and in particular the Revelatorium  helps you understand better what you re-read at the beginning. What you re-read at the beginning helps you understand better what you read again at the end. Consciousness ever expands, one of the epic rules of the Creators.

This is not to dismiss the Urantia Book out of hand, most of the information about the hierarchy and administrative levels of Creation are completely correct. It is in dismissing incarnation and the principle of Souls Atoms in particular through religious censorship, that the Urantia book is more than just a bit off track, as these are all bottom core issues dealing with your true Christ purpose in existence.

Knowing about the hierarchy does not help you rejoin the hierarchy. It is in understanding why there is a hierarchy and what your role within it is that lets you walk straight through the veil and back into Reality. The purpose of the Revelatorium Revelations is to help bring you to that understanding. Like your Cliff's Notes handbooks, the Revelatorium Revelations provides you with the terms and definitions you will need to know to fully understand the illuminations from the 'Great Book' to befall over the next two thousand years.

The Urantia is most amiss in teaching you that you must accept eternal survival in order to continue after death by implying, as do all religious precepts of today, that if you do the job will be automatically done for you. The Reality is that you are already eternal and never were not. And accepting responsibility, not merely hooking up to the words 'eternal survival' is what you must do in order to re-achieve re-alignment with your higher Christ self. Until then the job is not done.

Both the Urantia Book and the Book of Oahspe will still help you as stepping stones, but only if your motive is to become properly oriented in proper Christ Co-Creative Consciousness and not simply to enhance your mental knowledge of things in order to lord your supposed spiritual knowledge over others.

Once you make the big step and accept in consciousness that an 'up there' actually exists and is not just a matter of frail faith, you punch through the veil and your inner consciousness matrix can start communicating with your outer again. The Urantia Book is at least useful in accomplishing that. For many readers it gives you your first real sense that an 'up there' actually exists. If you are a perceptive reader you quickly realize that if nothing else, the Urantia Book could not have come from the Mentallized thoughts of Mankind alone.

Whether by book, by teachings, or by your own internal process of intuition, the process of true illumination will start flowing again once you desire it and let it. Whose truths are felt in confirmations through your Christ Cancer center in your breastplate. Which is why the doorway to the Universe is inner. Not forgetting that on the other side of the veil sits a Universe which is over nine hundred trillion light years across awaiting your return.

The problem is that by not recognizing your proper direction in responsibility, and dry reading solely for intellect's sake only produces more crystallized thought patterns within your consciousness. Which accumulate around your pituitary gland cutting off your higher frequency communications even further and adding to the Mentallized Illusion.

What then starts passing itself off as illuminations, comes strictly from your outer consciousness attunement to the illusion and not from Reality. The same mistake is made by those who rely on organic stimulants and patent rituals as their course for illumination.

Again, in a similar vein, the collected writings you call 'The Bible' has caused considerable interruption of your expansion of consciousness on the Planet. The Bible itself is not to blame, It is how it has been taught over the ages and how your current theologies deal with it that has cut you off from your own higher powers.

At main fault is that most current Christianities profess that only the Bible contains the word of God, and if it is not in the bible then it cannot be the word of God. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The last words entered into the bible was almost two thousand years ago at the end of the Revelations. Binding God to that moment past, illogically implies that after communicating non-stop with Mankind for thousands of years, the Creators suddenly stopped communicating cold in their tracks, and that no expansionary action of any kind has happened since. And that none more can ever be forthcoming as Biblical inputs terminated almost two thousand year ago. An idea obviously ill thought out.

On the other hand, the Christ teachings of the seventies were originally intended to be passed inner-dimensionally from those of you initially taught to those on your mental frequency like a pyramid. Christ Michael as capstone.

Since the outer teachings as a group were let go, and as a consequence of some of the very recent and auspicious long shot changes occurring high up the ladder within the eighth dimensional interfacing between the seventh and ninth dimensions which had been blueprinted well into the uncertainties of the unknown x-factor as long shot maybies, the time table has been moved up. The job is now being continued in the same inter-dimensional way of the pyramid, but through an enhanced inner action directly through the higher movements of consciousness of those of you in the voluntary. And then to the rest of you in the population at large at an ever escalating rate.

What you know or believe is inducted downward to those on your mental frequency in the next row down, and from them to those in the next row down under them. Eventually the illuminations will pass to the Adamics at large and the Casted Dragon at the bottom. Which is why it is so important for you to know Reality and not the Mentallized Illusion. it is precisely the Mentallized Illusion which the pyramid principle is intended to eliminate.

A Christ teaching given to The Cosmic Circle of Fellowship in the fifties was the precursor to the 'Great Book'. The Christ teachings of the early seventies was the introduction. The Revelatorium Revelations of today are the preface as a Chapter one type vanguard, and has already started the pyramid principle going in the right direction. Full Christ illumination and understanding to all will ensue by the end of Aquarius. The necessary requirement for all to progress successfully will be true spiritual motivation.

True spiritual motivation requires complete freedom from your outer ego interferences. Your outer ego consciousness when oriented to self and not to Creation completely cuts off your inner consciousness attunement by the reversed polarity.

The Soul Atom in the third dimension who has successfully word smithed these Revelatorium Revelations was not the originally party slated to handle it. The current inductor of the information was asked to fill in as backup, knowing that they would not try to re-interpret it, would not proclaim it for self aggrandizement, would not use it for wanton profit taking, and would not try and push it sideways into a new church or religion. On that basis alone the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega et al, now stands before you ready to go.

Similarly, new Energy lines are already well underway for a new fifth dimensional container in Orion for the launch to Andromeda. The new container is replacing the old container which had been shattered by the Rebellion. The old container is now being rebuilt for other purposes.

Both the old container and the new had originally been structured so that you could not enter if you had not yet translated all remaining vestiges of contamination from your outer consciousness expression, no matter how great or how small. Consequently, you were not to have been allowed to leave the Earth plane incarnating cycle until you had achieved full consciousness clearing back to your full Christ Conscious Reality of calling in this incarnating cycle. The same as Christ had done two thousand years ago as way shower.

Much of this was changed during the nineties because of the auspicious changes which have been occurring up the ladder. The changes are hand in hand with the 'Fire from Heaven' radiations now occurring as inductions, which are becoming established into your consciousnesses as new Energy links. Afterwards, like the umbilical cord of a deep sea diver, no matter how much the two respective ends may move and thrash around with respect to each other, the links stay permanently connected as an undulating trunk of Energy and communication.

New Energy links are established when a specific Gamma or X-ray burst or Quasar beam or similar is successfully harnessed into a locale such as Earth by acceptance in the responsible consciousnesses of those involved in the particular frequencies. To help harness the links into your outer consciousness on Earth more securely, a series of frequency laden Mandalas have been imprinted into your Earthen crop fields since the middle eighteen hundreds as so called Crop Circles. Occurring in increasing number since the seventies.

The Mandalas have been presenting the frequencies of various of the upcoming inductions and radiations in a visual format. By viewing a Mandala in advance, the frequencies are imprinted into your consciousness, predisposing your acceptance in consciousness at the appropriate time later even as you did not have to expend mindal actions or even be consciously aware about it in doing so.

When a new Mandala is created, those of you who are sympathetic to its frequencies are telepathically directed by your Realities to view it somehow, or even visit the locale. It only takes a few in proper acceptance to harness the Energy properly.

The ever increasing complexities of the Mandalas imply ever increasing intensities and higher frequencies of the inductions and radiations coming in. The difference between true Mandalas and the crass imitations by some of you trying to create poor look-a-likes as low level humour are obvious. The vegetation stalks in true Mandalas are bent over harmoniously with great care in the same directions without harm to the vegetation. In your crass examples, they are trampled, broken and lie askew with no thought given whatsoever to the well being of the vegetation or life forms within it.

True Mandalas have shining flat interiors and crisp edges. The interiors of your crass imitations are dull and the edges are rough.

A very large butterfly Mandala which appeared in the summer of two thousand and nine implied that inductions were nigh for your mass consciousness to finally leave your cocooned past within the Mentallized Illusion.

In the mid nineties the direct link to Paradise through the eight dimensional portal into the ninth dimension and up, and successfully established into your outer world third dimensional consciousness, played a key role in the changes now taking place. The particular case of the new Paradisiacal link has allowed a partial clearing to begin in all of you who are positive in frequency without the necessity of your direct conscious involvement.

The whole mass consciousness of the planet has suddenly started a marked upgrade in harmony as a result, the jarring actions of a few of you in the reaction not withstanding.

During the close Mars transition of August twenty sixth to twenty eighth two thousand and three, Mars was close enough to Earth for their auric bodies to overlap, allowing its Soul Mate Atom/Atum pair to communicate directly with some of you in a fourth dimensional action right down over your third dimensional lower five sense outer awareness as you walked about.

Such is how celestial relationships between the Planets actually work, through open inter-dimensional communication between the consciousnesses of the Beings involved.

In January of two thousand and thirteen, a communication was issued from a higher consciousness located in Earth's fourth dimension to the Voronandek Tribunal Council at the center of the Galaxy. The communication was sent, received, considered, a response formulated, and the response returned to the Earth located consciousness all within the span of about two hours Earth's outer consciousness time. No one is an island unto themselves no matter what their frequency or seeming distance apart.

By design your mass consciousness on Earth has been duly set forth on a rapid escalation which will result in a full fourth dimensional 'use' of consciousness, already well underway.

Originally the plan called for your complete return to full Christ consciousness Reality of calling before you could leave your Earth plane existence and enter the new container. However, by grace, and through the new link, a special sub container environment has now been set up alongside the new container in Orion allowing deserving ones among you to deal with your final clearings back to full Christ Reality under more propitious circumstances.

Some of you who have shown good will in dedicated effort to clear away your outer static conditions are being given the opportunity by grace to ascend up into the new special environment within this current time frame. You will be able to complete the final tasks of clearing away your final remaining static conditions under much less adverse conditions. A major grace for some of you who have been around in the Earth plane incarnate for a long time and are weary.

Around the beginning of the new millennium a couple of groups of deserving Souls from the Earth plane incarnate were given such ascensions. More of you are slated in due course. Many of you will be returned later to the fray refreshed and rejuvenated to help in clearing of the other Planets yet to come. All the more valuable as voluntaries for having had third and fourth dimensional experience first hand the hard way and willing to take the task on again with little likelihood for re-contamination for being the wiser.

Likewise by grace, the seven astronauts of the ill fated Columbia space shuttle flight of two thousand and three were taken directly up into the new sub container and not returned to the incarnating planes of Earth. They were innocents, and the first Soul Atoms ever to have been forced out of their third dimensional outer bodily projection while physically within the area of a Planet's astral realms.

The were carried up to Orion by a Transporter Being, who have large wide white wings and a containment module on their back similar to a large fat oxygen cylinder. Transported Being are able to teleport freely around localised areas of Creation similar to Radionnic Ships, only carrying just a small numbers of Soul Atoms. Soul Atoms are in their pure un-incarnated Intelligence/Energy form when traveling within a Transported Being container. They walk around fully materialized when within a radionnic Ship. 

Today, those of you who incarnated as the abomination from around the Local Sectors have brought with you fervors of conflicts long past, now revived within your memories for clearing. Your collected pasts have given rise to such as the fierce antagonisms existing between the Israelis and Arabs, the different Arab factions amongst themselves, and various of the Western cultures against both them and against themselves.

Your collected statics from the past have also provided ready conduit for those of you still meddling from the fourth dimension to foster such as arms races between the Americans, Soviets, and others. You all have to let your conflicts of old go now or you are doomed to repeat them over and over through Planet after Planet down the road in the continuing clearings of consciousness to occur within the ongoing program of Armageddon until the job is done.

Some of your Old World mythology Gods such as Greek, Roman, Norse, and Hindustan were Atlantian Black Masters continuing to ply against one other through the successive dispensations since Atlantis. Others were Annunaki overlords, or were Luciferian Demi-Gods from other Planets who originally were able to come and go at will. Christ put an end to all such meandering abilities to interfere directly into the affairs of Earth two thousand years ago.

Such interferences as are now occurring, are by telepathic attunements to some of you in the third dimension by interferers from Earth's fourth dimension who have methodically installed the collectively spiritually restrictive policies of your current religions, sciences, and politics into your public mindset over the centuries. Which are starting to come under scrutiny.

The purpose for revealing the Intelligent Design of Creation and related Revelatorium Revelation matters to you at the present time is to free your outer consciousness awareness's from the frozen misunderstandings of the Mentallized Illusion, so that the higher frequency radiations and understandings starting to come in now as the first few pages of the 'Great Book' can move through with greater freedom and effect. In effect hooking you back up to your Soul Atom self and straight back through to Christ Michael where most of the activity is originating.

The endeavours of those of you who call yourselves the Illuminati and others to instil a Draconian New World Order remains but a short lived possibility. The residual negative undercurrents afflicting society, some of them remnant conditions from Atlantis and even Maldek and Draconis before that, are being pushed to the surface where they can be dealt with directly by the ever growing positive consciousness of the population at large.

How most of you choose to view your overall progress to date is strictly a matter of how you choose to perceive the overall progress to date. Some of you see worsening conditions and encroaching evil empire styles of government. Others see that the Iron Curtain has hit the deck, Apartheid is gone and world humanitarian response is at an all time high. Russia is now under helm of a positive Christ frequency despite the constant efforts of the negative to make it appear otherwise.

The animal kingdom is becoming recognized, the various nations of the world are starting to work together in beneficial co-operation, and total Male/Female equality is starting to be put on the table, even demanded, even in some of the most female repressed areas of the Planet.

More importantly, your Churches are starting to talk about the Mother aspect of God. A major step forward. The fear by which the Catholic Churches and similar outer organizations have been keeping you in bondage for millennia was dissolved by a massive inter dimension fell-swoop clearing throughout the whole Local Solar Sector in early two thousand and four.

The clearing took place as a single timed event, both on Earth and on the other of the regressed Planets in which the mass consciousness had been subject to a common instilled religious fear and suppression of their Realities.

In the latter nineties, the Melchizedek King Christ Atom from the forefront of the voluntary, who had been held imprisoned within a pentagram on the third floor of the Vatican since the sixth century, and whose essence had been forcibly projected up onto a wall from time to time as the 'see' the various 'Holy Sees' were duped into thinking they 'saw', was freed by a cosmic swat team extraction equivalent through the higher fourth dimension.

The Vatican now suffers increasing ill and loss of favour because it no longer has the usurped power of the Soul Atom to work with.

A thousand years ago, the Soul Atum of a particularly discordant individual had been released from the pit and allowed to conduct conditional training incarnations within the quiets of Africa in order to learn responsibility the hard way from the bottom up in some of the conditions she helped foster.

Unbeknownst to the public, the reincarnation of King David known as Dr. Livingstone sought out the matriarch in the interiors of Africa. She was a tribeswomen in the village where he settled and he helped set up the frequencies to bring her out into an open incarnation within the frequencies of the Western World in order to face the modern responsibilities of her condition head on.

She incarnated as an English woman at the turn of the century and discarded her outer projection in Canada in the early nineties. Her Soul Mate half Atom in biblical times was known as King Solomon. In his current incarnation he was an English Lord.

In the mid nineties, the bonded woman, bound within your consciousnesses by fear and loathing and known as Satan, returned to the feet of Christ and brought all her people with her. She is now recognized inter-dimensionally as a fully redeemed Soul.

In late two thousand and four, Lucifer himself started waking up out of his ages old stupor in solitary confinement and has started to re-recognize the first glimmerings of light. His Y-axis outer persona component is at long last starting a return to vertical, signalling the beginning of a long and arduous path towards redemption as the penultimate Prodigal Son.

In the latter nineties, a fifth dimensional Radionnic ship of Light carrying a thousand Soul Atoms which had become mired within the lower frequencies of Earth's astral realms during the fall of Atlantis was freed. Positive events are moving ahead faster and faster. Like they say on the street, It's all good'.

For most of you, most of the time, your outer consciousness is not yet apprised of what is actually going on in your higher Reality selves. Most of you hold regular jobs in regular situations. Most of you are of good heart such is your nature. Meek does not mean timid. 'The meek shall inherit the Earth', means those of you who are not driven by your outer ego selfishnesses.

As in all, Christ within is your own seventh dimension Triune Celestial Soul Atom self who sitteth upon the throne comprised of your pituitary gland. Your Soul Atom self bears its responsibilities according to what it can bear in the higher dimensional picture going on, even as you might not be doing much about it in the third to assist. Your Soul Atom is always fully in the picture even if your outer consciousness is not.

Your inner Soul Atom can, and oft times will, visit other Planets and other systems in the fifth dimension straight from out of your third dimensional projection. Sometimes you will visit even higher, even right up next to the eighth dimensional frequencies of the Nirvana portal at Urversa.

Sometimes, when your outer consciousness has started showing a desire to move ahead, your Soul Atom will allow your outer consciousness to share in some of these experiences or at least allow you along as observer.

These experiences usually occur when your outer consciousness is asleep and dreaming, the source of many of your romping night time adventures. A seeming telephone conversation with someone while dreaming is usually an actual telepathic communication with them. Any dream which continues into the next instalment after you have woken up and gone back to sleep, is with certainty a Reality event.

When the same dream sequence repeats and repeats itself every time you go back to sleep, you are being shown a positive answer to something necessary relating to your outer world activity. You need to extract the principle in what you are being shown, and adapt it to the outer world counterpart in order to derive the required spiritual answer and therefore effect the desired positive change within your expression or activity.

There are three types of inter-dimensional communication to your outer consciousness at play. The first is Lanonandek which is by faith. Whereby you are shown something or experience something by analogy and must figure out the correct interpretation on your own. Much in the way that parables teach you something about one thing by analogy involving another.

The second is Voronandek which is by actual presentations such as pictures, images, sounds, even someone writing information on a blackboard across your third eye field of vision whether asleep or awake. Some of you might even see a hand turning the pages as you read.

The third is by direct Melchizedek consciousness to consciousness attunement. The information you need to know is inducted directly into your consciousness when you need to know it or it is time for you to knowt. Jesus was in constant direct Melchizedek communication with his people upstairs the entire time he was on Earth.

The Christ teachings of the early seventies came straight through the teacher by a similar Melchizedek attunement, often in real time as he was teaching it. The Revelatorium Revelations has come by all three, including direct Melchizedek attunement from Soul Atoms in the fifth and seventh dimensions.

Your dream state experiences seem very real because they are in fact very real in Reality. The source of your many latter day visions and re-countings. Such experiences are starting to happen to you across the board today in all nations and all walks of life. Most of you today are at least one step closer to Reality. Even those of you in primitive settings.

Dream interpretation has become big business of latter years. Save your money. Look for spiritual experience and or enlightenment as the message instead rather than mundane psyche solving.

The ordinary does sometimes impose itself as an outer dream experience in order to help burn off static. Stay with the spiritual anyway, you cannot go wrong. Spiritual right is usually the correct interpretation. Even if otherwise, your positive thought about it will help dissipate the particular static more quickly.

For some of you, predictive factors will also become a part of your expression. Being shown in advance that a condition or hardship is coming helps you prepare to translate it better. If the tidings are glad, all the better for being able to make the most of it for the greater good. If it is not glad, you are being shown in advance that a turbulent frequency is coming and have been cued up to be as positive about it as possible during the event.

People you interact with at the fourth dimensional level when dream encountering will usually be about thirty years of age. This is when your auric body comes of age after which it doesn't age. Only the outer third dimensional body is subject to aging when your consciousness is not functioning at a high enough frequency. Once you have re-aligned your outer body enough to bring it back into harmony with your auric body, you are transfigured.

Reality as experienced in the higher dimensions, even in the fifth and the seventh, will not be unlike that which you experience while dreaming in the fourth. Which is not entirely unlike that which you experience when awake in the third. As the dimensions expand, so does your consciousness. The end result is that material existence as experienced by you in any populated dimension is all but the same, including in Paradise. 'As above so below' works in all respects.

The Adamic root race is your Asian cultures of today. You current Adamics, have a direct frequency link with the Draco Solar Sector in your evolutionary expression for having passed through the Draco system frequencies in your evolutionary preparation. Sylph's aside, the Draco connection helps explain the fourth dimensional dragon mythology upon your collective Asian cultures.

The dragon mythology is not to do with the Casted Dragon of the Armageddon clean up. That the term Casted Dragon is used in reference to the conglomerate lesser condition of Christ Michael's Local Universe, is because the Draco regression was left to run its course and some of the noises from the misuse of its frequencies are still around. That plus the fact that the greater portion of those who became committed to the Luciferian folly were Draconians.

Which are now part and parcel of the conditions which have come in with the clean up being brought into the Earth plane incarnate for final clearing in the one and final overall cleanup of the aftermath of the regression and rebellion together called Armageddon.

Along with you Adamics, the rest of your current world populations comprise volunteers, Gentiles, and Casted Dragon. Your assorted accumulated ranks are now of considerable size and have long since settled down into localized Planetary racial and culture structures within the templar grids through environmental, and ancestral influences.

The templar grids which are housing your mass consciousnesses according to your frequencies, also sifts out as an additional final moulding of the variances upon the current cycle.

Counting all your root race variances from around the Local Sectors, you now comprise well over thirty two hundred different flavours of the twelve root races currently represented within your Earth plane incarnate.

For the most part, but not exclusively, whether of the voluntary or the Casted Dragon, those of you in North America and the so called Western World are of, but not exclusively, the Descendancy where Christ is the vector of your existence.

Those of you in the Arabic and similar tractian cultures around the world, whether voluntary or of the Casted Dragon, are of but not exclusively the Ascendancy, where Christ is not yet the full vector of your existence. Reflected through your non Christ religious preferences based on Tractian rules of obedience.

Those of you in the Asian cultures are mainly of the stalled Adamics, where likewise Christ is not yet the full vector of your existence reflected in your preferences for none Christ structural beliefs based on mentallized conceptualizations such as what is left of Buddhism and Taoism.

Some of you in the voluntary are also currently lost for the moment through incarnations into the befuddled spiritual frequencies of India.

Within the current window of opportunity, as you of the voluntary lead, the rest of you Adamics and others will learn and expand what you absorb. Such actions are very much in evidence now even at the physical levels of the outer action.

The Western world started an automotive industry, the Asian world has became a world leader. The Western world started high tech, the Asian world has become a world leader. The Western world started city architecture on a towering scale. Both the Asian and Arabic worlds are now leaping to the forefront with modernistic and breathtaking designs.

The Western world developed the Internet means of outer inter-communication. The Asian world is launching the next generation. Do not forget that the planet belongs to you Adamics and not to you of the voluntary or the casted dragon.

For over three and a half million years, you Adamics have been severely incapacitated. The healing has occurred and you have been very positive since the beginning of the new millennium in your acceptance of the new frequencies coming in. The transfer of the political and economic reins of the planet back to you is already well underway and will be rapid. The tiny clutch of Communistics in China being the exception.

Likewise, Man's worldwide corrupt Nplus money systems over the last thirty five hundred years based on usury are starting to become dismantled. Positive Pplus money systems based on the principle of interchange/exchange called bartering, plus Quantum Computing financing are being returned in their place. International money governances are also now starting to be set up which will take monetary control away from the hands of a few.

Christ Michael is currently at work organizing a world wide body of Positive political and economic figures into a new alliance who will act under a Christ mandate to re-establish world wide peace and harmony for all. After an initial cue up by Christ Michael, in early December of two thousand and twelve, members of the Elect of Christ went out inter-dimensionally to the parties to make contact. Who are now united as the one hundred and eighty eight country planetary alliance called 'Brics'. Soon to be moved up into the main stream of Earth's political affairs.

Money Substance is a distinct form of Substance/Energy. The coins and paper artefacts are the Substance part, the purpose in thought behind their usage is the Energy. Corrupt money systems give the benefit to only a few and are a complete usurpation of the Substance/Energy principle, which in Reality is for the expansion of all.

Money Substance expands in frequency as it passes from hand to hand in proper heartfelt interchange/exchange interactions. This is the principle by which the seven loaves and seven fishes representing the Seven Super Universes and the seven dimensions within each were expanded by Christ to feed a multitude two thousand years ago. Each onlooker in turn recognized what was being shown by Christ's example of sharing, and returned with their own Sustenance contribution to add in.

The new Pplus Quantum Computer based money systems such as bank loaning without interest except for costs through such as the Bric alliance, will likewise expand for everybody in proper interchange and exchanges of consciousness knowing consciousness, eventually returning everything back to balance.

Common spirituality through the pyramid principle will continue to follow more and more rapidly as you get better and better connected with your inner Reality selves on an ever expanding basis.

Those of you in the regressed imported incarnate will similarly benefit from the overall mass upward improvement in consciousness, both by the internal stimulations from those higher up on your mental frequency attunement and by outer rub effect. Your later and later incarnations will become easier and easier, as less and less of the current remnant statics remain for you to have to incarnate into.

As way showers, many of you of the voluntary lead inwardly by your specially dispensated Melchizedek power units woven into your upper consciousness matrixes. The power units allow you to function within the super high frequency motivation of Melchizedeks at the level of your calling.

Plus it serves to strengthen the actions of your higher sense awareness. For those of you with a 'chosen one' frequency responsibility, the power units also help you to induct and discharge the vibrations of your particular Galactic principle properly. Christ Michael is the capstone at the top. From the top down, he/she is communicating to you what needs to be done through your Reality Atoms in full understanding.

As your higher conscious awareness begins to expand, the pyramid expands beneath you through frequency attunement to everyone below you in the structure. Then to those beneath them through the progression. The Kingdom of Heaven is being realized through your Reality attunement and consciousness knowing consciousness, not by staking out acres of ground.

A new hallowed ground is starting to rise in  the mid-Pacific. On or about two thousand and seventy, Christ Michael will again walk with his people on the hallowed ground within the third dimensional band of visible light.