Starrgram 17: The Rebellion Aftermath

When the Luciferians incarnated into the third dimension they reversed their polarity to the Creators. What they hadn't anticipated was that all of their higher frequency ordainments would be immediately cut off entombing them in the third and fourth dimensions. To get back u out of the lower dimensional entombment, and to compensate for the loss of their continuing elevated higher level of eternal beingness, they subsequently discovered that since each Nplus charge state has direct connections to Substance through the staffs and the cube, that by using the new found Nplus static in lieu of normal materializing Substance and by setting up a fierce attraction factor through sheer force of Will alone to the first dimension of Intelligence where the Nplus static was accumulating, they could form quasi permanent outer ego bodily materializations of themselves by cramming additional Nplus static charge states into the fourth dimensional auric frequencies of their concretized outer matrixes. They could then force their static outer ego bodily versions of themselves up into a quasi alternate to Morontia materialized existence within the lower fifth dimension as an artificial forced ascension as a 'Demi' God.

They eventually started employing the auric Nplus static in and of itself in the third dimension as building material for their outer consciousness materializations instead of just Substance from the Planet. They subsequently incorporated such quasi materializations overtly as part and parcel of their Luciferian plan for continued higher dimensional existence outside of the properly ordained blueprints for life. Levels ii, iii, and iv, entities and similar civilizations evolved as different terminologies referring to the different levels of attainment they needed to pass through in preparation for the fifth. They misused the word ascension to imply moving up from one level to the next

True ascension refers to your eventual progress to the feet of the Creators in Paradise to become fully Trinitized when you are an Evolutionary Soul Atom working within the proper laws of Creation. Your Earth lore errantly calls someone an Ascended Master if they have managed to cram enough Nplus static into their third dimensional embodiment to achieved a successful quasi ascent of their concretized outer ego self from an original third dimensional Matter Substance materialization of the Earth plane into a Nplus embodiment, and then a quasi fourth dimensional Nplus embodiment. An outright usurpation of the original evolutionary principle.

The Luciferians also started introducing disharmonious stresses into the lower evolutionary levels of some of the time line situation Planets in order to provide a rich supply of Nplus static material specifically for just such illusionary quasi embodiments. Most of the Planets still harbouring a lower animal evolution on their surface had it begun by Luciferians just for that purpose.

The Luciferians were aligned downwards to the Creation and not upwards to the Creators. Creation in and of itself has no spiritual factors. Spiritual factors are actions in Consciousness through the Christ frequencies of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter which are felt as feelings within your Substance factor. Because the Luciferians were aligned downwards to Creation they were devoid of all spirituality of any kind. Because they were also cut off from all normal Substance frequencies, they also had no feelings whatsoever and had lost all sense of Christ love and service in recognition of equality towards others.

Consequently, without remorse, they embraced the very disharmonious Draconian style practices of war, slavery, usurptive laws, totalitarian governments, and mind control over others as the means for providing abundant Nplus static material for their illusionary form of supposedly permanent materializations.

What they had attempted to do in essence was to elevate the virtual supra outer personality factors within their projected outer material selves into stand alone quasi materialized existences in their own right. Done by using Nplus static to cram lower frequency Substance Matter into their container molds around their Electromagnetic fields as a materialization process instead of allowing their containers to fill naturally with Pure Substance precipitated from the top down by sanctioned processes. Then to cram the outer ego side of their materialization hard with Nplus static. Then to use mal-thought and a bag of tricks to force the quasi combined materializations up into a forth dimensional stand alone self oriented embodiment of their outer ego self. Then to use additional mal-thought and bags of tricks to force the quasi stand alone materialization up into the fifth as a quasi form of Morontia existence In effect taking their quasi, now outer ego oriented, outer bodily projection upwards with them in reverse to the normally sanctified processes.

Among their bag of tricks was that their outer ego consciousness could be quasi-materially sustained by thought transferences from arcs in consciousness from one to another. By being remembered in the consciousnesses of others, the sustaining of their quasi material outer ego personifications was enhanced. The more their outer ego materialized embodiment was remembered in the consciousness of others through the shaky arcs in consciousness, the greater it became. The greater it became the easier it was to be remembered. In effect evoking one of the principles for evolution in the new Creation before its time.

They latched onto this result as the final page for their plan of attempted self made eternal continuations of themselves. They set forth to establish great and lofty personas of themselves as feared and revered Beings within their environments, in order to become sufficiently remembered to be able to continue as static higher dimensional quasi-materialized personalities. The state of quasi existence known as Demi God.

For the Luciferians, ascension meant developing a sufficiently remembered materialized Demi God personification, and having sufficient consciousness control over it to move back up into the lower frequencies of the fifth dimension as a self enduring quasi stand alone being of static comprisement. They thought to become eternal surviving beings again, only no longer as Christ Co-Creator Beings responsible to the Creation for the Creators but as stand alone Demi Gods of egocentric selfishness beholden to no one but themselves.

For a while, the quasi materialization mechanism had some successes. A number of self-made Demi Gods such as Thor, Zeus, Odin and others as eventually became known in your current Earth literatures, had minor repute around both the Orion and Draco sectors. Xenu was in a different Galaxy.

Those meddling in the background of the Garden of Eden, were hoping that by enriching the outer Cro-Magnon evolutionary vibratory matrixes with higher frequency DNA capabilities from the Garden of Eden, the propensity for forming quasi permanent outer ego materializations of themselves would become greatly enhanced.  More recently, some of your so called 'Ascended Masters' of Eastern mythology have tried using the same technique to continue temporary continuances of their outer ego selves within Earth's astral plans by fooling their adoring devotees into perpetrating their memory. Some religious leaders, royalty figures, and even a few political despots of the past and present have tried the same.

That has all ended now as the Nplus statics necessary for the embodiments are now in rapidly vanishing supply across all of Christ Michael's local Universe. 'Michael and his Angels won a war in  the Heavens and the Conglomerate lesser condition called the Dragon was cast into the Earth'. - Revelations 12:7. In the inter-dimensional changes now unfolding many of you who had gone Luciferian have now repented and been allowed to incarnate into the Earth population as part and parcel of the Casted Dragon.

Those of you of the Casted Dragon were not cast into the Earth for punishment, but for redemption. You incarnated into Earth as the post war baby boom. Your presence has helped swell Earth's recent population ranks overnight as the so called 'Baby Boomers'. You are endeavouring to work your way back up through your rebellious mis-activities of the past, most of you. Many times more of you Draconians and others exist within the Earth plane presence working as erstwhile and positive expressions within the voluntary.

Because numerous of you in today's incarnate are of the abomination from all over Christ Michael's Local Universe, carrying the recorded memories of your past actions to be cleared from your expressions today, numerous accounts of the turmoils from other realms and even early periods of Earth's history are starting to emerge in increasing number from your Akasic memories brought forward for clearing.

Particularly prevalent is an intense period of three to four thousand years ago on Earth, when numerous off world visitors held a presence. Likewise, a particularly active period in interplanetary conflicts occurred between two hundred and fifty and three hundred thousand years ago between the Orion and Draconian Solar Sectors.

Likewise, the other Galaxy 'Zenu' episode from seventy five million years ago has recently popped up in a somewhat fictionalized account as your Star Wars episodes. Which also has a striking parallel but unrelated appearance as part and parcel of the founding tenets of the Reality pretend known as Scientology.

These accounts are of a past which no longer exists as the conditions giving rise to them are all well under way towards final clean up.

Remember too that the term 'ascension', which has started to appear with increasing frequency within your current New Age communique's, usually refers to your mistaken Luciferian beliefs that you could slide up out of the denser material planes of the third and fourth dimensions back into the full frequencies of the lower fifth dimension once you had built up sufficient self-made Substance packed with Nplus static continuances of yourselves, to force your way back up into the lower Energies of the fifth.

The idea, so thought, was that you would continue as a self willed eternal being living completely free of your original endowed Christ responsibility of love and service to the Creation for the Creators. A forever ended possibility, as the conditions for producing the Nplus static necessary as the ways and means are quickly becoming evaporated on the Planets where they were once in plentiful supply. Plus as well, the fact that many of you original perpetrators are now facing prospects for a full redemption within the current incarnate frequencies of Earth.

Scientology is founded almost entirely upon these errant precepts. As are increasingly prevalent publishings which likewise describe Soul Atoms in terms such as Zero Point Energy entities and Planetary societies as level II, III, or IV type evolutions. Whose aims and purposes are supposedly to evolve out of the so called physical universe into a so called fifth dimensional hyperspace. All of which were part and parcel of the original Luciferian hopes for an ever enduring Endplus Universe. Merkaba and other bag of trick techniques are also to that end and to be put aside.

The false teachings of numerous East Indian Mystics likewise involve supposed ascension from the material frequencies of the third dimension into the ethereal frequencies of the fourth dimension as Ascended Masters. Both concepts are from a time long past, based upon some of the later tenets of the Luciferian concept of supposed self made freedom.

As previously stated, correct usage of the term 'ascension' refers to the moving up into a next level of learning for a root race evolution which is following the proper path of normal learning escalations according to the blueprints. It also refers to collective escalations into higher and higher awareness's which occur upon mass consciousnesses subject to time line conditions regardless of 'ascendancy'. Such escalations are now occurring on Earth within the appropriate cycles of change within the current window of opportunity.

It also refers to the approving by grace of those of you allowed to move from out of the material incarnate cycle back up into the fifth dimension as Beings of responsibility. Who, for having successfully redeemed yourselves of enough of your past conditions through your positive re-acceptance of responsibility, or have given enough in selfless love and service, or to have become deemed worthy and with your Earth related responsibilities concluded you are now needed elsewhere.

Many of you who rebel against authorities today are from the rebellious group of Casted Dragon and are reflecting your original condition of rebellion against the authority of Reality rather aptly as terrorists, rebels, and anarchists. You all need to let your past go and start properly re-aligning with your own true Christ reality self with whom you were in proper attunement before your fall.

Others, like those in the tin pots quarantined around Earth, and likewise Lucifer himself in quarantine who has recently started to stir out of his stupor as a first step towards an eventual start to redemption as a prodigal Son, await a proper window for redemption.

As a start of the redemption process Lucifer was allowed to have a less contaminated Ovarian Atom in projection on Earth. Who traveled as James the brother of Jesus amongst the Apostles, and has recently finished a nondescript incarnation in the current Earth cycle of today. In the current cycle, the projection had been known for sometimes doing the right things in his outer worldly expression which was a big step in the right direction. For still being directly attuned to the disruptive frequencies of the Nplus static conditions still around on the other hand, and for being directly tied to the responsibility of starting them off originally, and for being very consciously facile within the workings of the astral frequencies of Earth, this particular projection had also been quite a gadfly in the side of the positive work of the erstwhile voluntary at the astral level.

Also unfortunately, is the true Dalai Lama. Who was knocked off track by his parents who unwittingly forced him into guruing around as the sic, Boy Guru when he was very young. Who is now likely lost to cause for this incarnation.

The Lanonandek Son/Daughter of the Draco Solar Sector who had early embraced the sophistries of Lucifer, was the second most influential member of the Luciferian gang, and had a change of heart along the way. Who was given an entrance into Earth's incarnating plane through Atlantis from Maldek. Who then, through hold of his lesser consciousness conditions meddled fourth dimensionally in Egyptian times as one of their principle Demi Gods called Ptah, and is again incarnated within Earth's current life cycle and has has been struggling hard to try and shuck his old habits of the past sufficiently to start on a final full path to redemption.

Likewise, Lucifer's Female Whole Soul Atom half did not go along with the Rebellions and would have nothing to do with it. For five billion years her whereabouts and doings were kept well under wraps to protect her from the negatives. She has recently come out from under cover in this current incarnation, and has been working on and off with the Male Side of the Draco Lanonandek Son/Daughter, learning how to work harmoniously with Male side Lanonandek frequencies in preparation for being the one and only person in all of Creation who would be able to bring Lucifer fully back on track for being his original other half.

In the changes that Armageddon is bringing forth today, and in the chance for redemption being offered to all regardless of Dispensation, frequency and severity of condition, your Reality Soul Atom Selves are now offering everyone a chance to bend their knee to Christ and enter the evolutionary ranks on Earth as incarnating evolutionaries.

You will get your wish to evolve. Not as exalted self destined Descendant Beings in a new experience, but rather joined to the evolutionary Ascendants starting on the way up in an unprecedented new responsibility instead.

During its brief hurrah, the Rebellion spread to a total of twenty-eight thousand Planets scattered across Christ Michael's Local Universe. Most of the Planets were in the Orion and Draco Solar Sectors. It could not pass beyond the Local Universe boundaries because the all important Overplus frequencies are not available elsewhere.

On only ten percent of the affected Planets did a time line situation actually become established with third and fourth dimensions of consciousness. Similarly, the Rebellion did not affect anywhere higher than the lower part of the fifth dimension.

In any dimension your upper consciousness in any projection attunes to the upper half of the dimension. To the degree that it differs from the upper, your outer consciousness attunes to the lower part of the dimension. Since your upper consciousnesses for the most part were not involved in the Luciferian deflection, the upper half of the fifth dimension was not directly affected. Most of the conditions on Earth have occurred in the fourth octave of the fourth dimension and lower.

Similarly, only if you were an Ascending Being and some types of Celestials, were you involved in the Rebellion. Beyond a certain type of Dispensational frequency your outer actions are too closely attuned to your upper action to break the faith. Melchizedeks, Voronandek Triumvants, and Paradisiacal Son/Daughters for example, cannot break alignment with their upper Soul Atom selves, ever.

The static conditions in the Melchizedek, and some of the Triumvant and Paradisiacal Ovarian Soul Atoms working voluntarily in today's incarnate as volunteers, are from acquired conditions of the Planet only. Their Soul Atoms themselves are not involved, the difference between acquiring a condition and rebelling.

Consequently, the effects of the Rebellion were confined to only the lower half of the fifth dimension and to the third and fourth dimensions of Christ Michael's Local Universe. Mostly within its lower frequencies. Nonetheless, some upper fifth dimensional frequencies and even some seventh dimensional aspects were indirectly affected through the returning imbalances. The Rebellion was not without its irritations.

In the greater scheme of things, most of Lucifer's ideas were already in the works in due course for things to come in the new Creation. One idea in particular was that an unprecedented Ascendancy evolution would proceed for awhile within the third and fourth dimensions of Christ Michael's Local Universe. The evolution would have been very stable and properly maintained under properly sanctioned uidelines. The evolution would have formulated the conditions for the new Creations been started from the bottom up.

Included even was that a Descendancy evolution would also occur but under very purposeful supervision. Who were to have been prepared to work as the first migrates into the Galactic Underworld frequencies of the new Creation for eventual migration upwards into place as the initiating administration.

Another was that the Earth found fourth dimensional Midway Spirits would undergo consciousness expansions for things to come. The Earth plane Midways were unique and so called because they were a particular semi conscious Being matrixed half way between a fifth dimensional root race Being and animals.

They were also considered highly enigmatic because no such creature existed anywhere else in Creation and their purpose was completely unknown. In actuality, for being animals but who were also consciously oriented, they were to initiate consciousness functioning fauna within the new found anti-matter Creation.

For being half animal, Midways had no eternal Christ rudder. When the Luciferians came they were easy prey. Their original purpose became abrogated. In current Earth lore, those who went negative shrunk in Substance and are now called Gremlins. Those who remained positive are still in Earth's fourth dimension and are typically called Sylphs.

In the Adamic cultures, Sylphs are commonly called dragons. Both as the small reptilian dragons of Western lore and also as the long exotic dragons often depicted in their grand pageantries and ceremonies. They can sometimes be seen reflected in the higher ionized water vapours of your upper atmosphere by condensation of the vapours around their auric selves.

As an alternative, under sanctioned guidelines, members of Earth's animal kingdom are now being allowed to continue after death. Starting recently, animals who have demonstrated a first step toward higher consciousness awareness by learning well how to relate with people in a comprehending and loving manner, are being continued in Earth's upper astral society levels where their fledgling expressions in consciousness are undergoing consolidation and expansion into full consciousness awareness.

Consciousness in an organism differs from Intelligence alone in that it recognizes other organisms and is capable of interacting with them in a knowing way rather than merely reactive manner. Higher consciousness in an organism becomes distinguished when it becomes aware of itself. All humans have higher consciousness capability. In August of two thousand and seven, one of the canines who had been moved up into the higher astral realms in a continuity of their expression asked the penultimate question, 'Who am I'.

Lucifer had the ascension idea completely correct, just out of proper sequence and co-ordinations, and much ahead of schedule. He knew well about some of the things to come to pass as it was under his Command that the various programs were to take place. He just didn't know the overall picture because he was on a need to know. Also not forgetting that at that time, only a tiny handful of people in the know knew about the whole plan for the new Creation. Most of the people in the Outer Creation didn't even know there was a plan for a new Creation. It was by adding in his enthusiastic ideas about the Overplus factor against all advices, plus a decided push from the Unknown Power of the X that Lucifer lost his way.

In effect Lucifer had taken selected formats for the new Creation, and thought he could successfully foist them into the formats of the old Creation by reversing the role of the Cosmic Overplus and using it as a hammer and saw. He thought he could speed up the current evolutionary process.

What Lucifer hadn't taken into proper perspective was that Christ Michael knew a lot more about the matter than he did, rather than just being 'Holier than thou' as Lucifer had eventually concluded. Also, that there was an ever present overriding and dire need to keep a very wary and careful eye on the Unknown Power of the X in order to deal with its potentialities in a controlled and cautious manner to avoid unexpected and undue surprises such as the ones which ultimately ensued.

What Lucifer hadn't properly appreciated was that the planned changes needed to be within their proper ordained contexts, within the proper frequencies of the moment in order to keep them stable for the specific long term purposes for which they were intended. And to keep surprises from the Unknown Power of the X at a minimum.

Since the proper frequencies for the changes had not yet been positioned within the greater picture, in fact most not even to come until five billion years later, namely now, his imposition of changes into what was then the current Local Universe frequencies created unbridled complications.

Five billion years ago, in preparation for the new anti-matter creation, a beta test time line container Universe had already been created and partially initiated in Orion for the eventual migration of seed souls to Andromeda. It was after its completion that Lucifer began to see the errant possibility that a similar migration into lower evolutionary situations in the lower dimensions of the current Creation could supposedly speed up the evolutionary process by a supposed speeded up Triune acclimatization.

Through his folly the beta test container was completely destroyed. Though the positive changes of the now moment, things are finally back on track and a new beta test container for the migration to Andromeda has already been successfully created.

The fact was that the original beta test Universe was hooked up to the Overplus through both the Lower and Upper triangle connections. The Beta test universe was to test the conditions before the migration. The new Creation is starting from the Galactic Underworld and will evolve upward. The higher dimensional factors are perfunctory only with the upwardly evolving administrative personal moving into place as become required.

In the current Creation the Galactic Underworld is tied to the Lower Triangle. In the new Creation the Upper and Lower Triangles will be reversed, the Galactic Underworld will be tied to the Upper Triangle which will then be as the Lower. Without properly knowing it, Lucifer was actually doing the right thing, just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When someone recognizes their mistakes and takes responsibility for them they are redeemed. Lucifer refused to see his actions as mistakes and refused to take responsibility for them in a fall of pride. He is at long last starting to, and is at long last starting to come out of his ages old stupor as the penultimate Prodigal Son.

Through impatience Lucifer had merely gotten ahead of the schedule in a reckless way. Which had invited the unknown power of the X to unleash un-encumbered as his actions had played straight into its unknown un-known-ness. Once the first few missteps had occurred, the unknown power of the X had let loose like a Pandora's Box unleashed, and the conditions started snowballing one after the other under their own momentum until the completely unprecedented Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus conflagration finally ensued. Which eventually splattered out from the Orion and Draco commands into little pockets here and there throughout the whole of Christ Michael's Local Universe.

The fall on Earth occurred when the one hundred and ninety ninth Ovarian Soul Atom group of the last evolutionary root race comprising you current Adamics, started experimenting with the alluring fourth dimensional lower material ideas suggested by the Luciferian emissaries. Which automatically reversed your polarity from the Creators to the Creation and aligned you away from the perfect conditions of your Edentic fifth dimensional Earth existence into the time line constraints of the third and fourth dimensions.

In particular, it subjugated you to the animal materializations of Earth's third dimensionality. Which trapped your consciousnesses into the limitations of creature existence and  severely limited the scope of issuances from your upper consciousness matrixes to your outer consciousnesses through the veil of outer ego warding. This is where most of you on Earth are stuck today regardless of ordainment. Whose effects are only now starting to become finally dissolved away.

Originally the root race evolutions had dominion over the animal kingdom as custodians, having little to do with re-establishing the Planet back to crystalline. The animal world was to help restore the frequency of the Planet back to crystalline having little to do with the root race evolutions. As a result of the fall, you are now both responsible for, and subject to, the frequencies of the animal kingdom.

The condition persists today as your work-a-day experiences in Earth's everyday outer world Mentallized Illusion. In your outer consciousnesses, in your isolations, you operate and undergo your own actions in complete ignorance and independence of your inner consciousness activities which is continuing to operate and undertake your rightful responsibility to Creation as part and parcel of Reality. This in particular includes those of you in the voluntary who have temporarily lost your way and are little better off.

The condition will persist in each of you individually, until you in your outer consciousness expressions finally and wilfully begin to seek attunement again with your higher inner self as a crucial first step in consciousness expansion again. Which punches through the veil and starts to create new bridges as re-alignments between your outer and inner consciousnesses, in order to get around the reversed Energy flow impasses set up by the Luciferian lack of proper Upper Triangle connections.

The Energy lines of your Inner consciousness matrix to your Outer consciousness matrix are literally started over again from scratch but in proper orientation. Which starts to set up a proper Christ action within your Outer consciousnesses again through proper Will and Desire. There is no exotic formula for getting it started. Deciding that you want to do it and mean it sincerely, then 'Good will towards others' or similar acts of doing unto others, is sufficient to get it going. It is a heart felt thing, not mental.

Such a transformation is possible because the Reality sanctified modern physical bodies initiated into the evolutionary stream during the Garden of Eden twenty five thousand years ago have a re-matrixing capability back to the original lower evolutionary format of upper Triangle Overplus staff and rod connections. Allowing for a rich formulation of Carbon-7 atoms, allowing the full higher Substance linkages to reform back up to the top.

The linkages provide your higher dimensional vortices wrappings now occurring in all of you Earth plane projections who have taken the step. The vortices are specifically seven for the fourth dimensional, twelve for the fifth, eighteen for the sixth, and twenty four for the seventh, just as figs. 12 and 13 of Starrgram 10 clearly show. The vortices are necessary in order to have within your frequencies' experience, a pathway up to eventual full Morontia materialization when undertaking a successful ascension under sanctioned circumstances as has already started occurring in some of you.

Everything is now back in place awaiting for your complete redemption back to full eventual Reality, regardless of whether you are of the original Adamic evolution, Casted Dragon, a fallen one, or of the voluntary.

In order to end the generating of Nplus static in your outer conscious expression due to the blockages, you need to start developing bridges from anew within your outer consciousness expression in order to completely bypass the blocked Energy flows which your original reverse incarnation mode initiated and you accepted as risk if you volunteered.

Which is why it has to be your own outer consciousness self that takes the initiative. It is your matrixes. Which is why no one else can do it for you, including Jesus Christ as most Christian religions currently promise as one of their most patently false and unavailing bromides. Believing in Jesus means believing in the things he taught and adopting them as your patent practices. Not that he is consequently going to do all your heavy lifting for you as most main Christianities promise and the lesser ones all hope for.

Just as Jesus had to achieve transfiguration two thousand years ago, only you can re-establish your alignment flows in proper direction by proper motivation to be of love and service to the Creation through attunement to your inner Christ Reality Self, your 'Christ within'. Who will help you by step by step intuitions and outer consciousness guidings many fold more once you become sincere.

You can not fool Reality with insincerity and an acrylic smile. A false heart sticks out to Reality like sore thumb.

Which is why all of you Soul Atoms of the Casted Dragon from around Christ Michael's Local Universe have been offered the chance to incarnate into the lower material frequencies of Earth's third dimension at the present time, in order to begin your responsible pathway back to full redemption within the higher radiations now present on Earth for its own final evolution.

The opportunity for your successful re-alignment at the present time has never been more optimum, and only became possible when you bent your knee to Christ. When you bend your knee to Christ in order to be given the right to incarnate, by grace your Soul Atom self starts returning a full upper consciousness matrix again within your incarnations to help you towards your salvation as a prodigal Son or Daughter.

Those of you in the voluntary who voluntarily projected into the third dimension to help, did not lose your polarity to the Creators in an outright way as your full inner Soul Atom action was never abetted. You are nonetheless temporarily under the same conditions for having had to create a reversed polarity outer consciousness matrix in order to materialize within the third dimension. The condition of risk you agreed to undertake and the condition you need to overcome.

Your current incarnations are made into the same complete isolation from your higher self as are the abomination. And until you begin to work your way back out of the mire by purposefully seeking to re-align yourself with your inner self through conscious acceptance of Christ responsibility, so you remain. The rules of polarities are the same for everybody, 'God is no respecter of persons'.

The difference is that your upper consciousness matrix has always been properly formed in order for you to make the consciousness leap to re-alignments in the most expedient manner possible. You continue to make conscious re-alignments with your higher inner self, until enough new alignments have been established that your outer consciousness matrix can re-matrix back into proper orientation with your higher inner self again in the once and for all action called transfiguration. You only have to answer the non stop calls from your higher inner self. Most people don't, then complain that nothing seems to be happening.

At present, it is solely because you are still subject to the Planet's lower frequencies that a beast-like condition stills exists within your outer consciousness matrixes. It is important to remember that the animal kingdom does not have a duly active Upper Triangle component of consciousness. This distinguishes the difference between the mostly intelligence awareness of animals and the mostly conscious awareness of yourselves.

Because Free Will is a sanctimont principle of Creation regardless of frequency or propriety, such regression and rebellion perturbances as occasionally occur are usually allowed to run uncensored until they have either run their course or reach a stagnant dead end. The Draconian regression from fifty billion years ago is finally running out its course with only a few small residues remaining. On the other hand, the Luciferian rebellion from five billion years ago had reached such a state of torpid finality that no new positive outcomes were ever likely to come out of it. Consequently Christ Michael put an official end to it two thousand years ago by decree on the mount.

The presence of so the called Black Magic and Satanic practices still around on Earth are from residual thought echoes remaining within the Mentallized Illusion from earlier times. Which are quickly becoming dispersed. The frequencies which once gave rise to such spurious powers within the practices no longer exist.

Such practices avail nothing of consequence anymore except to create an occasional discomfort in others in the form of headaches. The parties to whom you practitioners worship and appeal are coming back into the Christ fold in increasing number, and their errant frequencies are no longer available for your purposes of malpractice.

Lucifer cannot be summoned forth as he is in solitary confinement on Zaab. Satan cannot be summoned forth because she returned to the feet of Christ in the mid nineteen nineties and brought all her people with her. Lucifer's Ovarian atom, who has been incarnating within the Earth plane frequencies cannot be summoned forth because it knows better. Occasional raspy sounding Demons can still be summoned forth out of the fourth dimension. In the greater scale of things they are but annoying little pipsqueaks.

Such as are summoned from time to time, are merely one or another of the pests still roaming around the lower dimensional astral states whose powers are all but gone. Who gladly avail themselves by putting on a little show to shake a few more dusty vibrations out of the dupe practitioners who still think they have latched onto something big. Who continue to persist in their occult practices in ought but a twilight zone of false hope of their own making.

Those of you who have not yet bent your knee to Christ have no place to go to create nuisances anymore because of Christ Michael's decree holding you to the planet. Likewise, the increasingly higher frequency of the Mass consciousness of the Earth population at large today because of the escalations, provides less and less room for you to manoeuvre.

Those of you who are still caught up in the outer reflections today as practitioners, some because of your past being brought forward for clearing and some because you inadvertently incarnated into what became a mess around you, do ought but continue to incur discordant frequencies into your own consciousness which you will eventually have to clear in successive incarnations down the road like it or not. Or worse, face eventual de-contamination in the Absolute fires of the Absolute Lake of Intelligence and Energy if you eventually collapse your Y Factor to the point of non-redemption. If you don't eventually accept responsibility, then it's clear that you can't.

Those in the thousand or so miss-modified Radionnic teleporting ships of the negative which were present around Earth at the time Christ Michael's decree went out, have been brought inside a zone around Earth as quarantine. Until the decree they were free to come and go as they pleased, the reason why so many accounts of off world visitations exist in so many of Earth's old world writings, and why some of you misguided individuals on Earth today still await their return.

Their outward mobility is now confined to all but a few hundred thousand mile radius around the Earth. The ionization zone around the Earth known as the Van Allen Radiation Belt contains higher frequency Energy controls which prevent them from mounting teleportonnic jumps in their tin pots. Their once open third dimensional contact with humanity is likewise all but curtailed. Likewise, no more off world visitors can come in through the radiations except by grace.

The quarantine will remain in effect until the remnant negative conditions continuing to harass Earth are cleansed away, and Earth comes back into harmony with Galactic Law once again in order to be welcomed back into the Galactic community again as a member in good standing.