Starrgram 15: The Cosmic Overplus

By direct inner dimensional link Co-Creative plans are passed down from the Creators to their Creator Son/Daughters projected within their Local Universes.

From the Creator Son/Daughters the information is passed down through the sixth dimensionality of the Local Universes to the three Voronandek Son/Daughter Triumvants at the center of every galaxy. From the Triumvants they are passed down to first level Lanonandek Son/Daughters in the fifth dimension who administer the various local Solar Sector groups under their command within the galaxy.

From the Lanonandek Son/Daughters the instructions are passed down to second-level fifth dimensional Lanonandek Son/Daughters comprising the Planetary Princes of the Planets within the solar systems of the local command.

Planetary Princes are not the Triune Male/Female Soul Mate Atom/Atums through the eighth dimension portal, whose visible presence you see and call Planets as their outer bodily projections. Planetary Princes are Dispensary Soul Atom/Atums who have been assigned their postings under the administrative directions of the Local first level Solar Sector Lanonandeks. The Planetary Princes normally administer the populous affairs of a Planet at its fifth dimensional level.

Third level Lanonandek Son/Daughters act as emissaries, liaising between the first level Lanonandeks in their Local Solar Sector offices, and the second level Planetary Princes in their planetary offices.

Because free will is a given right of all consciousnesses in all frequencies of all Creation, a slight uncertainty exists in the handling of the through-puts in which not all outcomes can be predicted with absolute certainty. Not even to the highest of the Co-Creative engineers. Conduct anomalies in the lower administrative chains of command can and sometimes do occur.

Free Will means 'Will which is free of all conditions or constraints', allowing a Soul Atom the freedom to choose to want to undertake their responsibility to the Creators or not without inhibition or hesitation.

The question 'why would the Creators have found it necessary to give Free Will to any Soul Atom in Creation' is raised, even for such high level Beings as Creator Son/Daughters. The answer is a cosmic truism. By wanting to undertake your responsibilities by Free Will instead of having to do it by decree, you do it through your Desire to serve the Creators in every thought, word, and deed and not by the mechanics of an automaton response. The Omega frequencies of Desire remain involved.

By such, the proper balance of Will and Desire is always present behind every creative project you undertake anywhere in Creation, sufficient to insure enough Energy is provided to move the task at hand through to conclusion according to the creative blueprint you are undertaking.

Energy was brought into being by the Creators as the active means for expressing their Will and Desire into Action. By letting you want to undertake everything in accordance with how you see fit to do it, and by letting you decide to do it with sincerity rather than by automatonic response, proper alignment is made within the responsibility aspects of your square of consciousnesses. Will and Desire in proper balance of motivation and responsibility then underlies all of your activities.

The Luciferians tried to take Free Will one step further by adding in the contrary notion that Free Will meant responsible to no one but one's own outer self. When your Free Will is oriented to your outer self rather than to the Creators, considerable discord arises because your Consciousness Energies flow in reverse and the communication channel from your higher self to your outer consciousness is cut off. The state in which most of you find yourself on Earth today.

Regression among the ranks such as the Draconian perturbation in the Draco Solar Sector fifty billion years ago is not outright unprecedented in Creation, just extremely uncommon. Outright rebellion among the ranks such as the Luciferian Rebellion in the Orion Solar Sector five billion years ago is a nearly totally unprecedented event.

The Draconian and Luciferian disruptions involved yet another uncommon factor for having an additional X factor ruling within the frequency mix of Christ Michael's Local Universe, not previously known anywhere else in Creation.

The sanctioned new frequency mix, which uniquely characterizes Christ Michael's Local Universe, is a simple result of the fact that the seven original Super Universes were all created in turn following one another in the sequence of the Seven Days of Creation. Whereby Intelligence was the attribute of the first Super Universe. Meaning that while Triune, it was biased higher on the side of Intelligence and Will by fact of its Substance and Energy attributions being diminished.

The foundation stones for the new Creation of seven more Super Universes are already set. The first new Super Universe is occurring by bifurcation of this last. In keeping with the cubistic rule of seven frequencies tied together, the first new Super Universe will be of Intelligence and will be respectively higher in Intelligence. It will be a Female anti-matter Universe and will exist entirely within the parts of the atoms of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Christ Michael's Local Universe is the starting point of bifurcation for the new Creation. As Christ Michael's Local Universe is in the full Triune Triune setting of the Seventh Super Universe, an override of additional Intelligence was needed in order to replicate the bias of relatively higher Intelligence and diminished Substance and Energy within the first new Super Universe. The Intelligence override, unique only to Christ Michael's Local Universe, is called the 'Cosmic Overplus'.

The presence of the Cosmic Overplus factor, an integral part of Christ Michael's Local Universe, comprises a completely new Local Universe configuration.

A diminished circle of Intelligence around the basic cubic configuration for Christ Michael's Local Universe, with the rods extended to the new circle depicts the new Cosmic Overplus configuration. (Fig. 18).

Fig. 18 - The Cosmic Overplus

This is not in any way the same as in the original Super Universe of Intelligence, whereby even though a full Intelligence attribution was present, Substance and Energy were both diminished. This time it is by the Cosmic Overplus, an additional Intelligence override upon the full attribution of Intelligence, Energy. Which is completely new.

As you can more easily see in fig. 8 in Starrgram 6, without the Overplus attribution, Intelligence and Substance never directly meet. They are only bridged in frequency by Energy. As you see in fig. 18 above, Intelligence and Substance now connect directly at the Overplus Circle.

As you can also see in fig. 18, the Overplus connection allows for a completely new type of matrix configuration, whereby Intelligence and Substance, plus both the Starr of David and the outer staff aspects of Energy all meet directly at the Starr of David end points. Accounting for a completely new set of possible attributational combinations. Because of the collective direct contact of Intelligence and Substance, standing fourth dimensional auric sparks of light are created at the six contact points.

In particular, fig. 18 shows that the new Intelligence factor can be taken to be variously connected to only the Upper Triangle or to only the Lower Triangle of the Starr of David at their respective three end points. This allows the possibility of separating the actions of the two triangles individually with respect to the new Overplus Intelligence factor. This was the particular factor the Luciferians took to hand when outlining their misguided attempt to create a new Universe of their own making based on 'service to self' vibrations rather than 'service to the Creators'.

As you can see in fig. 17 in Starrgram 10, as depicted by the full thick line attributions of Energy, the cubits for the Upper Triangle are at the one, five, and nine o'clock positions. By the diminished thin line attributions of Energy, the cubits of the Lower Triangle are at the three, seven, and eleven o'clock positions.

In keeping with fig. 17 in Starrgram 10, in fig. 18 above let the Upper Triangle end points be at the one, five, and nine o'clock positions and the Lower Triangle end points be at the three, seven, and eleven o'clock positions. In both cases, the Overplus circle can be taken by consciousness decision to relate uniquely with only one or the other of the two triangles.

Also, as seen in fig. 18 the rods have been extended to the outer circle. As previously described in fig. 8 of Starrgram 2, when any two adjacent rods are followed by eye through the mid point they will be seen to form a semi vertical x. The x is called the 'power of the X' because of the power in the rods.

Under normal circumstances the rods only extend to the cube. As you now see in fig. 18, the rods are extended a little bit more to the new Overplus circle. With the rods extended to the Overplus circle within the Overplus configuration, and with them ending at the frequencies of Intelligence instead of the frequencies of Substance, a newly added power of the X results within the new rod extensions. The nature of the new power in the extensions is not yet fully known because an Overplus attribution upon a Triune Triune matrix has never before occurred in Creation. The new found power is therefore called the 'Unknown Power of the X'.

Consequently as part and parcel of Christ Michael's Local Universe expression, an Unknown Power of the X uniquely exists in which not all outcomes are predictable within standard expected guidelines. Not even Alpha and Omega are able to foresee what the Unknown Power of the X has in store as nothing like it has ever been blueprinted before in Creation.

Principles are overviews. The day by day steps in adherence to the Principles are called practices. For every Principle there can be countless practices. The original flat line stasis of the Great Even Pool of Darkness had the potential for all possible vibrational outcomes within its causeless principles as practices. Not meaning that the events which unfolded over the eons were in any way predetermined outcomes. Or even that all of the outcomes within the potentialities have ever been actually unfolded or ever might be.

It only means that the potentials for them were at least within the realm of the causeless possibilities within their original causeless origins. A fusion of life into light within the frequencies of the Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance lay within the cards. That Alpha and Omega would eventually discover it and what they ultimately did with it did not. That Alpha and Omega would eventually discover and use the new found light to eventually beget their Only Begotten Son/Daughter and attribute of Energy did not lay directly in the cards, but they did it.

In practice, the exact opposite to predetermined outcomes actually occurs and are ever occurring. The original mutating changes within the unfolding patinas and moire's at every incremental step along the way giving eventual rise to the consciousnesses of Alpha and Omega within the Great Even Pool of Darkness were all totally dependant upon the net reaction of the whole from the influence and effect of the previous last incremental change. Particularly when Alpha and Omega came into the picture as consciously aware Beings, who were able in effect to start directing the traffic of things occurring through their realizations and subsequent consciousness decisions. After which every deliberate change in practice was as a re-actional step in consciousness to the previous, not as an unrelenting unfoldment of pre-ordained fate.

Beyond the level of the original broad stroke plan of the Creators for Creation, every change made by the Creators has been and is entirely dependant on how they reacted at every given instant, and what their decisions made as practices did at every previous step along the way. Including their formulations of the underlying Creative principles which have been modelled by the use of cubistics in this disclosure as the means for effecting their plan. The Creators had tried many different ways of converting themselves out of the Even Pool before coming up with this one which is working.

Which links back to every change made by everyone involved in the linkages going all the way back to the original rise of consciousness awareness in Alpha and Omega. Who could have reacted to their meeting in the Even Pool in a completely different way but didn't. Or could have come out with a completely different plan that worked but didn't need to. Similarly,  three other different ways of depicting the Principles of the Intelligent Design had been given to parties within the Human consciousness for presentation to Humanity before the cubistic method of this Revelatorium Revelations was officially chosen as the most apt.  

Similarly, every change you make today is entirely dependant on how you reacted at every previous step you did along the way as practices. If you are happy with your current circumstances, you have to accept every step it took along the way to get you there no matter how irritating some of those steps might have seemed to you at the time. If even one step were missing, your current circumstance would not exist to the same degree or even if at all. Fatalism looks backward not forward. Which is why the expression, 'The past is Past' is such sagely advice. Dwelling on your past squelches your future.

Not until the Creators first forged their Cosmic plan of Creation did an outcome come into existence which was determined within the basic guidelines of a certainty, but only as an absolute end result in principle, not as un-alterable steps of progress. The certainty is only with respect to the final grand result. Every next outcome along the way towards that grand outcome is by way of a practice. And that is subject to constant ever present changing. There is a well known maxim among Melchizedeks that states, 'Plan your work, work your plan, and be prepared to change it in an instant'.

The exact details of the Intelligent Design have always been an ever changing process, particularly in the early stages. Many many attempted features were tried and taken back out, or modified as missteps for not working out as well as expected. Or simply because a better tactic came to mind later. And it is still going on. Earth at the moment is the 'Beta' test for clearing away to finality the negative third to lower fifth dimensional conditions of the Rebellion. That says it all.

You were given the laws of radiation at the turn of the century to work with, supposedly in a positive manner for your positive evolution. But you used them destructively. You have now been given the secrets of electronics from the electronic Planet Vulcan in the photosphere of the Sun. Which you are using at a much more beneficial level to everyone's benefit.

The master plan stays the master plan, even as the moment by moment details are constantly changing. Alpha and Omega's recent success in bringing a pure Paradisiacal frequency straight down into Earth's third dimensional outer consciousness condition is a case in point. The move was an ad hock response to the all new Luciferian situation which arose unexpectedly in Orion.

The frequency pipe could just as easily failed and something else needed trying instead. The trick in any creative endeavour is to keep the end result in mind as the purpose to constantly attain towards, while keeping everything else on track as best can be done towards that end every step along the way.

Be they ever so little or ever so great, each step along the way of Creation so far is solely a result of whatever may have been the previous outcome within the overall government of Alpha and Omega's creative rulings and intention. Plus how the consciousnesses involved at each event have reacted. Every created purpose on Earth follows along the same footsteps. Creation remains consistent at all levels even as it ever changes.

Fate does not pre-ordain your life, responsibility does. And therein lies the variable, to do or not to do. How you decide to undertake your responsibility, plus how you undertake each specific step along the way is entirely up for you to decide.

The same applies to Creation at large. Some individual outcomes within a greater made plan can be predicted with great certainty. Others very conditionally. The local effects of the new Unknown Power of the X were not predictable in a particularly knowable way to anyone, not even to Alpha and Omega themselves.

The previous minor regressive disturbance in Draco is a case in point. More recently in Orion, through the Unknown Power of the X, a few Soul Atom particles of the Creators decided to set themselves up above everyone else and created a perturbation felt all the way through Christ Michael's Local Universe. Now known as 'The Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus'.

Lucifer was a Lanonandek Son/Daughter, a fifth dimensional Male/Female Being of the Descendancy, whose administrative responsibility was director of the Orion Solar Sector under whose command the gateway to the new creation in Andromeda was being established.

As it was the Male side of Lucifer who was instrumental in mounting the rebellion, His/her Female side would have nothing to do with it, for the sake of brevity Lucifer will generally be referred to as 'He'.

Lucifer's was the responsibility to set up and administer through his consciousness, the background fields for the Local Solar Sector group of six hundred and sixty five odd solar systems to which Earth belongs, headquartered in Orion. This included the proper handling of the higher dimensional down-coming Co-Creative energies from Christ Michael through the three Voronandek Son/Daughters Tribunal at the center of the Galaxy. Through Lucifer, the energies were then passed on down to the Planetary Princes in the local solar systems under his command for implementation and expansion.

Likewise, the returning created staff and Starr of David radiations and emanations from the Creation under him went back up to him as channel, and through him to Christ Michael above to go all the way back up to the Creators for their glorification.

The bifurcation starting point for the new Creation in Andromeda is Christ Michael's Local Universe. The Local Solar Sector of Orion is the staging platform through which the new start up frequencies will be passed into Andromeda. Earth is the training sphere for the initiating Root Races, then to become the primary Quasar for piping new Energies into the new Creation for the second new Super Umnivers yet to be started.

An Ovarian Atom from the Soul Atom/Atum who will eventually reside as the Quasar, sat on Earth as the Buddha and also founded the Essenes. The next new Female Super Universe of Energy will bifurcate off the first, requiring an additional bias over-ride on the Energy Side. Eventually The six standing auric points of light at the Cosmic Overplus end points will be converted into pure Energy by the Quasar, and piped into the second new Super Universe as its official 'Cosmic OverIonnic' overide of Energy.

Consequences of the Luciferian Rebellion has forced Planet Earth itself to come to the front and center of the current start up proceedings. A combination of the particular way that Planet Earth was affected, the way its frequencies were thrown into disarray, the way progress of the final contingent of Root Race Adamics was interfered with, and the way Earth's progress unto a Protostarr had become disrupted.

As Lanonandek Son/Daughter local administrator of the Orion Solar Sector, Lucifer had been expressed from the side of Alpha with a higher than normal Intelligence factor for his level of ordainment in order to work effectively within the enhanced Intelligence presences of the Overplus configuration within the Local Universe, and in particular within Orion.

Put simply, Lucifer simply did not know all the details about the new Creation. Lanonandeks are always on a need to know basis only. In particular, the inner details of the new Creation has not been disclosed to Creation itself until now, five billion years later, through a lowly third dimensional outer projection on Earth, and then onto the Universe at large for the first time ever through recently made links back upstairs.

Lucifer had been well trained in preparation by numerous sojourns as a Lanonandek Solar Sector administrator. By the time he was assigned to Orion, his sensitivities were well honed. Though not apprised of the greater picture, through his enhanced intellectual prowess however Lucifer was well aware of the unusual events going on around him but did not know all the whys.

In particular, he was well aware of the Cosmic Overplus factor all around him. He had been expected to deal with the various factors routinely by faith. Which shows why faith holds such a centerfold position in the workings of Creation. Do as you are expected to do and things work smoothly. However, rather than deal with the factors of faith on strictly a matter of course basis, he began to envision novel and innovative new ways to exploit the new potentials.

Lucifer thought that by using specific new features within the Cosmic Overplus, the evolutionary processes for Ascending consciousness could be speeded up considerably by lowering them into the somewhat Triune like frequencies of a time line situation within the Galactic Underworld. He mapped out a complete formula for the descent of the evolution into a third dimensional time line.

He also deemed it unfair that Descendant Beings did not evolve like the Ascendants, and saw how they could likewise be supposedly fast track evolved into a new life path within the third dimension. He mapped out a complete formulation for the evolution of the Descendancy in general. Likewise involving their projecting into a time line format.

Through influence from the Unknown Power of the X, Lucifer had observed the questionable parallel between the marginal collective three way attribution of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance in the first three octaves of the Galactic Underworld, and the full Trinity existence of the Seventh Dimension.

Having observed that the first three dimensions were of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance like the seventh, and that the first three dimensions worked together as a single unit like the seventh, and that the potential for a materialized society existed within the visible light frequencies of the third like the seventh, he suppositioned therefore that the collective manifestations of life in the first tree dimensions would not be too dissimilar from the Triune manifestations of the seventh.

He further suppositioned that by subjecting evolving Ascending consciousness to the supposed Trinity aspects of the lower three octaves, the full acclimatization of consciousnesses to the Trinity aspects of the seventh dimension would proceed at a more optimum rate for having been there doing it, rather than from just the mainly Substance and Intelligence frequencies of the fifth dimension alone. Whereby by default the Evolution had to learn about Energy first before experiencing it, and they would begin to experience it in the seventh. His conclusion was that in a time line situation they would also experience it and so would be that much farther ahead in starting to experience it in the seventh.

He also suppositioned that by subjecting the Ascending consciousnesses to the rigors of the more primordial physical conditions of the third and fourth dimensions, the higher conscious matrixes would be forced to matriculate their outer consciousnesses faster, else the more turbulent physical forces would threaten to disrupt their outer matrixes.

Within the limits of his suppositions, this would speed up the initial stages of the Ascending evolutionary process considerably, and that by introducing additional stresses into the time line situations the process would speed up even quicker as a self enhancing battle for survival.

He also concluded that by subjecting the Descendancy to the same conditions, the same quick process of matriculation through the lower frequencies of consciousness expansion would reflect back up upon their upper matrixes as supposed enhancements. Who would then become fast tracked into a whole new evolutionary experience.

Everything Lucifer proposed had already been blueprinted to take place within the lower anti-matter environments eventually to come within the new Creation in Andromeda. Lucifer could not see why they shouldn't work also within the current Matter Substance Galactic Underworld environments of his current jurisdiction given the presence of the Overplus attribute to work with.

Lucifer presented his ideas to the Galactic Council for approval, convened by Christ Michael. Told that his ideas would work to a point in the short term but short circuit against the longer term blueprints of things already in motion and yet to come, Lucifer's proposal was rejected and he was advised not to proceed.

Completely compelled by the intrigue of his own innovations however, and not one to stand well on ceremony, in a decision that came from well within the realm of the Unknown Power of the X, Lucifer decided to experiment with his new ideas anyway in ways which were not only not sanctified, but were also were very much in disharmony with the original engineering blueprints. Since the Free Will right of anyone in Creation to proceed as wilt regardless of reason or consequence cannot be set aside, Lucifer was allowed to proceed.

The Local Sector and Planetary administrators who went along with his ideas imposed the unsanctioned Overplus formulations into their Local Sector and Planetary background fields as allies. But it was not a straight forward matter. The problem facing the Luciferians was how to form Matter Substance incarnational materializations within the lower frequencies of the Galactic Underworld when the normal creative workings of the Intelligent Design did not allow for such lower frequency Matter Substance materializations. Even more problematic, the crude Substances and Energies of the third and fourth dimension were far less manageable than the refined Substances and Energies of the fifth dimension and higher.

The Luciferian solution was to utilize the direct Intelligence and Substance connections at the Overplus circle and staff intersections without the necessary need for Energy to forge cross connections. The utilization completely bypassed the normal Intelligence/Substance materialization process of the fifth dimension and higher where Energy is needed as the balancing factor.

The method had already been implemented here and there to instigate lower animal evolutions for therapeutic purposes, such as as had eventually been done on Earth a billion years ago. In Christ Michael's Local Universe with Overplus endowment, the animal kingdoms are not connected to source and are not connected to the normal downward linkage of Substance for materializations. Rather, Matter Substance is drawn up directly from the planet through the actions of the Planetary Life Carriers via the direct contact between Intelligence and Substance at the Overplus connections.

Using the Overplus configuration, the direct Intelligence and Substance connection on the staffs and the cube ends allow the positive polarity of the Intelligence side of the Starr of David to attract an upward migration of Matter Substance directly from the Planet through the lower magnetic lines, without need of the normal downward linking Substance flows and the intermediary Energy balancing factors of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter.

In such as Earth's original sanctioned lower animal matrix, only the positive Starr of David ends point connections were used. Where the connection to the higher frequencies was maximum and the connection to the lower Matter Substance frequencies were sufficient for the job at hand. Because animals are not directly connected to source, the presence of the Upper Triangle connections provide their limited spirituality as an upper field held on their behalf.

The Overplus circle and Starr of David connection also provided for the creation of the additional electrical charge impulses pulled from out of the standing point of light at the end points as discreet amounts of raw light charges whenever the factors would allow. Which went out through the staff connections at the end points.

The charges were under the direction of Intelligence. The charges were completely different than the normal electrical charges that work through the ion structures of Ordinary matter Substance under the scope of Energy, and were strictly on the auric side.

As originally stated, under proper circumstances, when Intelligence and Substance meet in direct contact, light is produced. As you can also see in Fig. 18, the points of direct connection of Intelligence and Substance allowed for the yet new discreet creations of standing light slated for the Second new Super Universe of Energy. In formulating the original conditions for the animal kingdom portion of the lower dimensional therapeutic evolution, mirrors of the frequencies were taken off on an ongoing basis in the form of new found auric static bits called 'Plus charges'. The ones from the Upper triangle connection, namely positive, were Pplus charges. The ones from the Lower triangle connection, namely negative, for also being under the direction of Intelligence namely plus, were called Nplus charges. For working through the externalized electromagnetic field lines, the respective Plus charge states are much more mobile than normal charge states and have a far more outreaching effect.

The animal world matrixes were tied to the Upper Triangle connections. The presence of the Pplus auric charge state surpluses were to motivate the animal world in the form of instincts, engrams, and so called primordial forces that drive the animal kingdom through their every day existences. Since the Intelligence factor is still in balance with the Substance factor through the higher factors, animals normally would have nothing to fear as one spatial dimension would not seek sustenance from its own level of frequency or higher, but from the one below.

By the harmonious relationship between the spatial dimensionalities, the evolutionary Substance material of Earth was gradually being re-organized into more and more complex molecular compositions capable of handling the higher and higher incoming inductional frequencies of programmed incoming astrophysical and inductional sources from outside the Solar system in accordance with the Cosmic Clock and other astrophysical factors.

Two and a half billion years ago, Earth had been struck by a loosened moon of Maldek, which had exploded in it's orbit between Mars and Jupiter. The collision broke up Earth's surface layer, allowing it to become covered in molten lava which eventually hardened into a thick layer of low frequency basalt. The net frequency of Earth's outer crust fell from twelve strand crystalline DNA to two strand dross. A billion years ago an outer lower dimensional evolution was formulated in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds and precipitated on Earth's outer surface to slowly work its frequency back up from two strand DNA to twelve strand crystalline.

Neural amalgamates of animals induct at much higher frequencies than do the cellular structures of plants. The cellular structures of plants induct at much higher frequencies than the crystal structures of minerals. Crystal minerals induct at a much higher frequency than dross lava basalt. All factors were under due coordination to help the Planet's recalibration from lava dross back from two stand carbon to twelve strand Carbon - 7 crystalline composure at the basic DNA level. Now entering the final stages of completion.

To get around the materialization problem of projecting consciousnesses into the third and fourth dimensional structures, Lucifer proposed modifying the animal matrix format to use just the Lower Triangle end points rather than those of the Upper Triangle. Whereby the auric charge states would come from the more Substance related Lower Triangle connections instead of the more Intelligence related Upper Triangle. More importantly, whereby they would be more related to the frequencies of the outer consciousness self than to the higher factors.

This would allow for a creative process to be initiated within the lower Substance frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions having a minimum of connections to the higher factors and a maximum of connections to the lower Matter Substance frequencies of the Planet. Then, like the animal kingdom, the projecting consciousnesses would form bodily materializations directly up out of the Ordinary Matter Substances of the third and fourth dimensions rather than from above, but through the factor of Will rather than natural attraction under the balance control of Energy.

This meant that Matter Substance would be directly drawn up into materialization from the material plane by attraction of Will alone without requiring the Energy input of the Only Begotten/Daughter. In effect reversing the polarity from the Creators to the Creation. In particular it meant that consciousnesses projected into the third and fourth dimensions would be hard wired to their outer ego self for essentially tying themselves to their Lower Triangle frequencies under whose domain their outer consciousnesses fall. In effect, by Will oriented to Self. Hence the Luciferian designation of 'Self Serving Will'. And Nplus Static bits instead of Plus Static bits would be generated.

Since the configuration was absent the positive Upper Triangle frequencies, the creations were called Nonplus creations. Because they did not apply the proper balance of Intelligence and Substance they had no proper upper Substance vortices. Because no upper Substance vortices were present as balance, the Intelligence or Plus factor had no way to expand.

The creations were thus called Endplus creations because their potential for expansion ended at the one and the same moment as their creation. Since the resulting additional auric charge states were from the Lower or negative Triangle, the mis-created auric static charges were called the Nplus of the Endplus of the Nonplus of the Overplus.

In having only a Lower triangle component, the Nplus auric static charges differed substantially in principal from the ordinary ion static charges plying Matter Substance as everyday course ,plus the Pplus statics plying the animal kingdom. For being anchored down on the Lower Triangle they were much more Substance oriented. Through the greater commonality of frequency with the staffs, they also had a much more tenacious and far more reaching effect, as staffs continue freely from cubit to cubit.

Under normal circumstances, consciousnesses never project into a time line situation even when the time line situation is sanctioned. Lucifer's idea had been to move the animal evolutions along at a much faster rate by hooking them up to the much more powerful and far reaching action of Nplus auric static charges within the auric fields of the animal matrixes in order to supersede the normal more passive Pplus automatic animal response mechanisms.

Then, for consciousnesses to project into the matrixes to benefit from the enhanced effect. And also for the consciousnesses involved to be far less affected by the higher powers for being anchored down on the Lower Triangle connections of the Overplus circle instead of the Upper. In effect becoming freed from their normal responsibilities to the Creation for the Creators, not originally embraced but which the later Luciferians began incorporating as a practice.

As the superseding presence of the Nplus charges states in the frequencies of the material evolutions were predominantly Substance oriented with no suitable counter balancing effect from the normal higher factors of the Upper Triangle, they were very disharmonious with respect to the original matrixes. Which very quickly started a build up of Nplus static surpluses within the auric frequencies of the organisms involved.

The result was that even more Nplus static started generating because of the imbalances of the static presences themselves. The end result was a circular flood of Nplus static generating, which had been Lucifer's plan all along. Now the evolution was under push from both the generated Nplus static pressures within its own matrixes and from the normal outside influences of astrophysics and the cosmic clock.

The problem though was that through the Unknown Power of the X, the generating effect let loose like a Pandora's Box. Which had not been anticipated by the original Luciferians and it got away from them.

In Earth's particular case, Substance to Substance became the dominant mechanism in the lower material charge interactions, and the spatial dimension organisms started seeking their own frequency for material sustenance in a predatory action, micro-organisms upon micro-organisms, plants upon plants, animals upon animals.

A pattern of predatory dimensional jumps also emerged, seeing micro-organisms upon plants, plants upon animals, and even micro-organisms upon animals. The original design had micro-organisms upon plants and animals after death to render their substances back to their component constituents. The new paradigm now had micro-organisms upon plants and animals causing their death.

The gradual upward migration of organic substances knitting into the greater and greater complexes of higher frequency amalgamations for Earth's recalibration back into crystalline became severely disrupted, as much of it was continually being drawn back down into the lower frequencies.

The effects upon Consciousnesses in the lower matrixes was even more profound. At the time, the original Luciferians were completely unsuspecting of the potential for such untoward resulting imbalances in consciousness as killing, slavery, and the mental usurpation over others as did eventually ensue had never existed before in Creation. The unknown extreme result of their Nplus actions caught them completely off guard. Who were originally seeking only to speed up the processes of evolution for the Ascendancy and also for Descendants.

Once caught in the mire of their own making however, they eventually embraced the conditions they created in an all out effort to keep the process going to save face. The accumulated Nplus static which has resulted in the Local Universe today is the source of all negative actions and destructive thoughts towards others, and is the entirety of that which you call evil.

When you later became subject to Earth's lower evolutionary status three and a half million years ago, the Nplus factor resulted in an additional propensity for Mentallized illusionary thought which cannot have a proper Substantiating result at the end because the full proper Upper Triangle component is missing.

Through your inadvertent tie to the survival instincts of the animal matrixes, you also started acting on your Mentallized illusions as inputs to live by, creating yet more Nplus static and disrupting the normal processes even more. As a result, Earth's lower evolution became completely disarrayed.

In the rebellion clean up called Armageddon now underway, the negative conditions giving rise to the Nplus statics of the past are already well along towards complete dissolvement except as remnant surface reflections. Formerly fierce adversaries among the animal species are already starting to form strong bonds of loving friendships. Dogs and cats used to fight viciously, now they sleep peacefully together.

At the end of Armageddon the Lion will again lie down with the Lamb. In a proper Pplus animal world setting, predatory animals do not exist. Vegetation eating fauna who sense their end is near, offer themselves up to carnivores as sustenance. Carnivores receive all due nourishment from the flora kingdom already converted and Nplus static is not produced.

Today the evolution of Earth unto its own final destiny as a Protostarr in the womb of Orion is also back on track. The negative Nplus statics plaguing the third and lower fourth dimensional frequencies of Christ Michael's Local Universe for the past five billion years are being purged from Creation forever. Now that the last of the perturbations from the Luciferian conflagration are being cleared away and the Unknown Power of the X has shown its hand, it is becoming abundantly clear that the Unknown Power of the X also abounds in great beatific light.

Over the next two thousand years during Aquarius you are to become completely fourth dimensionally then fifth dimensionally re-aligned. Then returned to your original full fifth dimension state of being and continued on track for the next two thousand years during the Capricorn dispensation following Aquarius.

Part of the escalation in frequency, which concluded on December twenty first of two thousand and twelve was the quick high frequency bump which always occurs when going from one dispensational astrophysical frequency into the next. In this particular case, it was added to the additional high frequency radiations now coming into for Earth's recalibration back unto a radiant Protostarr.

Plus also from the return of Polaris Starr's Ionnic pendulation with respect to Earth in proper polarity alignment.

Plus also from the magnetic poles of the earth reversing.

Plus also from crossing the galactic plane.

Plus also from encountering the Solar System's twelfth planet at close range.

Plus also from entering the proton disk for the next two thousand years.

Plus also from the stellar pulse from the galaxy's core

Plus also from the conclusion of the last two hundred and fifty thousand year cycle.

Plus also from the conclusion of the last two hundred and fifty million year cycle.

Plus also from the additional frequencies of Armageddon being instigated to help clear up the residual statics of the Rebellion.

Plus also from the initial stages of the bifurcation of the New Super Universe off of this one.

Plus also from the flare from the Central Sun which has passed in the middle of January two thousand and twenty one.