Starrgram 12: Atlantis

Fourteen thousand years ago saw the founding of Atlantis at the beginning of the Virgo dispensation, signified by the Great Pyramid. Also called the 'Temple of the Hieroglyph'. Pyramid geometry was used extensively at strategic leyline locations all around the World at the time to help in the induction and dispersement of the incoming frequencies of Virgo. Virgo saw the establishment of Planetary Law of one hundred and eight at the third dimensional level of consciousness for the first time as a first step back towards full inter-dimensional Galactic Law normalcy starting to come in now.

Higher Cosmic Law comes in through Leo and Aquarius. Twelve thousand years ago saw the beginning of the Leo dispensation represented by the Sphinx. Where Solar Law of one hundred and forty four astrophysical principles was introduced to the population. Today sees full Galactic Law of one hundred and forty four thousand Energy principles starting to become established through the Age of Aquarius as the 'Chosen Ones'.

Ten thousand years ago saw the beginning of the Cancer dispensation. During Cancer, Earth became awash in the consequences of the cataclysmic destruction of the two main North American Atlantian centers which you call Sodom and Gomorrah. Your bible refers to the Cancer era as forty days and forty nights of rain in refection of the fact the Earth was seriously water logged through most of it.

During Cancer, Earth's population was very sparse. Those of you in the upper echelons of Atlantian society had become somewhat Solar Law aware and had established proper incarnating cycles of nine hundred to a thousand years each as avatars. After the floods you had all been forced to start re-incarnating back into the basic outer rudimentary lower levels of society again. Nearly all of the higher consciousness levels of Atlantis had been lost. Similarly, all of your long lived Old Testament characters were Atlantians, who were before the cataclysms. After the cataclysms, nearly everyone had been thrown back into the short lived incarnating cycles of the animal kingdom again. Reflected in the Old Testament by the fact that after the flood everyone started living short termed lives.

The only survivors were a small handful of the some of the more negative elements in Atlantis, who managed to hole up in the high plateaus of Tibet which managed to remained above the flooding which covered  most of the planet at the time.

Eight thousand years ago saw the beginning of the Gemini dispensation. The Planetary evolution was refreshed with the founding of Rome, symbolized by twins Romulus and Remus, representing the dual Male/Female nature of Gemini. Said to have been raised by wolves in reflection of the world wide outer lower bestial outer consciousness condition the general population had been thrown back into after the flooding.

The higher positive Souls from Atlantis were incarnated as the Children of Abraham. But who had to incarnate into a society which was all but devoid of higher Christ Consciousness. A Melchizedek, Machivanti Melchizedek, teleported into a physical incarnation out of sorts without going through the normal birth process, (Without Father and without Mother). Who set up a Christ teaching center in the Kingdom of Melchizedek at Salem to bring back into your outer consciousness the lost seeds of Christ consciousnesses. The teachings went out across the mountains and became what are now known as the Hindu Vedic Scriptures in India, and similar such early scriptures in China.

Six thousand years ago saw the Taurus dispensation with an emphasis on the golden bull, representing sharing of the material hearth.

Four thousand years ago saw the Aries dispensation featuring the ram, the bolstered head, where the higher spiritual factors were portrayed as the Shepherds of Men.

The past two thousand years has been the Piscean dispensation, symbolized as a fish and the fishers of men. Since the astrophysical frequencies clock around in the one direction, and the dispensary cycles clock around in the other, the fish is depicted as swimming in both directions.

Aquarius is now upon you. The outpouring of Cosmic truth and understanding and return to full Galactic Law to occur over the next two thousand years is already beginning to unfold as 'The Great Book Being Opened at Last'. The new body of higher learning lowering into your mass consciousnesses has already begun and is expanding very rapidly.

The greater secrets of the Cosmos and your responsibility in them, are finally starting to become fully revealed to your third dimensional outer consciousnesses. The last time Aquarius was around  during the Garden of Eden, the lower outer evolution was still at the Cro-Magnon level and not capable of the understanding the higher frequencies of Reality. Eden defaulted and higher Cosmic Law was never properly introduced into the mass consciousnesses. This time around, most of you are capable of \higher Cosmic understanding and at the end of Aquarius most of  you will be back in a full fifth dimensional Morontia existence where you belong.

Atlantis for most of its time comprised populated centers over much of the Earth, including large mining centers in the high isolated plateaus of South America. The Atlantians extracted aluminum, the most abundant metal element found in Earth's crust, directly from bauxite without the need of electrolysis and used it for most of their buildings.

Consciousness played a large part in extracting the aluminum and in keeping the structures intact. Today, you crystallize aluminum from bauxite through the processes of electrolysis where consciousness plays very little role. After the demise of Atlantis, when consciousnesses no longer held the structures in their intended forms, the constructions dissipated quickly back into their elements leaving few traces.

Atlantis comprised three centers of civilization. The main center of civilization was a very large island stretching through what is now the area of the Azores near the mid Atlantic, down almost to off-shore Brazil in South America. The present day Islands of the Azores are mountain tops of the original. The second was along the foot of the Himalayans, now occupied by Nepal and Northern Punjab. The third was the plains, now called North America.

North America had only a sparse population. Two large centers, Sodom and Gomorrah, the 'Cities of the Plains' existed however where the mass consciousnesses were well evolved into higher fourth dimensional awareness. Who were also adept in the power of crystals. Sodom was located near the North East border of what is now Washington State in the United States, and British Columbia in Canada. Gomorrah was located in what is now offshore the city of Miami, Florida.

An earlier quarantined Planet called Maldek had succumbed to reptilian Black Masters from Alpha Draconis. The Black Masters were remnant of an earlier regression in the Draco Solar Sector. The regression itself was not rebellious. Many of the regressors however, were already well out of atunement with respect to the normal rules of Reality, who became willing rebellors in the early onsets of the Luciferian conflagration. In particular the Black Masters.

The Draconian reptiles were a particular variant of their root race which had many racial variants as do the Adamics. In the course of their regression the Draconians had developed a home world philosophy. From their home world as base they had established themselves in little pockets throughout their whole Local Solar Sector.

Through conflict with others their home world was lost, leaving the little pockets on their own to manage as best they could with no holds barred and no common direction or connectivity. When the Luciferian Rebellion ensued, for having already being somewhat in disharmony within the tenets of Creation, the pockets were amongst the first to embrace the Luciferian philosophy of Self Will determination. Meaning Will pandering to Self rather than Will serving Creation.

Through the Unknown Power of the X, out of it came a cacophony of lesser practices, including the negative action of slavery and total authoritarian rule such as later practiced by your Assyrians and Samarians. Approximately two hundred and fifty thousand severely regressed reptilians from Alpha Draconis who were still deemed redeemable, were sequestered on Maldek.

Maldek was a confinement Planet under Galactic quarantine, where some of the earlier more rebellious Soul Atoms of the Orion and Draco Local Sectors were being harboured pending an opportunity for redemption. The original notion of purgatory.

Maldek was a large member of Earth's Solar System in orbit between Mars and Jupiter. The Maldekian society was of the style you currently refer to as Asgardian, and was very active through Maldek's fourth dimensional auric frequencies.

Five hundred of the most negated of the reptilians, the so called five hundred Black Masters of Alpha Draconis, had come to develop a highly usurious use of lower Planetary Law to favour the ambition of themselves over others. The practice is called black magic for the light it denies. A handful had become regressed to the very lowest levels of consciousnesses possible in contravening the rights of others for the benefit of self in violation of the Laws of Creation.

The five hundred Black Masters created such a severe condition of static thought on Maldek through mass influence of their practices, that the auric frequencies of the atmosphere literally became explosive. The group developed powerful laser weaponry, then factioned, then turned the weapons on each other. The focused radiation exploded the atmosphere taking the Planet's whole outer projection along with it.

The main dense rock remnants of Maldek's outer crust is now what you call the asteroid belt. Less dense molten interior blobs solidified and now comprise the Kuiper Belt stretching outside the orbit of Neptune to beyond Pluto. Much less dense atmospheric and moisture vapour portions of Maldek condensed into much more icy and porous comet type bodies. Due to their much lower densities and specific gravity, the comet bodies eventually migrated far past Pluto to form the distant Oort cometary cloud.

Fast moving outer body shards gouged large canyon looking scars on the nearby body of Mars. Slower moving chunks thunked in, remaining today as large jagged outcrops still visible today. Smalled, faster moving chunks zeroed straight in leaving meteor craters all over the surface, same as for Earth's Moon. Two of the larger slower moving chunks were captured by Mar's gravity, becoming smoothed off over time and now orbit Mars as its two small moons.

One of Maldek's loosened  moons struck Earth two and a half billion years ago, causing Earth's outer surface to fall from twelve strand crystalline to two strand magma dross. A billion years ago, an outer surface evolution was initiated to return Earth's surface back to pure crystalline, and a  highly pocked marked Maldekian loosened satellite was brought in to provide Mother Moon nourishment for the evolution.

Approximately two and a half billion years later, the original population of Maldek was moved to Earth in the middle of the Leo dispensation to be absorbed into the stability of Atlantis. Including those of you in the reptilian contingent and the five hundred Black Masters. Soul Atoms can remain out of incarnations for long durations when necessary, then returned to where they left off using their Akasic records.

You were called Gentile, meaning 'not of the Earth'. You had blue eyes, standing out noticeably from the prevalent brown eyed Cro-Magnon based Earth populations of the time. The Maldekian cataclysm remains remnant in your collective memories today as what you have called 'Dante's Inferno'.

The Asgardian effects of Maldek appeared again in a re-newed modality during your re-incarnations as the Norse and the Roman cultures of two thousand years ago. You have incarnated again today as mostly Caucasians in North America and Western Europe.

During Atlantis, you had been brought forward into prominence in preparation for the opportunity of clearing within the Christ cradle to come two thousand years ago. During Atlantis most of you were located in Sodom and Gomorrah, being the most removed from the mainstream of Atlantian civilization.

At the beginning of Atlantis, those of you faithful Souls who had been sequestered in Orion two hundred and fifty thousand years earlier were returned to Earth to continue your voluntary service. When the Gentiles were brought in, yet another large group of volunteers from all over Creation volunteered to incarnate into Atlantis to offer yet more positive counterbalance, again knowing the risks.

The original Black Masters from Maldek quickly re-established themselves to carry on as the five hundred Black Masters of Atlantis, who worked mainly from the fourth dimension. The two Maldekian factions were collectively called 'Baal' and 'Moloch' in the mistaken belief that they were single all powerful negative entities by their followers. The two factions were called collectively 'The Sons of Baal' and 'Worshipers of Moloch'. The Sons of Ball practiced the heinous crime of child sacrifice for the negative energies it released, and the Followers of Moloch practiced the equally heinous vices of child rape and blood harvesting for the negative energies and supposed long life it provided.

The two demonic practices have unfortunately resurfaced again in Earths current society, albeit in secret enclaves. In Atlantis, the practices had eventually become wide open as street, creating appallingly negative conditions of Nplus static over the two cities.. The Black Masters eventually infiltrated, then finally negatively compromised the Elders of Atlantis, who communicated with each other telepathically, and were known as 'The Sons and Daughters of the Solitude'. Which eventually led to the collapse of Atlantis through the loss of stability.

Planetary Law deals with the Energies of a planet, Solar Law deals with the Energies of a Solar System, and Galactic Law deals with the Energies of a Galaxy. Atlantis had originally been set up on Planetary Law in Virgo as a stepping stone towards full Solar Law to come in through Leo. The main purpose of Atlantis had been to re-stabilize Earth's evolution back into Solar Law in preparation for a full return back to Galactic Law whose time has now come with this beginning of Aquarius.

Planetary Law is a subset of Solar Law utilizing only one hundred and eight of the full one hundred and forty four astrophysical frequencies of the Tree of Life. In early Atlantis you recognized only nine Planets of the Solar System. Advanced practices called Yoga were developed during Virgo as a stop gap outer way of working as positively as possible within the limited frequencies of Planetary Law.

When the Gentiles arrived in the middle of Leo, many of the earlier Virgo practices were still around. The methods were quickly adopted by the Black Masters as highly suitable for their purposes of perpetrating the malpractices of lower Planetary Law which they had brought with them from Alpha Draconis through Maldek. Including the conversion of the Atlantian crematorium towers into death altars of mal-sacrifice.

Atlantians did not bury their deceased. The original purpose of the Atlantian pyramid towers was crematorium. The towers were spread around the world and were cubistically designed to produce a purple flame of transmutation up the center from the consciousnesses of the priests in attendance. The flames issued perpetually out the top and could be seen for miles.

The original meaning of the word sacrifice was 'to make Holy', meaning the release of heart felt love in order to bless and reconnect to heaven. When you were ready to discard your outer projection, you would simply step ceremoniously from the top of the crematorium into the flame. Your physical body would be dissolved back into the respective elementary particles of its composition, and wrapped in an aura of pure love from the purple trans-mutational flame your Soul Atom would be harmoniously released from your outer projection free and clear of conditions ready to return unencumbered back to the fourth or fifth dimension as the case may be.

The Black Masters usurped the principle by forcing you into the flame against your will, utilizing the resulting discordant frequencies resulting from your sudden unwanted separation from your physical body for ill doing.

When any living thing is mal-sacrificed, a flood of fourth dimensional Nplus static is released within the vapours of the aftermath instead of love. Both the Black Masters and the Demonic ones in the astral realms were able to make temporary quasi materializations within the vapours, allowing them to show themselves briefly to their fervent followers. The original purpose of their mal-sacrifices. Christ put an official end to the practice two thousand years ago.

Misconceptions of the practice had been adopted by the primitive religions before Christ, using animals. Hoping to appease their respective adopted deities into predisposing favourably towards them. A more abominable practice cannot be imagined. Continued unfortunately today in some of your Muslim, Judaic, and similar traction religions as gross miss-adaptations of the original malpractice intent. You mistakenly believe you are appeasing God or Allah. A more heinous affront to the Creators cannot be possible. 'Do not kill anything I have made alive'.

The malpractice actions of the Black Masters completely stalled the installation of Solar Law into the Atlantian mass consciousnesses, and initiated a fall towards debasement.

The two centers in North America were the focus of most of the Black Master activities, most of the rest of Atlantis was unaffected. Sodom succumbed to the Moloch vice side and Gomorrah to the Baal crime side, with dishonest dealings added in as an after effect from the energy mis-usages. Before long, the same type of abysmal static conditions which had been perpetrated in Maldek started building up in the atmospheres over the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

A corrective attempt was made to bolster the love flow within the family by introducing animals into the home as pets. Animals are capable of releasing enormous amounts of love into their environment. Canines were introduced to reflect love through a male expression, felines through a female. Eventually the Black Master group factioned again, then mal used the lower physical properties of crystals to create laser type devices again, then turned the devices on each other again.

As a precaution against the possibility of another Maldek type conflagration, Noah and his wife working within the frequencies of Planetary Life Carriers, formed an arc of consciousness between them allowing them to create a safe haven against all possible outcomes. Noah's Arc was not a large wooden boat. The blueprint matrixes for the animal kingdom were Akasically recorded into their arc of consciousness as a safeguard against a worst case scenario. As the male and female of each species were not from a split Ovarian Atom, it was necessary to record a male and a female matrix for each species into the arc, 'two by two'.

This time only the congested atmospheres over the two North American centers of Sodom and Gomorrah ignited, not the whole Planet. The explosion over Sodom flumed south along Earth's magnetic lines leaving an enigmatic lengthwise scar on the surface just south of Spokane, Washington called 'The Palouse'. Traces of the explosion over Gomorra now lay buried under water off the coast of Miami.

'Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt' means that she reversed in consciousness and re-aligned back with the lesser condition, even though she had successfully cleared herself in consciousness of her Earth plane conditions. She eventually died of old age instead of continuing as a thousand year Avatar, her outer body remnants returning to the salts of its composure.

Cleared in consciousness does not mean the equivalent of low readings on a galvanometer toy. These only measure the superficial Nplus static flows of your more intense outer emotions. Likewise, mindless meditative silence is not the sign of a cleared consciousness.

A consciousness cleared of static is very dynamic in its expression as there are no inhibitors to the pure Christ frequencies moving through. Cleared in consciousness means no more static thoughts, no more carnal thoughts, no more malfeasant thoughts towards any living thing, total responsibility to the One Law, and uncompromising love for your Mother and Father.

It also means full Christ conscious awareness of who you are, what you are, and where you are going. Plus the Will, Desire, and Action to put it into practice in love and service for the greatest good for the greatest number in all thought, word, and deed. If you are cleared in consciousness, you are a true firebrand for Christ as you do not broach uncaring lesser condition in others. Jesus was a serious Christ firebrand, which is why most people of the time couldn't figure out what he was doing. Who had expected flowing robes and a monk like demeanour instead.

Earth has but one Human race having many variants. All Soul Atoms are in the same Christ likeness and image of the Creators, which is why racial prejudice is so non sequitur. The Universe at large has likewise but one race, having just the twenty four family birth sign variants, and countless expressions. The one and only consciousness is Christ. There is only the One and Only Begotten Son/Daughter. We are all in the same likeness and image of Alpha and Omega. Which is why there are no such things as what you like to call 'Outer Space Aliens' in Reality. In actuality, only a very few who are still in a state of temporary lesser outer consciousness conditions could be called Aliens because of the conditions, such as those you call Annunaki.

In the cataclysms that followed the explosions over Sodom and Gomorrah, the large Island in the Atlantic sank and is now the source of your many existing lores about the lost Island of Atlantis. The remnants of the Sodom explosion lie buried by time in the region between Spokane, Washington and Creston, British Columbia, plus the Palouse. The remnants of the Gomorrah explosion are lost in the waters offshore Miami.

Similarly in the warm up to Atlantis the main portion of the Grand Canyon was carved. The Atlantians traveled in magnetic levitational devices called Vailxes, able to move a hundred miles an hour up and down the meridians and a thousand miles an hour across. An early Atlantian had sat in a Vailxe over the canyon watching it being carved out and later recounted it.

The watercourse though the canyon does not wander and meander in the normal serpentine way of naturally formed rivers and waterways. Some portions had existed from earlier times. During the warm up, a vast body of water nearly the size of the Great Lakes became trapped under the western glacial edge over the mid western United States. About twelve thousand years ago a violent volcanic earthquake opened a large crack under the waterway releasing it to the west. In only a couple of days, from over a mile in height, a body of water nearly the size of the Great Lakes tore straight into the Gulf of California carving out the canyon.

North America was allowed to lie fallow for the ten thousand years following the cataclysm in order for the static residues to dissipate. Through remnant frequencies of its past, Spokane Washington is now home of one of North America's largest aluminum refining centers, even though it is not mined there.

After the flood, the returning incarnation cycles reverted to short term because the whole incarnate was thrown back into the low prevalent outer world conditions which were all that survived. Before the floods, a  portion of the Atlantian society had reached such higher levels of consciousness that they were back into their proper thousand year avatar cycles of incarnations. The early characters of your Bible scripts such as Enoch, Methuselah, Noah, etc., reflect the fact. Who were all long lived Atlantians. Suddenly, after the flood, all Biblical characters returned to familiar short life cycles and remained that way for the remainder of the Biblical scripts.

Similarly, atomic bombs are not the Man made fires from the sky warned of in Revelations. Orbiting laser cannons are. Atomic Bombs are instead a very bitter recent X-factor surprise for everyone. The Revelations made predictions about the fires knowing that those who had fancied lasers so much on Maldek, then again during Atlantis would be reincarnated again at this present time and at it again.

Those of you in the Star Wars initiative of the early eighties tried to start the orbiting laser cannon condition all over again for the havoc it would invoke upon the lower astral planes of the Planet. Your hope had been that by disrupting the lower astral levels you could fracture the Van Allen Radiation belt, disrupting the galactic quarantine holding you to the Planet by decree. Your latest attempt is now through the use of the CERN Large Hadron Collider device, hoping to break open a Starr Gate allowing you squirt out, and remnant lower frequency entities like yourselves to wiggle in. Prevented by the higher into for non-success.

The reference is also in regards to the regular dispensary flare from the galaxy core. It also refers to the pending flare of a nearby supernova approximately two thousand years from now which will be quite visible in daylight sky.

Atlantis also had a number of fourth dimensional healing temples spread around the planet. After the fall of Atlantis the temples were moved up into the higher astral realms for safe keeping to prevent the Black Masters from misusing their frequencies for malpractice. In the positive changes that are starting to occur in today's expansion of your consciousnesses, the temples are being returned. Some have already been returned to the Earth plane astral level and their frequencies already recalibrated back into full functioning order.

Similarly, a period of Atlantis saw some of the Negro race as enslavers. Which is why those of you in the Negro race, the Sons and Daughters of Ham, had such a long period of non advancement in Africa in order that your frequencies become re-stabilized. It is also why some of you Sons and Daughters, who are very empathic had to undergo a brief period of enslavement in the present cycle in order to fully understand the severity of usurpation which slavery imposes upon the creative expression of others.

Likewise, many of you who had originally been enslaved during Atlantis have been gathered into the frequencies of the US deep south for healing. Which is why so many of you in the deep south today still have had such an unfortunate and unrelenting fear and hatred of those of Negro heritage. You must now put the past behind you and move into the positive future and frequencies of forgiveness which have been provided for your healing within the Southern local. If you do not, you will continue to re-incarnate within your own stagnant condition over and over again until you do. It's not that difficult, Simply strike up a conversation with somebody and talk to them as if there were no such thing as race at all.

Slavery is not a fact of bad character that can therefore be blamed. Slavery is nothing more than another of the many static Nplus conditions which have accumulated within your mass consciousnesses as brought in from Maldek. Which are all part and parcel of the collective imbalances stemming from your misadventure in the third dimension. At the end of it all so is even black magic, albeit a very unsavory affliction. In Reality there is no such thing as lesser character.

The Atlantian Sons and Daughters of the Solitude were eventually disavowed through Black Master contamination becoming known as the 'Nicolaitanes' by the time of Christ. By the middle ages, they and their practices had became variously known as, ''Initiates', 'Cognoscenti', 'Kabalists', 'Illuminati', and others. The faces are different but the backs are the same. Some of it in the passing wound up in the Vatican.

Most of you from the original Reptilian migration, including the Black Masters of Atlantis, are in today's incarnation cycle striving to undo your misdoings of the past, some of you. Most of you are leading uneventful lives. Some of the Black Masters who were more agreeable were given specific abilities to work with as a test of their sincerity. Edgar Cayce passed his test successfully, by refusing to take self credit for his healing and future seeing abilities, instead crediting everything to Christ or the Creators.

Ronald Reagan failed his test by trying to set up the laser conflagrations of Atlantis all over again as the Star Wars initiative.

The Eastern Mystic Kirpal Singh failed his test by using his open ended facility within the frequencies of the fourth dimension to try and attract from out of the millions who followed him world wide, the thousand who had come with him to Earth in a space ship as part and parcel of the Gentile repopulation of the Maldekians into Atlantis some two and a half billion years after the Maldekian cataclysm. His failed hope was that their reunited frequencies would be sufficient to overcome the Galactic quarantine imposed around the Planet.

Until recently the small handful of Black Masters who had still not yet incarnated continued trying to perpetrate their conditions through misuse of the frequencies of the fourth dimension as gadfly nuisances and political meddlers in world affairs.

Who have factioned again, this time competing through economic, political, and banking denominations. Who strived to set up competing Draconian style New World Orders from behind the scenes in the fourth dimension, using fear, turmoil, and intimidation as their modus operandi with members of the Illuminati, Zionists and other outer world organizations as willing dupes. In the summer of two thousand and five their power was completely dissolved by the higher factors, throwing all the dupes master plans into disarray.

In the early fall of two thousand and eight, five remaining Black Masters who were deemed unredeemable were sent back to the Heart and Center of Creation for purification. The remaining handful of Black Masters, some of them called the 'Crows' in England, have finally entered the incarnating ranks by bending their knee to Christ and accepting total responsibility for their actions. The incarnated Black Masters are still able to communicate telepathically with those in the outer world, but only on a one on one basis such as had been conducted until February of two thousand and twenty one with the so called 'Pindar' head of the Rothchilds. Their original open ability to communicate freely with large groups at a time from an astral plane advantage over the outer world is now gone. When they return to the fourth dimension between incarnations, their attempts to group communicate will be curtailed.,  

There will eventually be a New World Order as prophesized. It will not be based on total control and usurpation of the rights and freedom of others by a small handful of Anti-Christ individuals who see themselves above everyone else. It will be based on total Christ love and service for the greatest good for the greatest number in complete return to the One Law.

The abominable practices of vice and crime have likewise returned to Earth's Modern day societies through incarnations for eventual clearing, aptly represented by the ubiquitous graft and corruption practices across all levels of Earth's current political and financial structures. Similarly, the homosexuality and sexual perversions from the latter days of Atlantis are becoming more and more prevalent across all levels of modern political and civilian society.

The frequencies of Sodom have returned as the openly homosexual culture of San Francisco. The frequencies of Gomorrah have returned as the pervasively organized crime climate of Chicago. The megalomaniac features of Babylon have returned as Los Angeles. The capital city frequencies of Atlantis have returned as the mega metropolis frequencies of New York City. The frequencies of Moloch have returned today as such as the Bohemian Grove, and the absolutely appalling underground child malpractices being discovered in large numbers in deep underground tunnels and installations called 'Dumbs' all over the planet, and successfully now starting to be taken out one after the other in rapidly increasing numbers. Similarly, for the hidden Societies following the practices of Baal.

Similarly, beware of the Anti-Christ does not mean to beware of an individual with horns. It means to beware of those still Anti to Christ, including the two hundred planet antichrist coalition near Orion who by Two thousand and twenty one. had still not yet bent their knee to Christ. In mid January of two thousand and twenty one, an official act of insurrection was called by the higher powers against the coalition. Their misaligned administrators were removed from their positions of power, and the work of cleaning up the rebellion influences amongst their lower dimensions was commenced in earnest, joined in with the other planets still similarly afflicted with third dimensional outer material conditions in the ongoing cleanups of Armageddon.