Starrgram 11: The Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve were an Ovarian Soul Mate Pair in Earth's fifth dimension at the beginning of your last Age of Aquarius, at the beginning of your last twenty five thousand year Age. They were an Adamic Material Son/Daughter from the Edentic Worlds of the Cygnus Swan Constellation. Theirs was the responsibility to re-establish a stable fifth dimensional environment for Earth's Adamic evolution which would be completely free of the bestial conditions of the third.

Every time Earth has had an earlier root race population resident in the fifth dimension, the Planet was tropical because of the gain in frequency from the higher consciousnesses of the population. Over three and a half million years ago, Earth's current Adamic root race population, now called the Asian races fell into the third dimension by commencing incarnations into Earth's animal kingdom matrixes. Initially the incarnations were into the matrixes for lemmings, which quickly expanded into larger animal forms.

Your mythical creatures of legend such as Centaurs and Fawns are remnants of the era.  Some of which still exist in today's astral realms and who do incarnate into the third dimension on their way back up towards Reality. Incarnated people who are flat up the front physically, but are uncommonly deep from front to back when viewed from the side for example, bear the physicality of Centaurs. Incarnated Fawns tend to walk shuffle-like, with a decided forward slant.

A million and a half years ago a more physically upright physical body was introduced into the incarnating life stream, which your archaeologists named 'Lucy'. A million years ago, a larger mor upright version was introduced, called 'Pithecantropus-rex', which your Archaeologists preferred to call 'Java Man'.

After your original fall from grace over three and a half million years ago, large groups of both Descendent and Ascendant Beings from all over Creation volunteered to incarnate into your stalled Adamic evolutionary ranks to offer stability, knowing the risks. Many more were introduced through the fifth dimensional Planetary headquarters called the Dalamatia Center seven hundred and fifty thousand years ago. The program to help redeem Mankind back up to the fifth dimension had been upgraded in earnest. At the time, a new and more advanced outer projectional physical body you call 'Neanderthal' was introduced into the third dimensional time line situation. At that point, the presiding Planetary Prince 'Caligastia' took a stand of neutrality about the Rebellion.

As staff and Starr of David channel through which the down coming energies from the Orion Command were being passed to the root race evolutions under his administration, he had suffered considerable effect when the root race went into the third dimension, and unharmonious staff, rod, and Starr of David frequencies started passing up through him instead of glorifications for the Creators. The un-harmonious frequencies clouded his judgment. His indecision aligned the Planet to the rebellion anyway as polarity only works in two directions, the one way or the other. There are no middle grounds in Reality. 'Be ye hot or cold, but because ye are luke warm I spew thee from my mouth'.

Caligastia's stand of neutrality threw everything into chaos and the Dalamatia Center became forfeit. The incarnating voluntary hosts were caught in the lurch, many of you becoming part of the problem. The Planet fell into a long period of glaciation because of the collapse of frequency. Two hundred and fifty thousand years ago another more advanced fifth dimensional center was established called 'Lemuria'. Even more of you from around creation volunteered to help. A yet even more advanced physical body was introduced into the third dimensional time line condition called 'Cro-Magnon'.

At this point, through judgment which had become even more clouded through the compounding third dimensional effect, against all advices not to Caligastia took it upon himself to advance a portion of the Adamics back up into full fifth dimensional evolutionary status before their time. His action instantly threw the whole issue of who was and who was not loyal to the Creators into question at a very critical level. A line was drawn in the sand and the Planet was placed under Galactic quarantine, still in effect. Those who were unequivocally on the side of Christ were immediately removed to Orion. Those who were not, or were not sure, were left behind. The Planet fell into another dire period of glaciation because of the loss in frequency.

Starting forty thousand years ago, and heading up to twenty-five thousand years ago around the beginning of Earth's most recent dispensary cycle, an Edentic center was set up in the fifth dimension under the administrative directions of the Material Son/Daughter Soul Mate pair Adam and Eve. Higher frequency emigre's began populating the Garden as the children of Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve were to phase in a new Reality sanctified modern physical body called 'Human' into the outer evolutionary ranks. The newly sanctified body contained enough higher frequency twelve strand DNA to hold sufficient Carbon-7 atoms to sustain a Fountain of Youth and Holy Grail principle. Which would be able to uphold the rigors of transfiguration, and also to complete an induced transmigration back into full fifth dimensional Morontia Substance at the appropriate time down the road now coming upon you.

The new Human bodies were to have become raised up into their full potentiality within the lower evolutionary ranks through a sanctioned incarnational interaction with the Garden of Eden Emigre's and the Cro-Magnon Earth time line populous under proper administrative accordances.

At the appropriate time in the Garden twenty five thousand years ago, when all of the frequencies were properly aligned, a program would have been initiated whereby the higher frequency emigre's would have began incarnating into the third Dimensional Cro-Magnon population, in order to brgin an orderly introduction of the new Human DNA into the lower evolutionary ranks on a properly co-ordinated basis.

When only about fifteen hundred of the emigre's had been brought into the Garden at the beginning of the cycle, the negatives successfully managed a meddle and the Garden was defaulted.

The negatives had in effect used cunning mind and guile to persuade Eve to interbreed with a select member of the Cro-Magnon evolution before its time. If you recall from Starrgram 9, the image of a striking green serpent is directly tied to the Principle of Scorpio. In effect Eve was talked into breaking the Law through the Scorpio frequency. Referred to in your Bible as being persuaded by a serpent to eat of the 'Forbidden Fruit'. The Cro-Magnons were a fruit, 'apple', of the Tree of Life just as much as any materialized consciousness expression of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. They were in a state referred to as the 'Forbidden Fruit' however, because their lower outer bestial state of consciousness stood in stark contrast to the properly raised up 'Adopted Fruit' outer states of consciousness of Reality.

Eve's mis-actions threw the whole co-ordinated plan of the harmonious introduction of the new DNA structure into the lower Cro-Magnon population into complete disarray. The emigre's were forced to start incarnating in mass into Earth's lower Cro-Magnon outer population in complete disharmony against their original purpose..

The two children of Adam and Eve, you popularly call Cain and Able in your Earth records were not two individuals walking about. They were the two ensuing racial streams incarnating into the third dimensional Cro-Magnon outer world population condition after the default of the Garden.

In reflection of the more direct Cro-Magnon ties in consciousness to the lower animal kingdom through the inter breeding, the lineage from the Cro-Magnon side that started occurring within the frequencies of the original outer evolutionary Cro-Magnon population were called 'Cain'. The original higher frequency emigre's of the Garden of Eden had also started incarnating within the Cro-Magnon population, but upheld their higher frequencies of consciousness as a self contained higher frequency group within the Cro-Magnon population called 'Abel' .

Over time, the Abel incarnate group gradually became absorbed little by little into the much more prevalent lower level Cain Cro-Magnon frequencies through successive re-incarnating. Until eventually, the original Able higher frequency group became extinguished. In your lesser art ligatures, you refer to it as Cain killing Able'.

The newly seeded Human form was now at wild within the third dimensional Planetary incarnate to catch on or not ad hoc.

The sanctified body was successfully put to the test by Jesus Christ two thousand years ago as test pilot, as one of the main of his many mandated responsibilities. Who successfully incarnated, then transfigured, then successfully resurrected into full fifth dimensional Morontia Substance form. Proving to finality that the new Human form had successfully migrated through the Planetary incarnate anyway. A miracle in its own right given the uncertainty of the paths it took to get it there.

Remnants of the original Cro-Magnon stock still remain in some of your more isolated Earth cultures of today, such as the bushmen of Borneo, Papua New Guinea, the original Aborigines of Australia, and in scattered parts of Mexico and South America. Who all bear the same coarse heavy browed outer appearance, wear cosmetic pieces of bone, and are all slaved to survival rather than enterprise.

Likewise, a few remnants from the Able side managed to remain intact over the ages, out-coming into your current society as some of the self acclaimed favoured blood lines. Who take it upon themselves to thereby consider themselves superior above everyone else. They are not, they merely sustained less of the Cro-Magnon influences than most, made completely irrelevant now by the population's main homogeneous incarnational influences upon Humanity everywhere.

Due to the sudden collapse of frequency, another brief period of glaciation followed the default of Eden. Which started coming into thaw in the build up to Atlantis fourteen thousand years ago. In the warm up to Atlantis the main portion of the Grand Canyon was carved. The watercourse through the canyon does not wander and meander in the normal serpentine way of naturally formed rivers and waterways. Some portions had existed from earlier times.

During the warm up, a vast body of water nearly the size of the Great Lakes became trapped under the western glacial edge over the mid western United States. About thirteen thousand years ago a violent volcanic earthquake opened a large crack under the waterway releasing it to the west. In only a couple of days, from over a mile high in height, a body of water nearly the size of the Great Lakes ran straight into the ocean, carving out the canyon and the Gulf of California.

Also during the warm up to Atlantis, the faithful Souls parked in Orion from two hundred and fifty thousand years prior were returned. Many more volunteers from around Creation agreed to incarnate into the Planetary ranks to again bolster the frequency, again knowing the risks.

After the fall of Atlantis, those of you in the higher group of Atlantian volunteers, plus those of you still on positive terms from earlier times including the original Eden emigre's, re-incarnated again in force at the end of the Cancer period and beginning of Gemini as the Sons and Daughters of Noah.

You re-incarnated again in force and revved things up again at the end of Gemini and beginning of Taurus as the Children of Abraham.

You re-incarnated again in force and revved things up again at the end of Taurus and beginning of Aries as the Israelites.

You re-incarnated again in force and revved things up again at the end of Aries and the beginning of Pisces as the Disciples of Christ.

You have re-incarnated again in force again and are revving things up again at this current end of Pisces and beginning of Aquarius as the Army of Christ. Also called Children of the Light, Light Workers, and Unistarrs of Love, Light, Life, and Liberty.

Forty thousand years ago the commissioned head of the Adamics, called the 'Dalai Lama' was appointed temporary Planetary Prince. As of two thousand years ago Christ Michael of Nebadon now holds the reins as Commander in Chief of Cosmic Affairs for Planet Earth.