This is where things really get kind of interesting. The different kinds of ships produce completely different kinds of Radionnic clouds. Throw in the different type of cloud covers and you get different types of Radionnics yet again. Given ordinary third dimensional local environment differences such as sun, wind, local Earth magnetics, and time of day and you get even more differences yet again.

Remember it has been said that you never get the exact same thing two tics in a row, and you will never see a limit to what kinds of things you might see. You will see Mother and Father Ship fields in the lower cloud atmospheres more often than Anchor Ship fields.

On May 11, 2016 in Brantford, looking North East over a middle cloud layer, the following photograph is of a Father Ship Radionnic field seen reflected on the middle level cloud layer. Previously shown as Figure 34 in Starrgram 6, very few higher level ionnizations are present.

Figure 1 -

A similar photograph was taken at Mt. Tremblant in Quebec on January 1, 2014 showing  much the same as Figure 1 except for the presence of a Positive pole Anchor Ship Field . Not a lot of the Positive pole field is visible, but enough to show its presence. Next time you go skiing don't forget to check around for Radionnic Ships on the loose.

Figure 2 - You say Slalom, I say Shalome, we can never ski together.

Also like Negative pole reflections, you will sometimes see a Radionnic effect reflected right down into the lower level cloud cover. The following image of a Father Ship field reflecting onto a lower cloud cover came from the Internet. The Father ship field is right up the middle, even showing a couple of those funny grilly like things from Figure 33 of Starrgram 6 near the top right.

Figure 3 - Nothing like a nice groove for being in.

Another low cloud Father ship reflection within a Negative Anchor Ship field also appeared at dusk in the same location in Brantford as Figures 11 and 12 of Starrgram 3, again looking North West but exactly one month later on May 20, 2016. In case you didn't notice it, a nearly perfect fat pill shaped oval sits at the bottom.

Figure 4 - Forget the Havana's, I want a good old fashioned wine soaked 'Old Port' stogie.

Likewise, Mother ships can force tube like ionnizations like Figure 9 in Starrgram 5 in the lowest cloud layer, such as the photograph below from Ottawa Ontario on July 10, 2016 shows. The photo was taken at sunset looking North West, giving it a pretty Kodak moment effect.

Figure 5 - I'd like two Big Macs and a Graval please.

Sometimes too Mother Ship Radials can really force their way in like Gang Busters, as seen in the following figure below from the Internet taken at dusk.

Figure 6 -

Sometime too they can do it dainty like, like a Harlequin romance, as the Figure below from the Internet kind of implies.

Figure 7 - You've all heard of the Airie Faerie, well here is the Fairly Airy.

They can also show up in the very lowest cloud levels as the following photo from Figure 9 in Starrgram 5 clearly shows.

Figure 8 - Bigger is better unless it's not.

The following image from the Internet is an even better example than the above as is shows a very symmetrical Mother Ship radial array in a very low cloud cover. It is also an even better example of a tubular array than Figure 6 of Starrgram 5, as it clearly shows the curvature at both ends. 

Figure 9 -

To confirm, the following is again from the Internet, showing the exact same type stuff both fore and aft as above only from farther away. The photo also helps to show that unlike Anchor Ship radials which extend from one apex into the other, Mother Ship radials tend to eventually blur out.

Figure 10 - I can do the whole sky anytime I want. Think I'm kidding look again.

A following photograph below from Paris, looking to the South West likewise shows a Mother Ship as bold as brass, likewise with tubes above it as bold as brass. The photo was taken in a very low grey overcast sky at very late dusk in Paris on the 18th of May, 2015. The street lights are even on. Except for the time of day and direction, it is almost like a perfect copy of Figure 5 in Starrgram 5 which was taken almost two years later.

Figure 11 - I believe you have already met my twin sister.

Then on April 16, 2017, nearly two years later, looking to the South West  from the same location in Paris, an almost one of a kind opportunity popped up likewise heading into dusk only earlier. An Anchor Scout Ship Radionnic cloud effect in the lowest clouds you can get show, namely low lying cumulus clouds shown below, became plain as day even as evidence of higher level Radionnic effects sit in behind. Note that  the setting  sun is left of the apex point. Moments later it was all but gone. Visible Radionnic effects this low down are not very common. Like a blue moon. They only show up once in a blue moon.

Figure 12 -

Similarly, the next Figure of a Father ship Radionnic field in a very very low cloud cover was  found on the Internet waiting to be discovered. Notice how similar the frills are to those of Figure 28 in Starrgram 6.

Figure 13 -

On the other hand the following Figure shows Mother Ship tendrils instead, in a lower overcast sky. Taken at the same time from the same plaza as Figure 28 in Starrgram 5, but with a different hand on a different camera from a different angle.

Figure 14 -

Then on a very blustery day on September 20, 2016 back in Brantford, came two for the price of one. The first is a Mother Ship field in a very tempestuous lower cloud layer, getting blustered all over the place by wind and weather. The view in the image below was to the South West.

Figure 15 - It was a cold and windy morning....

The second, not far away was its Father Ship partner at ninety degrees around to the right from the Mother Ship  sitting just to the left of the plaza sign in the Figure below. The view was to the South East. The two ships were not the cause of the weather, the whole South West end of Ontario had been embraced in a sore swat from the weatherman for a couple of days. Likewise both fields were Will o' the Wisps. The weather wasn't being kind to anyone including Radionnic fields. The Mother ship field was only visible for about ten minutes, the Father Ship field less than that. The clouds with the right reflective ingredients for showing the  magnetics had been quickly blown past. Presumably Figure 11 above was also on the same kind of tempestuous day.

Figure 16 -

For the record, Figure 14 above was not a storm cell. The weather was nothing like that, just the cold winds of November come early. To see what a storm cell looks like passing through a Radionnic field, check out the Internet Figure below. It's what the Hippies used to call a happening.

Figure 17 - Lord Tundrin Jesus Bey, me think's we're in for a blow.

And in the Figure below, tit is for tat. This time the Mother Ship is pushing the clouds all over the place, taken at the north end of Cambridge, Ontario on the 17th of July, 2016. The view was, you had to guess, to the North West. Unlike some of the photos in this disclosure, the curve in the forefront is not a result of the type of photographic drama involved. The highway actually curved just like that.

Figure 18 - I'm feeling a little bent today, maybe tomorrow I'll feel better.

Likewise, here's a Mother Ship doing completely weird tendril stuff as completely weird looking cloud blurbs. Only the upper row of blurbs is present, and the Mother Ship body is not as obvious lying unseen along under the marshmallows. Look at the blurb shadows casting onto the overcast above. These were low down get down babies.

Figure 19 - I'll have six honey cruller Timbits and one apple fritter please.

And not to forget the Sun. The Sun can sometimes also have fun with cloud Radionnics, such as with the cloudy Cumulus bits in the Figure below from Brantford on June 11, 2016. The view was to the South West. The lighted bits almost look like they are being hit by a Tesla ray. The Mother Ship and the horizontal cloud lying underneath the Mother ship look for sure like they are being hit by a dissimulator. One was supposedly used on 9/11. Maybe someone forget to turn it off.

Figure 20 - Will you please stop pointing that whatever it is thing in my direction.

The above is not an isolated kind of occurrence, the somewhat same kind of razzle with not so much dazzle was found on the Internet. No high tower Trade Centers involved this time.

Figure 21 - Thank you for putting it away, now please keep it away.

The higher level cloud formations are more in the way of ionnizations, the lower are more in the way of condensations. Sometimes a Radionnic field will be a combination of both. The following Negative polarity Anchor Ship field off the Internet is more condensated than ionnized.

Figure 22 - A Negative pole Radionnic Anchor Ship's got to do what a Negative pole Radionnic Anchor Ship's got to do.

There are no doubt many of such examples waiting to be discovered going all the way back to the early fifties now that you know what you are looking for. Check some of your old photos, you might be surprised. If you should spot such a Radionnic field, or spot one in a movie or TV or on the web, It would be greatly appreciated if you could send a link or an attachment to the email address below for inclusion in this and later additional disclosures. Likewise obviously, any Radionnic field you might see overhead some day. The more the better, since every example further goes to exemplify the principle.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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