Anchor Scout Ships and Father Ships don't travel between the starrs, only the Mother Ships. A Mother Ship will drop off the Anchor Ships and Fathers Ships within a location when needed. Once dropped off, they move around freely within the local again as needed. Like Anchor Ships and Mother Ships, Father Ships also produce unique Radionnic fields whenever they are settled in.

Father Ship Radionnic fields are far more varied than Mother Ship fields, but still consistent according to kind. As previously stated, Mother Ships tend to drop their load off then split. Father Ships tend to hang around for awhile and shoot the breeze. Consequently, over time you will generally see more Radionnic Father Ships fields around than Mother Ships. On the other hand Mother Ship fields tend to be way more dramatic appearing than Father Ship fields, so tend to get noticed easier. Because of the tubes, Chemtrail heads love Mother Ship Radionnic Fields.

Basically, Positive Father Ships, like Positive monopole Scout ships are emptier in the middle, Instead of tendrils, tubes, and fingers they have frills, eyelashes, sprays, and spritze. The assorted effects become stronger the lower down the ship. If the radial lines are not peacock feathers like an Anchor Scout ship, or tubular arrays like Mother Ships, and are evenly spread across the page like Mother Ships, then it is a Father Ship and not a helicopter. The basic types of Father Ship fields are frills, eyelashes, feathery fronds, decimations, grills, outlines, willowy whisperies, pods, and fizzy spritzes.

About four months after the first Radionnic field showed up in Brantford as discussed at the beginning of Starrgram 2, yet another Radionnic field showed up back of the Brantford street address on the September 6, 2014, looking to the South West. As the Figure below shows, the ever present pine tree is present at the left. The Father Ship is the bright row of clouds above the pine tree, now horizontal instead of vertical. The image has frillies this time from a horizontal source, So yup, you're looking at a Father Ship field. Can't argue with the facts. For every Principle there are a thousand practices. And with these as the above list of Father Ship type field effects abundantly implies, even more so.

The six Anchor Ship views in Starrgram 2 and 3 from the same Brantford Street address and Paris, plus the one below now makes seven different observed Radionnic fields. And don't forget also the first one on May 14, 2014 not photographed as mentioned at the beginning of Starrgram 2. That makes eight. There were for a certainty more of them, just not observed. This one was another browned out video camera mistake, recovered ok.

Figure 1 - If you think I look guffy now, you should have seen me yesterday.

The Father Ship equivalent of tendrils is frillies. The Father Ship equivalent of Mother Ships in a low cloud cover is a Father Ship in the lower cloud cover. As the following Figure found on the Internet shows, the pressure from the ship's magnetic field creates the hole. This is similar to Figure 4 in Starrgram 5, but with a longish cigar shaped Father Ship involved instead of a shortish cigar shaped Mother Ship.

Depending on the type of cloud and water vapour present, the extending magnetic field will produce condensations in the form of radials around the hole while the hole itself is empty. In the Figure below the extending magnetic field produced ionnizations around the ship while the surrounding cloud is empty of effect. To clarify a point, Mother Ship holes are not always empty and Father Ship holes are not always full. Check back, Figure 4 in Starrgram 5 was a Mother Ship field in a cloud hole.

Figure 2 - The Energies are pretty high today. Must be all the the ice crystals in the air.

Similarly, a frilly field will ionnize around a Father Ship on a clear blue day. The following image of a frilly field around a Father Ship sitting alone in the open sky, looking like a Dragon fly larva out of a frog pond, was likewise found on the Internet. Basically this is what is inside a Father Ship hole when there isn't a hole. This particular effect really is the inside out opposite of Figure  2 above.

Figure 3 -

To confirm the phenomenon, yet another similar Father ship frilly centipede was also found in yet another Internet search. There must be dozens of these going on world wide at any given time for two to have come up so similar on the web. The Contrail passing through has nothing to do with the ship, and the pilot, and/or crew and/or passengers likely never even noticed it.

Figure 4 -

Father Ships are also famous for putting up a big very uniform sprays of eyelashes. The following spray was found on the Internet while searching for 'Chemtrails'. A spray is a spray, nothing like telling it like it is.

Figure 5 -

A more pebbly version of the uniform arrays exist, looking er, more pebbly. The following image was photographed in Brantford on the 2nd of December 12, 2015 looking to the North West. The horizontal V near the bottom middle of the Figure is a characteristic feature of Father Ship fields. In this case one in each direction.

Figure 6 -

Likewise, a more dynamic version of the same Father Ship effect was found on the Internet. The difference between uniform radial tube rays of Mother Ships as in Figure 6 in Starrgam 5, and the decimated radial rays of Father Ships is obvious. By decimation, this is the Father Ship equivalent to the Mother Ship field in Figure 9 of Starrgram 5.

Figure 7 -

On the other hand the Father Ship equivalent of dense Mother Ship fronds is thin feathery Father Ship fronds. As the following images found on the Internet shows, the fronds can also be far reaching. By decimation, this is the Father Ship equivalent to Figure 12 of Starrgram 5. This is about as close to Chemtrailish as Radionnics ever gets.

Figure 8 -

The Internet is not the only place where these kinds of reflections are found. The first consciously recognized sighting of a Father Ship was in Brantford, of a long radial fronds type array in a cloudless sky occurring on September 6, 2014. It was sitting in the exact same location as Figure 6 in Starrgram 2. See the same convenience store at the bottom center in both.

The field was just starting to set up either because the ship had just settled in, or water vapors were just starting to move through. In case you didn't know, the Uncertainty Principle of Particle Physics had its start in Radionnics. Namely, 'is it this' or 'is it that', just like in Particle Physics.  Who the heck knows.

Figure 9 - This looks familiar, have we been here before.

A similar photo found on the Internet is about as Father Shippie as it gets, showing even feathier fronds.

Figure 10 -

Father Ships can also produce uniform mid cloud level Radionnic fields like the Mother Ship fields of Figure 28 Starrgram 5. However, being Positive in polarity, the uniform Father Ship spray will be decimated. The following decimated Father Ship reflection was photographed approaching dusk near Huntsville on June 18, 206. Don't know what's going on down there at the bottom but it sure looks like the whole galaxy is in for a meet.

Figure 11 - Hail, hail the gang's all there.

A likewise somewhat similar looking decimated Father Ship field was found on the Internet. Sort of looks like scratching your fingernails on a blackboard.

Figure 12 -

Taking blackboard scrapes to its absolute limit, the setting sun can also sometimes catch things not normally noticed in the daily sun. On April 15, 2015 in Paris Ontario a very fried egg looking decimated Father Ship field appeared looking straight into the stetting sun to the South West. Check with Figure 13 of Starrgram 2 to see the exact same houses at the right in the exact same perspective, just a little lower in the setting. The cell camera evidently went into emergency mode to protect its retinas, because it produced this Technicolor beauty looking every bit like stalks of wheat.

You all remember when Canada thrilled everyone with the world's first rust resistant wheat called Triticale. Now nobody but Monsanto is rejoicing at Monsanto's announcement of a GMO wheat which is resistant to everything including good health.

Figure 13 - Wheaties, Champion of Breakfasts.

Frizzy spritz fields are yet another type of Father Ship Radionnic clouds. The figure below was photographed in Paris on 10 March, 2015 looking to the South West. This field was different because presumably a Father Ship of a different frequency was involved.

Figure 14 -

A second Frizzy spritz field shown below, was photographed from the same Paris location twenty days later on March 31, 2015. This time looking to the North West. The field was different yet again, presumably again because a Father Ship of yet a different frequency was again involved.

Figure 15 -

A very similar fizzy spritz field showing a relatively short Father Ship was likewise captured almost a year and a half later on September 28, 2016 in Huntsville Ontario. The photo is quite a bit better this time for having the whole field. Yummy.

Figure 16 -

Condensated Father Ship frilly fields are also common. Condensated frilly fields occur when the ship is lower in the cloud layers and have been around long enough to really spread out, as the very frilly Radionnic field from the Internet below abundantly shows. Notice that the frills are in front of the Stratus cloud layer above. Like Figures 2 and 3 in Starrgram 5, the empty center reveals a Positive pole secondary magnetic field. Unlike the Figures in Starrgram 5, the Ship outline provided by the radials shows a saucer shaped Ship rather than pill shape.

Figure 17- Now you see me, kinda cool eh.

Like Figure 4 in Starrgram 5, the center area is full in the photograph below from East of Calgary, Alberta on May 4, 2013 indicating that the Ship has a Negative polarity secondary magnetic field. Like the Figure above, the radials also outline a saucer shaped Ship.

Figure -18 -

The next Figure is also very interesting, where the frillies come in front of the cumulous clouds showing it to be in very close. As also shown below it involves a saucer shaped Father Ship. The photograph was taken in Huntsville, Ontario near Algonquin Park in central Ontario on June 18, 2016. It's far too big to be a Scout ship. You can also tell it's a Father Ship by the frillies. You can also tell it's a saucer shape just by looking at it. Nothing like making it fun and easy.

Figure 19 -

On occasion when a middle level cloud front is moving into an area where a Father Ship is sitting, the leading edge of the front will start to pick up on the Radionnic radiations and push a condensated array of frills out in front of the advancing front. Just for fun, the following sequence of four images were observed on May 17, 2016 in Paris, Ontario and are shown to give you an idea of how the fields can also be consistent from one observer to another and one observation post to another. The direction was looking back South East over Brantford towards the location where a unseen Father Ship had been sitting over Brantford in a clear sky.

Figure 20 -

During the same time somebody In Brantford who was much closer to the advancing array, photographed it and put it up on Facebook.

Figure 21 -

Then when the wall front was getting close to overhead, they put it up again. Notice the same tree only closer up.

Figure 22 -

And when it was almost right overhead they put it up yet again, all taken standing from the same location by a creek as all the trees in the middle clearly show. Nothing like a little patience to make perfectly the point. The interesting thing is that party didn't know what they were looking at, only that it was very woo wooish. This is what the future holds for everyone until this disclosure gets well handed around.

Figure 23 -

Partial Father Ship condensated frilly fields are also very common. In the following Figure, taken in in Paris on July 26, 2015 a shy Father Ship is sticking its nose out from the right.

Figure 24 -

For a nice quiet change of pace, on September 28, 2015 the following partial Father Ship activity was likewise observed over Cambridge, Ontario about thirty kilometers North of Brantford. Likewise sticking itself into the scene as seen at the upper right. Also notice how much it looks like the nose and body sticking out in Figure 24 above. Also notice

Figure 25 -

Really big noses can really stick out. It's all a matter of distance. In the old days they said, "Look to the East'. Now they say 'Look to the Sky'. Why?. Because things are getting really interesting up there. How interesting, how about the nose of a Father Ship poking out sporting a Rhinoceros horn the size of Mount Olympus. The following front end of a Father ship shown below sticking in from the left was photographed near the original street address in Branford on August 6, 2014.

Figure 26 - Everything's going squirrelly here today, what's going on.

Figures 19, 20, and 21 of Figure 2 were very interesting for their durability. However, the next day after Figure 21 had been taken, on the 21st of April, things really got interesting. The morning of April 21 in Brantford started off with a clear blue sky with no sign of Radionnic activity visible anywhere for lack of ionnized water vapour present.

Around noon a Jet Stream of ionnized air slowly started moving in from the South West. Starting about three thirty, when passing exactly over where the Positive magnetic pole field had sat for most of the day before, the sky suddenly exploded out into a frenzy of dramatic ionnization. A Father Ship, looking a bit like Figure 26 above was sitting loud and clear front and center. With the tail part added in it Kind of looks like a giant dragon fly larva.

The rest of the main body of clouds down the left was the Jet Stream itself running back off into the distance as it slowly crossed over. The dramatic sky over Brantford still had people commenting about it days later.

Figure 27 -

Another characteristically specific Father Ship field effect is Buick radiator grills. On July 2, 2016 a fully fledged frilly ionnic Father Ship Buick radiator grill field was captured over Brantford looking due South West. The filed was lying from the South East to the North West. The field featured a radiator grill type pattern as its main event instead of long fronds or eyelashes.

As a rule, as mentioned,. anything with anything horizontal in it is a Mother Ship or a Father Ship. In particular notice that the center bottom looks a lot like the front grill off a Buick. This is a fairly standard Father Ship configuration. Anything having anything in it that looks like the front of a beat up old car is a Father Ship.

Figure 28 - Two bubbas in a bar. 'My car can kick the butt off your car'... No way, my car can kick the butt off your car'....'No way ...'.

Similarly, the following more complete Father Ship image outline was captured over Hamilton, Ontario on June 27, 2016, lying South West to North East. Just as a tulip doesn't appear in the middle of all Positive pole Radionnic fields but the presence of one guarantees a Positive pole designation, the mark of Zorro scissor like horizontal V the same as Figure 6 above near the bottom middle of the Figure below, assures that a Father Ship is present and not a Mother Ship. This guy Zorro really gets around, Mexico now this.

Figure 29 - Who is this Zorro Hombre you speak of.

Father Ship grill container outline fields like Figures 28 and 29 above can also sometimes be without extended frillies. The following partial Father Ship outline was photographed in Brantford on the 17th of May 2016. The Radionnic container looks like someone is looking out from behind the trees to see who's there.

Figure 30 - I taught I taw a Tweety Bird.

A blow up of Figure 30 shows the container formation much better.

Figure 31 - I did, I did taw a Tweety Bird

Father Ships can also occur in more condensated sculptured shapes like a tour boat on the Hudson or a Cessna, called Local runabouts. On June 6, 2016 a more condensated Radionnic field container outline of a local runabout Father Ship was captured near Huntsville, Ontario. Local runabout Father Ships are the Cosmic equivalent of a Yellow Cab taxis service. Having a pilot in front and rows of seats in behind.

Local runabouts temporarily move people around in consciousness from one Earth local to another for inter-dimensional cue ups and/or group meetings. The Figure below is a Cessna type version, without wings or propeller and running on magnetics instead of gas. Probably the most singularly revealing photograph in this whole Disclosure.

Figure 32 - Uberuber taxi at your service.

Then on August 16, 2016 in Brantford, a really gang busters Father Ship Radionnic field suddenly appeared sitting in a South East direction lying South East to North West. As the Figure below shows it was all but hand shake close right up overhead. The field hadn't been up long enough to settle in and set up full frillie profiles.

This one in particular was having a heck of a time trying to figure out just what to do. But without a doubt are the showings of fully filled automobile radiator grills all over the place looking like the slats of a fence. These are another Father Ship tell tale. Anytime any of these are in the picture, a Father Ship in the picture. In this case no less than six different Ships. The first is at the bottom left above the WallMart. The second is in to its right just past the lamp standard. The third is in the lower middle, party covered by the cloud with the pop corn edges. The fourth is just to the right of that. The fifth is at the upper right in the area with another popcorn edged cloud. And the sixth is to the right of that under the top edge of the large white cover cloud. Quite the heyday.

Figure 33 - Hey, give me some room, get off'a my foot.

Another variant of Father ship grids are even more condensated fully filled in outline grids. The following Figure below, where the outline grid has also condensed, is a much more obvious version of Figure 8 in Starrgram 1. The below Figure came from Brantford on the 1st of October, 2015. The picture was taken in fact from the same local Figure 6 in Starrgram 3, looking the same to the North East.

Figure 34 -

The Internet Figure below is a variation of Figure 34 above, namely a horizontal grill type Father Ship field showing both sides off the ship which is lying up the middle.

Figure 35 -

Everyone knows the setting Sun can be a pretty busy beaver. In fact, photographing the setting sun is a popular pastimes for many. Radionnics sweetens the kitty. The following Figure, also found on the Internet is a Sun drenched condensated long Father Ship grid version of Figure 35. Again with radials again going down both sides of the ship.

Whatever else, you have to admit that these magnetic fields certainly relish sunlight and the Sun really has a handle on what it's doing.

Figure 36 -

When Father Ship saucers condensate they also sometimes form an open pod equivalent to the Mother ship filled in pods. The following Father Ship pod was photographed in Kitchener Ontario on the 17th of July, 2016. Kinda looks like a piece of conchiglie pasta, which is kinda made to look like a sea shell. No wonder there are rumors afloat of secret under sea Ufo bases.

Figure 37 - Hmmm, or should that be mmmm.

As you might expect, when you look at the middle right of Figure 16 of Starrgram 3 also shown below, you can just see the outline of a Father Ship pod at the center far right just above the trees. Little did the people at the conference know as they sat perfectly still listening to yet another I'amabe going on about their possible abduction in order to glean a ray of hope. All they had to do was go outside and look for the biggest glean of their lives.

Figure 38 -

Similarly, sitting just to the right of the Mother Ship pod in Figure 29 of Starrgram 5 is a small Father Ship horizontal car grill outline as shown below.

Figure 39 -

When a Mother Ship or Father Ship splits town, they don't move out they teleport out. There are no portals or vortexes involved. They just blink out, teleportation is teleportation. When they go, the ionnic cloud field left behind collapses in on itself and quickly dissipates by wind and vapour movements.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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