As the previous three Starrgrams all show, Anchor Scout Ship Radionnic clouds are seen up and down the sky converging to an apex about ten to fifteen degrees above the horizon. Mother Ship and Father Ship clouds on the other hand are usually across the sky and never meet at an apex. Like the family pooch, Mother Ships and Father Ships come in all types and sizes.

Both come as pill, saucer, cigar, cylinder, and miles long pipe ships. All types can be very large or very small. All types reflect ionnically different than the Anchor Ships. Likewise, like Anchor Ships, Negative pole Mother Ships are well ionnized and Positive Father ships are less. Mother ships tend to be more noticed by cloud condensations, Father ships by ionnizations.

Anchor Scout ships are usually very small, carrying one or two inhabitants. Mother and Father Ships on the other hand can be both smallish and very large carrying whole communities. Since cigar shaped ships can be from a few hundred meters to ten miles in length, they have thinner, longer, larger, more uniform, and usually much more diffuse magnetic fields than Anchor ships. Their ionnizations likewise do not meet at a focal point above the horizon but rather surround the ships like sewing machine trim. The saucer shaped Mother and Father ships are usually quit evident and likewise have stuff around the edges.

Only the Mother Ships and Father Ships teleport in from the Radionnic Fleet outside Pluto and release the Anchor Ships after. Then, when and where necessary the issued Anchor ships will set up the magnetic field to give the Parent Ships anchored roaming room. Anchor Ships can also move around on their own when necessary without being tied in as anchors. Similarly, Mother and Father ships can sometimes be seen in their own ionnizations doing their work for temporary periods of time without being in an anchor field.

Like Negative and Positive Anchor Ship monopole pairs, Mother Ship and Father Ship pairs also always occur together. Unlike Anchor Ship pairs which are always one hundred and eighty degrees in opposite directions from each other, Mother and Father ship pairs can be right beside each other, meet at right angles, be in opposite sides of an Anchor Ship field, and can even be on opposite sides of the Planet.

Unlike Scout ships also, Mother and Father pairs do not always produce a visible magnetic field between them. But they will always be joined magnetically through the higher dimensions. When closer together a visible magnetic field effect can sometimes be set up between them when the water vapors conditions are good. Whenever a Mother Ship or Father Ship cloud reflection is shown, it is understood that it's Father Ship or Mother ship Partner is also, also present somewhere, even if nowhere to be seen, or very high up in the atmosphere, or around on the other side of the planet.

Like the inside-out like differences between the Negative and Positive Scout ship radionnic fields, Mother Ships and Father Ships also produce somewhat inside out like radionnic effects.

When a Negative pole Mother Ship has settled in long enough to set up a Radionnic field, its magnetic Radionnic field will issue out in tendril like emanations. The field will be much wider and much more uniformly spread out than the peacock tail feather or branch like radials of a Negative pole Anchor ship. Likewise, unlike like the Negative pole Anchor Ships the array will be uniformly filled in throughout rather than show widely separated feathery radial lines.

Anchor ships tend to ionnize in the higher cloud layers because they need to cast a broad magnetic envelope. The higher up the bigger. Mother ships and Father ships tend to ionnize in the moister mid and lower cloud levels. Because Mother ships are Negative in polarity, their magnetic fields are attractive and they tend to be denser and more substantive than Father ship reflections. Mother ship fields come in five typical arrangements, fingers, tendrils, tubes, and fronds.

The rule is simple, if the radials within a Radionnic field are irregular, not evenly distributed, and meet at an apex point above the horizon it is an Anchor Scout Ship. If they are uniform, evenly distributed, and are wide across the apex, it is a Mother ship or Father ship. Similarly, if the Radionnic field is aligned vertically it is a Anchor Scout Ship. If it is aligned horizontally or similar it is a Mother or Father Ship. Since the Radials don't meet at an apex and Mother and Father Ships are usually very much larger than an Anchor Ship, they often form an outline of the ship.

None of the radials in Starrgrams 2, 3, and 4 are uniform and evenly distributed. The following image of a Mother Ship, showing uniform fingers evenly distributed across the field was taken in Ottawa, Ontario in the summer of nineteen ninety five.

Figure 1 -

On rare occasions the tendril like radials will show on both sides of the ship, proving the shape. The following image of a Mother Ship from the Internet, reveals the particular shape in this case to be pill like.

Figure 2 -

Depending on the environmental circumstances of the moment and type of Ship involved, Mother Ships can also produce tubular tendrils in their Radionnic fields. The following Mother Ship Radionnic field photographed in Kampala, Uganda on the 23rd of January, 2016 shows tubular radials around the top half and tendril radials around the bottom.

Figure 3 -

Whereas Mother and Father Ships are either Negative pole or Positive pole respectively, some Ships also have a secondary internal magnetic property which can be either Negative or Positive in both. The secondary magnetic field produces a specific effect in the Radionnic clouds produced. True to the nature of the Negative and Positive poles in general, the Negative secondary polarities produce an empty field at the Ships location. Both Figures 2, and 3 above reveal Negative secondary fields, as the center of the Radionnic Clouds are empty. 

As the following somewhat combobulated looking photograph from the Internet shows, the exact opposite is occurring, the Mother Ship area inside is full with the tendrils pushing out, indicating the presence of a Negative secondary internal magnetic property.

Figure 4 -

The second type of patent Mother Ship cloud effect is long radials, the most common is tubular, as in tubes, as in the top half of Figure 3 above. The following photograph looking to the North West, taken in Paris Ontario on February 20, 2017 shows the tubular effect perfectly.

In these case, the area comprising the ship is usually also filled with a condensation.

Figure 5 -

Because of camera lens size, usually what is observed in any particular view involved from the Internet is only small portions of the field. The following partial view of a very distinct ionnized tube array on a cloudless day was discovered on the Internet. Note that in this case, like Figures 2 and 3 above the fingers start going around the end at the right proving the shape of a Ship and not a weather cause. Maybe it's the series of tubes making up the Internet which a former Governor of Alaska announced to a very amused world one day.

Figure 6 - Tubular Man, or should that be tubulor, or should it be tubuler.

To confirm it again, you got to love these confirmations, another similar photograph shown below, also found on the Internet shows a tubular array clearly. You also get to see where the tubes sometimes come from. These are not roll clouds. The tubes at the right end in the Figure above are curving around the ship shape.

Figure 7 -

The following Figure of yet another ionnized array found on the Internet is all but a repeat of Figure 7, also giving a pretty good idea of how the radials originate.

Figure 8 -

The following is again from the Internet, showing the same type stuff only within a low down overcast.

Figure 9 - The sky's the limit unless you're on a 'Flat Earth' Earth.

To confirm that the above was not just a 'one of', a similar calm, cool, and collected Mother ship vista found on the Internet,  again telling it like it is. The symmetry is so smooth you can almost feel it.

Figure 10 - Ahh, this is more like it, where ever the heck this is.

Low level Mother ship arrays can also be manifested on a cloudless day by ionnization alone. The following image off the internet shown below at dusk proves the point.

Figure 11 -

An even better Internet image shows a full spray of ionnized tubes spread out like the fingers of a hand. Also, to belabor the old acorn yet again, under no circumstances whatsoever could these radials ever be considered Chemtrails or Contrails. Not even in the Twilight Zone.

Figure 12 -

The first known Mother ship sighting in Brantford was a tubular type, occurring on October 29, 2015 and looking to the North East. It was obviously taken in Brantford as the city water tower is sitting right up in the middle. D'uhh! No ionnizations exist at the bottom left and the bottom has been partially taken out, as higher pressure air had already started pushing in by the time the photo was taken.

By about half an hour later the higher pressure area had completely passed through and the radial ionnization effect gone. Twenty minutes earlier you would have seen the same thing on the left as on the right.

Figure 13 - Can you please explain that bit to me again about the water tower.

The third type of Mother ship ionnizations are tendrils, having a feathery trail off at one end. On the 15th of April 2015, a tendril type Mother ship formation was captured on a hazy day in Paris, Ontario looking to the South West. The two features to notice are the line of tendrils through the center, and the guppy tail of ionnizations trailing off to the left.

Figure 14 -

As it happened, a right/left mirror copy was photographed also in Paris on the 19th of September, 2016, this time at late dusk, again looking to the South West. Except for running in the opposite direction, as the following Figure shows there's no getting around the similarity. And don't forget that this was nearly a year and a half later. Note the showy guppy fish tail off to the right instead of left like above. The showy guppy fish tails are a common characteristic of this type of field.

Figure 15 -

A very similar type of Mother Ship tendril field was photographed by the friend of the cause in Kampala in April 16, 2016. While not as extensive, the basic structure is the same, likewise a fishtail goes off to the right.

Figure 16 -

Then on July 2, 1016, back in Brantford a much closer up Mother ship field was photographed showing details not present in the previous Figures. Looking somewhat like a vertical version of Figure 15 up close, the fishy effect in the Figure below is again off to the right. The view was to the North East. And no, that's not a space cadet out there on maneuvers in the top middle, it's a sea gull looking for fries.

Figure 17 - Kind of slim pickins up here.

Not to be undone, nearby Hamilton Ontario produced an almost identical Mother Ship viewing in the early morning of May 30, 2016 which greeted everybody just after breakfast. The three things you know are cooking when you smell them cooking, are bacon, toast, and coffee. That's why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Figure 18 - Nothing quite like waking up with Folgers in your eye.

After an absence, a Brantford area Mother Ship suddenly appeared again on August 16, 2016  in the same North West direction. The field is hard to identify but is right above the trees at the bottom middle and up to the left and right. The tail is off to the right.

Figure 19 -

To see it even better, the same field was photographed fifteen minutes later about ten kilometers West of Brantford approaching Paris. The tendrils are across the middle just to the right of center. The trail off is still to the right. Actually this is a fairly long Mother ship. Though not well ionnized along the body it continues on straight as a die up to the left. The higher level ionnizations above it at the top left similar to Figure 19 are the give away.

Figure 20 -

A Plan B version of the above image was photographed at the North West end of Paris on March 21, 2017 looking to the South West. The right end is pretty similar, the left end tells the whole story. This is a pretty big Mother ship. It's not very often you see something of this size as revealing as this. On really long Mother Ships you usually see just the middle portion, not even the flashy guppy tail parts to the right or the left.

Figure 21 - Plan A is to have a Plan B

Even though Mother ships tend to drop things off then split, while Father ships tend to stick around and yak, this one has tended to stick around doing something. Because In the early evening of August 27, 2016, our friend was photographed yet again by a Brantford lady who is hip to the trip a friend of the cause and has a cell phone. It's very seldom you get to see the whole enchilada front to back all in one Usually you just get a little bit sticking out from behind a tree. Or haze or cloud obscures one end while dry air eats away the other.

Figure 15 above for example is a close but no cigar because of the distance away. The Figure below on the other hand is a Cuban Havana all the way. The ship was still looking to the North West, still fish tailing off to the right, but had moved right in close over town. What looks like a fish tail to the left is just clouds fishing around at the left. This photo was a really good catch, an almost perfect rendering of everything that says 'I am Cosmic, I am here, enjoy'.

The reason the Brantford train station seems to holds fort for some of these photographs is that it offers a convenient view not obstructed by trees, high rises, or passing trucks. Judging by how close in it is and the Branford terrain it's sitting over, this one is probably at least three miles long. It also looks like something from the depths. Somebody should do a movie.

Figure 22 -

The next Figure below, looking almost like Figure 5 above but without flobs instead of tubes, was photographed on November 5, 2016 in Huntsville, Ontario. This one is also wall to wall clean as a whistle. The trail off in this one is to the left. (Fig. 23).

Figure 23 -

Another somewhat less common type of tendrils based Radionnic effect, sees Mother Ships sort of, well, hanging around. A very well caught image of a Mother Ship hanging nose to the ground was photographed over the Don River Valley near downtown Toronto, Ontario on the 17th of November, 2015 just approaching dusk. Note the radial fingers to the right. The view doesn't show it well but this was an uncommon almost straight up and down Radionnic Mother Ship field. In this case, the trail off is up to the left. It's all in the magnetics and cloud vapors of the moment.

Figure 24 - You just keep me hanging on.

To prove the point again as unto ad nausium, another hanger on'er was found on the Internet. This time a mirror image. There's no mistaking the fingers off the side and the trail off going up. Amazing,  who knows how many miles apart and maybe even years apart these are, yet remarkably the same.

Figure 25 -

Then back in Brantford on December 25, 2015, like Santa had been around dropping off goodies, the following almost perfect tendrils based Mother Ship field was observed. Not much to say here except that as you can plainly see it is relatively short, and a saucer version to boot rather than cigar.

Figure 26 -

Then as if to make life easier, the following amazing photograph was taken on March 5, 2017 on the highway halfway between Hamilton Ontario and Brantford. The view was into the setting sun, looking to the South West. The photo contains no less than seven completely different Mother Ships, comprised of five completely different types all in the same place all at the same time. The first, at the upper right is the same saucer shaped type as Figure 26 above. The second just below it is the same type as Figure 2 above, with an empty middle and short radials all around. The third, partially covered by cloud, is the same type as the second, namely, empty in the middle with short radials all around. The fourth, likewise partially covered by cloud is the same as Figure 4 above, i.e. full in the middle with crab leg like tendrils out the sides. The six is above that covered by cloud but producing long tubish tendrils out from around the top. The six, also covered mostly by cloud is  at the right of the cloud at the left, just where the upward extension of the cloud begins. The seventh, a same as the sixth, is sitting right at the left edge center.

Figure 27 - This was carefully worked out work, hope you appreciate it.

The fourth type of Mother Ship field sitting around involves uniform fronds. The following field was photographed in Brantford on May 21, 2016 again looking to the North west from the same plaza as Figures 13 in Starrgram 3. The horizontal uniformity across the field and the very wide breath of the bottom differentiates it specifically from Anchor Ship fields which are never uniform horizontally across and always meet at an apex. Dry air had already been moving in from the right when the array was finally seen within a clear enough area to photograph.

Figure 28 -

Sometimes too when small Mother ship saucers condensate they form a Radionnic pod. The pods are grill like container outline fields which are filled in. The following Mother ship pod was found over Brantford on July 12, 2014 looking to the North West.

Figure 29 -

On the other hand the following clip of a self proving fully cloaked cigar shaped Mother ship slip was taken from the introduction portion of a Youtube video filmed on March 9, 2010 in Santa Clarita, California. The videographers assumed they were filming a lenticular cloud as lenticular clouds are prevalent in the area on a yearly basis. The footage was done by time lapse, the relevant portion starting at 30 minutes and ending at 44 minutes, probably representing four hours in real time.

The significance the filmers were not aware of was the fact of tendril radials flowing off the top left of the ship, and the fact that the nose doesn't move more than an inch on screen right to left after hours and hours of time lapse, even though the radials blow off the ship jet speed fast and the cumulus clouds blow by the same.

It takes a large magnetically secured mass not to get shoved around by the wind when there are no wires attached. The video is at: The interesting segment to watch starts at the 30 minute mark.

Figure 29 -

The Internet Figure below shows nearly the identical thing. Only this time partially cloaked, fussing up a storm, and looking cigar-ish all the way.

Figure 30 -

Likewise, it's not hard to tell that the following Figure from the Internet is a sunlit saucer shaped Mother Ship. The rainbow shadow cast on the clouds behind is a nice added touch courtesy of Mother Nature, or Gia if you're current with the times. Also note that the green spotches at the center right cannot occur be by cause of a spectrum.

Figure 31 - Now we're talking.

To reiterate, Radionnic Ships are from all over Creation and can be in all types and sizes. Anchor Scout Ships are usually small, normally holding a handful of parties. Some can be large, up to a couple of hundred feet in diameter. Mother and Father Ships are much larger, anywhere from a quarter mile in length to ten if cylinder or pipe shaped, and up to a couple of hundred feet in diameter if a saucer.

Also, Mother Ships tend to carry people and Anchor ships around to where needed. Father ships tend to be more in the area of communication. Mother and Father Ships do the teleporting and the Anchor Scout Ships hitch a ride.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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