As earlier explained, Negative and Positive Anchor Scout Ships always occur in Pairs. The two sit at one hundred and eighty degrees opposite each other. A fifth dimensional magnetic field sets up between them. Mother Ships, Father Ships and Mobile Scout Ships then play around in the set up fields. The fields can be small or quite extensive, including hundreds of square miles.

Positive monopole arrays usually, but not always have an empty V near the bottom where the cotton ball in a Negative monopole field would be. They are also usually, but not always empty up the middle. They often but not always have a tulip shaped ionnization up the middle. The tulip is a trade mark. Like a very big cotton ball at the bottom shows a Negative monopole no matter what else is happening, a tulip like effect in the middle means a Positive Radionnic Field is present no matter what.

Similarly, by the fact that Positive magnetic poles are projective in nature rather than attractive, the ionnizations of the Positive Radionnic Clouds tend to look whispier and more depleted than the gang buster appearances of most Negative fields. The following image off the Internet is of a Positive monopole field. In particular look at the patent tulip effect at the center top. Not all Positive monopole Radionnic clouds have them. But if one is present then it is a Positive Radionnic field beyond any doubt. Maybe this photograph was taken in Holland knowing how much the Dutch love their tulips.

Figure 1 - Bark umm, bark bark.

The following image Positive pole monopole captured in the summer of nineteen ninety five in the early days of collecting in Ottawa Canada, has the first ever in the loop seen tulip. Even though it is really rat chewed, this one is also a definitive classic Positive pole field. Like the above, notice the whispery nature of the radials, and the empty V at the bottom. The sad of it is that even at ten times the size, the photo still wouldn't have captured all of the field as it had filled nearly the whole sky overhead.

Figure 2 -

The next Positive monopole photograph was taken from the back of the street address again in Branford, Ontario on June 20, 2014, and is in fact the polar pair partner of Figure 5 in Starrgram 2. This was another browned out video brought to life. Like it's Negative pole partner, it is not all that clear cut to make out as a Positive vs. a Negative field. But notice the empty V at the bottom area, and in this case the whole formation is the tulip.

The tulip effect can sometimes be very small as in Figure 1 above, and sometimes very large like below. The view was looking to the South West. South West quickly became a regular on/off Brantford direction. Notice again the pine tree at the left. The Anchor ships don't set up in a given area willy nilly. They pick their spot then stick with it, to do with Earth's concurrent magnetic field and who in the third dimension is in the area.

It is very uncommon to see a brother and sister Anchor Scout Ship pair visible at the same time. The assorted photographs in this disclosure which do not have a partner pole opposite, are either because both were not visible at the time or one or the other was too scruffy to use. Or in the case of the Internet and other outside photograph sources, the fact of a polar opposite was not known by the photographer involved for not having a clue to what was really going on.

Hence a partner ship was never looked for, hence never photographed, hence matched pairs have never been found yet on the Internet, except for both in the same photo at the same time as presented in Starrgram 4. That may change. Once people start reading this disclosure it will likely change a lot.

Figure 3 -I

Sometimes too, depending on the type of Anchor Scout ship involved, Positive monopole reflections can look somewhat like a lyre. There are myriads of different kinds of Anchor Scout Ships. Different Anchor Scout Ships produce different Radionnic effects, part and parcel of what's going on. A day later, on June 21, 2014, it was obvious that a completely different type of Positive pole Anchor Scout ship had come in because a completely different type of Radionnic field was present in the same place as the say before looking in the same direction.

The type of transformation would be hard to account for by water vapour densities or wind. The field has an empty hole near the bottom but no tulip, and has a somewhat lyre like appearance up the middle. Notice the same pine tree on the left.

Figure 4 -

The three Negative pole views of Figures 8, 9, and 10 in Starrgram 2, plus the three Positive pole views above make six altogether from the exact same location, all having completely different viabilities. Making verbatim the fact that first, these guys really like their favorite hot spots, and second that the jury is out on what to expect next. What is also relevant is that the polarities of the Ships switched back and forth. It is also an obvious fact that because of their differing energy configurations, differing Anchor Scout ships will present differing Radionnic fields when all other factors remain constant.

It is almost a truism that the different ships in the fleet all have to be different from each other even as they are all the same in Principle. The vast Radionnic fleet of the Heavenly host is from all over Creation. And every ship from a different place has to be formulated differently because of the different frequencies of where they are from. Two Radionnic fields which are observed as reasonably the same means either that the same ship has returned, or that the two ships are from more or less the same place in Creation.

The next photo was taken on July 3, 2015 in Paris, looking to the North East. The tulip or cup like effect is obvious, the bottom V is obvious and the middle ionnizations are for zip. Showing again a very characteristic Positive pole Radionnic field ionnization. This one would not be remarkable in it's own right, but it was up at the same time as the visible Negative Scout Ship partner, Figure 14 in Starrgram 2, making them a rare dancing pair. Really heavy Mexican Gulf haze covered the sky in this direction as the heavy dullish tint shows.

Figure 5 - Darn, my battery is getting low.

As previously mentioned, nearly all of the photographs which are not off the Internet were done by taking a series of side by side photos. Photomerge in Adobe PhotoShop was used to compile them into a single panoramic picture. For the most part it did a very impressive job. Since the focus of the enterprise was the cloud formations, sometimes the chips fell where they may about the foreground material. As earlier explained, Photomerge has a feature which looks carefully at what all the other guys are doing in a compiled collection and best guesses what should go into any areas where no chips fell.

Most of the time it goes so well you don't even notice. Other times it goes, as the Italians would say, no'a so well. Then all bets are off. The good news is that because the center of focus is always on the cloud formations and not the foreground , the sky parts of just about every composite remains spot on regardless of the rest. In fact, in some cases first cousin to the way the fields looked like in real life when originally photographed.

Every now and then however Photomerge goes right off its meds. The following Positive pole monopole was observed out of a back apartment balcony in Brantford over a year later on March 20, 2016, looking to the North East. Even Alice in Wonderland takes a back seat to this one. Even though the houses ended up pretty well off anybody's grid, the sky is pretty much exactly as it looked like when the photograph was taken. You can all stop worrying. When you are looking at the cloud portion of any of these photographs, you are never looking at Steve Spielberg. Notice the same two tiered type center portion as the Figure above.

Figure 6 - If V is for victory, what are two V's good for.

A lot beefier, and with background back to an even keel,  the following two tiered, albeit somewhat moldy looking image off the Internet shows a Positive pole Radionnic field pretty plain and simple. 

Figure 7 -

Brantford had a second showing, similar to Figure 6 on the 12th of May, 2016. This time it was almost literally looking right across the street from Figure 6, just down the street. The view this time is to the South West in the opposite direction to Figure 6. As before mentioned, that even as the directions seem to be fixed the poles aren't and tend to swap around. The only things that are fixed are the directions of view. The double V effect is unmistakable.

Figure 8 -

After a somewhat acquiescent spell in Brantford, on April 19, 2016 things suddenly started to open up again with a bang. A partner Positive pole field was observed late in the morning opposite Figure 18 in Starrgram 2, looking to the North East. Even though the two tier open V is closer to the bottom, still can't miss it.

Figure 9 -

The next three sequence Negative pole fields of Figures 19, 20 and 21 in Starrgram 2 were remarkable enough for their durability and stability. That wasn't the best part. A Positive pole partner stayed up for the whole same time with the same stability in the exact correct opposite direction. Nothing like this had ever been observed to happen before or since. Maybe in the future it might, given that things are fast on the rise.

The three Positive pole partners were taken in the same sequence from the same Branford plaza at the same three different times on the same day. The next three views below, taken from the same respective plazas, at the same times correlating with Figures 19, 20 and 21 of Starrgram 2 respectively, were taken as explained in Starrgram 2 because the fields stayed uncharacteristically in place for the whole day instead of vamoosing after just a few minutes or so.

Like with the Negative pole setting, an earlier field was too ill defined to be worth photographing. The first photo taken was likewise in the early afternoon. This one also has no obvious two tier V at the bottom,. no tulip effect in the center, and considerable ionnizations up the middle. It could easily be taken for a Negative pole Radionnic Field. Again heuristic technology is called in to establish its identity, as its Negative pole partner as already shown was also up bright and shiny at the same time.

You might also have noticed by now that these things seem to be a, heh heh magnet for Contrails. There's four in the Figure below. Not such a mystery though. Brantford is on the flight path from Cleveland to Toronto and also from Buffalo to Winnipeg. Planes are always sailing through whenever there is a Radionnic field afoot because they are always sailing through the area no matter what Radionnics are afoot or not. Speaking of nothing two tiered, the 'Nothing Nots'. A Philosophy Professor once concluded that, published it as a long winded tome in a Philosophical journal, and promptly saw his credibility fall to zero.

Figure 10 - Seems to be a lot of people shuffling off to Buffalo these days.

To show you the extremely unusual consistency of the field, implying that either a every wide band of water vapour was moving through or that it was stuck in place like the 'Perfect Storm', the yet second Positive pole view of the day was likewise taken in the early evening dusk.  Now there's finally a bit of a V at the bottom but still no tulip and still considerable ionnizations up the middle. Also, look at all the contrails around. These things really do seem to attract Contrails like flies. Nearly every Brantford photo from day one has at least one.

Figure 11 -

Not being satisfied with that, the yet third Negative pole photograph shown below was likewise taken two hours later at the same location just before dusk. Notice the same cell tower in the background and notice that the field had morphed substantially yet again. How long the field stayed put over night is anyone's guess. But it was gone in the morning, the sky was clear blue.

To mention the fact again, the purpose of showing you this run of three was that it was a once in a very long time chance to show you how, even though it is the same ship in the same place, the Radionnic cloud aspect changes, even drastically from one hour to the next. Even as the magnetic field itself for a certainty never changes except to become even more and more settled in place as time passes, the particular outlook at any given moment can change drastically. The ionnizable water vapors around have the most to do with it, since presumably the ships don't change gears while sitting in place.

Figure 12 -

To make the point even clearer, over a month later on May 28, 2016, 'a' or 'the' friendly Anchor Scout ship was still there. Because a month has passed the magnetic field had had time to settle in and really spread out into a classic Positive form. This was not from out of a back yard hurry as was Figure 6 above. The Radionnic cloud was sitting widely spread over the same right side of the plaza as Figure 10 above, which itself is not that small fry a plaza.

Those are all big box vendors in there. Notice the same orange Zehrs Super Market in the background of both. Only now there is definite a big V near the bottom and nothing in the middle or up the middle, and there's the two tier effect again. This is one photograph that really enjoys been blown up by the Cntrl mouse thing. Basically it is one of the better Cineramic views in the whole disclosure.

PhotoMerge went all out on this one when merging. Except for a few 'Back to the Future' type cars phasing in and out at the bottom right, PhotoMerge did itself proud on this one. The view as you see it below in all its glory, is almost exactly as it originally was in all its glory.

Figure 13 -

Then going full circle again, on September 18, 2016 the following late day Positive pole Anchor Ship field similar to Figures 9 above was photographed in Paris, Ontario looking to the South East exactly across the street from Figure 11 in Starrgram 2. It's nicely lit up from the bottom as it was caught late in the day just before sunset.

Figure 14 - If you want to go in circles, get a job driving bus.

Then back in Brantford again on May 11, 2016, during the drive through the Six Nations Indian Reserve just South East of Branford which produced Figure 32 in Starrgram 2, the very decidedly different looking Positive monopole image shown below, looking for all the world like a pair of M&M eyebrows, was photographed out the car side window looking to the North West. This, like Figure 4 above has two decidedly definite branches. Note also the Contrail across the middle of the picture.

As Chemtrails start out the same size as Contrails as already mentioned, yet again the absolutely nearly invisible scale of the Contrail to the very large obvious Radial lines puts to rest any residual uncertainty that Radionnic rays could be Chemtrails or Contrails and not Radionnic effects. Don't forget, this line is all but the exact same difference as the Chemtrail lines being sprayed in Starrgram 1, for both being fresh right out of the gate. Now look at the difference between the Contrail line and lines of ionnization below once again.

Figure 15 - Hey Bro, what are these little nat things that keep flitting by.

The next image below of a Positive pole field is included not because it is an outrageously good good example of what a Positive pole Radionnic filed looks like, but because a little bit of Cosmic irony took place on the day it was photographed. The image was photographed out back of the Best Western Motel in Brantford in the mid morning of June 27, 2016. At the same time, nearly two hundred people from all around the world were inside listening to talks about Ufo sightings and giving stories about abductions, in what was billed as the Alien Cosmic Conference which ran from June 25th to the 27th. Really serious stuff, stiff upper lips and all that  everywhere, ears straining to hear every word and everything Mankind thinks they know about Ufos being wafted across the conference room like an elixir.

The media was there, videos and interviews were being taken, million dollar smiles were flashing in the direction of every camera, reputations were being established or shot down, and equitable alliances were being made across every coffee table in the place. Somebody even stood up and dared the US government to disclose all the information they have about Ufos based on ten big thick confidential documents held in their possession, professing to contain all the information the Government supposedly ever knew. The Expo was a huge success, so huge that next year it is going to be held at one of the leading International Hotels by the Toronto airport. It now has wings of its own and still doesn't know anything about Radionnic Ships.

The whole show of course was about the tin pots, dealing exclusively with suspicious little blips in photographs and twinkling lights in the night sky. All described and presented in minute detail to an eager audience desperate wanting to believe. Even as they all continued to be completely in the dark about the vastly greater Reality going on right under their noses outside the back of the hotel, as this writer had not been refused an opportunity to speak for being considered far too below the level of seriousness the others were parroting off.

In fact, this whole disclosure started out as a simple little layout presentation of a few dozen photographs being presented on a table in the hallway. Best location in the house mind you, but outside the inner court. The disclosure is now a disclosure and not a simple little table presentation.

Figure 16 - What're you doing inside, all the action's outside.

To prove the durability of Brantford's favorite North West location yet again, the following remarkably strong Positive Radionnic field was photographed on June 30, 2016, looking in the same South East direction as the Negative pole field of Figure 19 of Starrgram 2 over two months earlier. If you look carefully, you can see the same Staples store right in the center bottom only very much farther back. The field had quickly become apparent during a twenty minute gestation period as the water vapors were quickly moving through. Twenty minute later it was completely gone again.

This particular field had been regularly present for over two months and had become very healthy off and on when the circumstances permit. As said before, being regularly present means that visible ionnizations of some degree or another are present most days, whereas prior visible Radionnics appeared only once in awhile. The grey cloud at the bottom is actually a low overcast summer cloud scooting by.

Figure 17 -

And on April 29, 2016, photographed by the friend of the cause in Kampala, a full Positive Radionnic field had formed just above the level of lower clouds, showing the same two sided lyre like effect almost perfectly. This is a ship that was close, in the sense that the camera was close to the apex at that end of the field.

Figure 18 - Maybe this is the lyre Helena used to play to the Gods on Mount Olympus.

On the other hand, a decidedly different looking Positive monopole image was taken on April 21, 2016 from the East end of Ottawa, Canada. The view was to the North East. It is empty at the bottom but has a really noisy flume right up the middle. Decimated ionnizations exist up the right hand side giving it away. And likewise again, a Negative pole partner shown as Figure 32 in Starrgram 2 completely out muscles it for Negative pole, as that one has a huge flume up the middle and the bottom is covered in cotton.

Figure 19 -

And a very pretty somewhat similar looking Negative Radionnic field from parts unknown was found on the Internet, likewise tilting to starboard. It's not the Rock of Gibraltar in there but sure the heck looks like it. The seeming white ball at the left is summer cloud.

Figure 20 -

It has been said a couple of times that both the Negative and Positive Radionnic clouds at the same time is very uncommon, being a combination of circumstances and timing. To manage to get good photographs of both sides of pair is a wee bit on the lucky side, Having said that yet again,, two really good pairs suddenly popped un in the Brantford area in the early winter of 2017. The first, the Positive polarity polar pair partner of Figure 40 of Starrgram 2 shown below was taken on February 17, 2017 from the same South Brantford location at the same time, but looking to the South East. This is another case where things can get confusing. If it wasn't for the very definite looking Negative pole partner in the opposite direction, this could easily have passed for a lame duck Negative polarity field.

Figure 21 -

Not so confusing on the other hand was the Positive pole partner of Figure 41 of Starrgram 2 shown below, taken at the same place in Ancaster at the same time. The view was to the South East. No water vapour degradation had started yet in this photo as the air was moving from the west to the east. Notice Wally the Cheshire cat hanging around at the top left corner checking things out.

Figure 22 -

On April 27, 2017 back out front of the original street address in Brantford where this modern round of photographs first started happening, a Positive pole Radionnic cloud appeared in the same North West direction as Figures 5 and 7 of Starrgram 2. The view this time was from across the street, from a position right in front of the plaza. Though not easy to recognize, a bit of the same convenience store is at the very right hand edge of the photo. This was also a very Brigadoonish type situation. In less than ten minutes the cloud was very faded over. Fifteen minutes later it was like it had never happened.

Figure 23 -

To quickly change the scene for a minute, not forgetting that these things are everywhere, the following Negative monopole image was taken by a friend of the cause in Uganda on May 11, 2014 just south of Kampala on the northwest shore of Lake Victoria, Uganda. The somewhat  resemblance to the above Figure can't be ignored.

Figure 24 -

Likewise not so confusing was the Positive pole partner to Figure 42 in Starrgram 2, taken at the same time and same place in Brantford, looking to the South East. Like the Figure 42, this one was also slide out from under the veil of obscurity by the gift of enhancement massaging. Don't know what was going on but it it almost looks like an air show going on up in the right top corner.

Figure 25 -

On the other hand, the following image below from Brantford again was actually a bit of fun. First off it is an optimum Positive Radionnic field, looking a lot like Figure 24 above only left to right.  Likewise, ordinary cloud cover is filling in the bottom. The photo was found by stupid blind luck on an Internet business website while surfing the web for a fixture Brantford flea market. By the quirkiest of happenstance, the Radionnic field had in fact been photographed by an unknown someone from the Flea Market in the unknown past. It had just recently changed hands and when I asked the new owners about it, they didn't have a clue. Then by the quirkiest of smirks, the stupid thing had been pulled from the website the very next day. Like lol, talk about a lucky catch.

By recognition of the area, the photo had been taken in the far East end of Brantford in the Cainsville area, looking due South West to downtown Brantford. The white chip wagon at the right is a world famous Brantford landmark. Not for their stuff but for the length of time they've been there.

Figure 26 - Would you like catsup with your ships.

It was also interesting watching PhotoMerge do its thing while putting together this disclosure. Cases occurred where five or six two and a half meg photograph files went into the system, and absolutely gimamungous end products came out the finished product end. One merged photograph came out at one and a half gigabytes in size.

A support team member from PhotoShop once commented that they had one that was over two gig in size. A two gigabyte size photograph could wall paper an entire gymnasium. Likewise, PhotoMerge sure did like that hard drive caching capability on most PCs. The PC computer used for this project had three hundred gigabytes of free hard drive capacity. All available for caching during processing. Thirty years ago that much hard drive space would have cost a couple of million dollars. In nineteen eighty three, a ten meg hard drive cost twenty five hundred. Nowadays, a trillion byte hard drive costs about dinner for eight at Wendy's.

But would you believe that PhotoMerge used all three hundred gigabyte bytes of cache doing some of its composites. All for a simple little photograph you can print out at 4 x 6 inches. PhotoMerge gets the job done but talk about using a bull dozer. Makes you appreciate why a hundred million trillion terabytes is barely enough to handle tomorrow's weather report, and chess.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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