The Heavenly Host is the vast fleet of fifth dimensional Radionnic ships sitting outside the orbit of Pluto. The fleet is under command of Christ Michael of Nebadon, who bestowed the Principles of Christ to you two thousand years ago during an incarnation known as Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

What you like to call 'Unidentified Flying Objects' are of two types. The first as discussed is the vast fleet oft fifth dimensional Radionnic ships. The second are a thousand or so fifth dimensional so called tin pots quarantined around Earth in the aftermath of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. The Van Allen radiation belt surrounding Earth contains higher frequency energy configurations which prevent the quarantined ships from mounting teleportonnic jumps.

When Christ Michael of Nebadon officially ended the Luciferian Rebellion by decree on the Mount two thousand years ago, the thousand or so tin pots around Earth at the time were quarantined in the Aftermath. The tin pots are the source of the normal Ufo sightings and abductions and other related incidents which make the Ufo topic so interesting for so many.

The tin pots are customized versions of Radionnic ships which were modified to serve the purposes of self rather than cause. They are responsible for most of your so called abductions and sic, channeling communications who hopelessly seek to find ways through your Human DNA structure to break out of the embargo.

The tin pots also often appear near Earth's surface, in this case appearing as grey metallic like disks and/or blobs. These are the Ufos your Militaries observe and pursue and also keep hidden from the general public at large. The Radionnic Ships are related to higher cause, the tin pots to lesser cause. The Radionnic Ships are from all over Creation, the tin pots are strictly from this Local Universe only. Creation at large is over nine hundred trillion light years across, the Local Universe is only a thousand Galaxies.

Therein is your difference. The Radionnic ships do not land on Earth's surface or the Moon, nor do they have bases. Only the tin pots have bases, therein also lies your difference.

The tin pots are quarantined in Earth's lower fifth dimension and are referred to as the Alien contamination. So called for being modified versions of Radionnic ships which allowed them to visit realms other than their own by imposition, rather than by harmonizing into their frequencies which is how the Radionnic ships work.

The ships were able to come and go to Earth at will until two thousand years ago when Christ put an official end to the Rebellion and placed the ships in Earth's lower fifth dimension under Galactic lockdown, still in effect.

Some of the ships had come to interfere in Earth's progress and take from Earth what they could such as the Annunaki and Alien Greys. Others such as the Pleiadians, and Lyrians had come well meaning, but being Luciferian were still out of the loop and their well meaning intentions and activities interfered with the true proceeding going in the background, and were and are not completely helpful.

As mentioned, these are the ships, particularly the lower frequency ones which are responsible for your tin pot sightings, abductions, and other Ufo paraphernalia going on all the time. They are also the source of many of your so called channeling events and other such contacts, which are occurring on a regular basis with many of you on the planet.

Who want to find out what is going on on the one hand, or want to pass information onto Humanity on the other which is well intended but two thousand years out of date. The more negative ones are completely cut off from source and have no where to go for Energy except that which they can draw up from the consciousnesses of those of you on the planet they have successful hooked up with.

Similarly not all seeming abductions which start in an asleep state are abductions. Waking up to find yourself in emergency care on a hospital bed covered in wires and tubes with complex gadgets at either side and shadowy figure standing around looks no different than suddenly finding yourself on a table covered in wires and tubes with complex gadgets on either side and shadowy figures standing around in a so called abduction.

Sometimes you are shown a pending dire emergency in advance as a prescience to help you deal with it better when it comes.

On the other hand most radionnic ship occurrences are in the form of the Radionnic clouds. As mentioned in the earlier Starrgrams, thousands of the Radionnic ships project into Earth's fifth dimension at any given time. Their presence creates a magnetic Radionnic field reflection in Earth's lower third dimensional atmosphere in the form of the distinctive radial effect in the Cirruscumulus and Altostratus cloud layers not unlike a hand fan, peacock tail, or spokes of a wheel which have been discussed in this disclosure. The phenomenon collectively is called 'Radionnics'.

The purpose for the presence of the Radionnic ships as discussed in Starrgram 1, is to help Earth and Humanity through the Cosmic changes now starting to unfold. The question is often raised that if the Radionnic fleet are here in such numbers, and if they are so benevolent, why are they not cleaning up the mess and letting Humanity continue to suffer the way they do.

The answer is vested in a Cosmic maxim which states, A Creator is responsible for their Creation as long as that Creation exists'. In short Man created the mess. Man has to clean it up.

The Radionnic ships ship are helping Man do just that behind the scenes and around the clock. They are helping in many ways. First, the fleet of millions of ship outside the orbit of Pluto is projecting a love filed of emerald green around the Earth so doesn't explode while the Stygian deep of negative Nplus static in the lower astral hell stated is being cleaned out.

Second, the powers that be in the higher dimensions, also called Reality can't see what is happening on the surface of the planet because they do not have the outer senses necessary to see in the third dimensional band of visible light. So the people on the planet are their eyes and ears. The outer world input of people who are high enough in consciousness will be moved up into their higher Soul Atom self sitting in their pituitary gland.

A ship will move in close enough for the Soul Atom to telepathically pass the information back up to those onboard. One of the reasons so many ships are coming in so close all the time. Through your collective eyes and ears, Reality has a pretty good grasp of what is going on on the surface of the planet at any given time, now escalating rapidly to keep abreast of the changes in Humanity starting to occur consequent of the ever escalating new Energies now starting to come in. Talk about the sic, 'The dimension of sight and sound'. Only this one is for real not for tv.

Similarly, proper communicating is a two way street. The ships are also constantly downloading new instructions into the millions and millions of those whose consciousness has expanded enough to bring them into the loop, by the same simple process of communicating it to someone's Soul Atom self telepathically, which then passes it down to their outer consciousness. Often it is a cue up which they respond to intuitively.

For example, 'go for coffee now'. At the coffee house they will bump into a stranger and have a brief conversation while waiting in line. The key piece of information will be passed quietly from the Soul Atom self of the one to the other. The new party will similarly pass it on to someone else. Though the network, the information will eventually be passed to the party in California for whom it was intended and for some reason wasn't able to be given to them directly. Or the information could be acted on directly by the original party if that was the intention.

It is an enormous network of communication happening behind the scenes. It is like the collective body of cell phone texts going on all around the world at any given time, only of a much higher frequency and purpose. The work of raising Humanity up to a higher level of consciousness is going on all the time completely unseen and unsuspected. Something pops into their head and away they go with it. Which is good. What's not so good is when it pops into their head and they don't go away with it. Which how most people today function.

The good news is that as Man's the consciousness expands so does their intuitive abilities and so does the amount of guidance the fleet is able to get through to Humanity on an ever increasing basis. Although your religions use the word 'Apocalypse' to mean devastation, in Greek it means 'Revelation'. The Apocalypse is upon you, What is being devastated are your old lesser ways and misunderstandings. By the end of the Age of Aquarius two thousand years from now you will be back in the fifth dimension where you belong.

As discussed in Starrgram 15 the ships will also appear from time to time guised as clouds. As also mentioned the smaller scout ships will also lower their frequency to the third dimensional band of visible light, appearing to a targeted observer as a bright silver M & M like disk. They will only be visible to the party who is supposed to see it. Somebody else standing even right beside will see nothing.

Figure 1 -

A couple of interesting side stories about the visible ships occurred in the early seventies. The first was in Vancouver British Columbia in January of nineteen seventy one. This writer and others were attending a lecture about the Cosmic Plan for Planet Earth being given in a second floor apartment along Kingsway Avenue.

A coffee break was called and two of the attendees plus this writer ended up on a small balcony off the kitchen at back. One was a young eighteen year old girl from Columbia, the other was a six foot nine incarnated Sasquatch. Sasquatches are the shyest and gentlest people on the planet. With her hand up over her head, the girl from Columbia was in the process of saying, 'Whenever I see a Ufo, I feel a tingling over my .....'

It was evening and the sky was covered with a heavy low overcast, looking like it was about to drizzle. As she was talking, this writer's attention was attracted to what looked like the reflection onto the clouds of a spot light pointing up into the sky from a gala occasion. Assuming it to be a Saber Jet which were common at the time, this writer immediately looked back about twenty feet to hear the jet sound which used to trail jets in those days before they went super fast and super high. But no sound.

In gasping breath this writer started stuttering in excitement, 'It's a, It's a flying....' But before this writer could finish, the kitchen door opened and the lecturer stuck his head out saying with a big grin, 'Did you see it, did you see the flying saucer', and went back in.

The second also happened in Vancouver, six months later in early June. By now this writer was living in a second floor apartment in an old house in downtown Vancouver towards Stanly Park on the harbor side. The house was squeezed in among large twenty and thirty story high rises. Looking up the street was like a canyon with only a thin strip of sky visible overhead between the high rises.

Around noon that day this writer had been in the apartment talking with a friend and a second friend was downstairs outside. All three had been at the lecture on Kingsway street six months before in January. Suddenly the street friend crashed breathlessly into the apartment shouting that there was a flying saucer sitting right overhead in the street. Sure enough, bare faced in the noon day sun was a bright silver M & M sitting smack dab in the middle of the clear blue canyon strip overhead.

About two seconds the friend from the apartment came tumbling out yelling 'Where is it, where is it'. At that exact split second the ship went  swit' out of sight behind the high rises to the left. Ergo, he wasn't supposed to see it. The third event, in Denver Colorado has already been discussed at the end of Starrgram 8.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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