Starrgram 20: SUMMATION

In case you skipped class and missed them, here are the fifteen slam dunk photographs that tell it all. The first is of a Local Runabout Father ship in Huntsville Ontario, putting on a show for a favorite son. Also shown as Figure 32 in Starrgram 6.

Figure 1 -

The second is a saucer shaped Father ship condensation also in Huntsville, in the process of letting you see start to see it. Also shown as Figure 19 in Starrgram 6.

Figure 2 -

The third is a saucer shaped Mother ship condensation in Brantford, also in the process of letting you see start to see it. Also shown as Figure 26 in Starrgram 5

Figure 3 -

The fourth is a Scout Ship saucer condensation sitting right in the middle right of the photograph shown below from Figure 22 in Starrgram 2.

Figure 4 -

The fifth is a third dimensional projected Mother ship blob from Brantford Ontario, sitting on a movie poster for Easy Rider, from an original photo posted as Figure 32 in Starrgram 2.

Figure 5 - Potato potato potato potato.

The sixth a Positive Scout ship fuzzball cloak sitting in very close in front of a Positive Radionnic field in Brantford, Ontario. Shown originally as Figure 3 in Starrgram 3.

Figure 6 -

The seventh is a Male half atom Cosmic Egg Guardian orb sitting right out back of someone's house in Whitney, Ontario. Also shown as Figure 8 in Starrgram 18.

Figure 7 -

The eight is a real time Positive Scout ship cloud cloak which popped in in less than a minute window above a house behind the trees in Brantford, Ont. Also shown as Figure 19 in Starrgram 15.

Figure 8 -

The ninth are four white Positive polarity Scout ship tennis balls on the move quite far away, plus a Saucer Shaped Mother Ship condensate sitting in the middle. Originally shown as Figure 11 in Starrgram 15.

Figure 9 -

The tenth from Figure 50 in Starrgram 16 has assorted gumballs and a Positive Scout ship fuzz ball sitting on a platform of precipitated condensates, with a local Mother ship Runabout similar to Figure 1 above sitting right underneath. Plus a collection of Type 4 type condensations at the right.

Figure 10 -

The eleventh is the new US space station Starr Gate on display in Figure 1 of Starrgram 18.

Figure 11 -

The twelfth is a nearly solid Father Ship condensate casting shadows in Figure 55 of  Starrgram 16.

Figure 12 -

The thirteenth is a Mobile Ship inter-dimensional travel portal between the third and the fourth dimensions. Also shown as Figure 18 in Starrgram 12.

Figure 13 -

The fourteenth is a Mother and Father Ship inter-dimensional travel portal between the third and the fourth dimensions. Also shown as Figure 25 in Starrgram 12.

Figure 14 -

The fifteenth is a Negative Polarity Scout ship field from Brantford Ontario which obviously isn't a Chemtrail.

Figure 15 -

The sixteenth is a Positive Polarity Scout ship field from Brantford Ontario which obviously isn't a Chemtrail.

Figure 16 -

The seventeenth is a Mobile Scout Ship condensate giving the International Space Station the eye.

Figure 17 -

And the eighteenth is a Sylph looking in on the scene from Kitchener Ontario, which obviously isn't a Radionnic Ship.

Figure 18 - My name is Sam, I am what I am.


This spirally thing is a mystery.

Figure 19 -

This one is an even bigger mystery.

Figure 20 -

This whole thing is a mystery.

Figure 21 -


It's pretty certain by now that it can be said that none of these are Chemtrails. So that you don't go running off down the garden path in unbridled enthusiasm however, here are a few Radionnic cloud looking clouds which aren't Radionnic.

Chemtrails -

Figure 22 - Yes, it can finally be said, them's Chemtrails.

Cloud Shadows in Antartica -

Figure 23 - And the temperature today is a balmy 60 below

Sun Shadows somewhere -

Figure 24 - Let's face it, the sun really is quite bright.

Jet Stream Ionnics -

Figure 25 - Busy, busy, busy, busy stuff.

On an even brighter side you can see a whole lot in the setting sun. In the Radionnic cloud business you sometimes see a lot more.

Mother ship -

Figure 26 -

Father Ship -

Figure 27 -

Anchor ship -

Figure 28 -

Cargo ship -

Figure 29 -

And if you are not paying attention you just might get tripped up by a Sylph.

Figure 30 -


Radionnic Ship -

Figure 31 - How the heck did I get up here

Alien Contamination Ship -

Figure 32 - I need water, where's a lake.

Man made Ship -

Figure 33 - Who's you're Daddy


Don't let Contrails let you think they're Chemtrails, specially around a busy airport.  Contrails can be very short or very long depending on the conditions.

Figure 34 - Almost no expansions eh.

In case some of you think these photographs were a free ride, or that they don't look sharp like Sports Illustrated, you need to know that most of these weren't like Sports Illustrated quality originals.

The reason is two fold. Most of the photos off the Internet were downloaded as very small images. In expanding them up to the size used in this Disclosure a lot of pixilation occurred making them seem out of focus and dingy. Tweaking them hard in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Movavi, and NCH enhancement programs did a pretty good job on most of them however as the two examples below show and you see throughout. The originals are on the left and enhancements on the right. Notice the fuzz ball in the enhancement in the second photo which is completely invisible in the original. Like a few other items in the collection, It was a nice unexpected find.

Two decent enhancements.

Figure 35 -

Some photos were both very small and very blurry. Tweaking them hard didn't do much, but at least enough to make them useful.

Two at least useful recoveries.

Figure 36 -

On the other hand, many of the photos taken around Brantford and Paris were taken under very hazy and poor photographic conditions. But in the Radionnics business you take what you can get because the Radionnic fields tend to not hang around long. Tweaking them hard again did a pretty decent job on most of them as you again see throughout. However, they literally turned some sows ears into silk purses. For fun, here are the two best and the two worst silk purse conversions. The originals on the left in all four examples are as they came off the camera. The enhancement result are on the right. Notice the Jerry Fusilli spiral in the second original at the left.

Two best silk purse conversions.

Figure 37 -

Two worst sow's ear recoveries.

Figure 38 -

This is as good as these two ever got. Hours and hours were spent to no avail. Fortunately, again, they are at least good enough to make their point.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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