To explain again, there are four main types of Radionnic ships. The different types of ships produce four distinctly different type of Radionnic Clouds. The different types have many possible variations, but per group each follows unique rules. The first two are from Negative polarity and Positive Polarity Scout Ship magnetic fields. The other two are from Mother Ships which have a Negative polarity and Father Ships which are Positive.

Scout Ships also appear in two principle versions, Anchor Scout Ships and Mobile Scout Ships. Anchor Scout Ships are responsible for the vertical Radionnic Clouds so far discussed. Mobile Scout Ships are free to move around in the fields the same as Mother and Father Ships. Anchor Ships are like harbor tug boats, which are very small but have very powerful engines. Anchor Scout Ships are very small but have enormously powerful magnetic fields. The Anchor Ships exist in Earth's atmosphere all over the planet all of the time, sitting bare faced in the noon day sun as the magnetic monopoles visible to the naked eye. From the third dimensional physical point of view, the formations always appear as a pair of monopoles not always obvious. The pair of monopoles are, as previously stated, from a Negative and Positive pair of Anchor Ships acting as the respective Negative and Positive poles of a magnetic field set up between them. The field is in principle no different than a bar magnet. The radial cloud lines of the fields show the magnetic lines of force running from one field apex to the other just like iron fillings around the bar magnet. Only high overhead spanning even up to hundreds of miles.

The whole polarized magnetic field provides a local magnetic environment in which Mobile Scout Ships and Mother and Father Ships can mosey around in and get whatever needs doing done. Nobody is ever here on a holiday. Whenever you see an Anchor Scout Ship pair, Mobile Scout ships and a Mother or Father Ship or two will be somewhere in the vicinity. The Anchor ship fields can be very small to very large, spanning hundreds of miles depending on the Particular Anchor Ships involved and the different types of Mother Ship or Father Ship in the field. The Mother Ships and Father Ships can be tucked in close to the Anchor Ships, or far afield like a family pooch off the leash.

Off world, Mother and Father Ships move about by teleportation. On world In Earth's fifth dimension, they move by magnetics. The magnetic field of the Mobile Ships plays against the north/south pole alignment of the Anchor Ship field, allowing them to travel quickly to anyplace they want.

The Radionnic Cloud effects of Anchor Ships are observable in the two distinct modes, the first being a Negative pole Anchor Ship monopole array, the second a Positive pole array. Once you get the idea, the two arrays are usually quite distinguishable. You were told at length why the Radionnic Ships are here in Starrgram 1, now it is time to find out what their myriad different cloud reflections look like. Understanding of course that these are only a few examples, and that in actually the variations are endless according to kind.

Anchor Ship Radionnic Clouds are always recognizable by radial lines meeting at an apex about ten to fifteen degrees off the horizon. Negative pole Anchor Ships are attractive in nature, while the Positive pole Ships are projective. The 'draw towards it' Negative polarity usually causes the available water vapour ionnizations to concentrate into more boisterous ionnizations and condensations. A Positive pole tends to create less ionnizations and condensation effects because of the 'push away' effect nature of their magnetic energy.

Consequently the Negative monopole Anchor Ship Radionnic clouds are usually but not always distinguished by a cotton ball like puff of water vapour attracted around the focal point of the radials, plus usually a generous white flume or flumes of ionnizations or condensations up the middle area as the example below clearly shows.

Figure 1 - This is water alright, but not from a fountain.

Positive monopoles are distinguished by less ionnization or condensations, seen as more whispery radial lines of emptier water vapour trails which are mostly at the sides. They are usually but not always empty up the middle, and usually but not always never have a white ball at the bottom. In other words the exact opposite, as the image below clearly shows.

Figure 2 - Bet you thought I'd be upside down.

The cloud lines are called radial because they emanate outward from the apex focal point like the spokes of a wheel. The basic rule is, if you see a big flume up the middle and/or a big wad of while cotton at the apex, you are likely looking at a Negative pole Radionnic Cloud. The other basic rule is that whenever you see a Negative monopole Radionnic cloud anywhere, the ship's Positive pole partner will also always be present also, no exceptions, sitting seen or unseen exactly one hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction. You basically have a bar magnet effect going on, but in the fifth dimension with the fields connected by whatever stuff the ethers are made of instead of through the jiggery pokery molecules of third dimensional metal.

The reason the word 'usually' was used to apply to the two above rules is because all bets are off about what you might actually see at any time in actual detail sitting over your head. Like people, no two Radionnic clouds ever look exactly alike. Some in fact some can be quite the head scratcher trying to figuring out its gender. On the whole however, two or more can look very similar in their general aspects according to the rules, but will always be decidedly different according to their nitty gritty details. In Radionnics there are only a few principles but many many practices. 

Radionnic cloud occurrences have been going on around on the Planet since before Biblical times. They took a big up tic in the mid fifties, then a really really big up tic in recent times. Particularly since May of two thousand and sixteen. Most of the photographs herein have come from the known hand of someone holding a camera including this writer. Plus off the Internet, mostly by Google and Bing Internet searches for 'sky', 'clouds', and 'chemtrails' conducted by this writer.

A few others have come from assorted media sources such as movies, News broadcasts, and TV shows, also discovered by this writer. In the ones from the Internet the pictures are often quite small in their original form to save space on the host servers. When blown up to fit these pages same have tended to turn smudgy and out of focus despite the best efforts of Paint Shop Pro,  PhotoShop, Movavi Photo Editor, and NCH Photo enhancer.

Similarly, in all cases when the date and location are known they will be given, that's half the fun.. Since dates and locations are not given with the Internet search photographs, the dates and locations are not be given unless otherwise available. If you see video controls across the bottom of a photo you will know it came from YouTube. The good news for everyone is that the Internet photos prove unequivocally that the Radionnic phenomenon is world wide, because they could be from anywhere on the planet from at any given time. Even from years ago. Why not. A photo taken today takes no more effort to post than one taken in the eighteen hundreds. One of the photos in this disclosure is even from a research station in Antarctica and another off a Paradise Island somewhere in the Pacific.

Most of the photographs in this disclosure are not crisp, were it only otherwise. The originals were taken on a cell phone. Some were good. Others because of overcast, haze, poor lighting and other not good Kodak moment conditions are way past rough. However a combination of Adobe Photoshop,  Corel Paint Shop Pro, Movavi Photo Editor, and NCH Photo enhancer saved the day in most cases, and most are at least leather purses out of a sow's ear if not exactly silk. The photograph below is a good example. It was the first bonafide photograph ever taken by this writer for being known in fact to be a Radionnic cloud array. It was taken by disposable camera in Ottawa, Ontario in the spring of nineteen ninety four.

The photo captures a Negative Radionnic monopole cloud reflection looking towards the North West. It was converted into a .Jpg file long ago, badly meddled with many times since through inexperience, and has come out looking rat chewed. The original photograph has been long lost. As rough as the Figure below looks however, it has managed to keep itself at least in one piece enough to see it for what it is.

As you can see the bottom is filled with a cotton ball effect, it has a large flume of ionnized cloud running up sort of the middle, and has a feathery lines of ionnizations. This is a typical Negative Anchor ship array fulfilling all of the signature requirements. To remind you again, you are looking at the Ship's fifth dimensional magnetic field reflected in the ionnized cloud vapors in the third dimension below, and not the actual ship itself. The field just tells you for a certainty that somebody in something is up there. There cannot be a monopole Radionnic Cloud without as Radionnic Ship in attendance because Earth's third dimensional physics doesn't allow it. The Radionnic Anchor ship is sitting unseen in the fifth dimension where the radial lines meet at the focal point.

Figure 3 - I can assure you, I am not a Chemtrail.

Likewise, the following image is of a similar Negative monopole cloud effect, taken by this writer in the summer of nineteen ninety four. Again taken in Ottawa, again taken by disposable camera, again taped together by scotch tape, again converted into a .Jpg, again messed up by earlier poor Photo enhancing ability, and again looking to the North West. Again, large flumes rise up the center area. Again it has peacock feather radial lines. Again the bottom has a cotton ball effect. Both of these photographs are classic Negative Monopole Radionnic Anchor Ship cloud arrays.

Figure 4 - I can definitely assure you, neither am I.

For the next twenty years this writer took no photographs. Not for lack of material, but because the mood for disclosure was suspended and there was no compelling reason to continue taking photographs. Then In early February 2013, this writer moved to Brantford, Ontario just west of Hamilton, just north of Lake Erie. After leaving thirty thirty two years of Ottawa behind, with consistent Radionnic activity in the sky all the time over the years, absolutely nothing appeared in Brantford's skies for nearly fifteen and a half months. Not even a noteworthy measly streak of ionnization, except from time to time when the jet stream meandered through.

Suddenly out of the blue, on May 14, 2014 a perfect Radionnic beauty showed up sitting out this writer's back door looking to the North East. Unfortunately, for no other laudable reason except  brain deadness, no photo was taken. Then on June 20, 2014 another Negative Radionnic Cloud appeared out back and the photograph below was taken by cell phone. With no feathers, no stand out cotton ball at the bottom, and the bottom radials behind  cover this probably has to be the lamest looking Negative monopole Radionnic field in the history of Radionnics.

Fortunately, it had the one thing ordinary clouds do not. Namely, a Positive pole partner sitting clearly visible at the same time one hundred and ninety degrees in the opposite direction to the South West. The partner field was a lot more obvious. So no getting around it, this had to be the Negative pole side sitting over here because duhh, the Positive pole side was sitting over there. Dates whenever available are from the original time stamps embedded in the photos.

Figure 5 - Nothing like a bit of fuzzy logic for keeping things nicely on track.

From this point on, this disclosure project was definitely back on track, and like the original early days  in Ottawa this writer was imbued with motivation to watch the skies for clouds on a regular basis and keep a photographic record. Under the new enthusiasm, another photograph was taken on July 5, 2014. This time from the front door of the same house, this time looking to the North West. As the below Figure shows, the field was just getting going. The cotton ball effect and flume up the middle however are both obvious. 'Just getting going' means either that the ship had just settled in and the outgoing radial line had not yet had a chance to stretch out, or the proper kind of water vapour needed to reflect the whole magnetic field was just starting to move in.

In this case, the fact that the ionnizations are uniform across the whole formation suggests that the ship had just settled in and the field was just starting to spread out. If it had been from vapour moving though, usually the side of the field where the moisture is moving in will be alive with stuff. The other side where it hasn't got to yet will have nothing. The reverse is when dry moister air is moving in. The incoming side will be blank and the other side still busy. One or another of the photos in this disclosure show one or another of these two effects.

Figure 6 - I just got here. Give me a minute to set up my stuff.

Sometimes a Radionnic field will last for hours. On the whole though, due to the come and go nature of ionnizable water vapour, like Brigadoon, Radionnics fields tend to be very will-o-the-wispish. A beauty can be up overhead now and twenty minutes later all but vanished after the water vapour has finished moving through. Sometimes they can be in and back out again in just a few minutes.

To give you an idea of how the 'Now you see it now you don't' nature of Radionnics works in general, one week later on July 11, 2014 a fully formed Negative Radionnic field popped up at the exact same same location as Figure 6 above. Whether it was the same ship or a new one only the fleet Commander knows. Notice the same traffic lights and convenience store. Also, you should know that twenty minutes before there may have been nothing, twenty minute later it could have that empty feeling that a bus stop just after the bus has passed and you missed it.

Figure 7 - OMG, is that you?.

After another couple of months, on September 6, 2014 this writer captured the following rather worse for the wear looking Negative monopole reflection out back of the same street address but looking to the South West in the opposite direction as Figure 5. These poles really like to hop around. Also notice how different this is from the magnetic reflections of the Figures above. It even has one of those scary fire guy things from Forbidden Planet trying to eat a cloud.

Also, the ratty look wasn't from the magnetics. The dummy at the helm, i.e. this writer, had set the cell camera to video by mistake. Had tried to take a number of snapshots and of course got nothing but very dark looking browned out photographic junk. After gritted teeth and a lot of swearing type words while mucking around with Photoshop etc., the result below finally came out. Pretty marginal to say the least but at least you get to see the point, i.e. it's a Negative monopole Radionnic Cloud.

Figure 8 - Welcome to the dimension of mind over matter and matter over mind, where the past and future become as one and the present becomes as forever. Welcome to the Trilight Zone.

Then on September 29, 2014, another Negative pole Radionnic view appeared again at the exact same Brantford location looking in the exact same South West direction as Figure 8, only looking a bit more like Figure 7.

Figure 9 - Nothing like a bit more peace and quiet to steady the nerves.

The writer's address turned out to be a busy place for Radionnics, not forgetting there could have been lots going on but not noticed at the time. Nonetheless, on December 20, 2014, another Negative pole reflection was observed yet again out back, yet again looking to the South West. Notice the same pine tree. Notice also that it is a now more of a general look alike to Figure 5. The bit or a rectangle thing near the left top, is an edit patch that could have been pulled off better.

Figure 10 -

Speaking of cotton balls, the following image below has to impress. The photo was taken on March 6, 2015 in Paris, Ontario fifteen kilometers North West of Brantford. The View is to the North East looking back over the Paris street address from the driveway out front. The cotton ball at the bottom and ionnizations up the middle shows it without doubt to be a Negative monopole reflection. 

This was another Donald Duck episode, taken with the cell phone set to video by mistake so it likewise has a somewhat worse for wear look about it, Fortunately though, this one was a pretty good recovery thanks to the power of electrons. 

Figure 11 - Are bailing a ball of cotton and balling a bail of cotton the same?

Then for reasons way to long and way too irrelevant to explain, a few days later this writer wound up back in Ottawa for a few days. Lo and behold, Radionnic Ships were still hanging around. The following Negative Radionnic cloud photograph was taken on March 10, 2015 up the Gatineau river just across from downtown Ottawa.

The view was looking to the North West. This was also a tough one to get out in decent viewable form. Mr. dumb cluck had again set the cell camera to video by mistake, and again the original side by sides were all over the map. Some people are slow to learn.

Figure 12 - Glad to see you finally made it back to town, I was beginning to wonder where you'd gone.

And then along came musical chairs again. After appearing in the North East as per Figure 11 above, on April 12, 2015, a decidedly Negative pole field suddenly appeared in Paris swung all the way around to the South West. Which represents a complete pole reversal of one hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction. It was taken basically as though looking straight across the street from Figure 11. 

This time it was a very well flushed-out bonafide Prima Donna Negative pole beauty. It says it all. For the record, the bottom combobulations are not remnants left over from a disaster running along the bottom. They are the handiwork of Adobe PhotoShop 'PhotoMerge', and 'Photomerge' alone. Most of the photos not off the Internet were by a series of side by side stills, and compiled by  PhotoMerge into a single panoramic picture. If some of the stills don't match up completely top to bottom or side by side, PhotoMerge will fill in the blank areas with whatever it decides should be in there based on the rest of the photos. Sometimes the results can be rather, um, inventive as the bottom of the Figure shows.

In other words, the stuff at the bottom is not from an Earthquake or Tsunami, they aren't anything except imaginariums from the Parneseus of Dr. PhotoMergium. You had to have seen the Movie 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' to get that one. At any rate, check out the normal houses at the right and left to see the point. Any time you see funny stuff along the bottom like that, blame the PhotoMergium and not the 'Fates of Life' factors.

Figure 13 - What a Movie. What was that Movie title again?

Likewise again, in Paris on July 3, 2015 the Negative monopole re-appeared, looking again to the South West. This time it was taken a few blocks up the street at Paris's token plaza. Notice, at least eleven completely different looking Negative Pole Radionnic Clouds in these first 14 Figures.

Figure 14 - Hey, I can set up anywhere I want, within reason.

Paris in fact tuned out to be quite the happening spot for Radionnics during the few months this writer had residence there. In fact it still is. The really decent Negative pole Radionnic field was photographed on October 15, 2016 just on the West side of Paris about a mile out of town. The view is looking straight to the North West. Unfortunately, lack of prevalent water vapour prevented any view of the Positive pole field in the opposite direction.

Figure 15 - Aah, the sweet smell of country air, just wait 'til the wind blows in from the barn.

At any rate, back in Paris at the original address, on July 26, 2015 another excellent Negative pole Radionnic view occurred, again looking to the North West. Again notice the imaginarium of Photpmergium along the bottom. The good news is that PhotoMerge produced an excellently correct sky. looking just like it did in its real life state, regardless of how much it looks dog chewed the bottom. In fact, PhotoMerge usually does very well with the skies, not surprising as that is where the center of attention is when taking the photos.

Rest assured that what you see sky wise in nearly all of the non Internet photos done in this disclosure are pretty accurate to the original view, no matter what PhotoMerge tries to palm off as the rest of the landscape. A perfect case in point is the Figure below. The sky is great, the foreground however looks like it could be from some kind of psychedelic stimulant.

Figure 16 - It's my PhotoMerge meds I tell you, the meds.

A few months later, three to be exact, this writer had moved back to Brantford to a new street address just down the street from the old street address. And took the following very decided looking Negative monopole photograph on October 22, 2015. As the Figure below shows, this one sported the best flume ever up the middle. As was the case for Figure 13 above, the view looked to the South West.

Figure 17 - Vesuvius took one look and blanched.

Because patches of ionnizable water vapour usually don't stick around for long while moving at a steady leisurely pace from West to East. it is highly unlikely to see both Radionnic Anchor Ship pairs. Usually, if you watch the passing areas of ionnized water vapour for a while, you will see a pocket of moisture vapour creating good visibility at one pole, move slowly along and suddenly start giving good visibility of the other pole in the opposite direction even as the original has started fading out.

This is the trick to Radionnics. If you see a Radionnic field, look in the opposite direction for its partner. If nothing is up wait a bit and check again. If you are lucky you will see both at the same time. Usually what happens is that the one is already starting to fade out even as the other is starting to come in.

Similarly, a radial array may be perfectly visible in the morning, then not again for a couple of hours or even days through lack of proper ionized cloud moisture. Then be suddenly visible again still in the same location. Similarly, nothing might be observed for a month or so as the ship has departed. Then suddenly the same field will start up again after it returns or another in its place. Radionnic cloud effects are very inconsistent in nature and vary widely in practice. What is consistent is that the radial lines are always composed of feathery peacock tail and ionnized cloud like effects that meet at an apex in Principle, and usually always in the same favored location.

Many months along, after seeming to be on a loosely hanging 'Here today and gone tomorrow' basis in Brantford since mid May of 2014, starting on April 19 of 2016 things firmed up, and Radionnic clouds suddenly started coming out of the woodwork as an up tick in the unfolding of Earth's Cosmic events. Presumably world wide too, visible or not depending solely on the available water vapour present and who was hanging around outside at the time to see it.

The difference was that before, Radionnic ionnizations of any amount were only visible from time to time in Brantford. After April 19, 2016 some form of Radionnic presence has been visible nearly all the time with only occasional blank gaps. Basically a complete other way around. Even if only a few wisps, something has pretty well been up at any given time. A consequently very regular appearing Negative field was first observed in Brantford about eleven AM in the morning of April 19, looking to the South West. The focal point was quite high so the Anchor Ship was fairly close in. Who knows how long it had already been up. It was around eleven when it was first noticed by this writer.

Figure 18 -

At the same time as Figure 18 was up looking to the South West, a second field was up looking to the South East. At the time it was very poorly formed. About two hours later from Brantford's North East plaza not far away, it had formed right up. As you can see from the photo below, the two do not look even remotely alike even though both are Negative Polarity monopoles. And yes, that's exactly how the sky looked.

To remind you, water vapour, wind, and the mores have everything to do with what you might see at any given time. The main flume is off to the side in this one and the bottom cotton ball is not overwhelming, suggesting it could be a Positive pole. However, in this case, just like Figure 5 above the Positive partner was also visible and way more Positive. So Negative it is by default. That's called deduction by first principles, better known as 'If you say so'.

Also, these magnetic fields sure know how to dish it out. The corkscrew up the middle is in fact a Contrail caught in its grip. Also please note, more often than not Branford's skies tend to be slightly muggish and hazy from warm air from the Gulf. Some of the Brantford photograph's therefore tend to have a slightly brackish look to the sky instead of clear blue.

Likewise, some of the cloud arrays in this disclosure were stupendous wall to wall events. In order to get as much of it in as possible. Side by side snapshots were taken from a same foot on the ground location, turning like a Lazy Susan when going from side to side. Like the front end of an oscillating fan which does an arc as it sweeps from side to side, the camera does an effective identical sweeping curve going from side to side. When PhotoMerging the side by side stills later, the bundled in curve gets pushed out by reverse osmosis to the front. Hence the space time curvatures in the foreground of some of the photos like the one below. It all depends on the number of snapshots taken.

A lot of shots equals a lot of frontal curvature. Only a few means only a little. In the case of the following below, only a little. The cloud arrays and the background always get off Scott free. 

Figure 19 - Man, remind me never to fly through there again.

Likewise, in order to show that consistency is sometimes the name of the game in this game, a yet second view of Figure 19, now very unusually long stable field, was taken from Brantford's main North West shopping plaza in the late afternoon. Still looking to the South East. About the only thing different is the center flume has straightened up and the corkscrew Contrail going up the middle has dissipated.

Figure 20 - Yep, still me.

Finally, to prove the extreme unusualness of the the situation, both in how long the field had endured and in how fast the tables can turn and a completely new morph appear, a yet third shot of the same view was taken from Brantford's main far North West plaza again, this time in the early evening. Notice the Galaxy movie theater in both. By now a whole pile more of just the right kind of ionnizable cloud vapour had moved in and the field went completely bonkers. Looking yet completely anew yet again, yet still completely right on the money for fields of Negative polarity ilk.

By now you should be getting the idea of how no two views are usually ever the same in practice even as they are still all always completely alike in principle. For every principle there are infinite practices  It's all just a matter of which end of the equation you're looking at. In this case, these represent a practices according to a Principle.

Figure 21 - Practice makes perfect. I practice a lot.

Thus far, Brantford, Ottawa, and Paris viewings have been coming out your ears. It is important to re-note that these are not the only ones that ever occurred in these places. These are only the ones happened to be noticed by this writer when happening to be out and running about. No doubt countless other good opportunities went by unnoticed because of overcast sky, not out of the house and of course night. Also to point out, these were not the only times this writer was out of the house. They're there, you're not out. You're out, nothing's there. Then bingo, you're out and there's a big one.

Similarly, Brantford, Paris and Ottawa are not the only places where Radionnic radiations like these are, and/or have been, and/or ever will be present. As earlier stated, Radionnic Ships are all over the place all of the time. To prove the point, the following decidedly looking Negative monopole image was taken in downtown Kampala, Uganda on the 9th of April, 2016 by a friend of the cause. Showing what was described at the time by a friend of the friend as branches in the clouds. Actually not a bad impromptu when you think about it.

Figure 22 - So I look like tree branches, what's your point.

Our friend who was hip to the trip also sent along the following very similar looking Negative monopole photographed on December 5, 2015. This time it was again about thirty five miles from Kampala near Lake Victoria. Look at the corkscrew flume up the middle. These guys really seem to like screwing with it. .Actually go back and look at Figures 6 and 19 again. If those aren't screwy nothing is.

What is all this screwy stuff going on with these Radionnics anyway. Blame it on magnetics. Scientists have been looking a magnetically induced atomic particle spirals in Cyclotrons for years just to tell them what kind of bit they're looking at. All that is needed now is for someone to crack the code and tell who's in an Anchor ship just by looking at the kind of spiral it makes.

Figure 23 - I'm from the deep south. My Second Cousin's name is Fare Tornado.

Like a small story exists with Figures 19 - 21, an interesting small story also exists here. The next figure below was taken nearly one and a half years later, half way around the world in Paris, Ontario on April 19, 2017. Yet look at how remarkably similar it looks. It even has the beginning of a twist near the bottom.  The photo was taken at precisely five fourteen by the time stamp on the cell phone camera, looking in a South West direction.

Figure 24 -

The fun part of the story is that at exactly one minute later, at five fifteen and completely unsuspected by either party involved, the exact same Radionnic Cloud was photographed exactly twenty kilometers to the East at Brantford's south end, likewise looking to the South West. Between the two you can see the difference in closeness from the observer. The Figure below is smaller than the one above in overall aspect for being farther away, even as a much wider area was able to be taken of the field. Which gives a lot of insight into how these clouds work in general.

Figure 25 -

The opposite Positive polarity pole at this point had not yet started to form. Which takes it to the final part of the story. Fifty five minutes later, from the same local as Figures 9 and 10 in Brantford where the initial Negative polarity Radionnic fields facing the South West were taken nearly two years before, the same field was photographed for the third time, (notice the same pine tree). Notice also the sun has also moved over almost to the apex, providing a time stamp au natural.

Unlike the first few times, as wide as possible view of the field was taken. Also by this time, the first appearance of low overcast sky pushing in had built up the body of the Radionnic Cloud substantially. The Radionnic Cloud in the Positive pole direction still had not appeared though the first vestiges of the arms had started to appear and the sky was still clear and. In eager anticipation the hand at the helm returned to the scene twenty minutes later expecting to get the first Positive pole photograph facing the North East from that location ever. But nope, the overcast had got it first. Nothing but dull grey in both directions. Such is the world of Radionnics, you get what you can and forget about the ones you missed.

Figure 26 -

It also turns out that the particular formation in Figure 16 above wasn't owned by Paris. A somewhat similar Negative Radionnic field was photographed on the Shore of Lake Victoria by the Kampala friend of the cause on January 11, 2013 nearly a month and a half earlier than Figure 16 and half way around the World. 

Figure 27 - They say that flattery is the better part of copying.

The Uganda friend also sent the following photograph, also taken in Kampala on June 2, 1015. Some interesting things are definitely going on there.  Now maybe you know where the ancients my have gotten some of their original pictograph ideas about space men.

Figure 28 - My name is Hal, where the heck am I.

It took him over a year, but in the late afternoon on November 18, 2016 Hal finally made it to Brantford looking a bit worse for wear to hook up with his gal pal Maggs. He'd gotten lost trying to take a short cut through Jupiter. and wound up with a Minion on one arm and a pet Wojohoitz just above the other.

Figure 29 - Remind me not to use that Jupiter route again, really really strange things go on through there.

As said, the reason there are so many photos from the Ottawa, Brantford, Paris, and Uganda areas is not occult. These are merely areas where people who are aware of the significance going on also have a camera, and also had the time and motivation to take a photo. To make the point clear, the following Negative pole image was taken in Vancouver, British Columbia in June 21, 2011 by another friend of the cause.

No one would have reason to think that good old Vancouver didn't have Radionnic Mojo too and here's the proof. The view is looking North West out over Georgia Straight, straight out from Vancouver's harbor on Burrard Inlet. The cumulus clouds at the right give light to the perspective. This was a very big Radionnic field.

The funny thing is that Vancouver and Georgia Straight is where this writer had his very first encounter with Radionnic Fields. A small group had convened for an afternoon outing down at Second Beach on the south side of downtown Vancouver, looking out over English Bay to Vancouver Island across Georgia Straight. The Patriarch of the group was Ufo savvy, and had told everyone that if we looked sharp we just might see a Ufo or two. This writer had noticed, without it ever clueing in at the time that the sky from one end on Georgia Straight to the other was like broken glass. Radial lines were criss-crossing everywhere in all directions.

Who could guess how many ships were actually there. At any rate, since everyone including this writer was looking for hard wired saucers from pre-conceived belief, nobody saw anything and nothing was ever said. It wasn't until the mid nineties, when this writer was brought into the loop about Radionnic clouds that it became obvious that the sky that day in Vancouver had been crawling with Radionnic Ships.

Figure 30 - Vancouver Harbor today, tomorrow Venezuela.

Oceans are fine but don't leave out the skiers. An avid skiing friend of the cause took the following photograph of a Negative pole Radionnic field looking down on the late season action at Mont Tremblant in the Province of Quebec on the 17th of April, 2015.

Figure 31 - Meet you back at the ship at 5.

The widely disparate differences in the Radionnic fields shown so far are not because of tricks of the camera, but by tricks of the occasion. First, the Radionnic Ships themselves come in all sizes and a;; flavors. Second, the different types of prevalent ionnizable water vapour present reflecting the magnetic fields at the particular given time change by the minute. If no ionnizable water vapour is present, nothing is visible.

If a lot of ionnizable water vapour is present you might or might not see a boomer. It is not a computable set. What you might see also depends to a degree on the local specifications of Earth's magnetic field. And as everyone knows that's starting to change. So who knows, maybe in a couple of years these things will start coming in upside down.

By now you may have also noticed that while nothing is format, everything is the same, meaning that while most examples looks completely different than any other, they are all comprised of the same ionnized radionnic cloud type vapors trails, all having one or more radial arm concentrations up the center area even if faint, all have a ball of condensation at the focal point even if miniscule, and the focal points of all of them are about ten to fifteen degrees above the horizon even if hard to see. Hence for example, Figures 13 and 14 above are the same in Principle but completely different in practice.

The consistency prevails no matter where the local, as the following Negative monopole image taken on April 21, 2016 from the East end of Ottawa shows, also shown as Figure 1 above. The photograph was taken by another friend of the cause at about four PM in the afternoon. The view was to the South West. This looks like about as much like a Chemtrail as 911 looked like a plane crash.

Figure 32 - If this is a Chemtrail then 911 was by accident.

It is proven that Ottawa was still cooking in 2017. The Figure below was taken on January 15, 2017 by the same hand on the camera as Figure 32 above, The view this time was from the West end looking to the North East.

Figure 33 - Yep, still here, no reason to split.

As previously explained, Radionnic clouds form when the fifth dimensional magnetic fields of a Radionnic ship causes the local atmospheric water vapour to ionnize and align along the magnetic lines. As the figure below shows, Earth's magnetic field causes incoming particles from the Sun to ionnize and align along the magnetic lines as displays of Aurora Borealis.

It doesn't take an IQ of eighty million to appreciate that the effects are similar. You can almost believe like the Norse once did, that the Valkyries are out on a ride, particularly when accompanied by their rushing singing whispers which adds to their majestic mystique.

Figure 34 - Hiissszzzzsssszzzzzzlsssswwwwhhhhiiiissstlleessshooooossss

Then back in Brantford on May 11, 2016, while driving through the Six Nations Indian Reserve just South East of Branford, the very decidedly different looking Negative monopole image below was photographed out the tinted front windshield of the car by another Brantford friend of the. The greenish tint in the windshield converted into a bluish a tint in the photo after processing, but everything came through loud and clear anyway. The view was to the South West.

Figure 35 - I have many talents.

Partial views and full views of Negative monopole fields in the South West direction of Figures 17 and 18 were observed on and off, until the following, much closer in full view became visible in the early afternoon of June 5, 2016. The Figure below was taken in Brantford's main South end Plaza just a bit North of the reserve.

Figure 36 -

As this particular above example shows, sometimes the Radionnic field will be very full up the middle like Figure 17, or emptier up the middle like Figure 19. Or sometimes the cotton ball at the bottom will be large like Figures 3 and 11, and sometimes very small like Figure 8 or even not at all like Figure 16. Sometimes the image will be very thin like Figure 27 and sometimes huge like Figure 30. If Figure 30 were any bigger, Firemen would be needed to take it to the bathroom.

Sometimes the spray of ionnizations will be limited like Figure 22, and sometimes substantial like Figure 13. What is seen all depends as previously mentioned on the type of ship involved, the type of water vapour presence involved, the type of consciousness in the area, and of course the specific time someone sees it as the view changes inexorably minute by minute as the water vapors move on though and beyond. Radionnics, namely the art of being on the lookout to see who's around is one of the World's most conditional enterprises. But once you get it you never doubt it. The first time you see a Radionnic field for yourself without having to be poked in the ribs is like Christmas time played all over again in stereo.

For example, even though it is a variant without peacock feathers to the side, it is hard to doubt the credentials of the following Negative Radionnic field in the making taken on  May 30, 2016, in Toronto, Ontario. No extended radials yet. The view is looking to the North East. A half hour later it could have been all over the map or completely gone, even as the ship itself might have been there for days and/or might continue to sit for days more.

Figure 37 - Looks good, how's the rent?

Then bringing it back to the Branford area yet again, on September 26, 2016 the somewhat feint Negative pole Radionnic field was photographed looking North West on the same plaza as Figure 36 above. It often happens that very definite Radionnic fields are present, but due to the prevailing water vapour present at that moment and/or haze, not very bold. In this case add in considerable Gulf of Mexico haze.

Figure 38 -

Likewise, the following, considerably pushed apart Negative polarity Radionnic field was similarly photographed in the early evening in Brantford on November 1, 2016. It is included herein not so much because of its radiant symmetry of which there is little, but because it will be referred to in a later Starrgram to make a specific point. Notice again the Galaxy Theater at the bottom middle left. The South East view is one of Brantford's busiest directions.

Figure 39 - All of me, why not take all of me.

Mostly because of overcast sky and poor weather conditions, very little in the way of useful Radionnic activities were sighted in the Branford area after the above. Then in mid February of 2017 all that changed abruptly when the following captivating Figure of a Negative pole field was captured on February 17, 2917 at the South end of Brantford looking towards the North West.

Figure 40 -

Then similarly, on the 5th of March, 2017 in Ancaster, Ontario just West of Hamilton, a similar Negative pole Anchor Ship field was noticed just as the sun was beginning to set. Unfortunately it hadn't been noticed earlier in the day as dry air had already started moving in and the bottom was gone. By  twenty more minutes everything was all but gone. The view was to the North West. There is no h\getting around it, luck plays a big part in what you get unless you have a job on highway construction or are a farmer.

Figure 41 -

Two weeks later on the 18th of March, 2017 another Negative polarity Anchor Ship field showed up in the afternoon in Branford. A bit of processing power came with this one. The sky was fairly heavily overcast grey, and only a feint shadow behind the cloud cover indicated a Radionnic field was up and running. Somehow the LG cell phone camera managed to filter out much of the overcast, because the original photo from the cell phone already showed the fact of a pretty good Radionnic field in behind. A few passes through the enhancement artillery removed the rest and the picture ended up beautifully as you see below. Nothing like electron loyalty when you need it. This one is looking to the North West.

Figure 42 -

As the assorted above Figures all show, many different kind of Radionnic fields show the very same kind of Radionnic effect. And this doesn't even account yet for the Positive pole ones. Also, don't forget as stated a few times already that the winds and water vapour present every hour play a huge factor in what you see.

Similarly, the preponderance of photographs from the Brantford and Paris areas may create the appearance that Brantford and Paris is the main stay for Radionnic Ships. The fact is that there are many hubs like these appearing all over the place in countless areas around the world, both rural and urban. Which are just as busy and maybe even busier. The only difference is that nobody in these other areas are aware of the existence of Radionnics yet, let alone taking photographs.

You can also take it to the bank that these photographs above are not the only occurrences in the areas where they were taken. No doubt hundreds and maybe more good opportunities have come and gone without nobody in the know being outside to see them, or having a camera in their pocket. The Radionnic Fleet goes about their business whether anyone is sware of them or not, as the consciousness of Man is their business and not becoming famous like Minnie Minnossa. 

The difference is that a lot of you are currently worried that aliens are coming to take all your stuff. The last thing in the world the Radionnic Ships care about is your stuff. Their main concern at the moment is your state of mind and the state of the Planet. And your state of mind and the state of the Planet right now leaves a lot to be desired. This is now changing even as you read this disclosure, and in part because you are reading it.

As your consciousness moves up higher and higher in greater and greater inter-dimensional understanding and acceptance, so does the well being of the Planet as a whole. And that will continue until you are back in full inter-dimensional cognizance of how things work in Reality and are back in the fifth dimension from where you fell by misadventure three and a half million years ago. This is not a maybe, this is in fact what's going on and mostly why the Ships are here, and there is no going back. They are your benefactors and you are their beneficiary. They are not here to clean up your garbage they are here to help you clean it up for yourselves. That is the fact and that is your part to play.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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