In just about every field of serious endeavor except Physics and Math, there are Woo Woos. Radionnics is no exception. It's in the numbers. Lots of Radionnic things are going on out there on any given day, and as oft times mentioned the sky's the limit. Like the following image off the Internet that's just a wee bit more than a little bit out there, also shown as Figure 4 in Starrgram 15. It starts routinely enough as a visible sixth octave fourth dimensional Mother ship condensate projecting a Radionnic field somewhat similar to the Mother ship version in Figures 5 and 6 of Starrgram 5, then takes off into the Outer Limits.

Being more substantive for being of a Negative polarity though, both the condensated ship and radiated Radionnic field are substantive. For being in the fourth dimension however, the Radionnic field stay more local. Then of course is the Starrgate immediately to the upper left of the Mother Ship. Literally, to the left of the ship is something out of a box of Tinker Toys.

Actually it an assortment of gum balls plus a couple of nice saucer condensations from Starrgram 16, all knitted together by link lines of some kind into a Starrgate. As outlined in Starrgram 12, Dimensional Portals are are for moving between dimensions in a given local.  Starrgates portals are for long distance travel from one place to another.

This might also be the machine used in the set of the movie 'Contact' from 1997 to send the heroine off into the wild blue for 1/25th of a second. Mufon definitely needs to look at this one.

Figure 1 - Quick, call Toys'R'us we're running out of pieces.

Likewise, the following image also off the Internet, also shown as Figure 26 in Starrgram 10 and Figure 19 in Starrgram 13 likewise shows a Trump Tower Starr Gate in the latter stages of construction or deconstruction in the upper right. Tinker Toy sales must really be booming up there. Maybe it's a phone home gadget like the one in the movie ET The Extra-Terrestial. circa, 1982.

Whatever else, it makes the Kennedy Space Center look last year. And again, two of a thing makes one of a thing also last year. Maybe it's getting ready to jump the Horseman back outside Pluto. Mufon must be reeling because these don't compute and they really don't like things that don't compute.

Figure 2 -

Yet a third image off the Internet below shows another Starr Gate, this time by a Leggo set sitting at the lower left of the image. Unfortunately the original image was too small to allow for any more expansion without it all going bye bye. At least you can make out enough to make out quite a neat little collection of non-cloud stuff sitting just to the left of the Mother Field radials. Also shown as Figure 9 in Starrgram 7. Also notice the same looking like a McDonald's arch in Figure 30 of Starrgram 16.

Figure 3 -

Likewise, Figure 23 from Starrgram 12 isn't done just yet. The Tchacotian like writing on the left of the telephone pole is another Starr Gate. The only thing left unaccounted for is the helicopter to the right of the telephone pole.

Figure 4 -

When they bring in the heavy welder it's heavy duty machinery time, figuratively speaking heh heh. The blowup below from Figure 5 in Starrgram 6 has everything, including gumballs, blips, condensates, and even what looks like elements from Figure 46 in Starrgram 16. You'd almost think this was Nasa putting together their first big jump ship to Antares.

Figure 5 -

Every collection of events large and small needs a 'Beats all' to finish it off with a flurish. Radionnic Pilot Ships are no exception. The figure below from the Internet is of a Pilot Scout Ship in a Fall hole. Now doesn't that beat all. These things aren't whimps. One look at its wake effect on the cloud bank it's in tells you that. (Fig. 6).

Figure 6 -

Like the irony in Figure 16 of Starrgram 3, where hundreds of UFO aficionados from around the world sat inside in rapt attention listening to wannabe lectures about Tin Pots and abductions, while out the patio door at back sat a Radionnic Cloud in full display, the Following UFO website logo from off Internet is probably the ultimate of ironies in any Universe.  As it plainly states, the Home Page banner of the website 'UFO Sightings Daily' features a background photograph containing many UFO'ish type objects, intending to suggest they are the website with the real goods. Little do they suspect that they actually are.

As the figure below plainly shows, particularly at the bottom left of the first S, Radionnic condensates and gumballs sit all over the place. The condensate by the even has a shadow. The big round object under the I is actually a very large white gumball with a large dark gumball sitting in front at its top right. Like said at the very beginning, it helps to know what you're looking for. There is also a mini Radionnic field around a dark Negative Pole gumball near the upper left. There is even a Sylph on sail at the bottom right, showing some really interesting shadow effects looking like a 3d cousin of Figure 5 above.

Figure 7 -

Likewise, the following Internet Figure, featuring the same 'Hidden Hills' digs as Figure 11 in Starrgram 14, and presumably photographed all on the same day for the same mammoth publicity yaddas, breaks all the rules.

The original photo displayed a Negative polarity Scout ship field. The one below, taken either sometime before or sometime later now has a Father Ship field slanting up over the roof at the right. There's your small horizontal V at the upper left.

Figure 8 - What are you staring at I'm just a house. Pretty big mind you but still just a house.

But that's not the interesting part. Its the tree in front of the house that you're going to want to pay attention to. From a distance things look normal enough, tree in front, clouds in back, what's to wonder about. The close up below however, shows that some of the clouds in back are actually like very small fuzz balls in front. In fact they are nestled in the branches of the tree. How the heck did that happen. There are at least three small tennis ball size white orbs in the trees above the roof. Now look at the orb in the tree which the triangle line at the left side of the tree is hooking up to.

A careful look at the blow up below shows that the tree is in fact full of fourth dimensional Cosmic Eggs, which you call Guardian orbs or Spirit orbs. Cosmic Eggs a composed of pure Substance/ Energy and contain a Soul Atom from Radionnic ships that has entered the third dimension for temporary purposes outside of the confines of a Radionnic Ship and without materializing a Substance outer body around themselves as in a normal incarnation. The Cosmic Egg provides a protective outer body equivalent and housing, allowing the Beings to move around freely in the third dimension without harm or limitation.

Because the Eggs are of pure Substance/Energy, and the Soul Atom inside is a pure spark of pure diamond white light, they are seen as bright orbs of light. In the Figure below, how a definite line of condensation from the Egg in front of the branches, managed to make a sixty degree triangular turn to the Egg in back is a question left for the pundits.

Figure 9 - Now that's more like it.

The work of the Soul Atoms in the Cosmic Egg Guardian Orbs, is to protect those who are incarnated. and of a worthy enough higher frequency in consciousness to warrant protection from attack or subjugation by negative Energies or other dark forces attempting to do them disharmony. The orb in the photograph below, taken in Whitney, Ontario on November 11, 2013, appeared every night from eleven PM and remained until seven AM in the morning without fail, from February 2013 to February 2015, when the Party involved moved out of the area. When someone is a target, they are more susceptible to the imposition when sleeping. The red and pink smudges showing in the trees are clumps of the negative static the org was protecting her against by attracting it to itself.

Figure 10 - Now you see me, soon you won't.

In July of 2016 she spent a couple of weeks in Kitchener, Ontario and the orbs reappeared. Again from early evening until early morning with Venus sporting a haze halo just starting to show. Again the orbs protected her by attracting the negative static to itself. Again showing as red and pink smudges when photographed.

Figure 11 -

Depending on the Soul Atom involved, some of the orbs can also be quite large and quite glaring.

Figure 12 -

The above three Cosmic Egg examples involved Male Soul Atom halves. The image below, blown up from the bottom right of Figure 8 in Starrgram 16, is of a Negative polarity Cosmic Egg carrying a Female half Atom, which was accompanying the car to protect someone inside unbeknownst. The small white dot in the middle is from the Soul Atom itself, which is always diamond white regardless of Polarity, therefore completely un-see-able in a Positive polarity Egg which is also white.

Similarly Soul Atoms are an inner aspect and therefore usually completely un-see-able to the outer senses, The below is therefore a very singular and privileged photograph, namely to show a Soul Atom though your outer senses due to outer world circumstances . Remembering too that in actuality the Soul Atom is a tiny fifth dimensional diamond white point of pure light.

Figure 13 - Yes Martha, everyone in Creation has a Soul.

The next image from the Internet makes an average conundrum look pale by comparison.  It is obviously Radionnic in some way, but it is the only item in the whole Disclosure that doesn't have a specific identity. You have to think it's a Father ship Radionnic field event of some kind because of the frillies all around the 'it thing' in the center. Plus other Radionnic signs in the area. After that who knows what to think.

If it's a desperate attempt by a camera putting out lens flares to protect itself from too bright a Sun, good job. If it's from PhotoShop, likewise good job. Maybe it's just a Father ship showing off. Whatever else is involved, you kinda have to like the kinda spice it adds to the 'kinda mystery' injected into the 'kinda like unilateral' 'kinda like manner' of this 'kinda like official presentation' in a kinda like interesting way. Like in 'kinda like anything can belong here'. Actually, it kinda looks like a kinda thumb over a kinda hole in something.

Figure 14 - Donno!

Except for color and a little less drama, the following Figure, also off the Internet almost looks like a replay.

Figure 15 -

Forget about impossible tree decorations or transported sky grubs for strange, how about a piece of Fusilli spaghetti sitting right up in the middle of nowhere. For starters the piece of Fusilli at the middle left of the Figure below, also appearing as Figure 26 in Starrgram 6 and Figure 1 in Starrgram 12, is not a product of PhotoMerge or an Italian Pasta plant. It is in the original still shot taken in August of 2014.

What also is not courtesy of Photomerge is the lovely little little Sylph like thing at the center right, and also the little saucer like thing just above the little Sylph like thing. And don't forget the small blob at the top of the cloud at the left and assorted gumballs and blips around the edge. Otherwise a pretty ordinary picture. The piece of spaghetti however is the real mystery.

It doesn't fit any of the profiles of the other awesome spirally items presented in Starrgram 12. Nor is there any way nature could have produced it unless it was by the same nature the Government relied upon for explaining the collapse of Building seven on 9/11 when nothing hit it.

Figure 16 - We got the idea from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The following Internet image is even more mysterious for 'Doesn't compute'. At least the Figure above is surrounded by Radionnics. But where are the Radionnics in the Figure below. Do you see any Radionnics. The spiral is the Radionnics. But of what. No doubt about it, Radionnics is a subject with with more twists and turns than a Starr Wars movie. Like what is it. Like, what on Earth or off Earth could twist it so perfectly. Maybe the Medical Caduceus symbol was inspired by something like this.

Figure 17 - Forget the X-Files, the Rad-Files are even better.

The one next is the one you've all been waiting for. Included not because it is a bonafide example of what it is supposed to be, but because it is at least a perfect example of what it is purporting to be.

The hand of Man sometimes gets into the picture, then lo and behold a full size photo of a full size silver ship magically falls out onto the table. Either the photographer of the Figure from Google Earth had been shown one, and had been authorized to photograph it for posterity. Or they did a remarkably good job of cooking one up from memory because the Figure below is spot on.

What it's doing hanging half way up a mountain side is any body's guess. Why would somebody fake a ship against a mountain side when they could just as easily have faked it over the White House. The argument that it is a real photograph even has support. Look again at Figure 55 in Starrgram 16. If you look hard enough you will just make out a circle in the top of the ship as it faces you. Look again at the top of the ship below. Lo, the same kind of circle at about the right proportion. It's hard to gainsay this stuff because the hand on the left had nothing to do with the hand on the right. So maybe. The difference between a confirmation and coincidence is quick in the making. Nuff said.  Also it looks like a green and yellow University of Oregon's Men's Rugby team jersey sitting under the ship.

Figure 17 - Heel, heel, Oagie, Oagie, Oagie!

As mentioned above, Mobile ship projections into the third dimension, being the dimension of manifestation are almost corporal. If you threw a stone, it would still go through. As earlier mentioned, sometimes for assorted reasons the frequency of vibration of a Radionnic ship will be lowered to Earth's third dimensional band of visibility. Usually observed as the famous silver disk.

A semi corporally configured Mobile ship with two on board was in close investigating the Atomic bomb tests the US Government were conducting in the Nevada desert, when a blast occurred. The ship was investigating as the tests were giving Reality concerns. Such had never before occurred within the annuls of Creation. The ship was in too close and the two parties on board were in eminent danger of having their Akasic record stripped by the blast.

In an emergency situation they were incarnated almost immediately within the Human population of Earth. One was incarnated as an Aquarian in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada. The other incarnated also as an Aquarian in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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