The rule with ?Radionnic Ships is very simple, The higher up they are in the octaves of the fourth dimension, plus the fifth the more Radionnic lines you see and the less Ship condensations. The higher up in the levels of the fourth dimensional octaves, the more ephemeris seeming the condensations. The lower the level, the more solid the seeming. In the third dimension itself, they seem completely solid but you could still fly though it in a Cessna.

Like the optimistic party who set up a 'Rapture' Facebook Group titled 'In case of Rapture there will be no more status updates', it's true that if you actually see a fully condensated Radionnic Ship in the third dimension there is no more mystery. As has been shown so far, in the higher dimensions without an understanding there is always a mystery.

Radionnic Clouds and condensations are the key. Once a Radionnic Anchor ship has settled into a location, it stays put for awhile. Mobile Radionnic Ships, and Mother and Father Ships on the other hand move around all over the place inside the magnetic umbrella set up by a pair of Anchor Ships. On the other hand, all you need to do is pinch yourself to know that the third dimension is the dimension of corporal manifestation. If you are going to see a Mobile Scout Ship first hand, this is where you're going to see it. 

There are numerous types of Anchor and Mobile Scout ships, accounting for the numerous types of Radionnic fields in Starrgram 2 and 3, weather conditions not withstanding. The most common type of Mobile Scout Ship, accounting for most of the sightings are the ever popular ever famous ever so called silver flying saucers of yore. The silver ships are Positive pole and as the following Figure from the Internet shows some are actually more pill shaped.

Most of the silver ship sightings are because you are ready to be shown the reality of the Radionnic Ships because you believe in your heart that they actually exist. A Mobile Scout Ship can lower it's frequency of visibility to the third dimensional band of visible light. You will likely see the ship as a beautiful molybdenum silver M&M. It will be for your eyes only, the people around you will see nothing. It would seem solid but a bird would fly right though it.

Figure 1 -

Negative pole Mobile Scout ships in the third dimension, being denser consist of large dark blobs, and are much more likely to be observed as they are much more difficult to hide outright. Figure 35 in Starrgram 2 held more than just a few white dot surprises. As shown below, a very condensated dark blob was also sitting just above the trees.

Figure 2 - Rats, I thought you wouldn't notice.

An all but identical dark blob, sitting right out in the open was also found on the Internet as seen below.

Figure 3 - Caught again. I'm going to have to change my frequency.

On the other hand Mobile Scout Ships in the lower levels of the third octave of the fourth dimension  are not a solid seeming, comprising pure small spheres like gumballs. The following image off the Internet is of a Positive pole Spherical Mobile Ship. Gumball spheres have a very small number of people on board.  Liken gumball ships to small scooters in a big city, running around everywhere doing deliveries and other similar chores.

Figure 4 - I was used in the nineteen seventy eight world series. I got hit out of the park and everybody thought I was a Ufo.

Though hard to see in the figure below taken from the Internet, a Type 4 type pure Positive pole gumball sits causing a commotiion at the center left of the image below. As you can see, though not large it still has quite the dynamic effect on the clouds around it.

Figure 5 - Billiards was never our thing.

The Negative polarity version of a pure gumball is dark with a light spot. More often than not, the respective spots aren't visible because of the angle seen. As the scenic picture below, also found on the Internet clearly shows, opposite is opposite. Notice that the light spot is away from the sun. Notice also there is a mauvish fourth octave sphere along the lines of Figure 17 in Starrgram 15 sitting behind the telephone line at the upper right.

Figure 6 - Shooting pool maybe, but not billiards.

Figure 7 - Now we're hummin.

The number of different types of Mobile Scout Ships in the third octave of the fourth dimension are many and varied. At the lowest level as described above are the small Spherical Ships euphemistically called gum balls. In the middle levels of the third octave, things change and the gumballs acquire a precipitation of dense condensation around them.  The result is gumballs surrounded by a seeming donut. The gumball is the habitat. The Positive polarity Mobile Scout Ship shown below off the Internet taken in Kelsey Bay on Vancouver Island BC, Canada in 1981 shows a light colored gumball nestled in a dark colored donut.

Figure 7 - Now we're hummin.

As expected Negative pole condensated Mobile Ships have a darker gumball as the following Figure from the Internet shows. Likewise, the thickness of the donut for any precipitated condensation ship can vary. A variant below is a thicker and narrower donut around the center ball as the Figure also shows.

Figure 8 -

The blow up below is a clear case where a really big blow up plus lots of crafty enhancements can really make the day. Close scrutiny shows that the big brown gumball looking object near the top center in the figure below turns out to be a Type Figure 7 type precipitation and casting a very hefty dark shadow beneath it looking itself like a ball. Similarly, a Positive pole version of a Type 8 type precipitation with a white gumball sits just to the upper right of it, in the very center top area of the image.

Figure 9 - My proof is your proof, and we are all together.

An upper level of the third octave variant of Figures 7 and 8 sees a much larger gumball on a much more diffuse donut. The following Figure below is a close up condensate of the variation also found on the Internet. The Figure unfortunately started from a very small original pixel size photo so did not enlarge to screen size too happily. Nonetheless, enough preserved to give you an idea of what it is about.

As you can see, rather than being inside a solid donut, it seems to be surrounded by a ring of stuff. Makes you think of 'Ring World'. Whatever it is, it is a dark ball on light ring so it's definitely a Negative polarity Mobile Scout Ship variation.

Figure 10 -

Although scanty looking, the following Type 10 type Mobile Scout Ship is in a blowup of Figure 13 in Starrgram 5, sitting straight up above the water tower in the middle of Figure 13 which is sitting in front of a Mother Ship Radionnic field in the photograph.

Figure 11 -

Also in the upper levels of the third dimensional octave, the precipitation give way to a more typical moisture condensation. The Negative polarity Mobile Scout Ship from off the Internet below shows a very distinct dark gumball globe projecting a very distinct flat foot condensation like a short surf board. Distinct foot condensations are a common trait of this level of Mobile Ship projection.

Figure 12 - When you push me I disappear.

As many of you probably suspect, there is a lot more floating around the Space Station than simple space junk. As shown in the next figure below, NASA cameras on the International Space Station (ISS) captured a well defined UFO image sitting just outside  A news story about it appeared in the UK newspaper 'Express.co.uk' on November 6, 2015. Take particular note of the original object inside the circle. Take a good look again,. It's a Figure 12 type condensation free and clear. You can't make this stuff up.

Figure 13 - Hey everyone, the Pizza guy's here.

Then by one of the most perfect timings on the planet, just as this Disclosure was beibng wrapped up to show the world, the following photograph from the Space Station popped up in the September 8, 2017 edition of the UK The Sun newspaper, featuring a clear and distinct Negative pole Type 12 type condensation, a clear and distinct Positive pole partner, and a not so clear and distinct Positive pole Type 12 type buddy along for the ride. You had to know that they knew they were going to be photographed. It's fun to think, and maybe even true to think that they did it deliberately to give this Disclosure a major clout with the Main Stream Media where it needs it the most. Convincing fervent UFO-ologists that the Radionnic Ships are real is one thing, convincing fervent scientific skeptics is quite another.

Figure 14 -

A blow up of Figure 14 makes the day. Talk about a welcoming committee.

Figure 15 -

These types of Mobile Ships in particular like to travel in fleets. Notice in the figure below that those are not little fruit flies all over the place. They are Type 12 type condensates like the ones above. The irony is that you like to call the little fruit flies hovering aimlessly around your kitchen disposal, little flying saucers. Here you have big flying Saucers trying to look like little fruit flies.

Figure 16 - Call the Holistic Healer, I've got spots in front of my eyes.

Type 12 type condensates all over the place seems to be common. The following Figure from the Internet is presumably from a completely different time at a completely different place than Figure 14 above. Not as prolific this time there are nonetheless three obvious Type 12 condensates at the lower right plus two more at the center left. Blips are saucers like Figure 1 above but seen on edge. A nice blip sits just right of center, plus other condensates and gumballs sit scattered here and there all over.

Figure 17 -

In the very blown up and enhanced image from Figure 29 in Starrgram 6, shown below is another instance that turns out to be packed with surprises which would never have been otherwise noticed without the blow up The field is filled with a plethora of different condensated and gumball types, particularly the clutch in the center area which is extremely had to see in the original, including a variant of Figure 12 featuring a very large gumball on a very small foot.. There is also a very definite Type 10 gumball condensate sitting at the upper right, and a dark Type 8 type condensate nestled in the top of the cloud at the middle right. Three more condensates sit just to the left of it plus one to the right You see how it goes in any of these figures, just look around. 

The only one not hard to see in the original Figure in Starrgram 6 is the condensate sitting right in the upper left of the original Similarly some condensate stuff sits clearly visible all along the top of the upper left cloud  of the original. In fact you can eyeball over most of the original and find something somewhere. Talk about the fleet being in. For the record, A large gumball version like the one below in the center sits right in the middle of the center left of Figure 14 above.

Figure 18 -

Another variant of upper third octave Mobile Ships has a barrel shaped habitat instead of gumball. The Figure below from the Internet in fact has two barrels. Barrels are the largest of the Mobile Scout Ships.

Similarly, Figure 21 above was also only the tip of the iceberg. As the full Figure below, shown 'as is' off the Internet shows, it has it all, gumballs, blips, at least three blob condensations,  and even has a reddish haze condensate like the mauve patch in Figure 3 above sitting to the lower left of center.

Also notice the wake trails from the barrel Ships, which seem like rocks in a stream as the cloud cover moves left to right across the screen. Even though these things are small, are in the upper third octaves, and are vapourous rather than solid, they still carry a considerable quasi corporality when combined with their magnetics. The large brown hunk at the center top is an unknown Mother or Father Ship variant, which is very substantive as no clouds get by it.

Figure 19 -

Figure 13 above was not the only time the Space station coughed up a good one. A video published on Youtube.com on March 19, 2017 showed a huge back disk slowly passing under the space station. What the commentator failed to notice or to comment on, was the bunch of interesting sunlit stuff trailing in its wake. Look familiar anyone. There is a Negative Pole version of the beer keg looking type of Mobile Ship of Figure 17 above sitting right in the lower middle of the picture. Also notice a very blurry Positive pole version of a Type 8 type condensation sitting in the upper left middle. The Space Arm looking Space Arm is part of the Space Station. A mauvish colored Figure 17 in Starrgram 15 type fourth octave sphere sits in the crook of the orage whatever it is towards the top left. The original video is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eEOX44m6o4.

Figure 20 - Bob's your Uncle and so's the other guy.

Then up into the lower levels of the fourth octave, things get even more condensate and look even more nebulous yet again. As explained in Starrgram 15, the next frequencies up from the third dimension are the fourth dimension. As also earlier explained, the fourth dimension has seven octaves factored into seven levels each for a total of forty nine higher and higher frequencies. As shown a little in Starrgram 15, Radionnic Ships can also project into the different levels of different octaves. The first two octave are called the Lower Astral Hell States, and do not have Radionnic Ships projecting into them.

The discussions above were of Mobile Scout Ships projecting into the assorted levels of the third octave, having a sort of solid looking corporality, with the lower the level the more solid the look. When they project into the higher levels of the third octave they loose some of their hard core corporality. They look much the same but appear more vaporous. Throw a paper airplane and it would go right through.

The rule is simple. If you look at just about any photo of an Anchor Ship field, you are likely to find one or more gumballs, and/or blips, and/or condensates. Figure 5 in Starrgram 2, the first Radionnic photo ever taken in Brantford likewise has a very hard to see Type 10 type condensate sitting in the middle just right of the cloud. How hard you ask, the original Starrgam 2 photograph had been looked at off and on many many times since June of 2014. It wasn't until December 18, 2016 that the Mobile Scout Ship condensate was actually noticed for the first time.

Two things about it. One, it wasn't in any way expected in there so was never noticed. No doubt about it, you see what you want to see once you want to see it. Second, Radionnics is definitely a path of discovery. This form is also often seen, and is often used as a model in sophisticated Si Fi movies such as 'Plan B from Planet X'.

Figure 21 -

A much better similar higher level third octave condensated Mobile Scout Ship is seen sitting pretty as a picture right in the middle of a blow up of Figure 22 of Starrgram 2 shown below. How many times have these things graced the cover of a Sci Fi magazine over the years. This time it has an arrow pointing straight at it like a Neon light so you can't miss it. A quick check comparison shows it to be also a Type 10 type condensate with the dark ball sitting high on the disk.

Figure 22 - Did you see it, did you see the flying saucer!

It turns out that the Radionnic field of Figure 11 of Starrgram 3 had changed into the completely different looking Radionnic field of Figure 12 in Starrgram 3 in only a few short hours, because a new comer had come onto the scene.

As the Figure below shows, a similar condensated higher level third octave Mobile Scout Ship had showed up sitting pretty right in the middle of Figure 12. It may look a little bit conditionary, but it certainly isn't imaginary. The point to remember is that it had been nowhere to be seen at all just a few scant hours earlier. These things really putt around.

To make a point completely clear again, these Mobile ones on the move all the time are not the mammoth magnetic tow boat like Anchor Ships holding up the Radionnic fields which the Mobile ones are putting around in. Likewise, a quick check comparison shows the ship below to be a Type 12 type condensate but with a Positive polarity gumball instead. As these examples all serve to show, all polarity variations of gumball on foot are possible, as are respective size of gumball and respective thickness of foot.

Figure 23 - No doubt about it, the game is afoot.

Just as the Anchor Scout Ships and Mother and Father Ships always project together in Positive and Negative pairs in the preservation of Cosmic Parity, Mobile Scout Ships also always project together in pairs. As it is more common for a number of Mobile Scout ships to project together in a cluster, it is usually very hard to figure out which who goes with which whom. In a blowup below of Figure 9 of Starrgram 2 taken in Brantford, on September 20, 2014 however, the matter is made easy. The ghost like outlines of a pair of Type 10 condensates can be easily seen at the middle right. The light Positive pole Ship is the upper of the two, the darker Negative pole Ship the lower.

Figure 24 - Do you see them, do you see them, do you see the flying gumballs and feet?

The Internet itself also obliged and produced a higher third octave Type 10 type condensate too, sitting front and center in the middle left of the following Figure below, also shown as Figure 11 in Starrgram 8. Notice that while not fully materialized, these lower octave ships are still substantive enough to have a direct effect on the Mother Ship Radionnic field Radiations moving upwards from below. There are a couple of other condensates also present in the view, look around.

Figure 25 -

Also from the Internet, the Figure below also has a perfect example of a Type 10 type condensation riding high on wings of its own right in the lower center. A closer look shows it is accompanied by a couple of Negative polarity Type 12 type condensates sitting around, plus assorted gumballs.

Figure 26 - I tried going it with Pegasus but all he wanted to do was stop and munch.

Another Figure from the Internet below, is again of a Type 10 type condensate with a dark ball sitting high in the donut. It sits just to the right of the CC logo.

Figure 27 -

Figure 35 in Starrgram 2 also displayed the somewhat hazy Type 12 type condensation shown below. It is likely up close because it is one of the first things you notice in the picture.

Figure 28 - What are you looking down there for, I'm up here.

The middle levels of the fourth octave harbors yet another very distinctive Mobile Scout Ship. Namely, one which looks like a miniature cigar or a cigarillo. The foot condensation gives way to a diffuse patch of condensation rather than a skate board like plate.

As the blow up below shows, a Cigarillo Ship is sticking out of a white foot patch near the center top of Figure 12 of Starrgram 12. These things are pretty substantive. In the blow up below take a look at the sun shadow right under it, like a flag pole. Who can guess what this was all about.

Figure 29 -

The following Figure below is a similar blow up but from Figure 8 in Starrgram 2, one of the very first Radionnic pictures taken in Brantford. A quick look at the Figure shows a Cigarillo Ship at the center left. Also again notice the shadow cast underneath the ship. Again notice the large diffuse foot, like a skate board. This is where Marvel Comics got their idea for the Silver Surfer.

The blowup is a very small aspect of the overall original picture which itself was a very small aspect of the overall Radionnic field when you consider that most of the field was completely off camera.

Figure 30 - It's a skate board, dummy. Don't you know a skate board when you see one.

A very interesting variation looks like a banana from Figure 17 in Starrgram 7. The figure is like a parking garage for Radionnic Ships. As originally explained in Figure 17 the horizontal lines are the Radionnic field  lines of two Mother Ships sitting side by side. The Banana Ships in this case are Positive pole, with light Bananas on a dark foot board. At least two bananas are in the cloud at the right, and at least one is in the cloud at the upper left. Also not to mention some more in the clouds along the bottom center. Also, not to mention the blip at the upper left side, and the Type 12 type gumball condensate sitting right in the middle of one of the horizontal tubes in the middle.

Also, not to mention a slew of light and dark gumballs condensates in the cloud at the upper right. Also not to mention Grumpy at the bottom center, distaining the whole idea. Quite the busy field. Like said, these things can coming out of your ears.

Figure 31 - Grumpy doesn't look a whole lot Happy down there near the middle bottom.

Another variation yet again looks like the arm of a Railway Semaphore. The following Nagative pole Semaphore was taken off the Internet.

Figure 32 - I'll take the left track, you take the right, and Joe you can take the middle.

Whatever else can be said, as the Figure below implies Mobile Scout Ships Ships sure know how to keep the polarity rules intact like everybody else, Positive is light, Negative is dark you all know that by now. The previous four Figures above were all Negative pole Mobile Ships comprising a dark condensation body on a light condensated foot.

The image below, which came off the Internet exactly as is, is of a Positive pole Semaphore, comprising a light condensation body on a dark condensated foot. Consistency of the rules is one of the more endearing aspects of Radionnics. 'Holy mackerel ackeral, what the heck's going on now', is another.

Figure 33 - It's finally out, this is where rain comes from.

A check of the blowup below of Figure 17 in Starrgram 3, shows the exact same kind of Positive pole Mobile Ship Semaphore arm sticking out of the cloud near the dark spotch at the upper top left corner. It even has a little bit of the same kind of brown at its base. Don't forget that the photo in the Figure 17 was taken by this word smither in Brantford on June 30th of 2016, whereas Figure 31 above could have come from anywhere at any time. The chances that the two colluded to present the same type of Semaphore Ship and foot is zero. 'Two of something proves the something', it can't be said enough times.

Figure 34 - If two proofs make a something, what is the sound of one proof happening.

It should also be mentioned at this point that the number of different types of Ships so far presented are only the tip of the iceberg regards the total number. As mentioned earlier, the Radionnic Fleet is from all over Creation and each ship from a specific area will be different from the at from another. The bottom line of Creation is the fifth Dimension. So the more alert among you might now be asking how can ships which are from places which have never known about a third and fourth dimension before, be working so well in the third and fourth dimensions of Earth. Simple answer, they have been custom built for the purposes of Armageddon, which is to clean up the remnant lesser conditions in the lower frequencies of the twenty five hundred planets which were affected by the Luciferian Rebellion.

More, counter intuitively, one given ship doesn't work in an upper fourth dimensional octave today and decide to work in a lower third dimensional octave tomorrow. Rather, most ships are designed to work within the particular frequencies of a particular octave and level, doing a particular job, which is why there are so many specific different types.

And finally you get a chance to see an Anchor Scout Ship first hand before it has had a chance to settle down and do anything. In the photograph below from off the Internet, although nothing yet in the way of a Radionnic field has been set up, you still see the power of its magnetic field. One look at its wake effect on the cloud bank and the jet of ionnizations tells you that.

Figure 35 - The idea for spray painting came from this.

A similar photo off the Internet shows an Anchor Ship sitting quietly at the top left. The jet off the tip is barely discernable but there nevertheless. Also notice the shadow underneath..

Figure 36 -

Likewise, very counter intuitively, some Mother Ships carry delivery systems like a barge. Like a barge they carry their load strapped to their surface. As you can see in the really close up view below from Google Street View taken over Italy on February 14, 2014. These things can carry quite a load, the precipitation is packed with Mobile Scout Ship gumballs and condensates of all types and all sizes.

A companion sits over the hills at the right doing something. A second is in there below it over the hills at the right doing something. Whatever this occasion was it wasn't just a few friends at a bar. As you can also see by the blur under both ends, it was either in the process of just precipitating in or leaving. A good guess is that this kind of thing goes on all the time at night, so no one ever sees them. What this one was doing close overhead in full view of everybody in broad daylight is anybody's guess.

Figure 37 - What the heck's going on here, I thought I was at the Vatican.

Another occurrence of the same also off the Internet, was taken over East Texas at an unknown date. These are not third dimensionally corporally solid, so do not maintain a strict exact shape every time even as their principle stays the same.

Figure 38

Smaller Mobile Ship Conglomerates in the fourth octave are also common. From the Internet, presenting Kermit the worm in the Figure below. It's actually not a single 'it', it's a calico quilt of Mobile Ship gumballs and condensates all glued together.

It's interesting how the sun really hit the main banana Ship surf board base and nose but nothing else. Best guess for the mouth is a Type 27 type condensate, with the ball part covered in thick condensation and a gumball for the eye.

Figure 39 - Take me to your leader now or I'll have a big hissy fit.

When a thing is a thing it's a thing. You just need two or more of them to prove it. While not quite as specific, as the pretty good second of the thing from off the Internet goes to prove our good friend above is definitely a thing. In case you don't spot it, it is the hooked cloud affair in the upper left. Also shown as Figure 22 in Starrgram 10 which showcased the wings of the Sylph..

Figure 40 -

Shown below is yet another example off the Internet. They almost look like big Secropia moth caterpillars. In case you don't know, Secropia Moths are North America's biggest moth. The caterpillars aren't exactly weenies either. This one has a small radionnic field at the outer end.

Figure 41 -

The following telephoto'd Figure off the Internet, also the source of the blow up in Figure 14 above likewise shows a larger close in caterpillar sitting at the bottom the Arch d' Triumph.. And take a look around, some of these things sure have a way with the clouds around them.

The finger doing a 'Whose your Mama' and 'We're number one' only downwards at the other end of the arch, helps to point it all out. And apparently the guy at the bottom was hired to measure it all up. How he managed to get himself in there who knows but nice touch.

Figure 42 - Took some work but I finally found a tall enough ladder.

The right photograph at the right time can also show an assortment of Radionnics Ships all at the same place at the same time at different levels as some of the foregoing photos throughout have shown. As mentioned, in the lowest level down, the projections loose the outer part of their condensates, becoming just the spherical part, again called gumballs for convenience. The seven different frequency levels in the each octave also have a bearing on the assorted Radionnic outcomes you see, in the gumballs case in particular as they are very variant.

Various lower third octave condensations typically appear in the same photo as in Figure 24 above. Likewise a silver ship sitting broadside as mentioned will look like a light gumball, on edge a blip. The large Bird eyes in the Figure below, also shown as Fall Hole Figure 29 of Starrgram 11 are a gumball and a blip respectively. Take away the gumball and blip and you are back at Figure 26 in Starrgram 11 except for the color.

Figure 43 - I like to wear a monocle whenever I go out.

Likewise, the following somewhat nifty gumball photograph below from Paris Ontario taken on November 10, 2016, has a big gumball condensate with a couple of smaller condensates hanging around as well. All causing a partial Fall Hole clear as a bell as seen below. This is a perfect example of how magnetics cause the Fall Holes like in Starrgram 11 and not errant weather conditions. The differences in the type of Fall Holes shown in Starrgram 11 are a combination of the different types of Ships involved plus the weather, but are all magnetically influenced regardless.

Figure 44 - My gumballs used to sell for a nickel each, now they're two bucks.

Sylphs and Radionnic Ships really do like each others company. Check out Figure 42 above and at least ten of the Sylph pictures in Starrgram 10. Likewise, around the head of the Sylph figure in the blowup below of Fall Hole Figure 24 of Starrgram 11 is a slew of Gumballs, blips, and condensates. Notice there is even a small shadow to the right of the left wing blip. This Figure, above all others proves that Fall Holes are not all caused by falling ice. How the heck does falling ice crystals produce gumballs, blips, and condensates.

Figure 45 - You want higher proof, go buy whiskey.

Likewise, the following somewhat busy image off the Internet below has an obvious Positive pole gumball sitting in the middle of the cloud at upper left of center. There is also a variant of a Type 12 type condensate sitting smack in the center, even casting a bit of shadow on the cloud right underneath. Also gumballs and condensates tend to occur in mini fleets. Cast anon thy eye, there are less obvious gumballs and condensates all over the place.

Figure 46 -

Gumballs and blips commonly occur together within the same Radionnic field. The 'Tree of Life' image below, Figure 17 in Starrgram 13 is a perfect example, having a clearly visible gumball and blip together at the left hand side. Look at the shadow under the blue gumball. Likewise, condensate abound, particularly along the top.

Figure 47 -

Similarly, the following very fiery image from the Internet of a Mother Ship field in a Negative pole Radionnic cloud has gumballs all over plus a very obvious ovular blip hanging bare faced at the left. Plus also, a small third dimensional cigar shaped Father Ship condensate sitting smack right in the center. Plus a tight Type 12 type condensate sits in the center just left of the Father ship condensate. Plus a couple of small blips sit just left of that

The date of the photograph is not known but the location is Vancouver British Columbia. Anyone who has been there will immediately recognize West Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains across the water. Also notice Howe Sound toward the left, and Bowen Island at the left. As stated in an earlier Starrgram, Vancouver has long been getting its fair share of Radionnic visitors since at least nineteen seventy one.

Figure 48 - What're you talking about, we never left.

Blowing views up also really helps. The additional gumballs and blips in the following Figure below are not visible at all in Figure 43 by itself, but are everywhere in myriad number in the blowup, including light, dark, and brown gumball nestled in around and between the clouds all over. With the Mount Palomar telescope you could probably find these things in Putin's back yard in Moscow.

Figure 49 - Nuts, thought we'd stayed off the radar.

On the other hand the following image below, previously shown as Figure 15 in Starrgram 13 has a third dimensional cigar shaped Mother ship condensate sitting just right of center. Because of unfortunate pixilation it looks like the Goodyear blimp on its way to the Super Bowl. There are also a couple of nice gumballs in the little white clouds at the upper center left. Not to mention the beautiful Negative pole Scout Ship field sitting high in the sly right up the middle.

Figure 50 -

Similarly, the following stellar picture of a Mother Ship field below, also off the Internet, has a blip in the middle and a cluster of gumballs, condensates, and blips in the upper left. Plus a slew of big gumballs and blips sitting at the center in the clouds along the bottom. All in all, pretty busy stuff.

Figure 51 - And you just took it for granted that it was all caused by Harrp.

Likewise the 'Home on the Range' photo below, shown previously as Figure 13 in Starrgram 7  has more blips, gumballs, and other goodies than a movie theater candy dispenser. A significant clutch of gumballs and condensates sit at the center, another clutch sits at the top center left, another near the top left, another at the lower right, a couple of gumballs sit in the upper right, and a Cigarillo Ship sits pointing down at the far center left. Have fun, there's lots more.

Figure 52 - We're here to give you some sagely advice, 'Never draw water down stream from the herd'.

The next figure below from the Internet, the original source for the blowup in Figure 9 above is even more interesting. Rainbow-otics aside, it has a collection of gumballs and condensates all doing something, plus a collection together in the same space at the upper right. For starters, check out the beautiful Negative pole Type 12 type condensate looking like Saturn sitting a the left edge center.  Also see stuff all along the top of the clouds at the bottom. The dwarfed Boeing 767 cruising by gives a nice perspective. These are not your average Chinese rickshaws running around. As the dimensions go higher, objects become higher in frequency, less dense, and spread father apart. In the dimensions high above the fifth, some of these ships are big enough and spread out enough they can let whole galaxies pass through. The set of teeth chomping a cigar at the upper right is dealt with further below.

Figure 53 - Anybody know who took this shot?.

Figure 15 above is actually a blow up of the much more interesting full photograph next below. As Figure 51 above implied it is possible for different types of ships to be functioning at different frequencies all at the same time in the same view. In the following Figure a tight collection of gumballs and condensates large and small have produced an effect at the lower left edge which looks to all extents and purposes like an open phone book viewed on edge.

What's even more interesting is a Runabout Father Ship just like Figure 34 in Starrgram 6 ghosting it out just under the open phone book. Wherever this photo was taken something interesting sure must have been going on. Maybe over the UN or the Vatican. Or maybe Macy's on a Black Friday.

Figure 54 - Lol, or should that be loL

Turns out that the phone book in Figure 53 above is not really a phone book. If you look closely at the blow up below you will see a small dark gumball sitting right in the fold of the  book, plus a Positive pole blip and  a small collection of additional gumballs and fuzz ball right on top, . It's a specific but not unique type combination.

Figure 55 -

However, if two of a thing proves the thing then fortunately a couple of more examples of the unique combination has been found. This time it is in a locally photographed Brantford Radionnic Field with the original camera photograph on hand so it can withstand all calls against its validity. Though very hard to see because of degradation, as the blowup below of Figure 30 in Starrgram 13 shows, a pair of Negative pole Type 12 type condensations sit side by side in the center left generating feet that look like bat wings. Figure 53 is actually something like that, where four small Negative pole Type 12 type gumballs and condensations sit adjacent, ending up looking like two wide feet.

Though very hard to see, a large dark Negative pole gumball sits in almost the exact same position right above the condensations to their left in the Figure below as does the large white Negative pole fuzzballl in Figure 53 above. The dark gumball has a mini radionnic field looking like a bow tie. Assorted gumballs and blips also sit above it all the way up to the top, and condensates and gumballs also sit below it going down.

Figure 56 -

If two of a thing proves the thing, then three of it nails it. In the Figure below also shown as Figure 9 above, the extreme blowup of Figure 51 above clearly shows that the set of teeth at the center right is actually yet another variant of the unique combinations like above. This time the small dark gumball in between is completely obvious. The Batman's wings are swept partially together almost like a big pair of lobster claws.

This is the money shot, bringing the entire show into perspective, because both are the second of the things that proves that the assorted Types of type Figures at the top are for real and not just gifts from Photoshop, Bollywood, camera strain, coffee stains, or from a madcap brain. To add icing to the cake, a near perfect example of Negative polarity Cigarillo Ship and foot sits sticking up just under the Brown precipitate. And a number of gumballs and condensates sit all around it. Still a question, who took the photo.

Figure 57 - Proof is the proof is the proof.

The one that takes the cake however is the amazing photo below off the Internet, taken over East Texas at an unknown date. Which is also is the source of blowups Figures 34 and 36 above. The photo shows a plethora of everything everywhere. The Mother and Father Ship Radionnic pair over the green water at the bottom notwithstanding, this view has large and small, long and short cylindrical Father and Mother Ships, Pilot Ships, Fall Holes, and Mobile Scout Ships of all descriptions and all kinds everywhere, all seemingly together for some reason, all completely visible at a lower third octave level all at the same time. Is this the Sunny Acres Retirement Home for Seniors, or Hanger 77, or just the Johnson's getting together for a family outing. Any guess is as good as any other. Quite likely this kind of stuff also goes on at night unseen. At any rate, East Texas must have been buzzing pretty good for awhile after this whatever this was.

Here is where you get a really good idea of the diversity among the types, even amongst the same types of types. Also you get a better sense of the fluid corporality of the Ships, which are long and short and fat and thin but never perfectly straight and never perfectly linear like pipes or cylinder except when short.

Figure 58 - Hmm, looks like somebody dropped their watch.

This is actually a very fortuitous photograph, almost God given as it answers many questions. A partial blow up below shows everything in better perspective. In particular the image  shown the particular type of long dark hose type of Mother Ships and long light hose type of Father Ships which are responsible for the wide horizontal type Radionnics clouds like those shown as Figure 16 in  Starrgram 5 and Figure 25 in Starrgram 6. The shorter and /or fatter Ships in the Figure above produce the assorted different fields such as the Mother and Father Ship pair in Figure 30 of Starrgram 6. In particular it gives a perspective as to why there are so many different kinds of clouds and condensations, weather conditions not withstanding.

Figure 59

In particular, long vaporous Father Ship fields like the one snaking in from the right in Figure 57 above give rise to the miles long stringy type Father Ships fields occasionally seen, like the one sitting across the lower right half of the photo below of the Jet Stream, which was taken over the Native Reserve near Brantford on September 9, 2016. A Mother Ship partner sits just under its left end.

Figure 60

Everybody talks about so called cigar shaped Ufos. Turns out not without good reason. The Figure below from the Internet shows a small partially cloaked fully fledged third dimensional Havana shaped Mother Ship condensate looking just like a Havana shaped cigar all the way sitting partially uncloaked making its own stuff happen. Also shown as Figure 30 in Starrgram 5.

Figure 61 -

Likewise, the Figure below from the Internet has a saucer shaped Mother Ship hiding behind a rainbow while in the process of condensating into the third dimension. No need to ask where the movie 'Independence Day' got some of its ideas.

Figure 62 -

Also as any of you who have been into Ufology even a little bit well know, when a ship bugs out they tend to move really fast. The Internet Figure below of a Tin Pot bugging out is at the very split second it was breaking the sound barrier. It even has a sonic shock wave in front. Man that's fast.

Figure 63 - Bye bye, I'm out'a here.

The assorted dimensional precipitations do not occur strictly one at a time. Precipitations mix and match together anyway you want. How about one with all three main dimensions in all at the same time. The image below, also from Google Street view with date and location unknown is proof.

Start with the absolutely obvious third dimensional saucer shaped Father Ship sitting bare faced in the noon day Sun at the top center. The view is face on, making it hard to see the dome although the hint is there. Also check out the shadow below it, this is about as substantive as you can get without being material. Second, check out the nose of a Father Ship poking in from the left like Figure 28 in Starrgram 6. Third notice the fourth dimensional Mother Ship condensation partner sitting proud, albeit not loud right in the middle of the picture to the left. If there was more of it at the top it would not be hard to imagine it looking like Figure 11 of Starrgram 15. Fourth notice the bottom of a partially formed Positive pole Anchor Ship field just starting to show at the top. Fifth, notice the Negative pole Type 12 type condensate sitting just to the left of that, plus the dark gumball sitting just to the left of the aspirin tablet, and the blip sitting wide to right.

If two of something proves the something, this combination of twos wraps it up. It's almost like someone hired Madison Avenue here. Co-incidentally, the round Father Ship condensation in the middle may look almost identical to the location finder at the top left of Figure 35 above. Can't be though, the finder tag becomes applied to the image views as they are taken. An applied button image after can't cast a shadow as it isn't in the original view like the one in the Figure below. At any rate, this Google Earth thing is becoming more and more interesting all the time.

Figure 64 - Push the button and win a round trip around.

Now and then a photograph has a chance to really really shine twice. Like people, where you have a chance to really really shine twice, the first if you are really realty smart at age two  and the second if you're still really really smart at age ninety. Figure 35 in Starrgram 2 had enough shines shown along the way to belong uptown. Now there is another shine.

This time the a blow up and enhancement was done to bring out a lower Fourth Octave projection of a saucer shaped Mother Ship similar to Figure 62 above, sitting in all its delicate glory right between the two sets of tennis balls. A Mobile Scout condensate sits conveniently under the left two tennis balls for comparison. The tennis balls against the condensate are comparisons yet again. Not forgetting that distance away also plays a part, and in this case who can say. Also notice the hint of Radiations coming off it above the ball.

Figure 65 -

The lower Astral Hell states contain the accumulated Nplus static generated by Mankind's negative consciousness conditions over the past three and a half million years, called by Ethologians the Stygian Deep. One of the main works the Radionnic ships are currently involved with is cleaning out the Lower astral Hell states NPlus static, almost done.

During this time, the great fleet outside Pluto has been projection an emerald green love field around Earth so it doesn't explode. Negative NPlus static is heavy stuff. It's the source of all your negative destructive thoughts towards others, and comprises the complete totality of that which you call evil. NPlus static also can occur in consciousness when in a Negative state. And like when wool and fur are rubbed together to produce static bits in the third dimension, it is produced in the fourth dimension when your consciousness is not working in harmony with Cosmic Law.

The risk of a NPlus static blow up is not just promulgating paranoia. As they say, 'Even paranoids have enemies' and in this case it's particularly true. A planet named 'Maldek' was originally a confinement planet between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Maldek had an absolutely severe negative NPlus static condition in its whole first four astral octaves. Triggered by a furious laser cannon battle between two disputing factions two and a half billion years ago, the NPlus static exploded and took all of Maldek with it. Maldek's remnants are now called the asteroid belt. A loosened Maldek satellite struck Earth two and a half billion years ago, dropping it's frequency from twelve strand 'Crystalline' DNA to two strand 'dross'. Starting a billion years ago a third dimensional outer surface organic evolution was precipitated on Earth's surface to slowly bring it back into twelve strand crystalline DNA, nearly complete.

Two hundred and fifty million years ago a root race program was initiated in Earth's fifth dimension. Three and a half million years ago, through Luciferian interference, the current root race population fell into the third dimension where they sill remain. At the end of the Age of Aquarius you will be raised back up into the fifth dimension where you belong. The Radionnic Ships are also assisting in the final stages of that.

Twelve thousand years ago Maldek's population was brought to Earth during Atlantis, including the warring factions. Similar intense NPlus static conditions arose during Atlantis ten thousand years ago. Similar laser cannon warfare erupted between the two disputing factions causing the atmospheres over the two main North American centers, Sodom and Gomorrah to explode. These matters are dealt with in detail in the Revelatorium Starrgram titled 'Atlantis listed at the right.

Earth's mass consciousness is still somewhat infused with the static, and a lot of the Radionnic Ship presences on earth is dealing particularly with this issue. Much of it by the ships working in the third and fourth octaves of the fourth dimension. As mentioned, Radionnic Ships are also doing considerable work in the lower Astral Hell states to help clean them out. The condition of the seven Astral octaves of the fourth dimension influence the seven dimensions in your consciousnesses through frequency attunement. As the Astral realms are been cleaned out, so are some of the wayward conditions which have been belaboring your consciousnesses.

The increasing clarity in your consciousnesses helps you more and more to relate to Reality better, and to come to grips with the responsibilities you all share for cleaning up the remaining conditions in your consciousnesses once and for all. Also for accepting rather than rejection the ever increasing Cosmic frequencies that are coming in now pursuant to your rise in consciousness back to the fifth dimension you belong in. The Revelatorium deals with this responsibility in detail. Remember that the Hell States are not a bad place. Just a particular range of frequencies where a lot of negative NPlus static has accumulated. Without the static, the two lowest Astral octaves would be as pristine as the others.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the Radionnics.com website or book as source.


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