As Homer Simpson once said. 'Whoa, the Internet's on computers now'. The good news is that, Radionnic Ship clouds are on the Internet, thus on computers too. Interesting sky and cloud photographs have been posted in websites on the Internet for years, in particular Search Engines. Many of the photos contain good Radionnic cloud presences.

Thousands upon thousands of topical photographs come up during relevant Internet searches of Skies, Chemtrails, Clouds, Fall holes, Lenticular clouds and so on. Now and then a good Radionnic example popped up within the mish mash. It helped to know exactly what to look for. Over three hundred good examples have been spotted so far and included in this disclosure. Some spectacular, remembering that none of these were put up because anyone knew what they represented.

They were put up because somebody liked what they saw, or thought they were darn interesting, or thought they were doing a civic service no matter what the answer. In particular those who posted many under the keyword 'Chemtrails' and opened many websites dealing with Chemtrails.

For a slight change of pace, and for sure a really nice change of scenery, check out the following Internet Figure below of a Father ship sitting right in the middle of a Negative Anchor Scout Ship field. The bottom of the Negative pole field can be seen below the Father ship condensation sitting across the middle. The two fields have combined to produce a similar, much bolder flume up the middle, and the Anchor Ship field has widened out to span some of the Father Ship field. Sometimes there's more than the Sound of Music coming from them thar hills.

Figure 1 - The hills are alive, with the sound of Jingle bells...

Now and then the foreground becomes more fun then the background. The following is a case of the photography getting about as good as it gets. Kudos to somebody. The Negative polarity Radionnic field isn't all that shabby either.

Figure 2 - See, I told you it was a Negative pole Anchor Scout Ship Radionnic cloud array.

Some of the images from the Internet look pretty guffy. But you should have seen the other guy meaning the original. Most of the photos on the Internet like Figure 1 above are very small to preserve hard drive space. Plus, since anybody can post anything within the realm of decorum, many are taken by the less than professional who, bless their hearts, did the right thing in capturing the photo for posterity, but not quite the right thing in getting the photographic technology mastered.

The following image is a similar case in point. It's related to Figures 24 and 25 in Starrgram 5 but could be a lot better. It is another case of an upside down hanging vertical Mother Ship, found obviously off a paradise Island somewhere in the blue Pacific, yum yum. To make the point, the pixilation effect is awful.

Fortunately however, you can still see the Mother ship as the vertical white cloud in the center however leaning up from left to right. The tendrils are off the right side. The trail off this time is down. Unfortunately, the heavy pixilation effect is because the original photo was very very small and didn't like it one bit when enlarged to fit the page.

Figure 3 - Fishing's great, wonder what the heck's going on up there.

Somewhat similarly, as the following two images from the Internet serves to show, nothing sits idle for long in the world of Radionnics. The first image below is of a standard Negative pole Radionnic field, sitting up there quietly minding its own business.

Figure 4 - My bunion's aching, something must be coming.

Then at some time later, which you can tell by the considerably lengthened Radionnic radials, other stuff had moved in and done quite a number on the lower level clouds which had moved in stronger. Including circling the wagons for a board meeting.

Figure 5 - .

Also found on the Internet, at some unknown date and location before or after, another Negative pole Radionnic filed was found which was similar enough to the above two that you have to look twice to determine that it's not the same field at a different time.

Similarities like the Figure below are good for the cause though, because it strengthens the non viability that weather factors alone may be responsible for these affairs and not Radionnics.

Figure 6 - You seem very familiar, have we met?

A polar opposite Positive pole Radionnic field, seemingly from the same outfit but likely not even close, was also found on the Internet. Likewise out there over the seven seas somewhere. Even though it is busy up the middle, unlike the three images above it is completely empty at the bottom and that's the even bigger marker.

Figure 7 - Hang onto your hat, here come a couple more Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Likewise, the following image of a Positive Radionnic field was found on a website. Someone's own little piece of Paradise maybe.

Figure 8 - If you're interested I have a fantastic Paradise Island for sale, great beach included.

The open seas is great for seeing Radionnic fields, but nothing says it like the open road for seeing them openly. The following Negative pole Radionnic field found on the Internet says it all.

Figure 9 - Get your kicks on Route 56.

The following Figure below, also from the Internet and looking second cousin to Figure 17 in Starrgram 2 could be from anywhere on the planet at any given time. Proving conclusively that you don't have to be in a particular city at a particular time to see a really good Negative pole Radionnic cloud formation. You just need to be outside.

Figure 10 -

Double pronged Positive pole 'Two's are better than one's' seem to be common in the Radionnic world too. The following two pronged affair is vaguely similar to Figure 4 in Starrgram 3.and quite similar to Figure 18  in Starrgram 3.

Figure 11 - I'm not a liar, it takes two prongs to make a lyre.

Similarly, the following Figure from the website for 'ShipCentral' Fulfillment and Distribution services in Salt Lake City, Utah has a perfect Negative Polarity Radionnic cloud sitting right overhead. Perfectly centered to boot, date unknown.

Figure 12 - We ship to all the planets.

In a nice rural setting, in another photo likewise off the Internet a Father Ship is sitting bold as brass right across the top right of the photo. It's Mother Ship partner is sitting way off in the distance near the bottom center between the two telephone poles. Looks like either a grass fire, or wind kicking up a bit of dust at the left. Whatever else, rural it is.

Figure 13 -

No reason why one can't sit over a big money luxury resort as well. This photo from the 'Hotels Click' website could be from anywhere at anytime. Anywhere where people have big money to throw around at least, look at the huge water slides at the bottom.

Figure 14 - All that's missing to make it a one stop vacation spot is people.

Similarly, the following Figure is trying real hard to look like Figure 9 in Starrgram 2. The height of the apex above the horizon shows it to be in close. A very big Mother Ship field is at the lower left, a short Father Ship field is slanting upwards at the far lower right, and a small cloaked cigar shaped Mother Ship is sitting across the clouds at the middle right.

Figure 15 - The view up here is fantastic.

On the other hand, looking somewhat similar to Figure 13 above only bigger, the following Figure is of a full fledged Father Ship Radionnic field singing 'O give me a Home'.

Figure 16 - When the chips are down the Buffalo is empty.

Similarly, according to all the latest reports The three of Life has been around for some time. At least long enough to show up on the Internet looking to all extents and purposes like a Father Ship Radionnic field. If anybody could figure out just where the photo was taken, what a tourist industry they could set up.

Figure 17 - The Tree of Life stands in the midst of the Garden and bears of it's fruit, that's for sure.

Also according to the reports, in the days of yore Giants walked the land. As the following photo clearly shows some still do. Wonder if they're still going by name of Nephilim or Annunuki or whatever it was.

Figure 18 - Fee Fi Fo Fum. Hey, who swiped my harrp.

In the following image, also shown as Figure 26 in Starrgram 10 a third Horsemen of the Apocalypse is coming at you. Maybe they're planning on meeting up and getting it on. In case you don't know, Apocalypse means Revelation and not disaster, that's how far off base some religions are.

Figure 19 -

They say 'All's fair in love and war'. When Radionnics are involved, its also pretty fair during fairs too as the following vertical Radionnic Mother Ship cloud overlooking the Plumb Coolie State fair testifies. Plus of course the Mother Ship pod also sitting right in the middle of the wheel helps a little. Plus of course the Father Ship cloud lying across the center and to the right above the trees helps even more.

Figure 20 - What goes up must come down, Ferris Wheel goes round and round and round and round.

Speaking of ionnizable opportunities, the following image is of the striking image of a Mother Ship and Father Ship together ala' those in Starrgram 7. If you've lost track of what to look for, the Father Ship is along the lower middle, and Mother Ship along the top.

In the old days they were known as Anthony and Cleopatra, then Romeo and Juliet and until recently Brad and Angie. Also notice that the Mother ship field is all but identical to the Mother Ship field of Figure 4 in Starrgram 8.

Figure 21 - Race ya to the tree.

Technicians speak of a Internet backbones. This refers to the major data trunks where large amounts of Internet usage for a particular carrier are hooked up to the Internet at large. The Father ship Figure below has enough backbone for anyone. George the Chiropractor, seen on vacation, has a photo of this on his office wall. Also note the volcano in the background.

Figure 22 - OK, now where the heck did that stupid spine model go.

On the other hand the following image was taken off a website taken during what is obviously an outdoor Pot Luck festival somewhere, showing a frillie Father field array in it's early stages by a Cirrus cumulus cloud pushing through, similar to Figure 20 - 23 in Starrgam 6. Maybe it was hoping to score. Also, if you look closely at the left side of the cloud you will see it looks like she isn't holding the only doobie in town.

Figure 23 - Like hey Man, what's happening.

Likewise, the following image was from a video link featuring animals of note. Featuring among many of its denizens was the World's largest elephant at twelve and a half feet. Notice the Negative Anchor Scout Ship field behind the elephant's head.

Makes you kind of wonder what Mammoth Woolies must have looked like in the old days and what kind of Radionnic fields they might have been seeing. No getting around it, that's a pretty big elephant

Figure 24 - When I was just a baby they called me Dumbo. Now they call me Dunno.

Radionnic images can also be found all over the Internet large and small. The following very distinct Negative pole Radionnic Field was found on an Internet website about something. Looks like some bad luck's on the way, though it's not certain what he broke. This is poetic license all the way, where the 'art me' poet was endeavoring to create an interesting take on reality. Notice however, which the artist evidently failed to, that the Radionnic field reflected in the water isn't the same as the one overhead. Very admirable endeavor but wouldn't pass forensics.

Figure 25 - There you go, now somebody's going to get seven years of good luck.

The following photograph off the Internet, also shown as Figure 12 in Starrgram 7 is straight out of the Fall Hole category. This one has everything. A perfectly formed Father Ship Radionnic field sits right beside a perfect Mother Ship field left of center. Additional Fall Hole activities and more exist at the bottom right. Must have been a major static clearing event going on wherever it was.

Figure 26 -

Figure 16 in Starrgram 8 was unusual in what seemed to be an unlikely combination of event and view point. I.e. Mother Ship on a Anchor Ship field viewed from out past the end instead of underneath. Turns out not so unlikely after all.

The following image of an almost identical scenario came from the Internet, meaning it could have happened anywhere. As you can see, except for few variables such as setting, color, and other minor differences, they look an awful lot alike.

Figure 27 - What goes around comes around, or maybe it's the other way around.

Whoa, here's the same type thing again in the following Internet photo. Only the tops of the Radials show this time, but the same ersatzy like effect is present nonetheless.

Figure 28 - Can I have your attention please, I want to come clean. I'm one of those.

And as the following Figure below from the Internet shows yet again, another yet again. Quite the view this time. Quite the pad too. Also quite the event including a Contrail sending Morse code to Ceti. Some people have it all.

Figure 29 - Me too me says me.

Coincidently, almost the same type thing was photographed yet again back in Brantford on August 24, 2016. Its almost like getting to be a habit.

Figure 30 - What goes around, really does.

Father Ship fields over Anchor Ship Radionnic clouds however, fry them in a completely different more frazery way as the partial image below shows.

Figure 31 - Fraze me all you want, it doesn't faze me in the slightest.

A likewise partial photograph from Algonquin Park on May 24, 2016 shows the exact same type of framboozaling. You might notice it even has another corkscrew going on right up the middle.

Figure 32 -

A likewise same type of partial photograph from Algonquin Park taken later on July 10, 2016 again shows again the same type of frazaling.

Figure 33 - A full image of me would have shown me better. Well duhh.

On a calmer note, the following is a kind of spread out Positive polarity field with Odin looking in making sure everyone does what he tells them.

Figure 34 - Why are you always doing what you want to do instead of what I want you to do. You're starting to tick me off.

For an even quieter change of pace, rather than to make a point, the following very pretty pastoral scene of a rain cloud passing in front of Father ship field combining two or three of the assorted Father ship Radionnic field features of the above Figures, was also found on the Internet. Nobody lording it over anyone in this one. Just a couple of cumulous clouds getting ready to turn on the rain. 

Figure 35 - What are those really black clouds all about. When all else fails, call Sherlock.

The similar calm, cool, and collected Mother Ship vista from Figure 10 in Starrgram 5 again tells it like it is. If this isn't symmetry nothing is.

Figure 36 - Ahh, this is more like it, where ever the heck this is.

Just as tug boats come very large for ocean liners and very small for log rafts, Radionnic Anchor Ships come big and large. Smaller ships produce smaller fields like the local array in Figure 5 of Starrgram 3. Larger ships can produce fields that can span dozens of square miles like Figure 27 in Starrgram 2.

Really big anchor ships can produce fields that span hundreds of square miles like the Figure below off the Internet. What is interesting is that despite it's size, it still looks not a whole lot different than any of the Negative Polarity fields shown so far, big or small. The mountain range in the background of the Figure below against the combobulated houses right across the street in Figure 16 in Starrgram 2 gives a really clear perspective of relative scale. This one looks like it's running from the Canadian border to Mexico.

Figure 37 - So I like to stretch out, big deal.

For an even more serene change of pace, the following Figure shows a Mother Ship field across the bottom setting up in a Negative pole Anchor Ship field. Notice the tubes to the right just starting to cinch up.

Figure 38 - Yer welcome.

For even more Serenity Now, the exceptional Figure below shows the setting sun shadows cast over a Father Ship Radionnic field sitting to its right. And here's one for the books, also doing some refracting glass optics in the process. Talk about cutting and pasting Cosmic style. In case you think those are Sun rays, please note that the Sun is over to the left. The refraction rays are from the sun but not the frillies.

Figure 39 - Forget Radionnics, it's all just smoke and mirrors.

The following image is particularly interesting for two reasons. First it is a really good image of a Father Ship field like Figure 35 in Starrgram 6. Second it shows by first principle a difficulty facing all of the composite images in this disclosure when first started out. The handy talent of Adobe PhotoMerge was not yet known.

The problem when creating a composite panorama photo from a number of side by by stills, was that unless the camera was on a tripod and the photographer had twenty five years experience, the camera would move slightly off angle from still to still because nobody's hand is that steady. The problem was that if the top half of a pair were matched, the bottom half wouldn't and visa versa. The problem was compounded by the fact that most of the photos were taken by cell phone where the lens aperture is so small that even the slightest change in alignment could produce significant side by side mis-alignments later.

Obviously the photographer in the photo below had that problem and chose to go with the upper half of the picture because it was the bigger show. But you see the problem. The solution was in, PhotoMerge, yaay, which among one of it's many talents checks the alignment of each photo against the next before merging them and adjusts them. Up to a point that is. If the alignment was too far off PhotoMerge would just laugh and say, 'Yeah right'. Sadly, more than a couple of really good Radionnic photos never made it into this disclosure because they could never make it past the Photomerge arduous triage.

Figure 40 - They tell me I'm bipolar but I don't believe him.

And for those of you who aren't from the deep south and likely don't know what a Fare Tornado is as mentioned in the comment of Figure 23 of Starrgram 2, the following Image from the Internet shows one getting it on in full glory. Unfortunately like any big fire, while they may look exciting as long as it isn't your property, the after effect is usually not so exciting even if it isn't your property.

Figure 41 - Darn, all I wanted to do was clear a little dead grass in my yard.

Likewise, just to dispel the idea that some of you may have that Chemtrails aren't real,. the following photo shows Chemtrails spewing all over an otherwise very nice Positive polarity Anchor Scout Ship field in the upper middle. Particularly interesting to note is the Chemtrail shadow cast onto the Ionnic field above in the center top. Chemtrails are at 30,000+. The space between the Chemtrail and shadow line shows that the ionnics are really up there.

Actually, this is a very interesting photograph for a completely different reason. It also has a partially formed Mother Ship field just above the buildings just right of center plus a cigar shaped Father Sip sitting right in the middle of the little clear area just left of center.

Figure 42 - Trust me, I'm not a shady character.

What goes around comes around definitely does. Every now and then when you put up something good on the Internet, it comes back to you in kind. A notice about the Disclosure was put up recently in a Facebook UFO Group page from Slovakia. The next day the following photographs was posted in kind proving the reader had got the point.  No doubt the poster was pretty pleased. Instead of having just a really weird looking cloud photograph, then suddenly having it all made perfect sense.

Figure 43 -

As previously mentioned, the particular Radionnic field observed in any given area at any given time will depend entirely upon the type of ship involved, the amount and kind of water vapour present, and the Magnetic field of the Earth in the particular area.

Also, this abundance of Radionnic clouds off the Internet and similar in earlier Starrgrams from everywhere on the Planet whose the dates and locations are completely unknown, makes it patently clear the point about Radionnic ships all over the place all of the time. It is also not surprising that such a preponderance of photographs exist on the Internet.

People see the clouds, know that they are not normal without having any idea to what they actually are, and up they go. What is also a certainty is that the number of observations and photographs of them will be increasing rapidly in the very near future as the work of redeeming Mankind back to the fifth dimension has been stepped up in earnest.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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