In the old days they said, "Look to the West'. Now they say 'Look to the Sky'. Why? Because there are things going on and getting more and more interesting every day. How interesting, how about the nose of a Father ship poking out sporting a Rhinoceros horn the size of Mount Olympus. Or how about a piece of Fusilli spaghetti sitting right up there in the middle of nowhere for no reason.

For starters, the piece of Fusilli at the middle left of the Figure below taken near the original Brantford address on August 6, 2014 is not a courtesy of PhotoMerge. It is in the original photograph. What is courtesy of Photomerge however are the lovely little dangling participles near the bottom center and right. What's really interesting about those is where did they originally come from and why are they way up there. PhotoMerge usually does it's wild sand wooly stuff around the edges.

Also notice the little saucer like thing just above the little Sylph thing sitting just above the dangling participles type things. Also notice the Angel fish at the center left. Otherwise it's a pretty ordinary picture.

Figure 1 - What are all you guys doing in there?

The spiral in the photo above was particularly interesting because it was taken in a local area by a local camera, as were the spirals of Figures 19 and 23 in Starrgram 2. Such spirals however, are not an isolated thing. The Figure below from the Internet, also shown as Figure 3 in Starrgram 11 sports a spiral corkscrew at the left loud and clear.

Figure 2 - On our Planet we call them spin dizzies'.

Almost as mysterious as Figure 1 above, the Following Internet photo has a spiral cloud  hanging up there completely unrelated to anything at least visible.

Figure 3 - Hmmph, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were a lot more impressive.

There is also a corkscrew in the neck of the Sylph in Figure 1 of Starrgram 10. And if things weren't screwy enough already in the Radionnics world, like said earlier in this disclosure you never know what you're going to come up next. But you would hardly expect to see something like the Figure below from the Internet. Twilight Zone a'comin.

Here is probably the hairiest Radionnic screwball ever on the planet. What the heck is it. It isn't attached to anything. It's just hanging there with some prismatic razzle dazzle to bring it to your attention. And it does look ready for business. You can look hard and long for days and days and it never stops looking exactly like a turn screw. Screwing what.

Whatever else, it definitely can't be a product of wind, fire, water, and ice, that Rock group disbanded years ago. At any rate, it's a hard wired turn screw anomaly sitting up there in everybody's face alright, it even has handles that auger well for auguring.

Figure 4 - Maybe Harrp's been messing with the weather again and somebody got heh heh, all wound up about it.

What goes around comes around. In this case in a pretty tight little circle. Yet another photo of the Figure above was found later on the Internet. This time taken by someone soaking up a few rays at the beach. Unfortunately, the photo was already beat to pieces when it was put up on Google, so it's beat to pieces showing here.

At least it gives a good perspective for the lay of the land. Namely it was actually hanging up there as a very anomalous part of a very vague Mother Ship field at a not so vague ordinary beach somewhere. The phase buzz coming off the chair isn't because of the ship. The picture was very small when downloaded from the Internet and blowing it up to fit the page did some funny things.

Figure 5 - Kind of makes you think the hand of God was in on this one.

And speaking of the hand of God, God is alive and well and grabbing a nap in Cassiopeia.

Figure 6 - I'm dreaming of a white Super Nova.

No need to dream about this next example of a corkscrew found as is on the Internet. No need to check hard if this is a spiral, just look at the top, Getting better every time. No way to tell where this was from and why. But no doubt about it, as you can see it's a corkscrew alright and Radionnics was involved.

Figure 7 - Hmmm, the number one sound in the world indicating something perplexing has just been discovered.

Will it never end. The following Internet photo is of yet another Radionnic corkscrew. This time a lot more corkscrew than Radionnic. In fact it looks like the end of a wood screw coming out of the cloud, or the top half of a Dairy Queen if you're into Dairy Queen. But look at the cloud effects around the edges. This was not a hap hazard weather person type turn of events.

Figure 8 - A 'Cherry Chocolate Love' blitze, now you're talking.

Add in a horizontal corkscrew to the mix and now you're really talking. The following Figure from the Internet almost looks like a tunnel borer out for a beak. This photographs is also one of the best optical illusions you will likely see. Like a stairways that goes up, then suddenly fwip goes down, the image below shows Radionnic Mother ship tubes on a blue grey sky background. Then suddenly fwip, it is dark cloud shadow lines on a whitish cloud background.

Actually, in this case it's Radionnic all the way either way. The frilly white lines at the left reveals the presence of a Father ship off camera to the left.

Figure 9 - Now you see me, now you see me too.

Corkscrews also form in Contrails passing through a Radionnic field, as Figure 19 in Starrgram 2 surely revealed. The similar double whammy pair below filmed in Brantford on November 1, 2016, appeared for about five minutes then were gone. Ten minutes later all remaining traces of the Contrails too were gone. But for the few minutes they were visible, they twisted and shouted like nobody's business.

Positive pole Radionnics were involved even though not very apparent, known because a half hour earlier in a different part of town, a well defined Negative pole Radionnic field sat up bold albeit not particularly beautiful in the exact opposite direction as an Anchor Ship partner, shown as Figure 36 in Starrgram 2.

Figure 10 - If you didn't get any of that, please read it again.

This is in fact a good teaching opportunity to clear up a few confusions about Chemtrails once and for all. The definitive tell tale difference between a Contrail and Chemtrail is that all traces of a Contrail will be gone within a half hour or so, Chemtrails slowly spread out wider and wider minute by minute and never really go. A half hour or so after a Chemtrail spew has been put out, it will already be widening out into a rock steady grey overcast. Four hours later the whole sky will have changed from clear blue to a heavy overcast from horizon to horizon.

For political reasons this is called, ' Weather modification'. For practical reasons it's called, 'In your face'. For war like reasons it's called 'Take that, you lousy rat'. The following image below was photographed about ten minutes before Figure 10 above at a slightly different location just a few blocks down the road. It looks as Chemtrailish as it gets with a number of widening trails on the go. But no. Ten minutes later, as seen in the Figure above they were all but gone. Ten minutes after that, as stated above, completely gone. Ergo, they be Contrails not Chemtrails.

To explain also as previously suggested, Brantford is a main Jet transit rout between Eastern Canada and the West. In the twenty minutes while this little photographing was going on, no less then four high flying jets happened by. In fact, look at three underway in Figure 10 again, seven in the photo below, and six in Figure 36 of Starrgram 2. This goes on all day and night over Brantford and has been going on for years. If Brantford has a complaint, its the soot from all the jet exhaust filtering down.

Basically the setting sun hit the bottom end of the two center trails in Figure 10 above and exposed the screws in a very definite don't blink you'll miss it kind of scenario. The point of all this is that most of the Jet trails you see in your skies overhead are Contrails and not Chemtrails, plus maybe some Radionnics, and of course once a while a set of Chemtrails.

Figure 11 - And now you know the rest of the story.

There's definitely something screwy about all these screwy Radionnic corkscrews going. There must be something screwy about magnetics not yet well known. Well, maybe not all that not known yet. Corkscrews in the decay patterns of sub atomic particles blown up in a Cyclotron is how Scientist tell a Beta Pi particle from a Tau Omega. A corkscrew in the hand is how a Frenchman tells a Chardonnay from a Vodka.

We're not through with corkscrews yet however. When an Anchor Ship first jumps in out of a Local Mother Ship and the circumstances are right, it can leave a distinctive trail like an exclamation mark. In the case of the image below from Paris on June 9th 2015, the point of entry was at the top where it had it had stopped long enough for ionnizations to start forming around it. It had sat for bit when it first came in, producing the patch of ionnizations at the top, then moved down to the bottom point where was photographed. It would then eventually move to where it would take up position as a monopole anchor.

The final position can be anywhere, accounting for the fact that the view was due South even though due South Radionnic fields have never yet been seen set up in Paris. Once settled the magnetic Radionnic field would have started to set up.

The Mother Ship in the drop off does not necessarily have to be in the same area as the Scout ship will eventually set up, as Anchor ships can move around over a reasonable area once let out to let go. This is more or less the same modus operand for any Radionnic field getting started up anywhere. Such exclamation marks were observed somewhat frequently in Ottawa.

Figure 12 - Twist and Shout.

Similarly, the following Internet image over an unknown city exhibits a nice Positive pole Radionnic array. The trail down the left side however is not a Chemtrail. It is a second Radionnic Ship like above in the act of coming in and leaving an exclamation mark. Wherever this was, a few hours later another Radionnic field would have become set up at the bottom tip of the exclamation mark producing a crossing effect somewhat like Figure 8 in Starrgram 7.

You can see at the top that it is rounded even though lost against the clouds. In this case, if you look closely, you can even see it as a gumball at the bottom where it had stopped.

Figure 13 - Here I am, what the heck do I do now.

These things come and go twenty four seven as the following Internet question mark image caught somewhere on a clear night clearly implies. How about that, it even has a spiral too.

Figure 14 - Ok, ya got me, I'm not a Noctilucent cloud. What can I say.

But the Figure below found on the Internet is. It is in fact a photograph of a brilliant Noctilucent cloud display lighting up the Radials of a Mother Ship field sitting out in front. The field seems to go right up past it into space because of the distant camera angle. All in all, quite an amazing photograph.

Also, a good candidate for a maybe once in a lifetime catch of the future. With more and more of Crazy Mankind's 'off their rocker' space ships throwing off a million tons of rocket exhaust every launch thinking they are going to go to the starrs, and more and more Radionnic ships coming coming in day by day to make good and sure sure they don't in their current state of lesser condition, maybe more of these exceptional type photographs will turn up over time.

Figure 15 - Ya got me again, I'm not a question mark I'm a Noctilucent cloud. What more can I say.

The fun in Anchor Ship Radionnic clouds is that usually something else is going on too. A case in point is the following from Figure 10 in Starrgram 2, featuring a junior Sylph just above the roof as well as a very stubby Mother Ship field just above the sylph.

Figure 16 -

The next Figure below from the friend of the cause in Kampala, is tre's interesting from the yakking point of view not the photographic side. Shown as Figure 1 in Starrgram 10, it had originally been found on Google/Sky along the way. And had become duly incorporated into the original beta website of this disclosure.

Once the photograph had been put up in the website, as a bonafide beta test proof reader the friend of the cause in Kampala was duly notified to check it out. Two days later the two original snapshots that had been used to make the composite you see below arrived by email. Turns out our friend in Kampala had been the one who had originally photographed it, had joined them, and put it up on Google/Sky. Who ever says it isn't a small world doesn't have a lot of friends.

Figure 17 - Yeah, I was kind of broken up about it for awhile, but I'm feeling much better now.

They say that the doorway to the Universe is inner. The outer can also be a doorway. In this case it is a portal between the third dimension and the fourth. The Figure below from the Internet very clearly shows a Radionnic inter-dimensional portal between the third and fourth dimensions. The rectangular shape is the giveaway. Anytime you see a definite rectangle outline up there you have a portal.

The fourth dimension and the third are completely different frequencies. You don't just drive down the street. The portals are interfaces. The frequencies of the one dimension are on the one side and the frequencies of the other are on the other. In Principle the portals are planes of Energy and have no thickness. Condensation and other local effects around them give the opaque appearance of depth. The frequencies of Cosmic Eggs and other such Radionnic entities moving though are adjusted from one to the other going though as the case may be. These are not the same as Starrgate portals. Starrgates portals are for long distance travel from one place to another. Portals like the one below are for moving between dimensions in a given local.

Figure 18 - 'The Magical Mystery Tour is Coming to Show You the Door'.

A second Internet photograph shows the through-it effect even better. This one even has a front porch.

Figure 19 -

As said, portals are Energy things not material. A portal in Figure 1 above serves to show the invisible yet visible side of the portals even more clearly. You have to look a little hard to see it. The portal rectangle is just below the end of the nose of the Father Ship like a pane of glass. You can see a half of the the bottom outline in the cumulous cloud stretching along just below the nose. The little puffs of cloud just behind the portal are lighted differently than the clouds in front, even though nothing is visible except the shape. The little white cloud in the middle of the rectangle is in front.

Figure 20 -

Another clear glass portal showed up within a Negative Polarity Anchor Ship field in Brantford on 17th of February, 2017. As the Following image shows, the portal is just above the trees at the center left with a perfect X marking the spot. Unfortunately over half the portal was covered by the trees.

Figure 21 -

Yet another portal sits unsuspected in Figure 39 of Starrgram 2, with three pretty distinct rectangle edges showing, the Top, left side and a bit of the bottom left. The portal is directly to the left of the red storefront, and by it's size is in pretty close. For some reason, as the hydro wire in the center shows, PhotoMerge decided to cut power to all the people living to the left of the image.

Figure 22 -

Unbeknownst, another small portal sits in Figure 8 of Starrgram 7,shown below. The portal is the near perfect clear rectangle just to the right of the telephone pole. Wasn't kidding, 'Dr. Who' all the way. If you don't know who Dr. Who is, check British Sci Fi TV since the sixties. The Brits really like their Monarchy and TV favorites, Coronation Street has been running continuously even longer.

Figure 23 -

Portals for Mother Ships and Father Ships are larger. About four months after the first Radionnic field showed up in Brantford as discussed at the beginning of Starrgram 2, yet another Radionnic field showed up back of the Brantford street address on the September 6, 2014, looking to the South West, shown as Figure 1 in Starrgram 6.

As shown again below, the image has a Father Ship across the bottom with frillies rising up the page. However they are empty up the middle, and at the sides frame the portal. Eyebrows at the top complete the rectangle. No kidding about the eyebrows. Figure 15 in Starrgram 3 from Brantford had fully fledged talking M & M eyebrows from their TV ads though in this case not a portal as they don't close across the top and there is nothing at the bottom.

Figure 24 -

Not to be left out of the action, the very similar window frame type thing was coughed up on the Internet. These eyebrow causing portal things really get around. Check out the Figure below. The window frame part is completely obvious at the center left, now forming a perfect rectangle, unfortunately partially covered with clouds. Also look at the very positive looking Positive monopole in the middle. Quite the interesting photo.

Figure 25 -

Portals aside, it was asked earlier, 'Wonder what goes on at night'. The answer is, 'Quite a bit'. The extremely dramatic view of Figure 4 in Starrgram 7 just starting to come out of the darks of night into the morning light makes you kind of wonder what else goes on with these Radionnic affairs at night when nobody sees them. Turns out that Figure 14 above is just the tip of the iceberg.

The following internet night time photograph of a mellowing Father Ship, whose Pilot's name is Sal Ammander shows it like it is. The intensity of the starry sky shows that this was a time lapse photograph, similar to the type used to show huge Northern lights in the sky when in actually only the faintest of whispers are visible at the time.

No doubt the photographer had a vague sense of something going on over the hill and took a time lapse to see what they would get. Probably had no idea, and probably dropped their teeth into their coffee when the photo came out. I mean take a look. I mean like sic, 'Nobody's looking so what the heck do we care'.

Figure 26 - It's nice to be able to stretch out once in a while.

Similarly here's where 'Close Encounter of the Third Kind' got its idea for the back yard scene. Like Figure 26 above, the bright Milky Way shows it to be a time lapse photograph. The original view, like the above was likely just a faint feeling rather than something actual visible. It also make you think that all those crazies over the years claiming to have seen bright lights in the forest in the middle of the night may have just had good vision.

Figure 27 - Awesome Dude, do you do this often?

It is also possible sometimes to see a Radionnic field sitting ghostly lit in the light of the silvery Moon. The following image of a Positive Polarity field at night time, which is strikingly similar to Figure 16 in Starrgram 3 came from the Internet. And whoever took it knew what they were looking at without probably knowing what it was. Notice how perfectly framed it is.

Figure 28 - Can you move in a little more to the right please.

Also off  the Internet, the very striking Positive pole Radionnic field shown below mirrors Figure 25 in Starrgram 3 pretty darn nicely only quieter. It was obviously taken at the break of dawn behind one Earth's Large Telescope Arrays. You have to like the meteor strike for added drama. Any of you who know the starrs real well could probably figure out which one.

Figure 29 - We're listening. Any time soon would be nice.

Likewise, from off an Internet website, the following Figure is of a similar long exposure like Figures 26 and 27 above showing a very shy Negative Radionnic field highlighted in the green Airglow of an oncoming six month long Artic night and deep freeze.

Figure 30 - Bundle up everyone, almanac says six months no Sun coming up.

Similarly the image below was found on website As reported on the website, after nightfall on Dec. 2nd the sky above Mihlyi, Hungary suddenly became impressed by luminous ripples. It was a once in a lifetime display of airglow in the middle of the light-polluted European sky according to eye witness reports. Airglow is aurora-like phenomenon caused by chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere. Human eyes seldom notice the faint glow but on Dec. 2nd it was easily visible to the naked eye.

Likewise according to the website the red color of the display was remarkable. Airglow is usually green like in Figure 30 above, the color of light from oxygen atoms some 90 km to 100 km above Earth's surface. Where does the red come from? Instead of oxygen, OH can produce the required color. According to the website these neutral molecules (not to be confused with the OH- ion found in aqueous solutions) exist in a thin layer 85 km high where gravity waves impressed the red glow with a dramatic rippling structure. You know better of course. The ripples are not gravity waves but a Mother Ship Radionnic field sitting plain as day in the middle of the night.

Figure 31 - The gravity of the situation is anti-climatic.

Also to give you an idea of how fast these views can sometimes come and go, about twenty minutes after the view of Figure 28 in Starrgram 6 had been taken, a second photo was taken a small distance away which had thinned out to the following Figure below. The grill work is gone, the bright shaft up the middle is gone, and most of the extensive surrounding ionnizations are gone leaving only remnant willowy frizzies.

A half hour later the field was completely gone as the ionnized water vapour giving rise to the field had quickly moved along. That's the way it works. Frizzy hair today and gone tomorrow doesn't just work on scalps. Also notice how similar the frills are to Figure 12 of Starrgram 9.

Figure 32 - Ah'll be back, in a hundred years, maybe.

For years the Americans have been fighting everyone except themselves for pipeline rights through the Middle East. They're missing the real big play. Simply run it hassle free overhead instead. The following Internet photo looks like a pipeline if it looks like anything. It's either a polite Contrail making itself dramatic, or a dramatic Mother Ship Field making itself polite. In either case you don't see too many like this around. A lot of 'just right' scenarios had to be going on to produce this exact miles long uniformity.

Figure 33 - Fifty dollars a barrel is the going price. For you, forty nine ninety five.

And speaking of Woo Woos, Vincent Van Gogh and those other guys might not have been painting just from imagination. As the following Father ship field off the Internet, looking a lot like a Calico Quilt suggests, real life itself may have played a hand in the work they did. Print this onto canvass, sign it as Lorenzo VonDerlagg, date it around 1837, and it would worth twenty mil at Sotheby's any day. At any rate, this just proves you don't have to be nuts to paint crazy. 

Figure 34 - Start the car! Start the car!

Interesting things are happening more and more, and with more and more cell phones coming on line every hour, more and more are likely to get up on the web. Not to mention your own stuff now that this disclosure maybe has you looking towards the heavens at long last instead of your feet.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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