Radionnic fields will sometimes worm hole their way down through the lowest cloud cover, befuddling Scientist and amazing everyone else. A Mother or Father Ship will sometimes need to come down so low and hold steady for communication purposes for so long, that they will break through a low prevailing cloud cover and ionnize themselves. They will appear variously as long or short cigar shaped clouds. Mother Ships will not have been stationary long enough to set up long tubes, Father Ships will not have been stationary long enough to set up long radial fronds, producing respectively short frilly eyelash ionnizations instead.

Such occurrences are called Fall Holes, taken from the Scientific interpretation called, 'Fall Streak Holes' or Hole Punch Clouds' based on the idea that a patch of water vapor above the cloud has cooled below the freezing point but has not yet turned to ice crystals. I passing plane or other even will shock the vapour into suddenly turning to ice, and the heavier weight causes them to fall though or punch through the cloud layer below, and down it comes like a heavy weight on wet tissue paper below producing the hole.

The intense magnetic field around a Mother Ship of Father Ship which has stopped in can do just as well. The difference is that you will Mother and/or Father Ship Radionnics, around the hole at the same time. Most Fall Streak Holes are Radionnic as there is no evidence of a plane or something similar ever being anywhere near it. But when you don't know about Radionnic Ships, how else are you going to explain it. Like Chemtrails, it is easy to be confused unless you know what you are looking for. Radionnic Fall Holes have Radionnic effects present. The magnetic eyelash ionnizations around a Father Ship is the giveaway. Tendrils are the giveaway around a Mother Ship.

Figure 2 in Starrgram 6 is a Father Ship Fall hole event. Looking very similar, the following fully frilly cigar shaped Father Ship Fall hole Radionnic cloud found on the Internet, was taken over Phillip Island off the coast of Victoria, Australia near Melbourne, on November 2, 2014. Notice that the frilly eyelash magnetic radiations are symmetrically away from the ship all the way around. This shows clearly that the ship is magnetic but has no poles, i.e. is Radionnic.

Also notice that the pressure from the frills is holding the hole open. For convenience they will be henceforth be referred to simply as Fall holes to differentiate them from actual Fall Streak Holes. What is particularly interesting in the Figure below is the Negative pole Radionnic field similar to Figure 5 in Starrgram 2 in the background which the ship is sitting in.

Figure 1 - Crickey Mate, that looks just like a Diggery Doo.

A similar Father Ship Fall hole over Florida USA, also found on the Internet sits calmly up there doing its thing. Not much to say except it's a Fall hole.

Figure 2 - Excuse me please, how much for a single?

The following Internet image is of a Father Ship Fall Hole likewise sitting in a partially formed Positive pole field.

Figure 3 - I'm a Scientific Fall Streak Hole I tell you. Believe what you are told and not what your lying eyes tell you.

Like Figure 2 above, the following image off the Internet is not in an Anchor Ship field, but it is sure is letting it all hang out, or in this case up. The fact that it is in a more normal cloud layer also belies the fact that Radionnic Fall holes are a result of a specific type of ice forming cloud condition.

Figure 4 -

In the same kind of way, the Following Mother ship punch hole from the Internet kind of looks like somebody coming out to grab you. More likely putting it's hands out to keep from falling all the way through. Actually, it's a nice illusion. The lower arm is just a sun shadow of the upper. The West Jet cruising by underneath puts it all in perspective. These are not your average size boxes of corn flakes.

Figure 5 - Ladies and Gentlemen, on your upper right, something.

The following Internet Fall Hole image has a long Mother Ship running its whole length. Radionnic field. This one also has a well defined Mother Ship Radionnic field showing in the cloud cover around it. If there were two of those running lengthwise side by side so the Radionnic Fields connected, you could have the kind of fields as seen as in Figures 15 and 17 of Starrgram 7.

Figure 6 -

Also found on the Internet, a Father Ship and Mother Ship lie side by side in the same Fall Hole over Indian River, Florida. Date unknown. It's hard to figure a passing jet caused this much ruckus.

Figure 7 -

Likewise here's another Mother Ship image below from the Internet showing Radionnic stuff both ways, tendrils inside the hole, borderline tubes outside. The photograph was from Ann Arbor Michigan at an unknown time. Also notice the long center empty Mother Ship field similar to Figure 3 in Starrgram 5 in back at the bottom right and the crisscrossing lines. If the Radionnics didn't come together so well in these photos you just might think that nothing was involved except ice and a jet.

Figure 8 -

The following very interesting Internet photograph Fall Hole from Paradise California has a Mother Ship field spreading out from the Mother Ship at the top left side of the hole, and Father Ship frillies spreading out from the Father Ship sitting as a grey patch in the right half. Previously shown as Figure 22 in Starrgram 7.

Figure 9 -

The following image from the Mount Tremblant ski resort in Quebec on January 8, 2016 is included not because it is anything spectacular. But it was taken by a real live camera by a real live person at a real live location on a real live date. Not that the other's aren't, it's just that here there is no mystery in this one about who, where, when, and why.

Figure 10 - Ain't that quaint, a real live early model Ford. The Shetland's out back.

Sometimes too a Father Ship and little Brother Ships will be present at the same time. The following trio was photographed by a candid camera back in Brantford over the Six Nations Indian Reserve South East of Brantford on June 14, 2016.

Figure 11 - No sign of ice crystals out here, must be the high spiritual frequency the residents here put out.

On the other hand word is out that somebody has just come up with new type of cloaking device to hide their Cruise Missiles. As the Figure from the Internet below clearly shows, the device resets the missile to look just like a Radionnic Father ship Fall hole whenever the snooping eyes of radar comes around. The theory behind it is that since no one is looking for Radionnic Fall holes, nobody will ever be able to see it. A better idea would be to re-direct the missiles straight into the Ocean, then nobody would ever need fear them either.

Figure 12 - Something's fishy here, me and my thirty five buddies keep ending up in the drink.

The following figure, also from the Internet belies the idea that ice crystals have fallen though, because it has both a Mother Ship and two Father Ships collected together shoving into the cloud and not through it. The Mother Ship is just to the left of the vertical edge of Cloud. The first Father Ship is at the far left of that, and the second is at the bottom pushing into the cloud like a plow. A nice big condensate sits just to the right of the Mother Ship. Also look at how much of the three Radionnic fields aren't involved with clouds at all.

Figure 13 - I plow lakes for twenty bucks an hour.

Similarly, like many things in the History of Mankind, the idea for infinity mirrors came from the sky. The following really interesting Internet photo almost has a Father Ship Fall hole inside a Mother Ship fall hole inside a field of smaller Mother Ship Fall holes off to the right with a couple more Father Ship Fall holes off in the distance for good measure.

All sitting in a nice quiet Negative pole Radionnic cloud. Is the fleet in or what. Is this a family gathering for Thanks giving. At any rate here's a month's worth of examples all at the same time. The Radionnic fields are somewhat distorted by the wind.

Figure 14 - Mirror mirror, well you know the rest.

Likewise, the fairly long Father Ship reflection below off the Internet sits in Fall hole which has been distorted somewhat by the wind. It sits in an even more obvious Negative pole Radionnic field similar to the one above, making it a tough case for ice.

Figure 15 - Do you mind running that by me again, the part where it blows the ice crystal theory out of the water.

The particular Father Ship Fall hole configuration can also appear outside of a Fall hole. Proving once again that ice crystals don't have anything to do with it. You only see an actual Fall hole when there is also a low cloud cover present. For example, here is an interesting Figure from the Internet where a short Father Ship Fall hole configuration isn't in one. Also sitting right beside it is a Mother Ship Radionnic field.

Figure 16 - Hey wait a minute, where the heck did the hole go.

A second image from the Internet show an even less possibility of ice crystals. It's a small Mother Ship sitting inside an obvious Negative Polarity Radionnic Field whose left side is being discombobulated by the presence of the Mother ship.

Figure 17 -

In a slightly different vein, here is another scene from Spielberg shown below. According to all accounts, anytime light from above shines on someone below you know you should be on your best behavior around them. Or in some supposed circles somebody is getting abducted big time. Or in even other circles somebody is vying for an Oscar. In the old days, whenever light shone down everyone used to leap to their feet shouting 'Glory Glory Halleluiah'. Nowadays they say, 'Hey, how ya doing, what took you so long'. Actually this is very likely a legitimate Fall Streak Hole occurrence. The Father Ship field showing at the bottom right likely triggered it.

Figure 18 - As the good Bard also once said, 'Hark, what light through yonder Fall Hole breaks.

Depending on the camera angle and shadows, the effects can sometimes be pretty wild like the Fall hole Mother Ship over Australia in the Internet photo below. Don't ask, looks like a Stag beetle getting ready to grab a chunk of cloud for a nest. Also notice the faint Radionnic presence in behind.

Figure 19 - My Uncle Dung would have a field day in here.

Likewise, tendriled more condensed Mother Ship fields also make their appearance in Fall Holes as the following photo from the Internet shows. This one is sitting over a busy populated area no doubt blowing everyone's mind. The difference is that the Ship is reflected in a much more solid seeming heavy moisture condensated form rather than through willowy traces of ice crystals.

Figure 20 - Mornings, evenings, noon's, and nights our Fall Hole shows are sheer delights.

Likewise sitting over a likewise populated area, likewise doing the very same thing, likewise no doubt blowing everybody's mind, is a similar version of a Mother Ship Fall hole hanging in there tight. From underneath you can see a whole lot more than from the side.

Kind of looks like a sea anemone wearing an anti-gravity device. Despite the fact it looks plastered up onto the overcast sky, the ship is down through the hole as normal and the tendrils are holding it open.

Figure 21 - Please don't call me an anemone, I'm anything but an anemone you can be sure of that.

On the other hand, mid size Sylphs are also very good at making Fall Holes by the same disturbance of magnetic shock like the Figure below from the Internet. The Internet shows Sylphs mostly in Fall Holes and not as they otherwise are, because they are otherwise not particularly outstanding like the grand Figures near the top of Starrgram 10. What then to notice. With a Fall Hole involved you've at least got something interesting to grab someone's attention, particularly when it looks a lot like Figure 21 in Starrgram 10.

Figure 22 - Pardon me, do you look familiar.

The far more Sylph looking Fall Hole off the Internet occurred in Chesapeak, Virginia at an unknown date. How about two for the price of one. Notice two heads, two sets of wings, two tails. Ergo, two Sylphs.

Figure 23 - This is my brother Marmaduke and my other brother Marmaduke.

Sylphs really do like to make Fall Holes. The following image from the Internet features a Sylph cavorting around in a Fall Hole making sure the whole world sees it.

Figure 24 - I like to party. Do you like to party. We all like to party.

Similarly, the up turned tail on the following Figure of a Fall hole Sylph from the Internet, turned well towards the camera almost makes it look like a bird.  Incredibly, a Father Ship Radionnic field sits perfectly centered way up back in the middle. And even with the Barney Google eyes, it looks like the Space Shuttle coming in for a landing.

Figure 25 - Buckle up everybody, highway coming up.

The next four images off the Internet are of the same Mother Ship Fall hole over Sacramento California. The progression of the sun into the left edge provides a sequential time frame. In the first image below, the sun hasn't started to bleach the left edge yet. Everything is normal except the two big eyes make it look like a Character from Sesame Street.

Figure 26 - Big Bird told me that one and one is two, and one and one is two, and one and one is two...

The following is a much clearer picture from the same view point, taken a short while later based on the progress of the sun into the left edge  Here's a case where a picture says a lot more than a thousand words. A sharp hit from the sun puts a letter in it's beak. Maybe this is from the next Harry Potter movie and it's someone's Owl thing bringing their tax return.

Figure 27 - Special delivery for 'Occupant' from 'Publishers Warehouse', please sign there.

A very short while later based on very little additional sun movement, and also from a different viewpoint and with a distinct sun reflection hitting it, the next image is like a cross between a bird and a platypus flying through watching earnestly where it's going. Those Australians like to get into everything. Now it has eyes, not eyes but the makings of a Mobile Scout Ship gumball and blip as later discussed in Starrgram 16.

Figure 28 - Big bird just told me told me again, those aren't eyeballs they're 'things'.

And in a final image taken from YouTube, with the sun almost eating up the left hand edge and from another different view altogether, the gumball and blip have cleared up so much now it transforms the image into a bird in flying colors hovering below the hole. Without the gumball and blip it would look just about like Figure 27 above without the special delivery letter.

The point is that relatively brief changes in time frames can often produce substantial mutations in the visible result. Like oft said earlier, you never know from minute to minute what you're going to get next, even as the general rule never changes.

Figure 29 - These things in my head see the world turning round.

Like Figure 23 above, the following image from the Internet has two Sylphs for the price of one, heading for a swim together. You might also notice they are more than a wee tad away from the hole they suppose to have just fallen through as ice crystals according to the Fall Streak Hole Punch theory. Not to mention the fact they are not even close to falling straight down.

Some significant sailing has occurred here and ice crystals don't sail well. Likewise, this is not the middle of winter. Ice crystals have a tendency to melt real fast in warm air and these guys are a long way out of the hanger. Also, for fun, check out the two goldfish in the water below. Since when do spurious ice crystals cast a perfect solid shadow.

Figure 30 - Who are those two down there, they look familiar.

The next Figure below, also from the Internet is a Sylph likewise dive bombing out of the Fall Hole instead of staying put across. Anybody who thinks ice crystals can do this needs to back off the bottle. Kind of looks a bit like a Platypus. Maybe they're related, after all aren't Platypuses also considered some kind of off the wall. It's even got the right color, red brown molasses.

Figure 31 - How I got to be red brown on a dark blue background is anybody's guess.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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