Starrgram 10: SYLPHS

Just as most people confuse Chemtrails with Radionnic ship signatures, it is possible to confuse Radionnic ship signatures with Sylphs. From time to time, fourth dimensional entities known as Sylphs will come into the picture, showing up in ionnized form looking every bit like a Radionnic field.

Sylphs were originally called Midway Spirits, so called Midway because they were matrixed halfway between Man and animals. They were considered very enigmatic because they did not exist anywhere else in Creation and nobody had a clue to what they were for. In actuality they were to have been the initiating fauna for the new Super Universe in Andromeda, already in its initial stages of start up as explained in detail in Starrgram 33 of the Revelatorium.

As they had no Christ rudder, when the Luciferians came to Earth six hundred million years ago the Midways were easy prey. Those that aligned with the Luciferians shrunk in Substance and became Gremlins. Those that did not became known as Sylphs.

Like Radionnic ships, Sylphs are Negative poled or Positive, in this case a Female or a Male. Male. Sylphs make their own ionnizations which are localized in the areas around them and don't extend to their partner or others, near or far. Like the family pooch Sylphs come in all shapes and sizes. The three main sizes are small, mid size, and large. The small Sylphs are like porpoises, penguins, or birds depending on your angle and point of view. Mid size Sylphs look  reptilian as they are in part somewhat reptilian. The largest and easiest to spot are majestic creatures of the sky, sailing the skies serenely like great sheeted ships of yore. Sylphs will also sometimes ride in the Jet stream for obscurity.

Starting with the largest, in the Figure below a great ship like Sylph rides quietly past the camera. Notice there are no ionnizations extending out above, below, or on either side of the image. The photo was taken in Kampala, Uganda on April 5, 2015 by the friend of the cause. If the middle and full size Sylphs have a tell, it is their long necks.

Figure 1 -

Large Sylphs have large beaks on large heads  which you can sometimes see better depending on the angle, light, and ionnizations. The Figure below from the Internet shows the long beak feature well. Any of you with a sharp eye will notice the striking similarity of both of these images to Dragons of lore.

Now you know where history got some of its ideas about dragons, particularly the Chinese who in fact have a secret group called, 'The White Dragon Society'. Native North American Indians like to call them 'Thunderbirds'. Some North American political insiders call them nuisances because Sylphs have been diligent in helping clean up Chemtrail impositions.

Figure 2 - It's been a busy day, I think I'll spend the evening turning around.

Do not be surprised if you see a Sylph overhead some day yourself, they're around. The following Sylph was photographed on the 30th of May, 2016 in Brantford. The long neck and lack of radial ionnizations along the bottom are the giveaway that it is in fact a Sylph and not smoke from a chimney.

You all know that if something is sitting right close up to a camera it will get magnified. Sylphs are the same. If a Sylph is sitting in the sky so the front end parts are closer to the camera than the back end, the head and beak will be disproportionately much larger. In the case below the back end is to the back of the view and the front end to the front. The Sylph below is coming out of a Positive polarity Radionnic cloud, a bit towards you in the view and looking back over its shoulder. Consequently the front end parts took a magnifcation hit and look overly big. 

Figure 3 - Drat! I think the Feds are on my trail.

The following figure was similarly taken on a busy sky over Brantford the next day on June 1, 2016. It is undoubtedly the same one, it's really hard to image two like this in the same area at the same time. It's flying even more directly out towards you this time and the front end is even more magnified. In fact it's almost like it's flying out of the screen at you. If this was a 3D movie from the fifties you'd all be ducking.

Likewise, it's a mystery why Sylphs like hanging around Brantford so much. A big one like Figures 1 and 2 had also been observed in Brantford in the summer of 2015 but wasn't photographed. Maybe it's all the fluoride in Brantford's water and they're tying to help out. Brantford to everyone's dismay, was the first city in the world to fluoridate their water starting in nineteen forty four. Seventy years later, and after all the controversy, the program is still running and Brantford still has the highest concentration of fluoridated water anywhere in the world. Some politicians never learn or the money's too good the public can go for a hike.

You may have read that fluoride is the not the best thing in the world for you. It's actually a deadly industrial by product. After buffing the appropriate dignitaries with appropriate amounts, they started putting it in drinking water in small doses to get rid of it as the company's weren't allowed to dump it any where because it was too toxic. The effect of the flouride in Brantford's water shows clearly in the people. Brantford has a very skewed number of motorized wheel chairs and walkers per capita. The things are everywhere, including even with middle ager's. Nothing like lots of fluoride in the water for keeping you off your toes.

Figure 4 - Beep, beep I'm coming out of the screen now, please put your polarized glasses on now.

Incomplete ionnization can also produce interesting effects, like the really long snoze on the following Sylph likewise flying a bit out towards the camera, photographed in Algonquin Park, Ontario on June 8, 2016. Maybe like drug sniffing dogs they take their job of sniffing and nuking chemtrails really seriously.

Figure 5 - It's called the Pinocchio effect. Every time I try and tell you I'm a Radionnic Ship, my nose grows longer.

If the Figure below from the Internet is any guide, Sylphs like Club Med just as much as the rest of you. They don't have to pay room rates however, just hang around until the pool opens.

Figure 6 - I'm looking for the Copacabana, am I in the right friggin country?

Also below, photographed in Kampala on August 24, 2008 a mid size Sylph shows a more lizard like profile In the image below, photographed in Kampala on August 24, 2008. The mid size Sylph shows a more traditional looking snout. Except for the original photos from the mid nineties in Ottawa in Starrgrams 1 and 2, this is the earliest known photograph of anything of any kind in this disclosure. Any of the ones from the Internet could be from anytime. No easy way of knowing.

Figure 7 -

A strikingly similar mid size Sylph photograph was found on the internet just floating along. The same distinctive upturned beak is the giveaway.

Figure 8 -

Like Figures 3 and 4 above, Sylphs often look like they are on serious business. The Sylph in the blowup below, from Kampala and shown originally as Figure 22 in Starrgram 2 looks like it is seriously zeroing in on something.

Figure 9 - Coming through coming through, got a Chemtrail on the loose.

Somebody out there must know something, because take a look below at the Club Logo that turned up on the Internet. A coincidence is a coincidence but this one pushes that one pretty far.

Figure 10 -

Like the Figure above suggests, in the Sylph world it seems like everybody's dive bombing after something. The following Figure was photographed in Paris Ontario on the 9th of September, 2016 with a Sylph at the left dive bombing away. Look at the similarity to the two Figures above. A pretty big agreement don't you think. It was spotted floating along in a slowly meandering Jet Stream.

There is also a very large Father Ship ionnic field at the top right, as well as a very thin Mother Ship field in two parts starting at the lower left and ending at the lower right. Actually it is one long field but the center area is nearly faded out. Plus lots of stuff from the jet stream. Actually, similar to just the middle part of Figure 21 in Starrgram 5, the partial strung out field below is typical for long Mother Ships.

Figure 11 - Ahh the jet stream, my happy place.

The blowup below from Figure 26 in Starrgram 6 shows a similar Sylph, not dive bombing this time, just tooling happily away at the end of the Father ship field. Looks like it's marshalling a parade.

Figure 12 - I'm feeling just ducky, no problem.

A very similar image of a Sylph, likewise flying along instead of dive bombing, and originally shown as Figure 16 of Starrgram 5 sits right in the workings of the Mother Ship field at the left as seen below.

Figure 13 - I'm also on Twitter, you may have seen me.

Two more Sylphs, small ones, likewise flying up instead of nose bombing down are presented side by side below for convenience. The pair are from Figure 19 in Starrgram 5 and Figure 10 in Starrgram 2 respectively. Kind of neat, one looks like a Penguin the other like a porpoise. No matter how big or small or what they look like, Sylphs tend to stick right out like neon lights.

Figure 14 - Disneyland tried to hire us but we couldn't agree on costumes.

As hinted farther above, mid size Sylphs are very decidedly more reptilian. The somewhat pixel deficient mid size Sylph caught dive bombing in Kitchener Ontario, was photographed on July 17, 2016 by a friend of the cause. To remind you, friends of the cause are people who know about the Radionnic clouds and photograph them when they can. Friends of the cause are great. Friends of the cause have helped this disclosure enormously. The elongated head in the Figure below has transformed into a regular reptilian front end. This character has everything but flames snorting forth. Sylphs don't blow smoke like a lot of people.

Figure 15 -

No missing the dragon like continence in the following photograph of a Sylph facing the camera. The photograph, likely the same Sylph as Figure 15 as they are around but not as abundantly as are the Radionnic Ships, was taken by the same friend of the cause in Kitchener, Ontario four days earlier on July 13, 2016. You can actually see a horn, eye, and nose.

Also, again notice the long neck which more than anything differentiates Sylphs from similar seeming Radionnic fields. If this isn't an intelligent looking entity what is. All it needs is a pair of glasses and a clip board to look like an auditor who has you under a microscope.

Figure 16 - I want to see your books.

The same Sylph presumably, no where near as clear but still looking long necked out of the camera towards you, was photographed later in the same day at about seven in the evening in Brantford thirty miles to the South. They get around these guys, not very fast but around nonetheless.

Figure 17 - Big deal, so I like to travel.

Then once in awhile along comes Waltzing Matilda doing a Happy dance, as the following Figure below from Kampala on April 18, 2013 by the fiend of the cause shows  Again note the long neck and pose very similar to Figures 16 and 17 above.

Figure 18 - Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda you'll come a waltzing Matilda on occasion.

Likewise, the following image below is from yet again the same long neck angle, only this time showing wings. Whities call them Sylphs, Chinese call them Dragons, and Native North Americans call them Thunderbirds. You can find one on about fifteen thousand totem poles.

This one, looking classic totem pole'ish was photographed in Kampala on April 22, 2016 by the cause friend. Almost looks like somebody's pet. Also looks kind of joyish. Anyway, it is proven, Sylphs definitely have wings. Movie actresses all have their favorite pose for the camera, so evidently do Sylphs.

Figure 19 - I just got accepted into Chemtrail school. Can't wait, can't wait lol.

When the angle is right you can actually see their wings spread out. The following photo from the Internet almost says it all.

Figure 20 -

The Figure below is a look at Sylphs wings from a better angle. The head is back to looking straight out the front. The somewhat pixilated picture is from Algonquin Park, Ontario on the 7th of August 2016 by a friend of the cause. And looks like it's on to something. You can see both horns on this one. Also, you can't escape the feeling it's a she.

Figure 21 - Pardon me for horning in, but what exactly are you guys up to.

The following Figure from the Internet is a mid size Sylph similar to Figure 16 above but nowhere near as clear. Also, this time like Figure 3 above it is looking back over its shoulder. At least you can see clearly how big Sylphs wings are. 

Figure 22 -

The next image also from the Internet, is looking out almost the same as Figure 21, only turned more to the left but likewise floating free as the breeze. This Sylph has everything, head, face, body, wings, and horns. The only thing missing is clouds to mess with. It's always good to have two of the same about something, because sometimes one of the same could be anything.

Figure 23 -

Speaking of wings, in the right light Sylphs will often show great wing like a bird. Here's an Internet photo of a Sylph working real hard to look like a Golden Eagle.

Figure 24 - I'm practicing up to be an Eagle Scout.

With a face as clear as a bell again like Figure 16 above, another Figure below was found on the Internet standing up for its rights. It's not hard feeling spiritual around these guys. All this one needs to be the Guardian at the Gate is a flaming sword.

Also, there is absolutely no way this is a Radionnic field, or a Chemtrail, or a fly on the lens, a fly on the wall, a lenticular cloud, or one or another particular psychological disorder you may be suffering. Wonder what it's up to.

Figure 25 - I come unannounced to announce myself.

Sylph's also like to mimic Sea Horses it seems. Well not really, but you got to think so from the similarity to the following image from the Internet. If this isn't like a Sea Nag, this isn't like anything.

Figure 26 - I bring glad tidings, huzzah.

Sylphs do like to spread their wings and look like Angels. Of course it all depends on the camera angle and how well ionnized they are. At any rate, here is another image from the Internet which is really trying hard to get canonized.

Figure 27 - I come announced to un-announce myself. No wait, that can't be right.

The following Internet photo reinforces yet again the point that Sylphs like to float around around with their wings spread out looking grand. But maybe the idea that they are quietly sailing along like an Eagle on an updraft is only a three dimensional perception. Maybe they see a minute as an hour, they are fourth dimensional don't forget where the usual rules of time go south. Think of dreaming.

When you dream you are actually in the fourth dimension. And as most of you know dreams can seem to run for hours in just a few short minutes, or run for a few short minutes over hours. Maybe in their world, Sylphs are actually flapping frantically like a Mallard on transcontinental wing to find cozier climes.

Figure 28 - I kid you not, this is hard work, puff puff.

More to the point is the following Internet image of a Sylph looking down, that really thinks it's a Guardian Angel. Figure 25 previous looked like an Angel, but the next one below really makes it Angel wise. It's like Raphael himself dropping in. According to all accounts ever stated about such Beings, the wings would be the same either way, i.e., Sylph or Angel. And look how close in it is.

Can't help but notice the light shinning on it either. It's like the Jehovah Witnesses had a hand in this. Also, like the Figure above, you can't help noticing how Heavenly pink it is. You have to know that things are rosy when rosy things start happening. If this one starts talking in the voice of a trumpet, time to listen up. No wonder people of old kept thinking they were being visited by Angels. Who knew.

Figure 29 - I'm not getting through past you're cobwebs, please listen harder.

The following Sylphs are fun in their own right for another reasons, each of which is obvious. The first came from a friend of the cause in Paris on November 11, 2016 doing a John Travolta. And also in case you missed it, it's looking down its shoulder getting the tempo.

Figure 30 - Are these Saturday Nights great or what.

Also, from the Internet, as shown below another dancer is doing a backward sailing Adagio with the Royal Ballet. Not to worry, it has a cloud to land on so no problem.

Figure 31 - They told me a cloud is there. I have faith a cloud is there. I'll soon find out if a cloud is there.

The photograph of another somewhat people looking Sylph came from the same friend of the cause as Figure 30 above. Again in Paris, Ontario on November 10, 2016, looking to all extents and purposes like a statue of 'Our Lady of the Holey Moley'. Or if you prefer 'Elmer the Archangel'. In either case it's looking out at you or for you.

Figure 32 - Talk about a Guardian Angel, must be on overtime.

'Praise the Lord and maybe Moses' seems to be a popular pose for mid sized Sylphs, as the following photo off the Internet decidedly shows. Obviously photographed from a plane, and obviously way out of focus, this one almost seems to be waving 'Hi' as the plane sailed by.

Figure 33 - Hey y'all, what y'all doin.

And talking about on the wing, in the right light mid size Sylphs also show everyday regular Dragon wings. Someone posted the following Sylph below onto the Internet, putting it all together to fly South for the Winter. No wonder the lore of old has big flapping Dragons. You only need to see this one once to be a belieber.

This one could easily be a scene from Merlin. Looks like it's carrying a balance pole in its open mouth to keep on a steady flight. And there's a cloud messing around thing going on to the right. Like a badge of office.

Figure 34 - Puff puff, honk.

Similarly the next image from the Internet, taken from a point of view underneath, looks like it's flying North for the moment. Going after the Chemtrails lying around no doubt. Some of the bits of Chemtrails looks like some of its body parts. No wonder these great Beings find Chemtrails so irritating.

Figure 35 - Won't you guys ever learn, you put em up we take em down.

In the above, six specifically different types of Sylphs are shown. There are not doubt many more. Likewise, there are many many photographs on the Internet purporting to be of Sylphs. Most are not, being merely interesting clouds and/or in some cases even Radionnic fields. The interesting thing is however that the subject of Sylphs is starting to become more widely known and the interest becoming high. You should now be able to spot them conclusively and appreciate who and what they are.

These are good guys, in the extreme. As mentioned, Sylphs are also very busy beavers doing a Yeomen service cleaning up Chemtrail sprayings as they occur as a help to Mankind. Also to help dissolve such hurricanes as are Man made as a form of warfare or international coercion. You know like, give us your diamonds or or we'll flatten your palace.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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